How to choose a western restaurant in Hefei

The continuous exchange of western culture in now become Western-style food catering market upstart, Western-style food now young people has become the first choice of investment. Today, with the characteristics of Western food in Hefei attracted a lot of consumers, the restaurant business in Hefei has become prosperous. So for consumers, in Hefei to open […]

Chiping college students couple entrepreneurial greenhouse into 200 thousand

now society, countries have to do poineering work in call for college students, at the same time in such a college student employment pressure is relatively large today, college students venture will become more and more popular, next to introduce such a couple of entrepreneurial entrepreneurial success stories should give us a lot of inspiration.

Nanjing Institute of Technology graduates venture company to recruit students

management activities has been implemented for more than a year, during which many college students actively participate in creating entrepreneurial career, as of now, many entrepreneurial companies recruit students return to school, fully practice the benign development trend of entrepreneurship to promote employment.

1-4 month online merchandise sales reached 869 billion yuan an increase of 40%

1-4 month retail sales of social consumer goods increased by 10.4% online merchandise increased by 40.3% Beijing, May 13, according to the National Bureau of Statistics website news, the Bureau of statistics released today in 2015 the total retail sales of social consumer goods data. Data show that in 2015 1-4 months, total retail sales […]

Who killed Robin Li in the end of the mobile Internet era

Abstract: we do have reason to believe that based on the mobile Internet business window is closing. Just kill the mobile Internet, this pot, but also less than the mouth of the director Lee’s artificial intelligence to back.   two years ago, when I came to Wuzhen, we are still talking about how to adapt […]

Today’s headlines infringement storm reoccurrence of Metropolis Daily sued the infringement

  AFP statementPhoenix Technology News news July 28th, AFP today issued a solemn statement, said today’s headlines without obtaining the "Chutian Metropolis" authorization, without permission of the copyright, without the establishment of a Metropolis Daily "headlines", "even some brothers and media work signed newspaper works, a serious violation of the copyright, the adverse impact to […]