Xining small and micro enterprises operating smoothly and high cost is the biggest barrier to develo

This year, with the implementation of various measures to support SMEs as well as the continuous improvement of the economic environment, the production of small and micro enterprises in Xining basically stable operation. Before the three quarter, according to the National Bureau of statistics Xining investigation team of Xining City 149 small micro industrial enterprises […]

The most beautiful in July, young filmmakers gathered in Xining

The afternoon of March 21st, the eighth session of the Xining · FIRST Youth Film Festival News Promotion held in Beijing Chaoyang District cultural center FIRST Youth Film Museum, promotion will be released by the famous director Xie Fei served as president of the jury, and the 2014 annual tribute Festival debut short film "cure". […]

What is the real business opportunities How to find it

there are still some business opportunities are suitable for all of us to create together, but the business opportunities or we need to find together, some opportunities are not specifically waiting for us. To start a business, people often ask: which industry should I take? This is a lot of idle capital, but the lack […]

Look at traditional enterprises and Internet giants from tax

in the country, what brand of mobile phone share the highest? Yes, millet phone. Yesterday, millet mobile phone micro-blog official turned a micro-blog millet fans club, said millet every day in 2013 tax 11 million 500 thousand! That is the original micro-blog: "today Ma Yun open letter to employees: 2013 Alibaba group average tax more […]

Ya Cantonese restaurant business hot entrepreneurship preferred

with the improvement of living standards, many people are fond of special delicacy, Ya Cantonese restaurant with distinctive characteristics, adhere to innovation, to create unique delicious Cantonese cuisine, Ya Cantonese restaurant with unique flavor dishes and won the hearts of consumers, entrepreneurs choose to join Ya Cantonese restaurant will open new opportunities. many people ask […]

Wary of investing in the era of targeting the elderly scam

Internet entrepreneurs bring many new concepts, O2O, P2P and so on professional words let just join the new people to hear such as foggy. There are a lot of lawless elements to use these things, in the form of bait flicker part of the elderly to invest in entrepreneurship. in Internet business boom, a new […]

Ali CEO Zhang Yong burn investors do not have the scale of money in the future

"Any with the investor’s money, with a circle of money, money and buy turnover, buy the user, this business is not established, there is no future."   April 27th morning news, Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong recently attended the investment forum that the business reconstruction of various industries with the Internet technology and thinking, it is […]