Messi department store to do retail O2O M.O.M three board axe

lead: fiscal year 2012, Messi department store sales revenue of $27 billion 700 million, 4 billion 200 million higher than in 2009. Messi, chairman of the Department of general merchandise, ·, and, attributed it to the integration of local, online and offline resources, and quality of service.

over the past three years, Messi department out of the trough of the financial crisis, the market value and the size of the sales growth. 2012 fiscal year, Messi Department Store Sales Revenue $27 billion 700 million, higher than in 2009 by 4 billion 200 million. Messi, chairman, President and chief executive officer of, Inc., ·, attributes these to local, online and offline integration, and service quality.

"M.O.M" board


over the past three years, Messi department out of the trough of the financial crisis, the market value and the size of the sales growth. 2012 fiscal year, Messi Department Store Sales Revenue $27 billion 700 million, higher than in 2009 by 4 billion 200 million.

Lan Gelun is attributed to these M.O.M – MY MACY S "(my Messi Department), OMNICHANNEL (MAGIC, SELLING full channel strategy) (Magic sales), looks like fancy words, representing the integration of resources localization, online and offline, and service quality.

through a survey of consumers, corporate executives, suppliers and industry experts, Messi department store in the spring of 2008 began a wave of localized strategy. For example, in order to understand and meet the real needs of customers in different regions, they will hire local people to operate the mall.

in addition to distinguish the different preferences of East Coast customers, as a department store, the sound has emphasized the importance of the shopping experience. Several major holidays in the United States, Messi department store will arrange some activities, on the one hand to attract customers, on the one hand for their own advertising.

"female customers occupy a very important position," said Messi Langland, Department of fiscal year 2012 data show that men and children goods sales accounted for only 23% of total sales, "is different from other customers, they are more inclined to shopping in the store, because they want to try on clothes, different collocation makeup, at the same time also hope that someone can provide advice for yourself." – "MAGIC" in the "G", on behalf of more customers to provide recommendations.

in fact, Americans are used to shopping in different ways. For example, under the line, people can use the phone to search nearby shopping malls, through the comparison to find their own shopping. Or simply stay at home, order online.

for this reason, Messi department store trying to integrate the resources of the line and the mobile terminal, the full channel strategy. Lan Gelun explained it as "the best allocation of inventory through scientific and technological means". Last year, Messi department store sales of about $9% – $3 billion

There are several domain name registrar is credible

a friend would like to ask me to help you register a domain name, I told her to go to a foreign domain name registrar there, if you can register, I will help her registration. Let her go abroad to register the business Network Solutions query there, because I do not believe that the domestic domain name registrar. Because the domestic broke a thing, once you query a domain name and not timely registration, second days of the domain name may be registered.

did not expect that the foreign company is also incredible. She said that the domain name can be registered, I went to register when it was displayed by the Network Solutions hold (locked reserved). Can only go to the company registration. It seems that crows are black. It is not a few domain name registrar can believe. I checked the information online, found that such a company like this, so to speak is to help people protect, but actually still want to let users run it there to register, expensive. With the domestic domain name at every turn to grab the ratio, it seems that this crow is not the most black.


Network Solutions lost face!!!


once the user search the domain name that is reserved American domain name provider shelling


Beijing January 11th / from the foreign media was informed: an American domain registrar recently after the user search domain, take the initiative to retain the domain name for four days, the customer can not in other sites to register the domain name price cheaper, this behavior is currently under detonation gun industry.

the company is the domain name registrar Network Solutions. In accordance with their company’s practice, once the user on their web site to search the domain name, the registrar will retain the domain name for four days. During this time, the user can not register domain names on other sites, only $35 a year in the price of the company registered.

$35 price is higher than other domain name registrar several times, in addition, the company retained the domain name for four days, they rely on the registration of the qualification without having to bear any costs.


of this company spokesman Susan said, the move is in order to avoid others cybersquatting, now some people want to know others once registered a domain name registration, registration on the first download and then to sell at high prices. Reservation measures them, can guarantee that the domain name will not be registered by other people.

however, this company was the practice of the industry. One blogger commented that the company’s approach was "extremely acceptable."."

domain name industry

2010 Alibaba latest ranking rules experience summary

Internet is sharing, only you don’t begrudge your share, you can get more. I like to know what they use to share with others, but also the inadequacies of the master.

last wrote an article on Alibaba’s latest ranking rules, very popular with everyone, and then go on to write their own experience. Specific summary of the following points:

1, the quality of information is very important, is the ranking of the premise, so you should first put the quality of information to go up, it is necessary to look down. How to improve the quality of information, you can refer to: 2010 Alibaba product information ranking of the latest rules.

