Taobao guest website Shanghai dragon to choose the experience of product user attention

on Friday Taobao union symposium held in Hangzhou. The conference of Taobao alliance released the data, "Mom" is divided into more than 3 billion yuan in 2012, to achieve double. Taobao also announced that the alliance will re enable "Mom" brand, service users by the Taobao business turn for the whole network is open to all advertisers.

off site crisis mainly from two aspects, one is the Taobao Taobao alliance in November to adjust the guest commission model ban rebate website, no cash rebate will be more Taobao guide guest website take back points, back in kind, return the rebate coupons, coupons and other non cash Taobao customer mode. This adjustment, deep take cash rebate for the previous guest website influence, many sites have to reinvent the wheel, re adjust the rebate mode. On the other hand, the resumption of Ali mother brand, for the whole network of advertisers to open at the same time, will also join the Ali Mama, more sites get a commission, for Taobao customer sites, further increase competitive pressures. But there is a crisis with the hope that Taobao customers cancel cash rebate, the rebate will further improve the effective governance mode, the previous cash rebate rebate amount exaggerated false propaganda, vicious competition behavior. Let Taobao more standardized guest website promotion, promote the transformation and upgrading, ensure the long-term and healthy development. Ali and his mother for the whole network open, more advertisers involved, although the competition is more intense, but also more opportunities into larger amount. Taobao guest webmaster as long as the website promotion policy compliance, effective operation, the Commission will naturally improve.

"Mom" success brings more opportunities for personal AdSense and Taobao into the guest, in 2012 alone to the webmaster and Taobao customers into 3 billion. The future will also be an important guest webmaster and Taobao into the channel. With the policy adjustment of Taobao alliance recently, restart the "Mom" brand, the introduction of more advertisers, the webmaster and Taobao guest website, is a "double-edged sword". The crisis and opportunity coexist, especially Taobao guest, probably will face re shuffling of the situation, but after the reshuffle transformation will have a better development opportunity to upgrade Taobao off site, get into higher.

At present Taobao

guest website optimization is the most concerned topic for Amoy owners. Reasonable choice of keywords and improve the site layout, improve the quality of the chain, are the key points to decide the success of Taobao customer site optimization. Taobao alliance of the recent policy frequent, but also pay more attention to the user experience of the website Taobao guest. A combination of love Shanghai to fight outside the chain of artificial manipulation, pay more attention to the user experience of the site and the high quality natural link, effectively target users, build reasonable user experience, is the future development trend of Amoy website optimization. According to Tmall mall website for Amoy promotion target (Taobao Tmall 贵族宝贝dushutex贵族宝贝) as an example, the reasonable collocation of website, recommended a hot commodity in the striking position, with website design and user browsing habits easier to retain users. Look at Ali mother.

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