Ma Yunshuang about 11 fake is a comprehensive management process

news November 11th, billion state power network that Tmall double from the end of eleven less than half an hour, Ma Yun talked about the crackdown.

Ma Yun pointed out that the crackdown is the comprehensive management, the enterprise should turn off the fake. "Instead of telling us where the fakes are." He said.

According to

billion state power network to understand, from the beginning of November 11th, the total turnover of zero, Tmall will continue to refresh: 1 minutes 2 minutes 1 billion yuan, 2 billion yuan, 10 billion yuan in 7 minutes, 1 hours to break 35 billion 300 million yuan, 18 hours and 55 minutes break 100 billion yuan…… read more

28 prospective business electricity supplier on the road of China’s agricultural products electronic

in recent years, government attaches great importance to the "three rural issues" determines the rapid development of China’s agricultural products, since China’s accession to the WTO industrial production gradually and international standards from the current situation, although encounter many problems, but the overall development is good, but the development of agricultural products is very slow, chase reasons are also many agricultural products, seasonal, regional, standardization and so on are difficult to integrate agricultural products in China and international has brought great convenience, China is a large agricultural country the development of e-commerce of agricultural products as soon as possible and international interest in contemporary power future generations of read more

Online shopping consumers are not being screened in response to the assessment of Taobao said no kno

[IT Business News Roundup] (reporter Zhang Rui) credit rating system so that sellers love and hate. Because this system can bring to the seller Everfount customers, possibly because of a bad review or comment and make the seller work not completed.

according to the Beijing Daily reported that consumers have questioned the part of network, the difference in assessment of delaying, shielding etc. keywords desalination. The day before, China according to voice of "news" reported that "consumers buy goods in after giving the" comments ", but after more than 48 hours still can not take effect, not displayed on the page. In accordance with the provisions of Taobao, in order to set aside time for buyers and sellers to communicate, the review and the poor will be effective after 48 hours." read more

E-commerce spawned new demand for commercial real estate logistics warehouse supply shortage

report shows a serious shortage of logistics warehouse supply

in full swing of e-commerce not only change people’s spending habits, but also for the traditional commercial real estate changes. International well-known real estate consultants DTZ DTZ report shows that the rapid growth of e-commerce industry, bring greater demand for Chinese warehouse, but the current domestic modern logistics warehouse supply is seriously insufficient. For investors and developers, the current challenge is the lack of logistics and land development in conjunction with the development of e-commerce. Investors should consider investing in a major logistics provider that owns a land reserve or has a logistics facility. read more

Shenzhen to create a new model of agricultural e-commerce

Shenzhen adjacent to Hongkong, with a population of about ten million, the agricultural base is very weak, agricultural output accounted for only GDP of 0.1%. In the local little agricultural production resources, Shenzhen Shenzhen agricultural products company is the industry leader and the main innovation of the circulation mode of agricultural products, to build a national agricultural products circulation platform as a breakthrough; change the operation mode, the use of electronic trading means the implementation of the "network" development strategy; to guide enterprises from agricultural extension wholesale products to the production and retail sectors; at the same time, strict quality and safety of agricultural products, intelligent electronic commerce transaction information portal of the public network e incubator PT37 purchase center appeared successfully resolved the Shenzhen and Hongkong more than tens of millions of residents "food basket" supply and security issues. read more

The trend of product marketing development in small and medium sized enterprises

in the development of many industry websites, small and medium enterprises should be the main force, they rely on quantity and personnel advantages, occupy half of the country the whole electronic commerce. Today in paradise bird and share their product marketing in small and medium enterprises, the development trend of polymerization brand fine.

a, why is the trend of the fine brand


2010 is an indelible milestone for e-commerce, branding and promotion is more prominent here. Whether it is a search engine or e-commerce sites are focused on the development of their own brands, as soon as the forest is full of". Have to go through such a period of time, the establishment of a brand in the promotion and marketing hands, it becomes simple: a hot event will be able to achieve a brand, which is common. For consumers, the advantage is that more information is informed of the product; the negative side is not clear in the end what brand is good. The end result is funny – it’s easy to make a brand, but it’s complicated. read more

Han beam Chen Yuxin do not change the derivative will stall


] August 21st news billion state power network, taking Han beam micro CEO Chen Yuxin in the 2015 Ebang mobile e-commerce will be published on a public speech, he said, if I can’t make a change, micro business will become business owners, was in the street before, is now in the circle of friends set.

