Jian Wei to meet the national level 25 food and beverage inspection unit in central review


Jian Wei Ying National Review and" creative city "work into the important time node, the total market for the city of Xining village, south of market health live poultry slaughter filthy, part of the catering industry" three "incomplete facilities and Houchu poor hygiene problem, the City District of Xining City Economic and Business Bureau, urban management administration and health departments to carry out environmental inspection, 25 catering units were subject to administrative punishment. read more

North Village Election in accordance with the law

In order to make the "two committees" general election in accordance with the law, in an orderly manner, recently, North District from strengthening leadership, develop grassroots democracy, strict election system, in strict accordance with the procedures for the election, the election will do the work arranged in good order. To carry out legal publicity to create a good atmosphere. For the protection of the village (neighborhood) people exercising their democratic rights and election election in accordance with the law, and create a good atmosphere for the harmonious transition, Chengbei District organized a number of legal publicity and education activities, in view of the different stages of the election, enhancing the pertinence of legal publicity and education. The use of a variety of carriers to enhance the diversity of legal publicity and education, and promote the concept of electoral law. Combined with practical work, strict general system. In order to ensure the successful completion of the work of the election district, North District to the region issued a notice of election canvassing bribery, destroy the order and other illegal acts were clearly defined, and the corresponding strict disposal of illegal acts of interference, from the source to control the general criminal phenomenon election work, ensure that the election work orderly carry out. Implement the supervision of the joint point, the implementation of the election according to law. For the timely guidance, to solve the problems in the work of the general appearance of the election, the election of the escort work is completed, in the general election in the north region, the establishment of district level (level) leading contact point contract system and organs of the party organization of village (community) system, the timely discovery, analysis and solution of the contact point village, community election the election work has encountered new problems and provide help for the. Organize legal training to strengthen the team building. In order to give a general election with a style of hard, strong work team, help the election backbone enhance legal awareness, improve the rule of law, in the north area of general work early held a number of general training backbone. As of now, there are 4 villages in the north area of the successful completion of the work of the election, the other village (community) the general work is in accordance with the law and orderly development.   read more

County CPPCC work conference held

conference site

8 17, Datong County CPPCC work conference held in the County Convention center. The main task of the meeting is to implement the spirit of the work of the province, the city’s Political Consultative Conference, summed up the work experience of the county CPPCC, arrange for the future work of the county cppcc. Provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman Han Yugui, municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Liu Fade was invited to come to the guidance; Municipal Committee, party secretary Yan Shujiang Han Shengcai, deputy secretary of the county, county, county people’s Congress Chairman Song Weilin, county CPPCC Chairman Wang Jinfa as well as in the home part of the county leaders attended the meeting; the township party secretary, township, township party committee deputy secretary. The main person responsible for the county departments and county units, people’s organizations, provincial and municipal departments responsible for the vertical, in the county, the city CPPCC members, county CPPCC members, mainly responsible for the various democratic parties attended the meeting.   read more

Highly respected joined the project

rare opportunities, although the road of entrepreneurship competition, pressure continuously, but seize the good opportunities and strive to create wealth, is actually not so difficult to imagine, the key is to seize the opportunity to get rich, find a good project to join  ! The following small series, it is recommended for you to join a number of highly respected projects!

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Hundreds of flights on the snow to allow the outage of the transport sector for winter transport saf

December 14th, most parts of the province have snow, as of press time reporter, hundreds of times shuttle bus outage, the bus to the direction of mutual assistance outage. For snow weather, the Provincial Department of transportation in a timely manner to deploy, urging the system to take effective measures to ensure that the production and life of the masses to provide safe and convenient travel conditions. The reporter learned from the Provincial Department of transportation, after entering the winter, snow weather in our province is relatively frequent, affecting more than one country and provincial transportation line, the transportation department will take measures to provide security for the people travel conditions, requirements of the transportation departments at all levels and the road transport management institution to further deepen the safety management measures, clear responsibilities and the responsibility to the people; the highway maintenance department, implement the emergency team, pat materials machinery and equipment; to strengthen the road especially prone to patrol snow and ice ridge, landslides and other key sections, and adequate reserves of chains and snowmelt agent, found dangerous timely treatment. The passenger station launched the emergency plan, the train station (point) just for the replacement ticket procedures, are not allowed to sign out of overcrowded buses; strengthen staff safety education of the winter road transport enterprises, is strictly prohibited speeding, drunk driving and fatigue driving; technical condition of vehicles is strictly prohibited non-compliance, not equipped with anti-skid devices Shen Yun; to further improve the winter vehicle safety plan, conscientiously do a good job in the vehicle running, and tire slip fire proof work; strict implementation of long-distance passenger vehicles 2:00 to 5 parking break system, and give full play to the vehicle GPS monitoring platform, to detect and correct illegal behavior.   read more

