And the Department of Listed Companies in the crown of the shares to be 800 million yuan acquisition

12, the Department of crown shares yesterday evening announcement that intends to issue shares and a cash payment of the purchase price of 806 million yuan, Guangdong Hengfeng information technology Limited by Share Ltd 100% of the shares, while raising matching funds.   The announcement, the Department of crown shares intends to buy its 100% […]

Daily topic the United States plans to raise $1 billion network The giant fight fought in the battle

A5 ( station network July 10th news, the news said the group plans to raise more than $1 billion in a new round of financing recently, valuation of the current round of financing for the online group purchase company more than $15 billion. Informed sources said the , the United States Mission network is working […]

58 group Yao Jinbo when an industry is not optimistic when the giants appear

Tencent technology news November 18th, the third session of the world Internet Conference on the third day of the 58 group CEO Yao Jinbo (micro-blog) said in an interview, any one industry we are particularly promising when not optimistic, there may be big time in this industry, even the strength of the enterprise, the enterprise […]

How do the niche product promotion of my luggage brand promotion share

found luggage business, from a collective travel, we encountered a "embarrassing" thing in the airport waiting room, then some colleagues travel bag "crash", the original of this bag is the company Bonenkai gifts, workmanship and quality are good, is "presentable" what, then is this the case, in the travel even occur wrong, this is an […]

Play the role of corporate website for corporate image points

now in this era of networking, many institutions have their own website. The school uses the website to publish all kinds of teaching information, the government use the website to open all kinds of documents and work, and the company is through the website to attract customers. According to the survey, a lot of companies […]

The survival of enterprises in Internet environment.

the rapid development of the Internet, to achieve the optimal allocation of resources, but in order to bring convenience to consumers at the same time, the enterprise is a double-edged sword. Exposing their own problems, misleading public opinion, vicious competition between peers, the three major challenges facing the modern Internet companies. first, their own problems […]

Abstract click on the mall Perth et has returned to delivery, welcome the majority of owners to acti

Hello everyone: Perth mall has been restored on the abstract click, welcome webmaster actively launch, believed to bring good returns for the webmaster! Please contact customer service opening. Customer service qq:qq319035193 183288818 319035197 Union address: Adsense network alliance information release QQ group: 5084047 for the first time to let you know the domestic league […]

Online shopping consumers are not being screened in response to the assessment of Taobao said no kno

[IT Business News Roundup] (reporter Zhang Rui) credit rating system so that sellers love and hate. Because this system can bring to the seller Everfount customers, possibly because of a bad review or comment and make the seller work not completed. according to the Beijing Daily reported that consumers have questioned the part of network, […]

Hongkong VOIP products – Globe7 guide to register online advertising

Northgate Technologies Co., Ltd. R & D Globe7 is a high value-added innovative products in the global patent certification, and by Axill Europe Co., Ltd. is responsible for marketing. Globe7 a free download software, combined with voice, video, instant messaging, real-time video playback, with online advertising, you can instantly turn your computer into second phones. […]