What should be done to open the steamed stuffed bun shop

what do you usually eat early in the morning? Steamed stuffed bun should be a common breakfast, we must have eaten steamed bun! Delicious and nutritious dumplings in the market is very easy to sell, so many entrepreneurs have chosen to open a Baozipu to make money, but for many novice entrepreneurs, they do not know how to open Baozipu should be prepared, so Xiaobian for everyone here to summarize the open Baozipu should do what ready?


1, site selection: steamed Kung Fu steamed stuffed bun siting in schools, farmers market, near the station is appropriate, residential areas and large flow of people can also be. read more

Retail business innovation

in such an era of innovation, if the store’s business is still conservative, I’m afraid it will be difficult to get a better development. In the marketing position for many years, in the daily cigarette sales work, every mention of township cigarette retail customers, customer managers will always feel "bad work" difficult in what place? Here we set up a group of villages and towns to analyze the reasons why.

first, the structure of the general age is too large, old ideas, old traditions, deep-rooted. New ideas, new ideas, new marketing, new things, new brand is difficult to accept. Furthermore, the higher level of rural senior cultural echelon is relatively low. Their minds are always confined to a single sales model. You sell me to buy, do not buy it or leave it "is always the old traditional management style. read more

Top ten brands of dry cleaning machine

in all kinds of electrical appliances, dry cleaning machine is now more and more popular with consumers, because of this, the market will continue to be born more brands. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce you to the top ten brands of dry cleaning machine, so as to give the public a better choice to do reference.

dry cleaning machine, the top ten brands list: Panasonic


(Chinese) Co. Ltd was established in 1994, and in 2002 achieved a wholly-owned, mainly responsible for household appliances, system, environment, components, medical equipment and other merchandise sales and customer service service activities. As China area investment company, Panasonic (Chinese) Co. Ltd. is responsible for carrying out personnel training, financial, legal, environmental protection, intellectual property and support activities omnibus. January 2012, Panasonic (China) Co., Ltd. to absorb the merger of Matsushita Electric (China) Co., Ltd., to further expand the scope of business. read more

How to open an optical shop

is now more and more friends myopia, myopia glasses are very urgent. In addition, more and more people began to fall in love with sunglasses, then, if you want to open a shop like this, how to do? Xiaobian for everyone to introduce.

card: intermediate optometrist and intermediate distribution industry is the two documents required, can participate in store experiential training, you can get the intermediate optometrist and intermediate distribution industry double card free


supply: the major glasses wholesale market is your purchase channels. Open glasses shop, if manufacturers from the visibility and reputation of the glasses are higher at getting goods directly, the profits will greatly enhance. read more

Dry cleaners to join the need to pay attention to where

in the metropolis, working population is very large, and many of them every day to work dress clothing, this clothing often need dry cleaning service, has brought the huge demand for this is the dry cleaning industry. According to the analysis, the demand for dry cleaning market in large cities have tens of billions of market, which is also a lot of entrepreneurs to provide good entrepreneurial opportunities.

now many young entrepreneurs are also targeting the dry cleaning industry, have to open a dry cleaning of the dry cleaners, this is also a small capital can be achieved at the start of a business. From the cleaners many brands, many franchisees have also made fortunes, which leads to greater confidence and interest for the franchisee. However, how much money to join the dry cleaners, dry cleaners to join what are the requirements? Estimated that a lot of young entrepreneurs in this regard are not aware of the small series today is to bring you to look at the dry cleaners to join the need to pay attention to where. read more

2016 Chinese students innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum held in Beijing

in the current national entrepreneurship environment, whether it has been receiving traditional education in the country, or returnees, have embarked on the road of entrepreneurship. Recently, the United States and the European Union will be held in Beijing forum and 2016 Chinese students innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum held in Beijing. This forum is organized by the European and American students will · Chinese Students Association, WRSA BSFLP Committee, WRSA chamber of Commerce, the 2005 Committee Co Chinese and globalization think-tank (CCG) contractors, has been held for 11 sessions. read more

Listen to a business failure of private prosecution the details of everything

we are either doing things to try, or give up halfway, so it’s hard to stick to it, always design a perfect ending, but haven’t arrived when you can see the end stop. A lot of things if we can go according to their original ideas, will not have the same outcome? But without the wind and rain, how to see the rainbow, thanks to each painful experience let us learn a lot from the growth of many! This is the story of some of the experience of a failed entrepreneurs, here for everyone to share, hope and you share. read more

To improve the skills of female shoe popularity

is the day we have to wear shoes, shoes for women, more homely food things, nice shoes ladies temperament, more fashion is essential, so its market is very large, the market allows you to invest in such projects, is very promising. So, how to improve the female shoe popularity?

first, fashionable things: fashionable goods, is a woman’s choice forever. Female shoe store fashion shoes, jewelry boutique, fashion handbag, toy bear knitting wool shop, daily necessities, packaged snacks in the supermarket is a woman’s love. read more

Venture on the road 70% and 30% you know

for those who really want to embark on the road of entrepreneurship, the industry will certainly have a more comprehensive understanding of this should be aware of what is said in this article 70% and in the end what is the meaning of the meaning of the. Say business is difficult, really difficult? It’s not hard, but you’re not ready.

read more

Clothing stores ten decoration cheats

female entrepreneurs want to shop, clothing franchise business will be one of the first few projects. Investment in clothing stores are promising, but the need to master the skills of many, the following is about the clothing stores ten decoration cheats, very helpful for the shop.

after clothing stores location, although the clothing store decoration with headquarters and regulations, but some sources record store decoration and decoration is successful or not will directly determine the traffic clothing store is much less, can not cause the attention of the store. So, how to do a good job in the clothing store decoration? read more

