And the Department of Listed Companies in the crown of the shares to be 800 million yuan acquisition

12, the Department of crown shares yesterday evening announcement that intends to issue shares and a cash payment of the purchase price of 806 million yuan, Guangdong Hengfeng information technology Limited by Share Ltd 100% of the shares, while raising matching funds.


announcement, the Department of crown shares intends to buy its 100% stake in Hengfeng letter jointly held through to Liu Shengkun and other 14 individuals and 6 institutions such as cloud education investment in non-public offering of shares and pay a combination of cash, and to raise matching funds of not more than 517 million yuan, supporting funds raised after deducting the cost of issue for the payment of cash to buy the underlying asset price, wisdom education cloud computing data center construction and operation of the project. read more

Daily topic the United States plans to raise $1 billion network The giant fight fought in the battle

A5 ( station network July 10th news, the news said the group plans to raise more than $1 billion in a new round of financing recently, valuation of the current round of financing for the online group purchase company more than $15 billion.

Informed sources said the

, the United States Mission network is working with several investment banks as intermediaries to discuss financing activities. The amount of financing and specific terms are still under negotiation. U.S. mission network of this financing plan is still in its infancy. In January this year, after the completion of a $7 billion valuation of financing, the U.S. group net new round of financing may be more than doubled the valuation. read more

58 group Yao Jinbo when an industry is not optimistic when the giants appear


technology news November 18th, the third session of the world Internet Conference on the third day of the 58 group CEO Yao Jinbo (micro-blog) said in an interview, any one industry we are particularly promising when not optimistic, there may be big time in this industry, even the strength of the enterprise, the enterprise will be more and more to stay the stronger.

Yao Jinbo said that the development of China’s life service lags behind, unlike the United States, Europe is more mature. The development of the industry itself in a large scale, a lot of services in the emergence of a lot of upgrades, so it is the proportion of China’s economy is growing. When China’s manufacturing industry can not rely on exports can not rely on, real estate can not rely on, the life of the service will be more attention and greater development. After each of us got paid, more and more people spend money in the field of life services, service industry is a sunrise industry. read more

How to do a good job

in a lot of people do network promotion seems to track extrapolation effect is a particularly tricky thing, but I personally do not think so. Although the collected data is a seemingly tedious and troublesome thing, but also do not work hard day in and day out, but in my opinion, these are actually a few keystrokes, take a few minutes to complete the small case, is not so difficult to imagine. If you do not believe it can continue to look down, today, I just came to tell you about the effect of tracking how to do this thing. read more

How do the niche product promotion of my luggage brand promotion share

found luggage business, from a collective travel, we encountered a "embarrassing" thing in the airport waiting room, then some colleagues travel bag "crash", the original of this bag is the company Bonenkai gifts, workmanship and quality are good, is "presentable" what, then is this the case, in the travel even occur wrong, this is an episode of travel! But the clerk never take the wrong pen, originally, in her bag on the luggage tag hanging specially "". read more

Play the role of corporate website for corporate image points

now in this era of networking, many institutions have their own website. The school uses the website to publish all kinds of teaching information, the government use the website to open all kinds of documents and work, and the company is through the website to attract customers. According to the survey, a lot of companies have their own website, but can take full advantage of it to play its real effect, but not a few. A lot of companies have the site as a display, there is no formal operation, the site is not a little attractive. In this increasingly competitive market, every enterprise should make full use of the advantages of the site, to create a good image of the company, for the company plus. read more

The survival of enterprises in Internet environment.

the rapid development of the Internet, to achieve the optimal allocation of resources, but in order to bring convenience to consumers at the same time, the enterprise is a double-edged sword. Exposing their own problems, misleading public opinion, vicious competition between peers, the three major challenges facing the modern Internet companies.

first, their own problems exposed.

