Xining Tiger Street office to organize cultural and recreational activities for the disabled

in order to further enrich cultural and recreational life of disabled people, enhance the ability of their equal participation in social life, let more people out of the family, into the community, recently, Xining tiger Taiwan Street office in Tainan CDPF Tiger Park held a cool site of cultural entertainment. the theme of this cultural […]

Jian Wei to meet the national level 25 food and beverage inspection unit in central review

" Jian Wei Ying National Review and" creative city "work into the important time node, the total market for the city of Xining village, south of market health live poultry slaughter filthy, part of the catering industry" three "incomplete facilities and Houchu poor hygiene problem, the City District of Xining City Economic and Business Bureau, […]

Hundreds of flights on the snow to allow the outage of the transport sector for winter transport saf

December 14th, most parts of the province have snow, as of press time reporter, hundreds of times shuttle bus outage, the bus to the direction of mutual assistance outage. For snow weather, the Provincial Department of transportation in a timely manner to deploy, urging the system to take effective measures to ensure that the production […]

Xining Municipal Center for Disease Control and prevention organization party members visited the We

June 17th Xining municipal CDC branch Party organization center of all Party members and some middle-level cadres visited the original xilujun Memorial Center, party secretary Comrade Zhao Shenghu led all the members in the West in front of the statue to relive the party oath. Then everyone with immense reverence in the Chinese Red Army […]

The training course of risk prevention in the process of signing the contract of small and medium si

In order to promote rapid and healthy development of small and medium-sized enterprises in our city, and constantly improve the small and medium-sized enterprises, especially private enterprises management personnel of basic legal knowledge and business management skills, June 25th, SME Service Center with the Xining Municipal Economic Commission, successfully organized a stage for personnel management […]

Datong County, held in the town of earthquake agricultural engineering training courses

6 2, the county seismological Office of the joint Seismological Bureau invited Qinghai University lecturer Luo Chunyan, held in the town of rural residential seismic technology training courses, township cadres, villagers, more than 60 people attended the training courses. lecturer in plain language, text presentation, and on the practice, through training of cadres, villagers and […]

WAL-MART’s acquisition of the remaining 1 stake in the realization of a wholly owned subsidiary

WAL-MART acquisition of the remaining 1 stake in the realization of a wholly owned subsidiary of [TechWeb] July 23rd news, WAL-MART today announced that it has acquired 1 of China’s electricity supplier circulation shares, will have the full ownership of the company. Wang Lu, President of WAL-MART’s global e-commerce Asia will take charge of shop […]