Provide a service for customers around the store

is now a lot of shopkeepers are good at communication, daily life will also continue to communicate with peers. While online retail users, every day is very busy, we will discuss a variety of problems, this is not the day before yesterday, another friend put forward the question, now the rapid development of the electricity […]

Xining Municipal Federation of trade unions held a municipal hospital disaster relief workers Forum

5· 12 international nurses day, Xining City Federation of trade unions held a municipal hospital in earthquake relief workers care forum, on behalf of the city workers to extend festive greetings and cordial condolences to the nursing workers to work in the first line of relief to safeguard people’s health selfless Baiyitianshi myhighest respect. Yushu […]

Gome online CEO Li Juntao blasted Jingdong is not broken milk silly child

After the decline of the Internet, old home appliance chain stores was clearly impact, is numerous and specialize in online business. When it comes to the competition between the traditional home appliance enterprises and rooted in the electricity supplier of the Internet business, mouth cannon is not to prevent. The United States had repeatedly challenge […]

Wuhan individual industrial and commercial households do not run, home can be taxed

for individual industrial and commercial households, each time the business may be only a few minutes, but they have to go to the Inland Revenue Department, the time has been delayed on the road, causing great inconvenience. Wuhan state tax union to enable the tax service station, the city’s 99 Street sites while enabling yesterday, […]