Kunming started to repair the Wujiaba Airport

China’s first terminal is located in Kunming, which was established in the Republic of China, after years of baptism, the terminal needs to be repaired in time. Recently, the site of the airport in front of the construction and maintenance of the construction of the airport terminal in the Republic of China, the project will be carried out for the overall renovation of the terminal, to restore its original historical style.

During the period of the war of resistance against Japan, the terminal building of the read more

A good choice – foxhunter outdoor join entrepreneurs

outdoor sports, has been very popular choice. With the continuous improvement of our living standards, we gradually improve the demand for health. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, we choose entrepreneurship foxhunter outdoor projects, is a very powerful choice!

outdoor activities to join what brand is good? Foxhunter outdoor join? Fox outdoor supplies as the only one to provide a range of outdoor equipment, outdoor brands, once launched immediately by the industry attention. Foxhunter urban outdoor product quality, brand publicity, become an independent school of the activities of marketing, has brought great shock effect to the industry, but also for the agents in the traditional sales mode provides a new marketing mode. read more

Package details – join the progenitor bun

knows a little economics knows that do business market will know at first to do analysis of market prospects, consider this project there is no need to do, but also do market positioning to determine their own investment projects, which is looking for their own brand of food marketing.

to do business depends on market trends, steamed stuffed bun store sustainable profitability, the choice of excellent brands can be more open market. The package dumplings progenitor thin filling large, beautiful shape, fresh bottom crisp, tender fresh, juicy refreshing, delicious taste. The crowd to buy more, natural shop to the fire explosion. 3000 pack ancestors steamed buns and empty, the original chicken soup is pushing hands. Chicken soup with precious traditional Chinese medicine, secret ingredients, small fire simmer for 4-5 hours, taste delicious, eat healthy. Choose bag ancestor steamed stuffed bun is to join you to save the effort of the choice of the enterprise, but the package ancestor steamed stuffed bun join fee how much? read more

The knot has joined what conditions Chuanchuan Xiang

knot son string incense? Delicious snacks, delicious business opportunities to make money. The knot Chuanchuan Xiang to join the project choice, the best choice for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs. Open a knot of their own string of incense franchise stores, no doubt, is very business opportunities!

What are the conditions for joining the

strings? The site is very important

knot strings strings join conditions:

1, there are personal funds and debt financing ability to obtain legal. read more

How many drinks drink fresh space to join – fee business

has the characteristics of brand drinks to join the project selection, has been a very good choice. I heard that fresh drink space drinks to join the project, is very good. If you join the fresh drink space drinks project, is also very exciting. Hurry up and move on!

fresh drink space? Fresh drinking water space (Block Drink) tea chain dessert station project is one of Kahn’s long (Beijing) Enterprise Management Co. Ltd’s most successful franchise project, after years of operation, has been popularized and widely recognized in the country. Kahn’s long (Beijing) Enterprise Management Co. Ltd is a set of project investment, chain management, brand management as one of the diversified chain, is Kahn’s exquisite fashion management group in mainland Chinese operations management headquarters, responsible for fresh drinking water, tea shop space chain chain, the chain of coffee, dessert the chain store and other stores in China mainland brand licensing, brand strategy, operations management, support and service work. read more

Rui Qi Shi joined the water heater market potential – how good business

water heater, in our life, has been very popular choice. How about the water heater? Loved by consumers, has a very high popularity. Join the Swiss hot water heater project, open a shop of their own brands, it is not a very good thing!

how about the water heater?

separation of water and electricity, more secure, non-metallic heat, 100% absolute security;

does not need preheating, no need to wait, more power saving than traditional electric water heater power saving 30%-50%;

compact size, noble appearance, easy installation, more space; read more

Oh nest chicken franchise

do you have this feeling, do not know how to engage in our Chinese snacks consumer market has become one of the most love chicken consumer goods, is not difficult to find that in the current domestic food market, chicken has become a popular feature of the high streets and back lanes can be seen everywhere in every kind of delicacy, chicken shop. Chicken is the most popular among the many brands, by the vast number of consumers and entrepreneurs alike. What are the conditions for joining the nest chicken?. read more

My cake store profit good cake brand

entrepreneurial choice in the cake market, is a very good market. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the sweet cake, open the sweet career, is a very good choice. How about my cake shop? The best choice of the business with a small capital!

my cake shop to join, this cake brand is a good choice for many investors in the venture, the choice of a good project venture investors are successful in half, but my cake delicacy brand is a very good proof, here will bring the two plus one of the business model, but the cake brand delicacy the store, and many delicacy advantage, can always bring consumers the impulse to buy, to meet consumer tastes. read more

Fiber Siyun postpartum repair how to make money is good business – Business

no matter under what conditions, we all need beauty. What’s more, after the birth of a child’s mother? If you are still plagued by postpartum obesity children, to choose how to think about the postpartum rehabilitation? High quality entrepreneurial projects, successful venture worthy of trust. Join the thinking of how to post natal repair? Good market opportunities!

