How small potatoes whole of Chinese investment

don’t look down on Chinese food culture, just remember someone ridiculed Chinese is a special food nation has only seen can accommodate thousands of people in the restaurant to China. Of course, this person in the time of irony, but Xiao Bian completely disagree with this person’s statement. Eating is a symbol of happiness, although […]

The analysis of the advantages of Tianjin rice noodle joining

hunger breeds discontentment, want to do good business, you can start from the diet. But in the face of the current many catering to join the project, why Tianjin noodle in the industry to join the project can become the talent shows itself, many small and medium-sized investors preferred, then look at the business mentor […]

Bai magic cook snacks how to join

ask now what industry consumer market competition pressure, which is the development of the industry and the most lasting, the answer is of course the catering industry, because of competition in order to survive in the competition, that a policy strategy must understand sustainable development, competition is undoubtedly the most powerful driving force to promote […]

Children’s clothing shop how to do the most profitable recommend 7 marketing skills

children’s wear industry, whether it is shopping malls, or walking street, or near the school district, can see the children’s clothing store. Children’s clothing consumer groups, but the competitive pressure is not small, so we should do regular promotions, improve the visibility of the shop. Children’s clothing store how to make the most money? The […]

Xinhua logistics daily express Tongyuan chairman Shen flash back or disk access

May 10, 2010, Xinhua logistics and the James brothers signed a restructuring of the formal establishment of the daily express, the Daily Express Co., hainan. After only two years and 2 months, the new Xinhua logistics suddenly announced the end of the failed marriage". yesterday (July 16th), Xinhua logistics Holdings (Group) Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred […]