How do consumer survey [li] who don’t have a lot of budget

this article by Li Jiaoshou (micro signal: Professor-Li) authorized plum network reproduced, copyright belongs to the original author, unauthorized, please do not reprint, thank you! [Re-think] consumer survey One of the most popular ideas about ‘s consumer survey over the years is that "consumer surveys are useless because consumers don’t tell you what they want." […]

Apple sued Qualcomm war burned to $1 billion after China claims $1 billion

Chinese traditional Spring Festival is coming, but the battle between apple and Qualcomm is still spreading. Back in January 20th, apple sued Qualcomm in the United States, requiring the other party to give $1 billion in damages. In this regard, Qualcomm refuted the assertion that Apple has no basis, and accused the Apple Corp deliberately […]

Daily topic Iqiyi IPO video will rewrite the pattern or next year

A5 ( station network December 18th news sources, Iqiyi CEO Gong Yu has been rushed to the United States last week, with the investment bank on Iqiyi PPS listed to negotiate. In this regard, Iqiyi official confirmed that Gong Yu has been in the United States, but whether the listing did not know the issue. […]

Baidu union advertising style rectification add Baidu unified words and Bear Icon

news August 27th, China’s first special specification of Internet advertising regulations "Internet advertising management measures" will be implemented in September 1st, measures after the implementation of the national industry and commerce, market supervision departments will be in accordance with the law and regulations, strictly carry out the law enforcement supervision of Internet advertising. And now, […]

Ride a bicycle chant completed 100 million yuan A round of financing by Feng Shui investment partner

January 5th morning news, the sharing platform of Hangzhou bicycle riding Bai Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "riding Bai technology") officially announced the completion of $100 million A round of financing, the current round of financing by Feng Shui investment partners, muddy investment investment on a party to participate with the cast. & […]

O2O or a new trend in business supply values to the war triggered at any moment

online users transfer to offline sales, has become the new trend of many commercial web site operators, the advantage of this model is to get rid of the online sales with no reality whatever sense, through the online consultation, the line of products sold intuitive feelings, leading to another consumer experience, it has become an […]

Hisap 15 Computer Festival opening play options for 10 days

in the past hisap 15 anniversary big promotion, hisap a road sales promotion, sales across the board, in order to repay the majority of consumers of hisap trust and support, hisap fifteenth computer festival will be officially launched on Friday, in the national synchronized launched a 10 Day Carnival play computer purchase. The 15 years, […]

Messi department store to do retail O2O M.O.M three board axe

lead: fiscal year 2012, Messi department store sales revenue of $27 billion 700 million, 4 billion 200 million higher than in 2009. Messi, chairman of the Department of general merchandise, ·, and, attributed it to the integration of local, online and offline resources, and quality of service. over the past three years, Messi department out […]