The investment industry should pay attention to what the dark glasses

glasses industry has been a very popular industry, many people want to do an investment in the glasses industry, but more is to have a strong desire sometimes more easily into the trap, today because of this opportunity, we Xiaobian together to see what the act’s black glasses shop franchise!

A, fake brand, tricks copycat brand

The name of a well-known brand

two tricks, thirty thousand shop


pseudo O2O mode

three tricks, zero sales network

"the first O2O franchise brand slogan" very loud, an investment, easily earn two money. Many want to get involved in the traditional network or a purely O2O faith were deeply impressed by such a slogan, it seems at the forefront of the market, catch a ride to the electronic commerce, attracted by the O2O mode is a beautiful figure and a variety of commitment, investment began to blind, began to move. But in before joining whether you truly understand what is the O2O mode, O2O mode with primary website, website has stable sales network, all kinds of platforms, whether the success of the brand O2O stores, are indispensable. Light has a website, there is no sales is the name of the site; there are no successful site sales entity stores, is purely electricity supplier. So we must carefully study, do website, on-site Dundian two-way visit, rather than blindly.

four tricks, a product delivery FedEx

Xining intermediate people’s court to study and practice activities highlight the characteristics of

days ago, the reporter learned from the Xining City Intermediate People’s Court of the study and practice of Scientific Outlook on Development active mobilization meeting was informed that this

times in the event, the hospital has always been to achieve three adhere to further enhance the ability to resolve social conflicts, referee documents and other aspects.

in accordance with the relevant arrangements, the Xining intermediate people’s court in the study and practice activities determined to do three: first, adhere to the study and practice live

dynamic and judicial work overall consideration; two is to highlight the characteristics of the court’s Judicial Services; the three is to adhere to the mass line. On this basis, the hospital strive

to judge the law, in addition to the embodiment of the people and to the matter of equality, but also understand the legislative intent and purpose, comply with the legislative spirit of

, flexible, creative application of the law. Enhance the ability to resolve social conflicts. Let the judges go deep into the masses to understand the society and improve

analysis of the theory and the ability to mediate, prompting the parties to serve. Enhance the ability of making judgment documents. Judges in addition to the full and qualitative

The results of

are analyzed and demonstrated, in particular, the reasons for discretion should be reasonably explained by the standard of an ordinary person. Through judicial documents,

to open a dialogue with the public window, make clear winners, losers that maximize the winning social identity of judgment documents.

Xining Municipal Federation of trade unions held a municipal hospital disaster relief workers Forum

5· 12 international nurses day, Xining City Federation of trade unions held a municipal hospital in earthquake relief workers care forum, on behalf of the city workers to extend festive greetings and cordial condolences to the nursing workers to work in the first line of relief to safeguard people’s health selfless Baiyitianshi myhighest respect.

Yushu in the earthquake relief camp in Xining city to save lives, most nursing workers brave, selfless dedication, the interpretation of the "life-saving" occupation belief, the disaster in Yushu, Xining medical rescue team for the injured for 2153 passengers, transport seriously injured 59 people; Xining in the rear, first and second nursing workers the third people’s Hospital, with sincere love take care of every wounded, as of now, the hospital admitted 250 wounded a total disaster, transferred 30 people, 145 were cured and discharged, highly praised by the municipal government and the people in the disaster areas. City health system medical rescue team was awarded the honorary title of workers vanguard.

forum, read a letter of condolence union committee by the female nursing workers; to the earthquake relief workers to total about $22 thousand worth of gifts and brochures for the female image; First People’s Hospital, the second people’s Hospital, the third people’s hospital were sent 5000 yuan condolences kim.


Xining, Chengdu trade and Industry Bureau of friendship to pave the way for the two companies bypass

recently, the Xining Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce and industry and Commerce Administration of Chengdu in the city of Chengdu signed a signing ceremony of the signing ceremony, signed an agreement. In the future, Chengdu, Xining will give full play to the advantages of the industrial and commercial departments, and actively pave the way for the two companies bypass the transfer of business information to provide product promotion, project negotiations and investment development platform.

Chengdu and Xining belong to the key areas of the western development, and in the center of the economic development of the province to promote the status of the same face of great leap forward development opportunities, with a good foundation for common development. The friendship between the two bureau for product promotion and investment development, establish inter regional cooperation mechanism to jointly promote law enforcement rights, both industrial and commercial system plays an important role in strengthening market supervision, promote the administrative law enforcement. Chengdu city Industrial and Commercial Bureau commitment, will actively support and help Xining Industrial and Commercial Bureau June held "Qinghai brand Chengdu seminar" in Chengdu, and go all out to do logistical work, to ensure that the "Qinghai brand Chengdu will promote success in Chengdu.


