Jingdong revealed 8 billion 700 million yuan in cash on the account is expected to sell $47 billion

Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong   Sina technology news August 15th morning news, Jingdong mall communication meeting, the price war yesterday launched the communication with the media, said the Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong at the meeting, the Jingdong account currently has 8 billion 700 million yuan in cash, expected annual sales this year (excluding tax) […]

Proprietary B2C can not replace Taobao

nearly two years, the rapid development of the electricity supplier market, especially the development of electricity providers B2C mode more quickly. B2C is currently the main electricity supplier has three modes, one is the largest electricity supplier Tmall mall platform model, the second is self + platform mode to the Jingdong as the representative of […]

Baidu responded 360 prosecution let China’s Internet industry as a whole image of shame

A5 station network November 27th news, Baidu today in the hospital accepted Qihoo v. Baidu unfair competition case, to respond, said its response in violation of the international Robots Qihoo 360 long-term agreement forcibly grab Baidu snapshot, a serious infringement of the interests of Baidu, hope not to indulge in the 360 Day War inextricably […]

WordPress platform hosting blog number has reached 70 million

Beijing on April 26th news, according to "the Wall Street journal"’s blog AllThingsD reported that U.S. blog service platform WordPress.com (hereinafter referred to as "Wordpress") parent company Automattic said on Wednesday, the WordPress managed the number of blog sites from 35 million to 70 million a year ago. Automattic CEO Toni · Schneider (Toni Schneider) […]

The interaction of the dead marketing micro marketing looks beautiful is not so simple

micro-blog, has ushered in the four birthday, recently, have all heard bad mouthing, with micro-blog marriage near Ali, also in their own mobile phone push from the micro Amoy, micro marketing is WeChat’s most recent fire. The topic is based on the micro marketing industry is not bad, let’s take a look at these let […]

Do not spend a penny on marketing secret trick free headlines

does not come up with the high cost of advertising to make your products are very famous, instantly appear in newspapers, large portal news headlines are not possible? Li Yong told you, this is possible, its core is mainly that you how to operate, use the appropriate time and careful planning can bring unexpected results […]

May second weeks of domestic domain name resolution quotient Top10DNSPod share eroded

IDC network (idcps.com) on 16 August 05 reports: according to the latest statistics agency WebHosting.info domain data in the second week of May (May 6th -5 12) period, the domestic domain name service market remained stable, the domain name business competition is still fierce. Compared with last week, China million net share rose nearly 0.07% […]

China knowledge quiz website user behavior survey results announced

iResearch on December 2008 on the China network knowledge interlocution platform user use behavior in special investigation and research, to summarize the recent years network knowledge quiz, access to the user’s overall satisfaction degree of brand choice of products, as well as the potential demand. Survey results found that as of the 08 quarter of […]