2, information update: now do not update every 10 minutes every day, as long as you update the mass at 9:30 or so on the line, but can not be updated.

3, try every day to update your business shops, such as adding a news, or bulletin……

4, and now Alibaba attaches great importance to your activity on Ali website, that is, he would like you every day in the bubble on Ali, so this is included in the judgment of the information on the basis of ranking. Specific you can be, in your account Ali blogs and forums point of the article, the article must be of high quality, so that the moderator can probably give you with experience, because the ranking value of your experience and there is a relationship, this is a very important point.

5, want 24 hours online (if not 24 hours online, try to keep online)


for Ali to let customers more time to spend on their platform, so there are many more information ranking factors, so if you can do things for the Alibaba, do not go to other places, this ranking of your absolute good.


method using the above information, we (Henan Boda microwave drying equipment company) in just change the rankings when the search for "drying equipment and drying equipment" were ranked in the 20 page, now basically on the first page or second page.

above have deficiencies, please correct me, thank you!

reprint please retain copyright: This article address

Alibaba anti fake alliance suspended membership response does not affect cooperation

according to voice of the economy, the "world" reported that the Alibaba now stand on the embarrassing thing, the international anti fake Alliance announced yesterday, the strong opposition in a number of European and American luxury brand, has suspended the membership of the Alibaba.


alliance is the world’s largest international anti false anti counterfeiting infringement of the non-profit organization, headquartered in Washington, its members included in all areas of international well-known brands, a total of more than and 250 members, has a relatively high reputation in the industry. Mainly for the impact of counterfeit goods, as well as the protection of intellectual property rights to provide assistance to the company.


13 last month, Alibaba announced a high-profile international anti fake alliance. At that time, the Alibaba said: "by the international anti fake alliance, Alibaba group will be able to question on changes in the situation of counterfeiting infringement and protection of intellectual property rights, and other members of the organization of learning and constructive dialogue."

however, Ali’s arrival has triggered a rebound in the international anti fake coalition of other members. The first is light luxury brand Mike? Kors withdrew from the alliance, and said the Alibaba is the most dangerous of fashion. Since the crackdown strategies are just saying the brand behind the specious writing, forced crackdown, but in fact the platform for fake problem has not been solved practical.

Mike & Co. ‘s position is supported by the other more than and 20 members of the union of the. Although the chairman of the board of directors of the international anti fake continue to appease, and said Ali is a reliable partner, the incident is still continuing fermentation. May 11th and in May 12th, Italy fashion brand Gucci and the United States jewelry brand Tiffany has announced the withdrawal of anti fake alliance.

Under these pressures, the

has announced that, due to concerns of some members, the board has decided to suspend the "general membership" category of Ali, which will be discussed in more detail.

Alibaba group sent a written response to reporters, said: has been informed of the international anti fake alliance open letter, but it will not affect our existing relationships and cooperation projects. We firmly believe that Alibaba as the world’s largest electricity supplier platform is an important component of the global face and solve this problem. Alibaba will with more brands for a more detailed discussion and communication, and actively promote the international development of fake business forward.

about the Alibaba counterfeiting problem, different people have different views. Electric business observers of anonymity said, luxury brands this year in Chinese poor sales, but want to take the pot off to business platform, so only the international anti fake union membership suspended Ali happened:

business observers: many luxury goods are facing a decline in performance in Chinese, they may want to blame the business platform, in fact, including the Gucci luxury brand in the electronic business platform are well done, but is conducive to their electricity supplier sales >

