Talk about my way of bidding profiteering products

that time just do the bidding, chose a competition of general products, advertising is just on the line I was looking at the customer service, said you get offline now, don’t do it, then do it for you, to give you a order, I didn’t talk to him, and the next few days every day I have malicious (manual click), then turn off the page to open soon, so repeatedly, and in a few days, I send out many goods are rejected, I was anxious, it must be that peers do, how to do? To do the same, then find my friends right on the point of him, give him a false order does not stop, so we repeatedly attack each other against each other, probably lasted more than 2 months, and then settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. When do Longjie Wu is a fitness, a freight in about 70, if rejected, back and forth on the loss of 140, sometimes he gave me a false order to order 3 sets, that kind of feeling… But in the end I have survived, and do better, every day when the car shipped half.

second stage bidding problems

This time

in the first stage of bidding problems

now many just contact for novice friends will have this question, "the bidding competition is so fierce? Have the opportunity to operate?", "I find a lot of products, the results of an investigation found that each product has dozens in the promotion, how to do?", I want to say is that the bidding products in any profits during the period of the competition is very intense, at any time there are dozens of popular products in the promotion of the fierce competition, why? The reason is very simple, is to make money, do not make money, who will strive to do? Here, the Longjie Wu their years of operating profits are bidding problems one by one according to the time sequence with analysis of list, for your reference,

malicious software click out, that is to say through malicious click software can quickly consume your advertising, advertising you can in just a few minutes on the line, a few minutes can cost you thousands or tens of thousands of advertising, is actually a kind of onhook software, also speak in Wu Toru before in the article, then I made several products have received the malicious attack ads online, customer service system is crackling sound, all the visitors soon and get away, you have no way to do business, but had to all advertising all suspended, looking for new solutions, probably stopped half period a month or so, finally the problem is solved, then Longjie Wu use the same means to attack each other, the day began to blow them violently, basically is a few minutes They are advertising on the line, and then after a while they may also on-line, then continue to fight, so for a day, second days all advertising online at the same time, there is no malicious batch click, is matched with the well.

comments: this time to do the bidding problem is peer malicious clicks, manual false orders, although the process is very sad, but as long as we can persist, very down, we will move towards a new stage.

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