Wu Sha exposure to live together in the street to eat roast skewers home together, Liu Xiang

Liu Xiang and his ex-wife after the divorce, the new emotional life has aroused the interests of users and fans. Not long ago, Liu Xiang openly admitted to his former girlfriend, Wu Sha. Recently, the media exposure Liu Xiang has begun to live together sweet cohabitation of Wu Sha.

In January 9th, micro-blog announced

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What are the Western pastry shop investment notes

What are the investment notes of

Western pastry shops? Many investors have questions about the problem. If you want to do a good job in investment management, then you can learn to operate more management experience, the following analysis would like to help you, take a look at it.

investment options: service, product quality must be excellent

on the novice, the success of business is the cornerstone of the store location. Tan Yan introduced in the chain mode, signed a contract to join, the general headquarters will arrange for professionals to help entrepreneurs on store, evaluate district analysis and local consumption ability of professional site selected to join, to provide professional advice to the franchisee to choose their own business varieties and brand development of the franchise model, reduce investment risk.

then to join is to provide free onsite professional technical training and management training, the franchisee will enjoy the brand upgrading technology, to ensure that the store business success during the opening of the door with store management and guidance.

to cater to the young consumer groups to pursue fresh habits, rich products, is an important guarantee. Tan Yan pointed out that the Western pastry shop must have at least three kinds of things can be sold, including cakes, bread, coffee, tea, products to reach forty or fifty, and the main products to constantly update by the headquarters of the R & D team, will give consumers a surprise to lock back.

Analysis of

How to open a hardware store is better

hardware store is very common in our daily life, the hardware store can bring a lot of convenience to our life. So, if you want to open a hardware store, then how to open a better? Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction.

a, shopping research, know the local shopping malls

know thyself, know yourself". As a newcomer to the hardware industry, we must first know the local hardware store. How to open a hardware store is better? With the area to be selected or adjacent hardware stores, stores, etc.". First look at the following aspects:

1), with or without hardware stores, how many. This can generally reflect the local hardware consumption concept.

2), the hardware shop or store first placed products (or after with the owner, clerk to sell the first AC know product information). How to open a hardware store is better? This can reflect the local shopping malls are mainly suitable for the sale of what kind of hardware products. Of course, these information there is a demand from the water, after careful analysis to compare accurate grasp, can not see a two inducements surface phenomenon.

3), know the price of all kinds of products.

know that the above three aspects of the local hardware store can have a basic knowledge about. To the demand for goods, stocking time,

two, shop location

how to open a hardware store is better? Just enter the time, the appropriate selection of more people in the community, especially the newly built area. These local hardware slightly larger contrast.

three, decorative storefront

as a professional hardware sale, store must be neatly placed to order products, how to decorate the little relationship. Small costs can also make a very attractive planning.

Customer service customer service is not a good resolution of

resolution you shop is not open long, single, small single should have the same enthusiastic treat. How to open a hardware store is better? If the customer is satisfied with your service, he will promote your store for you. This effect is the best. And these customers will be long.


above is about how to open hardware store need to pay attention to matters detailed investigation in the shop, so the success rate is relatively high, of course, need to conduct field visits of their own to open a hardware store, so as to better shop franchise.

How to choose the location of maternal and child shop

recent years, the maternal and infant industry is very hot, therefore, to enter this market more and more investors. So, the operation of a mother and child shop mainly pay attention to what? Mother and baby store location is very critical, a good business district for you to bring good opportunities.

1, a sufficient amount of household and population in support of

2, />
good only to set up shop in the traffic convenient place, can provide convenience to consumers, to attract more customers. Therefore, the maternal and child supplies store must investigate the traffic conditions within the city and the traffic conditions in the region, and analyze the traffic network.