Xining City Industrial and commercial bureau to take the focus on improving efficiency, build a plat

to further improve the level of service enterprise development, and effectively enhance the efficiency of enterprise annual inspection work. Since March, the Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce to take the focus on efficiency, build a platform to re service, the work of the initiative to carry out a solid annual inspection of enterprises in 2011.
specific work: one is to grasp two key points to improve. On the one hand, pre audit and Book review. Focus on whether the expiration of the operating period, the annual inspection data are available. On the annual inspection report, business license copy, operating income, financial statements and other information is not uniform, the review of a one-time need to complete the information to inform the enterprise. Involved in the project management pre license, a valid license issued by the relevant to inform the Department in charge of industry, the review focused on the pre license, approval documents have been revoked, revoked or expiry of the review before the book through the real and effective inspection. On the other hand highlight the focus on industry review. The enterprise staff of key enterprises in key industries of microfinance, Guarantee Corporation, food and drug sales and sensitive areas, strict management and check that the registration agreement, pre license, documents of approval is valid or by the competent authorities of inspection, and there are no illegal acts, and shall be gone through inspection procedures. Two is to build a platform to enhance service two. The first is to build online inspection service platform. Give full play to the advantages of online annual inspection, specialized ability to transfer business, computer technology, good staff for the enterprise to provide online annual guidance services. To provide enterprise online inspection data, the review focused on the content of registration matters, pre-approval, change etc, ask the staff to complete the online examination within three working days, to ensure that enterprises can timely pre query through the network platform, to understand the lack of material, it is necessary to change the project and should correct matters, so that enterprises in time the correction, improve the inspection efficiency. Followed by the establishment of mobile inspection service platform. The group enterprise, the chain business enterprise sends out the appointment notice in advance, informs the enterprise centralized inspection time and the material which needs to submit, enhances the service enterprise the potency. According to the needs of the enterprise, can make an appointment by telephone inspection, the Council and the counties (sub Bureau) according to the enterprise telephone booking and work arrangements, on the premise of efficient and convenient, planned, targeted for some enterprises to provide centralized inspection service area.

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Xining commercial housing sales norms can not be sold without permission

March 23rd, the city housing security and the Housing Authority issued a "Xining area real estate sales pre-sale notice places standardized management requirements", sales agent requires the Xining area real estate development companies, real estate enterprises comprehensively regulate commercial housing prices, less commercial housing sales because of information asymmetry in the process of the formation of the pre-sale the dispute, strictly protect the legitimate rights and interests of buyers. read more

Xining Municipal Center for Disease Control and prevention organization party members visited the We

June 17th Xining municipal CDC branch Party organization center of all Party members and some middle-level cadres visited the original xilujun Memorial Center, party secretary Comrade Zhao Shenghu led all the members in the West in front of the statue to relive the party oath. Then everyone with immense reverence in the Chinese Red Army xilujun Memorial, to listen to the guide introduced in the West more than twenty thousand warriors fought hard, brave the enemy, suffered heavy losses, although defeated the glorious glorious history.
by visiting, West army commanders insist on revolution, dauntless heroism, the party and the people are not afraid of sacrifice of the heroic devotion touched by all the staff, their spirit never for posterity, will inspire us based on their own, dedication and selfless dedication, to contribute to the development of disease control.
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Xining City Public Security Bureau held a public destruction of gambling game site

recently, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau held a public destruction of gambling game scene, in the fire, the public security department recently confiscated gambling machines, knives, obscene and pornographic discs to ashes.

it is understood that in the development of the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau focus on remediation of illegal gambling activities and seized control of the tool in the special action, the police raided the street is located in the people’s "holiday" game hall, seized 19 sets of gambling game, the collection circuit board 20, captured gamble personnel 13 people, confiscated gambling more than 26000 yuan, for the owners to be security detention for 15 days punishment. Jiangsu and Zhejiang market in Eastern District of Xining City No. 28 game hall with a game machine gambling, after the police received a report, the police seized 27 sets of gambling game, the collection circuit board 39, captured gamble personnel 10 people, gambling money confiscated 1085 yuan, for the owners to be security detention for 15 days punishment. read more

Xining Huize bonus health care reform of urban and rural masses

days ago, reporters in the City District of Xining City General Town Center Hospital, by surprise, past a deserted house in township hospital, now also bid farewell to the equipment idle, personnel "lost" a "recession", has ushered in the return home to hospital for treatment of patients with folks.

, the original is not only the masses do not trust us, do not want to come to the grassroots medical treatment, and even we are also worried about the risk of not receiving patients." Dean Zhu Ting said that in the past there is no medical equipment, technology is also poor, there is no confidence in the heart, so that these basic health care in the basic state of the fall. read more

Problem based approach to enhance the satisfaction of tourists

August 19th afternoon, Xining mayor Wang Yubo presided over the executive meeting of the municipal government. The meeting considered the "Xining in 2013 to improve the satisfaction of tourists action plan (Draft)". Wang Yubo pointed out that the satisfaction of tourists directly reflects the quality of tourism services and the city’s comprehensive management level. To enhance the satisfaction of tourists, as the construction of tourism destination and tourism hub, the plateau landscape to create a garden city of tourism, construction of livable, important content industry, should travel, the pleasant life of the city, take the problem of search method, to resolve the problems and consolidate improve, and strive to tourists satisfaction index of our city steadily in the country ranking. read more