is now the major electricity supplier platform, whether it is the industry giant or a new dark horse, in the 3· 15 consumer rights day comes, are facing a huge reputation pressure. For electricity supplier companies, consumers are most concerned about the authenticity of goods. Then, as the industry benchmark for,, Amazon and other Jingdong, many large enterprises in the past year but frequently broke fake scandal. read more

Abstract click on the mall Perth et has returned to delivery, welcome the majority of owners to acti

Hello everyone:

Perth mall has been restored on the abstract click, welcome webmaster actively launch, believed to bring good returns for the webmaster! Please contact customer service opening. Customer service qq:qq319035193 183288818 319035197

Union address:

Adsense network alliance information release QQ group: 5084047

for the first time to let you know the domestic league dynamic!

more union information:

would like to join the Admin5 channel, please contact QQ:285445 read more

Online shopping consumers are not being screened in response to the assessment of Taobao said no kno

[IT Business News Roundup] (reporter Zhang Rui) credit rating system so that sellers love and hate. Because this system can bring to the seller Everfount customers, possibly because of a bad review or comment and make the seller work not completed.

according to the Beijing Daily reported that consumers have questioned the part of network, the difference in assessment of delaying, shielding etc. keywords desalination. The day before, China according to voice of "news" reported that "consumers buy goods in after giving the" comments ", but after more than 48 hours still can not take effect, not displayed on the page. In accordance with the provisions of Taobao, in order to set aside time for buyers and sellers to communicate, the review and the poor will be effective after 48 hours." read more

Hongkong VOIP products – Globe7 guide to register online advertising

Northgate Technologies Co., Ltd. R & D Globe7 is a high value-added innovative products in the global patent certification, and by Axill Europe Co., Ltd. is responsible for marketing.

Globe7 a free download software, combined with voice, video, instant messaging, real-time video playback, with online advertising, you can instantly turn your computer into second phones. You can dial the phone for free computer and computer calls, can very low rates called the global fixed line and mobile phones, and enjoy free film, instant news and SMS service. Than is currently being promoted SKYPE has great advantages. read more

Agricultural electricity providers represent the general trend problems will be encountered in futur

July 16th major news, according to Jingdong official introduction, a number of Jingdong have successfully settled business platform, become Jingdong’s flagship store. The project by the compound fertilizer brand Jin Zhengda and China agricultural industry development fund jointly invest 2 billion to build. Means that the majority of farmers and friends can buy fertilizers, seeds and other agricultural products by Jingdong on a commercial flagship store. In recent years, the electricity supplier to the countryside has become a major trend, Taobao and Jingdong are active in rural electricity supplier strategy. The reason is that the rural electricity supplier has not yet been developed, and a huge demand, such as fertilizers, seeds and other products, there is a very substantial profit market. read more

E-commerce to further development must improve service

If you really want to do a good job in e-commerce, we must understand the consumer psychology. Consumers worried about what? I think consumers are worried about three issues: first, quality, the price is two, and the three is safe. The electronic commerce to the trend, must have the "three", to solve the following three questions.

first, to ensure quality. First, consumers are worried about the quality of goods and services. On the list of goods online, after a single purchase, the quality can not be guaranteed? I ordered a batch of DVD on a website, buy back a few days to see, one of the quality problems, requires the return. The website said that our regulation is over 7 days, can not be returned. I said I bought 20 DVD, let me see all the 7 days, found that there is no quality problem, it is unreasonable. As long as you send the goods, there are quality problems, you will be responsible for. The other said no, we are such a provision. I said, this is the King terms, I will no longer buy things on your site, so that the loss of customers. There is the delivery speed. Some sites are said to be the next day delivery, second days to call, saying that there are still missing a few, to a few days to delivery; there is a delivery of goods and online instructions are different. I hope that e-commerce enterprises should first of all the quality of service, customer satisfaction in the first place, otherwise it will not be able to achieve good development. read more

SMS site suspected fraud cited litigation registration may be worthless

Zhang Qiuli, chairman of Changzhi Sheng Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. in Shanxi Province in recent months to develop a habit, everyone will ask: "do you know the URL?" While nine out of ten negative answer to make his heart more and more heavy.

