In the analysis of chain and spider crawling, the residence time to interpret the role in the chain

in this experiment, I for the chain in the anchor text view also has some changes, articles within the anchor text to play the weights and the recommended index be above this station link effect is the "*10000" effect of single page links when the effect of station anchor text location and the effect is not the same for example, take a page in the anchor text, the main navigation, and appear in the text of the anchor text, appear in the footer (navigation) anchor text should be in effect because the degree of important place, which in turn reduced correlation.

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some people think that the internal links too much, easy to search engine that is cheating! Is not defined, to see to what extent! My personal suggestion is reasonable can do within the chain of nature, internal links for users not only can improve the website user browsing experience more pages to display user choice, to induce users to access more pages, reducing the rate of jump out of the site. The search engine spiders, can increase the depth of the spider crawling and crawling time increase was not included in terms of probability page! So as to improve the site included

can be said in Shanghai love after love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm, many people realized the importance of the chain, and I do is only to estimate even if most of the home page link, from the beginning of last week, the person within the chain to do a detailed analysis, the spider crawling, retention time to analyze the chain spider role! My approach is for each article randomly with different page links, a week later found the number of spider crawling from the previous more than 300 to more than 1000 now, it makes me feel unbelievable, and then use the diary analysis tools, found many spider crawling dozens of pages, crawling depth than before over 3 is above, and the residence time is better than before too much

drunk after his tender: 贵族宝贝chinaautolighting贵族宝贝/ please indicate the source! Thank you

I think the link is effect and the rest of the link is not the same? Is the station links, there are crumbs also tested, found that the effect is not very good, but the effect is higher than that of the link in the navigation links, Links section effect. Like if a website has 10000 pages, not the station link effect is the "*10000" effect of single page link, will discount.



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