Honey bud to complete a new round of financing to create a new mother and child industry

layoffs, bankruptcy, merger, if last year’s winter capital "Lidong", this year is the winter solstice". But in fact, in the capital of winter, the capital has not decreased, but is a return to reason. In the winter and more entrepreneurs understand the nature of the capital of the game, the media touted off hat, forget […]

Driving on behalf of the practice of economic sharing, benefit users and drivers

13th Five-Year planning the first mention of the "sharing economy", its meaning is "matching" and "sharing", sharing economic benefit is the public, so the core or the people. Care about your car, more care about your people is a bit on behalf of the driving since the line has been uphold the idea. Since the […]

The development of ancient book trading website unlimited prospects

As the Internet becomes more and more popular in China, the Internet is changing our life. For example, online bookstores, will become an important way for many readers of books. These two years specializing in ancient books trading website gradually rise to "Confucius news" as the representative of the ancient book trading website development speed […]

Snap will be held March 2nd IPO two founder net worth nearly $4 billion

to burn after reading for the characteristics of mobile phone chat Snapchat (Snap parent company) is the listing procedures, according to the price range of the latest, the two founders will become billionaires, the protagonist Spig wealth of up to $4 billion 200 million.   Snapchat’s two founders were Spig, 26, and, aged Murphy (Bobby), […]