"SMS URL" is following the Internet as a new stage of the Denver movement.

In the SMS website publicity information:

read more

Online shopping will have legal protection e-commerce legislation has entered the planning

Abstract e-commerce legislation has been included in the twelve National People’s Congress Standing Committee of the legislative plan for the past five years, has formed a draft law.

Xinhua news agency in Beijing on 10 March, (reporter Yang Dingmiao, Xu Xiaoqing) National People’s Congress caijingwei vice chairman Uritu 10, said that electronic commerce legislation has been included in the twelve session of the five NPC Standing Committee legislative plan, currently has a draft law. read more

Introduction of Internet domain name auction mechanism

reporter recently from the internet name and Number Distribution Agency (ICANN) official website was informed that the organization drafted the current generic top-level domains within the framework of two level domain allocation, officially introduced the auction mechanism in the domain field distribution. Experts pointed out that in the global quality domain resources tight situation, ICANN introducing domain auction mechanism for optimal allocation of resources and ensure high quality domain name, domain name utility into full play. read more

CHANet results reported that the network virus

Around 4:30 on October 10th, there are enthusiastic members to reflect the results of the visit to the CHANet network antivirus software tips when there is a virus or trojan.

then our technicians launched a series of tests, the investigation found that the results of CHANet network itself has not been tampered with or "inserted into the code, but the results of CHANet network server is located in a one room infected with the ARP virus, and ARP attacks on the results of CHANet web server, which insert malicious code in user access to the CHANet network results when. Due to the timely detection of problems, our technical staff successfully resolved the attack at 6 p.m.. read more

Point I get ten million U.S. dollars financing, heavy mode takeaway O2O rise

according to sources, the domestic takeaway O2O service providers, point me to get a number of top VC joint investment of ten million U.S. dollars, recently or officially announced.

point me to rely on takeaway food, such as Lianhua Quik started with super giant development of supermarket goods (takeaway delivery), and provide instant delivery service to run errands; "I have it as a generalized takeaway net, is one of the earliest delivery in the field of O2O company. 2012, click on me to get $2 million investment in Gobi’s first round of financing, the B round of $10 million in financing to become a takeaway O2O field another financing case. read more

Money making patterns in China

      1, business news and information, such as Sina,, earn money advertising spots.

      2, business information, such as the Yellow Pages model of enterprise information classification model, the world executive model of network information to the publisher charges.

      3, the spirit of the product, such as novels, professional papers, to the reader charges.

      4, the operation of information intermediaries, such as Baidu, GOOGLE and other search engines, to business information publishers charge. read more

In the face of the league do not have the right to choose more vulnerable

in recent years, the advertising alliance has become the main way to earn money, because of this, the birth of more and more advertising alliance. Advertising alliance, and can not bring convenience to the webmaster, but to a lot of webmaster added trouble. In the industry’s growing dissatisfaction with the union voice, there will always be a call to grow up the union does not speak good faith, not in accordance with the provisions of the normal settlement Commission, or there is a serious amount of money deducted phenomenon. read more

The U.S. version of runaway comic the history of Entrepreneurship nobody saw behind entrepreneurs sm

author Cheezburger, CEO, Huh, an online entertainment humor company in the United States, Ben. He believes that entrepreneurs often only share the good news of new products and proud, and deliberately hide those "stumbling block" like to "spare none" of the difficulties, it seems that this is the common understanding that the celebration had no time to confess these. In fact, each new product has its own history of bitterness.

Hello everyone, I am Ben Huh, is also the online entertainment humor company Cheezburger CEO. In 2007, we founded the company, while the introduction of related I Can Has Cheezburger humor site, a large number of online adorable cat pictures also captured a number ". At present, we operate dozens of humorous sites, and not long ago, we also officially launched a iOS application. At this moment, I am very proud, I want to share with you the next story, it is not for the application of offbeat campaign. read more