A city north of the city of Xining District 12 evaluation Ying seized inspection teams in the region

Since August 28th, a strong organization and leadership to take measures to the north of the city of Xining District, deployed more than 60 people hit the city composed of 12 inspection teams in the evaluation of examination ", to meet the national assessment group for the arrival of a clean and beautiful environment.

4500 tons of food and vegetables to stabilize prices in our province

after the Spring Festival, the temperature is generally lower, affected by the decline in production of most vegetables producing areas in our province, the retail price of vegetables is generally higher, for the price of vegetables after steady work, from February 15th to February 28th, the Tibetan Plateau agricultural distribution center (hereinafter referred to as […]

Housing construction 57 billion 500 million yuan generous building a better home

2016, the province’s housing system innovation, forge ahead, grasp the initiative to adapt to the new normal economic development, the implementation of the new development ideas, efforts to promote the supply side structural reform, urban and rural planning to lead the increasing role of urban municipal infrastructure construction continues to accelerate, 80 thousand and 600 […]

Chengbei District primary school students will start the pilot group

In order to promote the idea of innovative education, fair education, improve the quality of education, this year, the north area of Xining city will implement the "plan" action of preschool education in Chengbei District three, building twenty shop center kindergarten and kindergarten Baoziwan area, expand the coverage of high quality kindergarten. addition, Chengbei district […]

Jian Wei to meet the national level 25 food and beverage inspection unit in central review

" Jian Wei Ying National Review and" creative city "work into the important time node, the total market for the city of Xining village, south of market health live poultry slaughter filthy, part of the catering industry" three "incomplete facilities and Houchu poor hygiene problem, the City District of Xining City Economic and Business Bureau, […]

North Village Election in accordance with the law

In order to make the "two committees" general election in accordance with the law, in an orderly manner, recently, North District from strengthening leadership, develop grassroots democracy, strict election system, in strict accordance with the procedures for the election, the election will do the work arranged in good order. To carry out legal publicity to […]

Hundreds of flights on the snow to allow the outage of the transport sector for winter transport saf

December 14th, most parts of the province have snow, as of press time reporter, hundreds of times shuttle bus outage, the bus to the direction of mutual assistance outage. For snow weather, the Provincial Department of transportation in a timely manner to deploy, urging the system to take effective measures to ensure that the production […]