This year the Spring Festival cultural activities of the people as the protagonist

with the Spring Festival approaching, the city’s various preparations for the Spring Festival cultural activities have also entered the countdown. It is understood that this year the Spring Festival cultural activities will be close to the people, close to the people, for the masses to participate in the leadership, to meet the different levels of the cultural needs of the people as the goal, set up a prominent public participation and interaction, distinctive cultural activities, to allow people to maximize share the benefits of cultural development at the same time, to fully demonstrate Xining the local cultural charm and pluralistic culture style.

it is understood that this year the Spring Festival cultural activities were set up more than 160 people close to the activities, and according to the demand of the culture of the people at different levels, in accordance with the amateur and professional combination, the combination of city and countryside, and the combination of tradition and Fashion Festival and tourism combination principle, highlight the fun, ornamental and mass participation, both elegant concerts, opera, there are authentic local folk art, both young people love fashion dance, movies, and old people’s participation, such as the folk yangko dance, loved by the people, the masses love singer invited, so that people really become the protagonist of festival culture. At the same time, we set up some open activities to facilitate the people to participate in the activities of folk culture, to strengthen the cultural activities of the people involved and interactive.

During the

Festival, the city will organize a number of sanitation workers, migrant workers, left behind children on behalf of free to participate in some cultural activities. Free of charge to the disabled 10 thousand movie tickets, and launched a team to participate in love, so that these vulnerable groups in society can also be integrated into the festive atmosphere during the festive season. Organize the staff to play a deep line, to fight during the holiday season in the work of people who offer a rich cultural feast. (author: Ge Wenrong)

The construction of underground space information system in Xining will put an end to

All kinds of city pipeline facilities the main road, often repaired, water, gas, electricity, communications and other pipelines and followed the road leading to the dug out, filled in the dig, forming "road zipper phenomenon". Recently, Xining city underground pipeline and census information management system construction work officially started, the future of Xining underground space information achievements will be fully integrated into the "digital Xining", "Xining road zipper phenomenon is expected to improve.

underground pipeline network is the essential infrastructure of the city and the city’s normal operation of the "lifeline", last year, Xining established the underground pipeline information management system construction work leading group, led by the Municipal Urban Planning Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of land and resources is responsible for organizing the implementation of Xining Institute of surveying and mapping based on digital Xining geographic information public platform for results the specific construction project, the construction period is 3 years.

it is understood that due to the serious aging of the underground pipeline in Xining, pipeline information is not complete and decentralized management, municipal planning, construction and management has brought a serious impact. In the city construction and construction process, and to dig through the pipeline Waduan, resulting in water and electricity, network outages, travel difficult situations have occurred, affecting the normal production and life of residents. It is imperative to establish a scientific, complete, complete function and fast query system for underground pipeline information management.

The main task of the

underground pipeline information system project is a census area in Xining urban area of about 110 square kilometers, within the scope of basic information for the length of about 5000 kilometers of underground pipelines of water supply and drainage, gas, electricity, telecommunications, municipal, industrial, thermal pipeline and underground facilities. These results include all information "digital Xining geographic information public platform, not only to meet the needs of city planning departments in the actual planning, and can meet the needs of the pipeline management authority departments to the dynamic and visualization of pipeline information service, is of great significance to the whole people’s normal production and life.


The city will hold the first emissions trading fair

3, the reporter learned from the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, compensation for the use of environmental resources to explore the establishment of market regulation mechanism, promote pollution reduction and improve the quality of the environment, our city will be 6 in the city public resources trading center held the first major pollutants emissions trading will.

