How to share the three month traffic over ten



the above list for flow over ten is far more likely to have friends, I feel is a title of the party. The first report provides a Zhang Guoqing holiday 7 days. On October 1st, the website of 43736IP, to October 7th, IP reached more than 110 thousand. Dumbfounded? Now to explain is how to achieve.

Three months of statistical chart with the title

above is the statistical report from July 23, 2011 to August 6th. The graph is not difficult to find, the website IP showed an overall trend line, and the increase is very large.


estimated that we see this title they think I’m bragging, I declare, not bragging, I really did last year. In order not to let everyone feel deceived, let me on a statistical chart provided by cnzz.

three months traffic over ten

as a webmaster, most concerned about is of course website statistics report, when we landed cnzz statistics, not on the left side of the network hot search we have not pay attention to? This is the cnzz report from numerous website statistics selected, it directly tells us netizens are concerned about what the most recent. The keyword is copied to the Shanghai love search, for example, in March 8, 2012, one of the popular keyword is "cheongsam show halt, love Shanghai, the result of too much, in front of the rankings are high weights of the news network, no comparison. We have to choose some popular keywords. >

I love to use is Shanghai high weight I, do a keyword. From July 23rd to August 6th following the keyword list we see at the.

here, certainly a lot of friends feel very surprised. What can make a web site in a short period of more than 10 days IP traffic doubled? Is not the brush flow? NO, not what I used to brush flow, I want IP, then IP will replace RMB, brush to flow without any use to me. If you really want to know, please continue to see below. My website is to provide blackboard, hand copy of relevant information. Before has the sense to do, love Shanghai higher weight, the content is almost the second, if the title is not love Shanghai search results, basically even just released the contents of the ranking in the first place.

believe that we see this chart to see, all I do is the most popular news unique keywords. For example: in Meihua typhoon struck, many people are concerned about Meihua typhoons, I love Shanghai always, actually this word no man do. So I went online to copy some related content, up on the release of love, Shanghai ranked first. The flow comes naturally.


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