Ji Shisan what exactly do readme in a nutshell net

editor’s note: nutshell network is active in the scientific information industry in recent years, both the media and the community property company. According to public information, July 2010, nutshell media loved the letter to get $1 million Angel round of capital financing; November 14, 2010 shell network officially launched; the spring of 2011, shell media also received a A round of $3 million investment Zhi capital letters, and get a B round of financing in early 2013. Next? If you want to continue financing or development, the shell will tell the story of what? This is the latest Ji thirteen shell network CEO in a nutshell Q in a reader asked and answered several nutshell will play next. He also authorized the publication, hoping to be more extensive exchanges. read more

That is equal to the free consumption rebate site of illegal fund-raising 420 million

Shen and other 4 people to create a shopping rebate site, with high return now as bait, illegal absorbing public deposits amounted to 4.2 million yuan. In July 24th, Suzhou City Court on the case of illegal deposits from the public verdict: defendant Shen was sentenced to 6 years and fined 300 thousand yuan; the remaining 3 per capita was sentenced to 5 years 6 months and fined 250 thousand yuan.

– Daily reporter correspondent Zou Qiang Ma Li

create a rebate website advocate " consumer = free " read more

Daily topic To explore Nora fined 260 million behind refused to correct the continuation of infringe

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network June 18th news, high-profile Nora punished 260 million tickets, held yesterday afternoon in Shenzhen city market administration hearing rooms in the hearing room, the reason of Nora company 260 million yuan punishment in Shenzhen city for the first time exposure. This is probably the biggest ticket to Chinese IT companies so far.

actually Nora accept punishment this is not the first time, but this did not expect the penalty so high!

according to the Shenzhen municipal market supervision and Management Bureau pointed out that the parties Nora company without permission, to the public through the network spread "Beijing love story" and other TV dramas, variety kind of work, illegal business amounted to 86 million 716 thousand yuan, with several violations, long duration, high social impact, subject to administrative organs after punishment, refused to correct, to continue the infringement, subjective intent is obvious, illegal circumstances are serious, a huge amount of illegal business, the actual situation, so the law intends to impose three times the amount of illegal business fined, or a fine of 260 million yuan. read more

I was how to make use of garbage station group earned 5000 yuan monthly

some time ago to discuss Station Group acquisition technology in the Q group and the group of friends, after careful study, or to be successful, there may be people absolutely, I can only do this garbage characters garbage sites, but the fact that the garbage site really brings me a lot of profit, I love to share, so to share a little achievement of my three months to do it for you. If the same conditions, can try to do something here, I do not guarantee that each site can have a monthly income of 5000 yuan, because Baidu’s algorithm has been changing, garbage site is a long-term survival is still unknown. read more

Why were talk about marketing, video tips to solve the enterprise popular keywords recommendation pr

today we solve an enterprise boss headache, the number of enterprises are engaged in a factory, a few products will go on network, most customers only pay attention to the general industry, a brand can do every day to search keywords reached 100 the number of enterprises, in the industry has is a famous enterprise, we see every day recommended enterprises Baidu search on the right is a kind of brand, sit every day the boss laughed, when peers will brag about, this is our company. Joke on here, now directly into the theme. read more

And the Department of Listed Companies in the crown of the shares to be 800 million yuan acquisition

12, the Department of crown shares yesterday evening announcement that intends to issue shares and a cash payment of the purchase price of 806 million yuan, Guangdong Hengfeng information technology Limited by Share Ltd 100% of the shares, while raising matching funds.


announcement, the Department of crown shares intends to buy its 100% stake in Hengfeng letter jointly held through to Liu Shengkun and other 14 individuals and 6 institutions such as cloud education investment in non-public offering of shares and pay a combination of cash, and to raise matching funds of not more than 517 million yuan, supporting funds raised after deducting the cost of issue for the payment of cash to buy the underlying asset price, wisdom education cloud computing data center construction and operation of the project. read more

Daily topic the United States plans to raise $1 billion network The giant fight fought in the battle

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network July 10th news, the news said the group plans to raise more than $1 billion in a new round of financing recently, valuation of the current round of financing for the online group purchase company more than $15 billion.

Informed sources said the

, the United States Mission network is working with several investment banks as intermediaries to discuss financing activities. The amount of financing and specific terms are still under negotiation. U.S. mission network of this financing plan is still in its infancy. In January this year, after the completion of a $7 billion valuation of financing, the U.S. group net new round of financing may be more than doubled the valuation. read more

58 group Yao Jinbo when an industry is not optimistic when the giants appear


technology news November 18th, the third session of the world Internet Conference on the third day of the 58 group CEO Yao Jinbo (micro-blog) said in an interview, any one industry we are particularly promising when not optimistic, there may be big time in this industry, even the strength of the enterprise, the enterprise will be more and more to stay the stronger.

Yao Jinbo said that the development of China’s life service lags behind, unlike the United States, Europe is more mature. The development of the industry itself in a large scale, a lot of services in the emergence of a lot of upgrades, so it is the proportion of China’s economy is growing. When China’s manufacturing industry can not rely on exports can not rely on, real estate can not rely on, the life of the service will be more attention and greater development. After each of us got paid, more and more people spend money in the field of life services, service industry is a sunrise industry. read more

How to do a good job

in a lot of people do network promotion seems to track extrapolation effect is a particularly tricky thing, but I personally do not think so. Although the collected data is a seemingly tedious and troublesome thing, but also do not work hard day in and day out, but in my opinion, these are actually a few keystrokes, take a few minutes to complete the small case, is not so difficult to imagine. If you do not believe it can continue to look down, today, I just came to tell you about the effect of tracking how to do this thing. read more