Eight measures to promote the construction of grassroots organizations in the North District activit

north of the city in order to highlight the characteristics of the grassroots party organizations as the focal point, innovative eight initiatives to promote a new round of grassroots organizations to build activities for the grassroots party organizations to lay a solid foundation for the overall level of construction. is a "Ten Project" idea. In […]

Send send double 11 logistics peak coming

November 11th, click the mouse, buy, order, payment, and then wait for the courier across the country come…… 16, the domestic first-tier cities have major courier warehouse explosion, the provincial capital is also busy to express burst? 16, 2009, the reporter went to tact, rhyme express Xining dial center, field visits, double the scene after […]

Five years to achieve the goal of tourism in Xining tourism revenue reached $38 billion

Reporters from the city’s tourism development conference was informed that, according to the "opinions" of Xining Municipal People’s Government on promoting the reform and development of the tourism industry of the general requirements, by 2020, the city will realize the tourism comprehensive income and the number of "tourism doubling" target, the city’s domestic and foreign […]

What should be done to open the steamed stuffed bun shop

what do you usually eat early in the morning? Steamed stuffed bun should be a common breakfast, we must have eaten steamed bun! Delicious and nutritious dumplings in the market is very easy to sell, so many entrepreneurs have chosen to open a Baozipu to make money, but for many novice entrepreneurs, they do not […]

Dry cleaners to join the need to pay attention to where

in the metropolis, working population is very large, and many of them every day to work dress clothing, this clothing often need dry cleaning service, has brought the huge demand for this is the dry cleaning industry. According to the analysis, the demand for dry cleaning market in large cities have tens of billions of […]