Electricity supplier executives leave industry talent and development

in November 2nd, Amazon announced that Wang Hanhua Chinese president is leaving the company at the end of the month, Amazon China President Wang Hanhua formal resignation, the news was released, as the preferred SF President Liu Miao left, again thinking about the industry, but also summed up so far this year 10 executives, executives […]

Not the old legend of the domain name industry DVD.com main foreign movie rental business

domain name news: yesterday, online movie rental service Netflix official announced, Netflix has successfully acquired the domain name industry dvd.com. Its specific details of the transaction is unknown, there are industry stakeholders to assess the transaction price of such domain names should be around six digits. Currently the domain name registration information has been transferred […]

Google will gradually cancel the PR support of AdPlanner platform

  deputy general manager Guan Peng Yanhuang network (micro-blog) micro-blog broke the news that Google will cancel the PR (Tencent technology plan) Tencent technology news (Li Songwei) October 14th news, well-known webmaster, Yanhuang network deputy general manager Guan Peng this afternoon in the Tencent micro-blog broke the news, said it China senior Google confirmed, will […]

WeChat marketing experience hot but not extreme

WeChat marketing general Shirupozhu substantial growth in recent years, while the short term by WeChat sales to create explosion of people is more and more beyond count, side marketers began to switch to WeChat marketing, to get the dividends. However, in the influx of so many people, how to maintain the quality of WeChat marketing […]

Local living APP dig for 20 million Pre-A round of financing

Abstract: the flagship of the local life app dig has announced the completion of the 20 million yuan Pre-A round of financing provided by Clay investment. This "dig" as the social consumption share pattern formed by the Commission after the chain of social relationships, but now "dig" will be transformed into the city life service […]