2015 Chinese fresh electricity supplier big data analysis report per capita consumption of 339.7 yua

fresh electricity supplier big data

2015 1 to October, the average person fresh consumption reached 339.7 yuan, far more than other categories of consumer; consumer satisfaction of fresh high positive ratio reached 84%, and has formed a kind of fresh menu interaction; but fresh electricity consumption habits are not formed, before October to buy only a single consumer for 2/3, the market is still the mainstream products at low prices, supply, logistics, tourism, competitive strategy and other aspects still need further optimization of the development of the industry, how the truth, what is the relationship between fresh and


% user portrait system covers 5.5 hundred million Internet users, build consumer demographics, Internet marketing characteristics, features, content browsing preferences, preferences and other indicators of the picture system; the report from fresh electricity supplier online shopping behavior records and more than 60 thousand fresh products one hundred thousand consumer data points from the whole network commodity in the picture, with the help of machine learning, classification training model, through the division of the category and category of fresh products.

at the same time in order to better understand the focus of change and the demands of consumers, the report points system of public opinion from each big micro-blog platform capture relevant data, by volume, consumer concern and text mining based on emotion / reputation analysis dimension, further explore consumer attitudes towards fresh electricity supplier and the need to pay attention to and improve the links in the development that provide the data support for the development of the industry and the progress of enterprise.

fresh electricity supplier development background – fresh electricity supplier on behalf of a more efficient model, revenue enhancement, consumer upgrades, technological progress and capital intervention to promote the development of

electricity supplier is one of the important means to promote the development of agricultural progress, fresh due to its own value as well as transportation, warehousing and other characteristics, more suitable for the development of e-commerce. Compared with the traditional pattern of fresh, fresh electricity shortens the whole industry chain, to avoid the traditional mode of all aspects of the transportation, storage and other steps, the loss is reduced, at the same time as the core of fresh electricity supplier in the industry chain, the supply and demand sides of the transmission of information and communication more smoothly.


In recent years,

per capita disposable income of urban residents increased year by year, the Engel coefficient showed a downward trend, people’s living standard has been improved continuously; the upgrading of consumption, people’s demand for product level unceasingly is also consistent with the progressive, fresh electricity consumption trend of people, ushered in the outbreak is ripe. At the same time the progress of logistics and capital intervention also promote the development and upgrading of fresh electricity supplier.


fresh electricity commodity category – vegetables and fruits dominate, the overall price is low, seafood sales are relatively stable, consumers are satisfied with the fresh

fresh electricity supplier to sell fresh and ordinary food based, which accounted for 69.5% of the proportion of fresh products, the new year’s Eve is the net purchase of fresh Wang

Group purchase website safe winter 2012 battles

in a cloud of controversy, with the "shuffle", "cold", "winter" label, group purchase industry in the domestic e-commerce market is finally out of the shadow of 2011. According to the statistics of the group 800, until the end of November 2011, the group purchase station a total of 3907, a decrease of 3.7%. The upcoming Spring Festival will bring a glimmer of respite to buy the industry, a huge consumer demand will be released in a short period of time, ample liquidity on the market will accelerate the adjustment of the pattern of buy. The new year is expected, group purchase industry will usher in the change make only superficial changes in the business model.

sampling survey, in a week as the interval of the time range, there are updated local consumer group buying information only 42% of the total number of stations. And, if the strict implementation of the definition of O2O model to determine the number of buy site, the total number of less than 2000. It can be predicted that in the new year, diversion, optimization will still be the fate of the need to face the purchase of thousands of stations.

burn has become the mainstream

according to statistics, in 2011 the major group buying site for the total cost of advertising has more than 1 billion yuan. From the beginning of this year, the U.S. group net first disclosed the advertising war plan, announced to the outside world will total up to 130 million yuan in the tender advertisement plan; subsequently, rice group said it will invest 200 million yuan for the CCTV and local TV advertising costs; advertising budget is 300 million yuan, Groupon is ifheavier, reached 550 million yuan, a wave higher than the wave.

