2 billion 400 million yuan of special subsidies for affordable housing construction

Recently, our province issued in 2015 the province’s urban housing projects to protect the central and provincial 2 billion 419 million 170 thousand yuan of special funds earmarked for urban low income family housing rental subsidies, public rental housing and city shantytowns. Among them, issued 776 million 550 thousand yuan in Xining City, East Sea […]

This is a successful international exhibition

three days of Qinghai Haidong (Kyrgyzstan) economic and trade cooperation and specialty products exhibition will end after the economic and Commercial Counsellor Embassy of China office in Kyrgyzstan sent a congratulatory message, congratulations on the success of the exhibition. Shashi C Jef, chairman of the Kyrgyzstan chamber of Commerce and industry, said the exhibition was […]

Xining west area of three combination to newspapers and journals subscription

the party newspapers and journals subscription work and the spirit of the implementation of the party’s eighteen big closely together, together, with the focus of work and organization, combined with the year-end appraisal of work unit. This year, Xining City West District adopted the "three combination" measures to do a good job of Party newspapers […]

This new year’s day people do not set off firecrackers

"if the Spring Festival fireworks business is bad, next year will not sell. Because of this’ poor ‘can bring a lot of good sanitation workers — less hard, police, firefighters and less air pollution less, less people go to the emergency room." January 1, the reporter visited the 54 Main Street, East and West Street, […]

Qinghai National University disaster prevention and mitigation of volunteers to participate in fire

  in December 7th, the Seismological Bureau of Qinghai province held the second session of the college students in disaster prevention and reduction in 2011 volunteer team emergency knowledge training. More than 70 college students participated in the training.

The convenience store merchandise display what principles

wanted to open a convenience store business is hot, not only need a good location, good products, good sales promotion, at the same time, also need a good display of goods, so as to attract more consumers. However, for any convenience store, the display of goods is the principle of. Then, the convenience store merchandise […]

Look at how to become an expert in lighting decoration

lighting industry is booming, the market prospect is more and more open, let many people envious endless nuggets. For many investors do not have the basis for the operation of the lighting industry, the need to accumulate relevant business knowledge, especially those who want to learn with the lighting industry operators must be able to […]

The 2016 Winter Youth in Taiwan to visit Beijing on business development

with the gradual deepening of cross-strait exchanges and expansion, the number of young people in Taiwan to learn to observe and learn more and more. At present, China’s open and innovative environment for development has won the attention and favor of Taiwan youth. At the beginning of the new year A, from the Arctic cold […]