for many of the traditional customs, many people are unavoidable, the traditional custom has many invariant for many want to quickly restore the body’s freaky, but fiber Siyun postpartum repair experts, adhere to the "characteristics of fast and efficient repair of postpartum postpartum repair, postpartum repair, the introduction of new exotic" postpartum rehabilitation concept the international advanced fiber, Si Yun brand all over the Chinese postpartum repair experts on both sides of the Changjiang River, joined the project at the same time this brand is currently relatively high popularity Oh, help the franchisee to win great wealth. read more

More than one hundred people to study the culture of Kunlun

Towering Kunlun is a solid backbone of China, a symbol of the great spirit of the Chinese nation, Kunlun culture is one of the roots of Chinese culture. The morning of December 20th, the first Kunlun cultural summit Roundtable opened in Haixi of Delingha City, 20 provinces and cities nationwide more than 100 Chinese famous poet, scholar of culture and Kunlun culture research experts gathered to discuss the culture of Kunlun. Provincial Standing Committee, propaganda minister Gio de Maja attended the meeting and delivered an important speech. read more

From 1 to April, China’s provincial industrial added value growth in the Northwest

from 1 to April, the province of Industrial Enterprises above the scale of value growth of 7.4% over the previous year, the growth rate is higher than the national average growth rate of 1.6 percentage points, ranking the country 31 provinces (city, district) thirteenth, compared with the first quarter rose 1, compared with the same period last year increased by 5; in 12 western provinces (city, district) sixth who, in the northwest 5 provinces (area) first.

in a series of precise initiatives under the deployment, from 1 to April, the province’s industrial operation unchanged from last month, there are more than 36 sectors in the industry to increase the value of the growth of the industry in. 1 to April, the growth rate of light industry grew by 11.3%, an increase of 1.2 percentage points over the previous month. read more

Fire safety inspections of the province’s tourist season opened the curtain

is my province summer tourist season, in order to ensure the fire safety of tourists, from now until September 30th, the provincial public security fire department will focus on the development of the tourist season fire safety special inspection in the province, place security risks related to tourism will not fire "fayan". This is the reporter learned from the provincial public security fire brigade in May 19th.

The special inspection of

with all involved brigade fire accident over the place, organize and carry out the special situation in the area of fire safety analysis, the weak links and identify the dangerous field of fire safety, focusing on hotels, shopping malls, tourist attractions and other tourism related market place, the establishment of fire safety management organization, regularly carry out emergency evacuation drills, fire safety training, fire facilities maintenance. At the same time, the establishment of voluntary fire organizations, improve the unit self inspection and self inspection, fire self rescue and regional emergency response capabilities. read more

2 billion 400 million yuan of special subsidies for affordable housing construction

Recently, our province issued in 2015 the province’s urban housing projects to protect the central and provincial 2 billion 419 million 170 thousand yuan of special funds earmarked for urban low income family housing rental subsidies, public rental housing and city shantytowns. Among them, issued 776 million 550 thousand yuan in Xining City, East Sea city 382 million 830 thousand yuan, 186 million 520 thousand yuan Haibei Haixi Prefecture, 148 million 20 thousand yuan, Hainan 75 million 640 thousand yuan, Huangnan 311 million 430 thousand yuan, 170 million 350 thousand yuan in Yushu Prefecture, 167 million 80 thousand yuan.According to the 2015

the housing safeguard work arrangements, this year our province plans to build urban low-income housing in shantytowns, a total of 85 thousand units (households); basically completed 40 thousand and 200 units (households); the new low rent housing rental subsidies 5 thousand. At the end of May, has started more than 3 units, nearly 40% operating rate. read more

Eight measures to promote the construction of grassroots organizations in the North District activit

north of the city in order to highlight the characteristics of the grassroots party organizations as the focal point, innovative eight initiatives to promote a new round of grassroots organizations to build activities for the grassroots party organizations to lay a solid foundation for the overall level of construction.
is a "Ten Project" idea. In order to improve the scientific level of Party construction as the goal, adhere to the "project implementation, target management, project promotion, brand management methods of work, and strive to create a" quality improvement, virtuous recommended energy, team optimization, star standard, first-class, sunshine party, people only care, after hatching, remediation cohesion, project management and other 10 party building innovation project, clear steps, building engineering construction contents, propulsion mode, organizational measures and targets, and strive to create a level to the post responsibility level, grade level, level promotion level, forming layers are objective, everyone has the responsibility, the level of task responsibility system. read more

Let the public to eat water and water supply department action

July 3rd, the annual meeting of the northwest water supply industry was held in Xining in 2013. "We have developed a source of water, the factory water, pipe network water strict standards, improve the refinement of water quality testing, chlorination and other water supply operating procedures……" The same day, the reporter learned from the meeting, in order to allow people to eat safe water and satisfied with the water in Xining, the provincial water sector has a big action! read more