Han beam micro quotient CEO Chen Yuxin

Chen Yuxin believes that micro business is scolded because social marketing there are two pain points: 1, organization structure is not stable; 2, China traditional society friends to talk about business ethics disorder. Micro business chaos is the root cause of instability brought about by structural instability, the incentive to bring chaos pricing without protection." read more

Depth analysis Ali Suning who made this sale lose

changes in the world, the wind a lumpy. Yesterday, Zhang Jindong also NPC and CPPCC and Ma to tax the tear forced, then eggs, today people have to shake hands and become "in laws".

is the so-called water is, work out measures to suit local conditions, if you believe that electricity providers and traditional enterprises in today’s O2O irreconcilable opposed to, the chaotic era, it can only be "ha ha".

so, the new normal is not at the electricity supplier, behind the common interests, there are a lot of hidden clues. This is destined to write textbooks, the retail business the largest in the history of a cooperative, deep hidden what information? The future of the industry pattern of retail electricity supplier, and which will bring profound influence to the human eye? Throw to the era of high perspicacity, negative voices, leaving the best footnote. read more

Corn registration and investment skills

does not write the preface, do not talk nonsense, we look at the example directly. With the example of talking, after watching their own to think. Think about.

1: I do not have to check is not already registered, I did not go to check the is not already registered, I did not go to is not already registered, because I know it must have been registered. If you don’t believe me, you have to check. If you haven’t registered yet, Congratulations, you’re rich. read more

The trend of marketing

network marketing has recently been growing increasingly under the premise of development has become a widely used, strange personal business negotiations, now only need to use online business can quickly do business, compared with the traditional concept of marketing business also has a certain trend: marketing is the choice of business opportunities, reduce the cost of obtaining high profit is created the time to win the marketing opportunities.

online business is the choice of modern business competition, and not the traditional enterprise profitability factors, in the comprehensive development of network management in the online business naturally favored. Also without hesitation, up the river, made time competitive advantage. Implementation of online commerce. Business development to today, there is a certain advantage, what is the network marketing e-commerce marketing trends. read more

The Taobao system frequently blocked no possibility of survival deus ex shopping guide website lever

shopping guide, as the name implies, of small individual is to ultimately improve marketing performance, and for consumers, guide the process step by step mode, help consumers to dispel all the concerns and the actual behavior of consumption. The focus of shopping guide, is to guide, so you can also think of shopping guide is a very important part of the marketing process and steps.

in the traditional store, shopping guide is provided with a special guide, need to step by step is targeted for shopping to consumers, in addition to businesses have very skilled knowledge, but also the need for the consumer’s psychological activity, have a certain understanding, can according to consumer’s psychological activity and mood, body language, to determine what should be the next step to continue to guide good at giving systematic guidance measures. The guide, with the aid of some businesses provided that, or that can effectively promote the methods and measures of the marketing effect, to maintain the customers to come for consultation, very patiently to come for consultation good at giving systematic guidance, completely collapsed, with the intention to purchase or potential purchase of the crowd the purchase of doubts, then in the stimulation of these people, new shopping intention, it is early in the era of the traditional store shopping guide mode and definition. read more

Honey bud to complete a new round of financing to create a new mother and child industry

layoffs, bankruptcy, merger, if last year’s winter capital "Lidong", this year is the winter solstice". But in fact, in the capital of winter, the capital has not decreased, but is a return to reason. In the winter and more entrepreneurs understand the nature of the capital of the game, the media touted off hat, forget the scenery, tell the story of the good eloquence is just icing on the cake, only a good business model is the most important, to grasp their own hematopoietic skills become maternal electricity supplier who the best means to resist the cold of winter. read more

315 electricity providers do not fight the price war to recommend the 360 security browser

looking back on the past 2012, price war has become a key word throughout the electricity supplier. Billion yuan from sales to trillion yuan, the electricity supplier industry only spent a year. The "price war" in the electricity supplier industry constantly refresh sales record at the same time, is also a time to tease the desire of consumers to buy. Now the price war at low tide, but consumer enthusiasm for online shopping is still unabated, the network shopping environment security has become the focus of major business topics. read more

