Website optimization excessive punishment right down performance

website snapshot suddenly stopped or is not updated for a long time this time, believe that many webmaster friends website have had, it is a symptom of website drop right. If the site has this kind of situation, on site maintenance, site optimization is to see whether what is wrong with a snapshot of the […]

In four we should avoid Shanghai Longfeng customers

four: a bad site customer is in the Shanghai dragon competition between one of the key factors to success is the customer and the Shanghai dragon consultants. For their advisor or clients trust and sharing information on their business model is very important. However, for a good relationship with the customer advisor for the Shanghai […]

After 90 Entrepreneurs selling rice noodles and do IT no differenceSmall shareholders decide on what

Sun Yuchen: Ripple labs designed a Ripple agreement, trying to make different currencies free, free, zero time exchange, creating a value network to support the centralized payment system. For example, international transfers now take about 2 to 3 working days with high fees. With bitcoin it could be an hour, but in the sharp wave […]

Gong Haiyan’s two venture the Internet to make education fairHow to build your online trading platfo

3. good customer service and safe and convenient payment how to build your online trading platform? I think at least we should pay attention to the following points: multi angle or specificity, to provide Internet trading platform for the game player’s best equipment, create instant transactions, safe and reliable trading mode; to provide a network […]

Zhou Hongyi entrepreneurship is a trial and error process, to embrace changeTalking about the popula

Bill Gates and Mark · Zuckerberg’s story inspired a large number of college students China, nowadays, more and more college students to join the army of entrepreneurship and to realize his dream, some even give up their business. In this regard, Zhou Hongyi said, "I am not in favor of college graduates out of office, […]

Underwear wholesale should pay attention to what matters

underwear is a necessary clothing for women, the choice of underwear is very particular about, but no matter what brand of underwear will have a market, then if you want to underwear wholesale, then pay attention to what? Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction. underwear wholesale to pay attention to what matters? Not only to […]

Li Kaifu college students should avoid entering the five mistakes

"no experience" three words that many college graduates crashed on the road of entrepreneurship, lack of experience and young entrepreneurs become the wrong choice of pain. Li Kaifu has put forward the most vulnerable to enter the 5 college students to enter the wrong, to help college students to examine themselves, to avoid quick success […]