Focus Media said, buy site and electricity supplier website has become the largest advertisers. The cost of billions of dollars of market station group purchase line, second line in fifty million, no one dared to expose this bubble, even let some investors expect chase capital. The domestic e-commerce expert Chinese Nobel network analysis, in addition to handle, the U.S. group, F group, full have completed two rounds of financing, the scale of more than $50 million, while Wo Wo Group said the A round of financing of $200 million. According to statistics of each station open, 2011 Chinese group purchase industry financing scale of nearly $1 billion. The bulk of these bulk buying station became the front line in charge of the front, they have a unique "pet"".

can enter and can go to the station, group purchase has become a Taiwan hundred-percent "burning machine". The United States mission, for example, although the monthly growth of 20%, but still a loss of RMB 10 million yuan. Currently there are $40 million on the account, conservative estimates can also be done two years, the United States Mission CEO Wang Wang view estimates. But these are only limited to the small circle line station number ten group purchase but also the second tier, in less than one hundred, the rest of the station will tear thousands of struggles.

Regional differentiation under


not all stations have the ability to set up outlets nationwide

The misunderstanding of Internet advertising

The misunderstanding of Internet advertising

with each click of a billing. This method plus the click rate limit can strengthen the difficulty of WX cheating, but also the best way to promote the site site. However, these methods have a lot of business ads feel unfair, for example, although the viewer does not click, but he has seen the ads for these see ads without clicking on the flow. The site became a white busy. There are many websites do not want to do this kind of advertising, it is said, because the traditional media has never done so.

advertisers advertising costs in order to avoid the risk.

College students into the Internet for two years experience

these days have been busy analysis of the website information, a few days ago I to tell you some of my experiences as a student two years into the Internet, today is to tell me is how the operation of the second site, the first site can be said to be completely failed, I created second on site the operation based on the first site, here to share my website to create second things and experiences.

second website smoothly in the domain name registration, I chose a well-known domain name registrar, then register a domain name, at this point only 10 a few minutes to fix a domain name, but in the choice of virtual host encountered difficulties, I talked about the virtual host my first website in the previous article is to buy Taobao, then the virtual host bring me a very big trouble, the site often isn’t open, then the virtual host in second sites I under a relatively large effort.

1, I first learned some space operators relatively large, finally learned can be purchased in the west, the Internet, network and so on, I see online said the manufacturers of high quality virtual host.

2, after I understand these manufacturers in the currency of three, found that these manufacturers host is really expensive, but there is no way, had the first second sad, I can only make under the original capital, a host I spent almost a month’s living expenses, the students still borrow 200 yuan, finally successful buy.

3, bought after I went to resolve the domain name to the host, the process is very smooth, only a few minutes to get it, the feeling of the establishment of the second site process is relatively good.

tip: the establishment of the three processes of domain name, host, analytical site I are relatively smooth, I suggest you here in the domain name registration is best to go to the well-known institutions registered, which can guarantee the ownership of the domain name, I saw some of the domain name registration business domain change of ownership on the Internet, so have you worked so hard to do may lead to become someone else’s wedding website. The second point is to choose a virtual host is best not to go to Taobao, I think the price of Taobao things is a discount, but some of the quality of flattery.

in the analysis of the domain name to the host, I have conducted the next step, because the host is on the network to buy, must carry on the record, I host a Hongkong host, no record, the record is the first time for me, so I went on the Internet search for knowledge about and after some understanding, I noticed several key points:

1, the information provided by the record must be true, I learned that a lot of false filing information provided, either through the record, however, or is deleted after the record.

2, the site must be under domestic laws and regulations, have something to do with edge ball website I suggest or not to waste their record, "

Foreign media evaluation of the current situation of China’s electricity supplier logistics profound

[editor’s note] technology Tencent

foreign media reports, according to the Armstrong & international logistics consultancy; Associates statistics show that the current global logistics market value of about $9 trillion, while the mainland market China accounted for $2 trillion and 200 billion per share. In this one, the value of $43 billion 500 million in the courier industry is the fastest growing part of the compound annual growth rate of this area even more than 30%.

therefore, in the low cost of courier to win more and more consumers at the same time, many investors have begun to express interest in China’s express industry.

China electricity supplier logistics status

Clark, chairman of

international consulting firm BDA – (Duncan Clark), said: "to some extent, Chinese consumers can be said to be spoiled. Because of the low cost of express delivery, Chinese consumers prefer shopping online than in the United States and europe."

