Analysis of the site quickly break the three steps down the right situation

[a] steps: careful analysis of what site is down right, and find out the bane of output

out of love Shanghai occasionally algorithm website was not a miscarriage of justice, love Shanghai It is without rhyme or reason. right down, a reason for it, we must learn to find the cause of the right to be reduced from the site itself, and find the corresponding countermeasures to solve. A variety of reasons fall right site diversity, the author is not possible here to enumerate, but the most common reason is so few, here I will summarize:

website optimization, inevitably because of some small mistakes or optimization algorithm of false positives caused Shanghai love their love Shanghai site is down right, once the website is down right after the love of Shanghai, ranking will suffer, and short time recovery is not possible. Therefore, a lot of Shanghai dragon ER in the face of love Shanghai downhearted down right after the optimization of the site, to give up the site optimization. But the author believes that the site is down right is not love love Shanghai Shanghai sentenced to death to the site, this is just a test for our "self and repentance" opportunity, we should learn to summarize the rule, break down the right situation in Shanghai love. Here I come to according to their own experience and we summarize three steps of website broken by love Shanghai right down the situation.


& & solution: the dead links all delete or redirect, and to develop the habit of daily check dead links, and found dead links to manually or use love Shanghai to provide "dead submit" tools to remove dead links or submit.

In peacetime

(2) website anchor text too much, too much of a single point. The station for the editing and the keywords to optimize the anchor text and point to the home page, can effectively improve the keywords ranking. But this approach is very unfavorable for the long-term development of the site, if each article add too many anchor text, so the end is love Shanghai right down, as shown in the image below:

& & solution: >

& & solution: it is not too late, after the site is down right, we need to find the previous add anchor text of the article, and then delete the anchor text over some repetition, keep an article up to two anchor text, and add anchor text in the article to add on after.

(3) site is down right Links. Shanghai Links algorithm for the exchange of love has become more and more strict, if there are too many of our website is right down the chain, then we end up will be right down.

(1) dead link number of flood. Too many dead links will lead to love Shanghai spiders crawling and crawling becomes very difficult, but also for the user experience is not good, not cleaned for a long time will lead to the implementation of Shanghai love down the right punishment on site.

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