Xining Tiger Street office to organize cultural and recreational activities for the disabled

in order to further enrich cultural and recreational life of disabled people, enhance the ability of their equal participation in social life, let more people out of the family, into the community, recently, Xining tiger Taiwan Street office in Tainan CDPF Tiger Park held a cool site of cultural entertainment.

the theme of this cultural event is bright, rich in content, diverse forms, lively scene. Street five communities within the jurisdiction of nearly 70 people participated in the activities. The staff for the area of different types of disabilities disabled tailored to guess riddles, rings, table tennis and other 7 sports. The activities we spirits high, their talents in athletic civilization, care for people with disabilities, sharing a harmonious atmosphere is the exchange of feelings, but also enrich the amateur cultural life. Incomplete beauty shock bloom, get friends and family members within the jurisdiction of the high praise, but also attracted many people stop to watch. (author: Tian Shun)


Qinghai Tibet Railway Public Security Bureau Xining Railway Public Security Department to crack down

in order to ensure the safety of passenger travel, since the beginning of the Spring Festival, the Qinghai Tibet Railway Public Security Bureau Xining Railway Public Security Bureau to take various measures to maintain the order of the station, crack down on ticket dealers.

from the beginning of February 18th, Xining Railway Station ushered in a small peak after the festival, the average daily send more than 10 thousand passengers. Square police on duty and police detachment police work together to divert the waiting passengers, command and coordination of vehicles into the square, to maintain smooth passage. In the "three" examination, so strict inspection examination, all kinds of illegal blocking of dangerous goods in the car outside the station. And in accordance with the principle of a clear, two control, three dozen to crack down on ticket dealers, to curb the illegal ticket scalping activities.

it is understood that since the spring, Xining Railway Police Department has seized 15 online pursuit personnel, seized control of the tool 82, rubber products 4 kg, 3000 ml of paint products, oil products, 4 kg lighter gas 20 ml; all lines of public order, smooth and orderly, the vehicles without crisis cases.


Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection bulletin 7 typical problems

in order to further deepen the style and discipline construction, Chi is the wind Su Ji, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection of the recent investigation of 7 typical issues to be notified.

Deputy director of the Xining City, Huangzhong water authority Li Guoyao illegal accepting gifts problems. March 21, 2015, Li Guoyao for her daughter to make arrangements for the wedding, according to the program to the higher Party committees, discipline inspection report prepared, and received 10 subordinates under the director of a total of $19000 water pipes. January 13, 2016, Huangzhong County Commission for Discipline Inspection reported by the county Party committee agreed to give Li Guoyao party a serious warning. In January 27, 2016, Huangzhong county government decided to give Li Guoyao administrative demerits punishment. Illegal accepting gifts to the collection.

, deputy director of the East Sea city development and Reform Commission, Xie Jilin, deputy director of the Bureau of statistics, the deputy director of the organization in violation of discipline, illegal reimbursement of travel expenses problem of. In July 16, 2015, the East Sea City Statistics Bureau received notification statistics business backbone training courses at the National Bureau of statistics of Beidaihe training base, Xie Jilin, Zhang Xiaorong after the deliberations, without the "business backbone courses" changed to "county (District) Statistics Bureau is mainly responsible for training, and to return tickets, tickets for a longer training time for 3 days. After Zhang Xiaorong and other 3 people and delayed the return of 2 days. Later, the city Bureau of statistics for the reimbursement of Zhang Xiaorong violations during the delay of a total of 3208 yuan travel. January 27, 2016, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection of the East Sea by the municipal Party committee approved the report, were given Xie Jilin, Zhang Xiaorong party warning, ordered the return of illegal travel expenses reimbursed by the unit and turned over to finance the.

Haixi Golmud City Bureau of statistics Wang Qiji illegal benefits, reimbursement of travel expenses and other issues. 2014, in 2015, the Golmud Municipal Bureau of statistics for the two illegal payment of clothing for the staff of $27414. July 2013, on August, Wang Qiji leave for Xining, Beijing to see a doctor, the violation of the reimbursement of their own units and employees during the accompanying ticket, accommodation and travel allowances totaling 14435.5 yuan. December 29, 2015, the Golmud Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection reported approved by the municipal Party committee to give Wang Qiji party warning. Ordered to return illegal reimbursement of expenses.

Hainan Tongde County Bureau of resettlement grants from illegal subsidies. During the period from 2013 to 2015, Tongde County resettlement office on weekends and holidays, overtime attendance per person per day issued a subsidy of 100 yuan, a total payment of 47680 yuan. On January 29, 2016, Tongde County Supervision Bureau decided to give the county respectively, resettlement Bureau Wang Zhenfeng, Marin accounting administrative warning. Illegal payment of funds to be confiscated.

in Chengduo County Yushu, a township deputy mayor and director of the police station Gamaou week illegal subsidies problem. In September 2013, Gamaou weeks to illegal illegal digging gold Yang and others collect the resource compensation fee of 200 thousand yuan. In September 2014, Gamaou weeks to extract 46 thousand yuan, for the payment of bonuses, allowances and other expenses to the police station staff, after returning. 2015 1;