Duncan said, the current average China express fee is only $1.9 (about 13 yuan), while the average American express fee is as high as $5-10 (about RMB 35-69). Therefore, consumers buy half a dozen Chinese in Pullover and then by express form returned five have no worries. At the same time, the street of the courier bicycle parked on the side of the road in the phenomenon of sorting parcels is everywhere.

, however, such a scenario may soon disappear from the Chinese logistics industry.


China logistics and transportation industry leader John Song said: "the change of Chinese logistics industry is very fast, there have been many self proclaimed" science and technology enterprises in the logistics system, including IT data, UAV delivery, automatic driving and the last mile distribution has invested huge amounts of money."

, one of the most typical example is perhaps a rookie network. Moreover, China’s electricity supplier giant Alibaba holds 47% of the shares rookie.


with the self built logistics system of the Amazon, Jingdong and other companies, the rookie network through a combination of dozens of Chinese large courier companies (including SF group, Shen Tong, tact, in the pass, rhyme, Zhaijisong, Huitong etc.) to create a full radiation Chinese logistics layout, and through the data platform to help express fast implementation of more efficient distribution. The company’s ultimate goal is to allow all regions of China to achieve delivery within 24 hours, and so far, there are already 70% of the express package running on the rookie platform.

BDA chairman Clark Duncan noted that the emergence of rookie network is actually the same as the Bank of America for the national post office in the middle of the nineteenth Century, inefficient way with its private parcel service is exactly the same. Rookie network CTO Wang Wenbin said that even if the upgrade of our IT system, Chinese express companies are still far behind the UPS and FedEx this

Herbal flavor is really want you to buy three squirrels into a platform for migrant workers

days ago, haoxiangnizao industry Limited by Share Ltd to 960 million yuan acquisition of becheery "(James Hao Hangzhou Food Co. Ltd) approved by the sfc. The leisure food business mergers and acquisitions in the first case, the audit report released by the two sides detailed disclosure of becheery sales of nearly three years, but the green squirrel noticed the main cost for platform promotion costs, platform Commission and courier, three sales of the highest occupied 69.8%.


It also highlights the

herbs flavor, three squirrels, Ichiban shop as the representative of the leisure food electricity supplier: focus on the common features of nuts and other popular category for low-cost fighting, buy traffic promotion at a high price, in exchange for easily breaking 100 million yuan of sales of "great leap forward", is behind the dismal profit margins, even reduced to "work for platform" situation.

burn mode: flow up profit + commission + delivery cost of nearly 70%

green squirrel was a "Hangzhou Hao James food limited company audit report" shows that becheery in electricity supplier channels mainly through the Jingdong, Tmall, No. 1 store sales, which in 2013, 2014 and 2015 three quarter revenues were 229 million yuan, 612 million yuan and 815 million yuan net profit respectively; -10.47 million, -645.79 million yuan and 14 million 235 thousand and 300 yuan.

it is worth noting that the price of the company’s online sales platform promotion fee, platform Commission, express logistics costs become the three main cost of its profits. 2013, 2014 and the first three quarters of this year, these expenditures were up to 31 million 573 thousand yuan, respectively, $85 million 880 thousand and $100 million, respectively, accounted for 61.4% of the cost of sales, 69.8% and 68.8%, respectively, and $three. This also means that, in the full year of the composition of the annual business, revenue from online sales contribution, most of the electricity supplier platform and courier companies take away.

, a casual food provider of electricity providers to provide data to the green squirrels, leisure food electricity supplier is currently the average unit price of 100 yuan / single, with an average gross profit of about $25%, of which the average courier fee of $6 / single.

delivery costs 6 yuan / single and becheery 2014 revenue projections, the annual order quantity is about 6 million 870 thousand, average price is 89 yuan / single, the purchase price of raw materials, the cost is about 68.56 yuan / single, gross profit is about 22.96%. In 20.43 yuan per gross profit only, and is the platform take 4.24 yuan promotion expenses, 2.24 yuan Commission, plus delivery costs 6 yuan / single, and salary, tax management, rent 8.97 yuan / single fee, equivalent to a loss of 1.02 yuan per unit, resulting in the annual loss of about 6000000 yuan.

from the overall structure of the leisure food electricity supplier, traffic, commission, courier to occupy the overall cost of 8%->