Suning large warehouse to put into operation in preparation for double 11, the overall speed of larg

double eleven each year, the major electricity supplier in addition to the price of competition, but also to spend a lot of effort to compete with the service and experience put, sent to be sent more quickly, to meet the needs of consumers to buy that service. The day before, the reporter was informed that the large warehouse Suning in Nanning, Lanzhou, Zhengzhou and other places new have been put into operation, Guangxi, Gansu, Henan area large household appliances distribution up to half a day, the full realization of the next day, Suning eleven overweight double service experience. read more

How to combine e-commerce with SNS

nowadays, the Internet is the two most popular e-commerce industry and SNS. Electronic commerce has been touted as the government attaches great importance to it, especially last year Chinese Politburo member and Guangdong provincial Party Secretary Wang Yang Ma to visit it more to an unprecedented height. E-commerce has become an important channel for the financial crisis to promote the upgrading and development of traditional industries. Whether in Shenzhen, Dongguan, or Foshan, the government attaches great importance to e-commerce, many e-commerce companies to give preferential policies and financial support. For a time, the Internet appeared a number of B2B platform, B2C platform, C2C platform, one would like to become the next Alibaba, the next Taobao. read more

Analysis of the legal problems in e-commerce activities

Abstract: in recent years, with the development of information technology and popularization of Internet, e-commerce of China’s sustained and rapid development, playing an increasingly important role in the prosperity of the domestic market, expand consumption and reduce logistics costs, improve circulation efficiency etc.. At the same time, the development of e-commerce in China is still in the initial stage, the overall application level is relatively low, the trading environment needs to be improved, the social public to the electronic commerce’s recognition and acceptance needs to be improved, especially in e-commerce activities there are a lot of problems have been solved or. This paper intends to analyze the legal problems existing in e-commerce activities in the knowledge economy society, and puts forward some personal suggestions from the angle of economy and law. read more

[data] September Taobao 18 category brand sales data.

according to the related data cube, billion state power network Summary (including Taobao Tmall) in 2014 September 18 categories in the sales of the top ten brand sales and related data, for reference only. (hint: if the entry is repeated, and the data cube brand library brand rankings on



Septwolves sales in September once again broken million, reached 110 million yuan, ranking first in the men’s clothing brand sales list, and ranked second in the battlefield jeep, sales of almost 100 million, about 97 million 910 thousand yuan. Ranked third in the sea of the house, its September sales of about $90 million 500 thousand. read more

How to apply for domain names and protect the domain name

, a domain name, domain name can be divided into categories of international domain name and domain name in China, the main difference lies in the different domain both division and management mechanism, the Internet domain name system in the three categories: top level domain top-level domain names, geographical top-level domain, the new top-level domain.

The first category is the category

top-level domain, a total of 6 people respectively end with different suffix: com (for network service), net (for network service), org (for organization association), gov (for the government), edu (for educational institutions), mil (for military field). read more

Seven fairy flowers network CEO Wu always talk about flowers in the first entrance to the site of th

seven fairy flower network ( is a typical flower like B2C station. Now, the site’s daily independent IP is 15000, PV breakthrough of 130000. Founder Wu told us that customers enter the site, search keywords on Baidu has become the first entrance, accounting for 70% of the total number of customers into the site.

according to this understanding, in the China B2C website, the main entrance into the customer site, in addition to advertising, there are five, one is the Baidu keyword, Google search on the site, a news report, a blog, a community post, a web site link the most important one of which is from the search site, the proportion is more than 30%, the first known as the site of the entrance. read more

Hongkong VOIP products – Globe7 guide to register online advertising

Northgate Technologies Co., Ltd. R & D Globe7 is a high value-added innovative products in the global patent certification, and by Axill Europe Co., Ltd. is responsible for marketing.

Globe7 a free download software, combined with voice, video, instant messaging, real-time video playback, with online advertising, you can instantly turn your computer into second phones. You can dial the phone for free computer and computer calls, can very low rates called the global fixed line and mobile phones, and enjoy free film, instant news and SMS service. Than is currently being promoted SKYPE has great advantages. read more