Datong County, Jiangxi Province to carry out the firm faith, faith, confidence, a series of activiti

in order to further enhance the Party cadres ideals and beliefs and sense of purpose, stimulate the political enthusiasm and intrinsic motivation of Party members and cadres of entrepreneurship, provide a strong political guarantee for the Datong Castle township "four development". Castle Peak township to carry out a firm belief, faith, confidence as the theme of clean government education series.

is a party training courses. invited Datong County school, County Commission for Discipline Inspection, the county propaganda department, County Organization Department, agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau and other departments of the leaders and experts around the twelve provincial Party Congress spirit, "constitution", the new rural construction, animal husbandry, law, rural practical technology for content in the teaching, at the same time to relive the party oath. And organize the majority of Party members to watch the agriculture related animal husbandry duty crime warning record, warning education. read more

Xining nearly 15 billion investment promotion projects

reporter from the municipal government investment recently held meeting was informed that, in this year, will boost the green contact itefcewc and a series of investment platform, investment in our city has made great achievements, as of now, the city has achieved 15 billion yuan of funds of nearly 283, boosting the smooth implementation of the project.

Lantau Peak expressway, railway station comprehensive transformation, urban road infrastructure construction projects, plans to invest 2 billion 200 million yuan this year. In order to solve the project funding requirements, the Municipal Department of urban construction in accordance with the municipal infrastructure and the market operation mode of combination of investment projects, as of now, has investment 300 million yuan to promote the effective implementation of these projects. At the same time, in the Western Conference, the Department on the Lantau Peak Expressway Tunnel Engineering and railway sixteen Bureau and other large central enterprises signed a cooperation agreement of more than 800 million yuan, making the project successfully implemented. Cogeneration projects, but also in the city development and Reform Commission to actively promote the investment of more than 100 million yuan, the current plant land acquisition work has been started, the construction project has been completed, etc.. read more

Public satisfaction rate of health status of 94.7%

In September 2009, the city was the National Patriotic Health Campaign Committee was officially named as the "national sanitary city", and with outstanding achievements in 2013 passed the review of the National Health City, the establishment of this work is to continuously consolidate and enhance. August 28th to 29, Gao Yumei, deputy director of the Municipal People’s Congress and some of the Municipal People’s Congress, the city’s long-term mechanism for the implementation of the national health city survey.

through field observation and discussion, the reporter learned that, in the city work, although there has been a decline of individual units, departments attach great importance to the work of the establishment of the Department, the individual level, urban and rural villages and the "three noes" Building Institute and other regional health rebound phenomenon is prominent, the farmers market exists disorder and health the cleaning system is not in place to implement the alleyways, vehicle Luantingluanfang, random set up their stalls, graffiti chaos posting phenomenon have rebounded, food processing small workshops and food safety supervision difficult, part of dining substandard sanitation, health awareness of employees and poor conditions, with the system of "Wei Jian" continue to improve, continue to strengthen the sense of responsibility, to strengthen supervision and strict appraisal system focused on solving the outstanding problems in the work of establishment. At present, the threshold of ten indicators of the "national sanitary city" in our city has been consolidated and enhanced: city garbage and manure harmless treatment rate remained above 92.3% and 100%; the city sewage treatment rate increased from 63.59% to 90%; green coverage rate increased from 36.25% to 37.63%, the ratio of green space 35.34% to 36.37%, the per capita public green area from 7.57 square meters to 10 square meters; annual air quality days reached 315 days, the fine rate was 86.3%; the comprehensive prevention and control, rats, mosquitoes and flies, cockroaches and other vectors can be effectively controlled; formulate a major food safety accident emergency plan and job specification for many years, no major food safety accidents; the masses to solve the problem of rate reached 100%, the masses of the health satisfaction rate of 94.7%.   read more

Four seasons scenic beauty in the chase

Spring, summer, autumn and winter, Datong County has its unique tourism resources. Here, visitors can enjoy the snow, Linhai, through outdoor training; also can enjoy the natural ecology, pastoral, rural folk customs; even better, here, visitors can slow down, relax and savor, leisure to enjoy the slow life outside of metropolis.

Datong the unique plateau climate, picturesque scenery, forest rich animal and plant resources, natural ecological environment is beautiful and harmonious development of ecological tourism, is richly endowed by nature advantage. Here is the classic mountain national AAAA level scenic spots, national Forest Park Chahansala Datong River AAA scenic spot and kite Valley Scenic Area, the empress mountain scenic area, scenic spots and treasure wild animal viewing area, and Heiquan reservoir, botanical garden, city park landscape bridge et al, is the spring and summer leisure, recreation, entertainment, summer and winter shangxue, sightseeing ecotourism destination. read more