Qinghai National University disaster prevention and mitigation of volunteers to participate in fire

  in December 7th, the Seismological Bureau of Qinghai province held the second session of the college students in disaster prevention and reduction in 2011 volunteer team emergency knowledge training. More than 70 college students participated in the training.
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The training course of risk prevention in the process of signing the contract of small and medium si

In order to promote rapid and healthy development of small and medium-sized enterprises in our city, and constantly improve the small and medium-sized enterprises, especially private enterprises management personnel of basic legal knowledge and business management skills, June 25th, SME Service Center with the Xining Municipal Economic Commission, successfully organized a stage for personnel management of small and medium-sized enterprises in the city "in the process of signing the contract the risk prevention training read more

Xining Dongguan mosque in the national cultural relics protection units

In August 31st, Xining Dongguan mosque "national key cultural relics protection units" inaugurated. In March 5th this year, the seventh batch of national key cultural relics protection units announced, Xining province Dongguan mosque 26 cultural relics protection units have been listed as national key cultural relics protection units. Xining Dongguan mosque, now has 900 years of history, in 1986 was listed as cultural relics protection units in Qinghai province. (author: Su Jianping)   read more

Reform the mode of personnel training in Colleges and universities in our province 6 New Undergradua

In order to adapt to the province’s economic development and industrial structure optimization and upgrading, the province’s three ordinary colleges and universities to add more than 6 undergraduate majors, to promote professional settings and industry demand docking, reform personnel training model.I take

"stop limit down by other means of enrollment, scientifically and rationally determine the professional enrollment scale, promote the optimization of specialty structure. This year, Qinghai University, new energy materials and devices; Qinghai Normal University two new professional hotel management and Electronic Science and technology; Qinghai National University of new economic and financial, material physics and science of public security three professional.

in the new professional, hotel management professional attention. This year, Qinghai Normal University, The Academy economic management professional management to achieve the first enrollment. According to the relevant staff, the establishment of this specialty is to adapt to the current development of the province’s tourism environment, with the warming of the tourism industry as well as the province’s policy support for the tourism industry, hotel management personnel scarce. Combined with the requirements of the reform and transformation of the University, the hotel management professional will strengthen training, training a number of senior management personnel in the service sector.

by specialty adjustment, 2015 science and engineering undergraduate enrollment plan total enrollment plan ratio reached 53.21%, this year the graduates of 5342 people, accounting for 35.83% of the total number of graduates, the employment of 5054 people, the initial employment rate of 94.61%.  
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Double week open era record China

with the decline of the world economic development, China’s overall economic growth is also a slight downward trend, with the GDP growth rate fell below 7 for the first time, China’s economy is in urgent need of more fresh energy to advance. Entrepreneurship will become the main force to promote and support the country in the next few years, the era is coming.


2015 in October, the first national public entrepreneurship peoples innovation week ", China is innovation and entrepreneurial passion. read more

In learning the spirit of understanding in the work to create happiness

In order to promote the municipal public security bureau Party Central Group to study and implement the spirit of the twelfth Party Congress of Qinghai Province, leading cadres at all levels to help deeply understand and accurately grasp the spirit essence, effectively identify and implement the combination of starting point and party spirit, promote the June 20th across Xining public security, a new career in a new starting point, the Council in the form of video conferencing Qinghai provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, invited the director Comrade Qi Guanhai theory for special counseling seminars read more

Into the Xining national tax focus camp changed to increase

August 1st, camp changed to increase pilot in the transportation industry and part of the modern service industry officially started. There are a total of 930 households in the taxpayer "replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) pilot area of Xining, the specific scope of the pilot for" 1+7 "," 1 "or" 7 "transportation industry, including research and development and technical services, information technology services, cultural and creative services, logistics support services, tangible personal property leasing service, verification advisory services Radio, film and television service. So, camp changed to increase the transport industry in Xining and part of the modern service industry what kind of impact? Reporters visited the Xining Municipal Bureau of Taxation and the relevant departments of the relevant departments of the enterprise, for the reader and the taxpayer focus camp changed to increase, to solve the problem. read more

North District launched the four largest investment zone to build a new landmark north of 6 billion

July 27th 2013, Xining city development and Investment Fair Seongbuk investment environment and key projects to promote the meeting, North District launched Menyuan Road area, West apricot area, Qilian road block and a living area angle machine plots, 4 plots, focus on the promotion of Small and micro businesses business park, in times square too commercial center 10 projects. Among them, the contract has been signed 4 projects, the signing amount of up to $1 billion 830 million, the development of the project and the project to achieve the intention of small and micro enterprises integrated management service center project. (author: Peng Na) read more

Central show seven sword punish corruption

March 6th, the district held the fifteenth session of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Fourth Plenary Session of the meeting, thoroughly implement the spirit of the Commission and the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Committee, the summary of the 2013 clean government and anti-corruption work, work arrangements in 2014. At the meeting, the city showed seven sword severely punish corruption, in order to create a clean central area, the construction of people’s satisfaction in the central area to provide a strong guarantee. read more