3, the store area of

Open bathroom store location matters needing attention

entrepreneurship shop location is very particular about, how to choose the location of the bathroom store? Want to choose a good location for a comfortable bathroom store, the actual situation must be reasonable to analyze the comfortable bathroom store, according to the actual situation to help find a good comfortable bathroom store store.

bathroom store location is according to the characteristics of the individual shops, location, investigation and research, such as the preparatory work in the practice of TCM "pulse", "pulse" pass through the collection of information, the case analysis on the investment object, instead of intuitive judgment of shops investment for scientific decision-making, and take the right strategy, obtain rent exuberant shops.

The level of the economic development level of the location of the

sanitary ware store is related to the income level of the population in the region, that is, the consumption ability of the regional population is strong and weak. The local population, including the number of population, density and aging, the population density is too low, not easy to form a commercial prosperity, aging is too high that the purchasing power of low quality. Commercial housing prices. Commercial housing is a sign of standard goods, the price reflects the consumer’s ability to consume.

investment bathroom store need to make the technical analysis of the investment object, can’t follow it, nor excessive speculation play "short, flat, fast", shall be in accordance with the investment law; general rules of investment: the investment cycle is longer the greater the risk.

want to have a continuous supply of sanitary ware customers, naturally inseparable from a good shop location. Therefore, in order to comfort the bathroom store location, must be careful analysis. The above summary of the bathroom store location strategy, hoping to provide some reference and help.

The cooked food stores three ways to remember the

In fact,

chose to start a business of their own food stores, is a very good choice. The quality of the project, for business with a small capital entrepreneur, undoubtedly, is very has the advantage of choice. So, open a home cooked food franchise, are you ready?

with the introduction of chain management mode in recent years, many domestic enterprises have launched their own chain system, some chain operators have achieved remarkable results. Small outline for the majority of investors summed up the management of cooked food franchise Trilogy:

, a food store management to explain

put themselves in the past in the line of work experience, their food stores products grasp and sales market understanding summed up the effective experience, timely and subordinate by the line of communication, if you experience the great help to subordinates to complete the sales performance, you will recognize the level of subordinates.

two, cooked food store managers should be able to teach

food stores manager if you do right, subordinates will respect you, as a food training managers, honest, dare to adhere to the principle of not accounted for under the cheap, but not the employees credit for himself, and don’t worry about the subordinate level will go beyond their own. You know, the team’s performance and the growth of employees is to evaluate whether they are qualified standards. Goal is clear, the mentality is positive, the pressure will be much smaller.

three, Lo stores managers can teach

many managers think that when LO snack stores manager will be better than subordinate business ability, if the business ability is not strong is not subordinate, when the manager, this is an erroneous understanding of the.

has the characteristics of the brand to join the project choice, if you are also very exciting, if you also feel very business opportunities. So, hurry up! Come and join us, let’s get rich together!

Pay attention to the image of small department stores can win

a shop if you want to get the recognition of consumers, want to let the business booming, the first task is to leave a good impression to the customer. And in many people’s impression, many small department stores give people the first impression is "chaos", not only goods placed messy, but also no grade. As we all know, Sundry Goods store sales are basically to daily necessities, those who eat, use, as a retail shop owner, if you throw in a corner, the customer to buy when you take over the customer’s mind how to think, to spend money to buy a pain quickly. You can not affect business performance?

as the saying goes "small but complete" Sundry Goods shop too, not only your goods to complete, and you should do the store clean, it also is the image better, can win customers favor, achieve sales. Focus on the image of this point, many Sundry Goods stores do rural poor, rural stores are basically family shop, sometimes here piled food, there stood a tool shop only opened in a corner, sometimes goods, counter are covered with dust, the spider on the wall in, you say people to buy things can be comfortable with my heart?

sometimes, those who are slightly a little attention to consumers willing to run a few steps to other clean, organized or store to buy into the town, nor to the store to buy goods, so virtually lost opportunities. So, the shop is small, but our health work must be done in place. I am a small department store is small, only a dozen square meters, but whether you from the store, to the store’s merchandise, give people a sense of comfort.

focus on the image, not necessarily reflected in the shop, sometimes outside the shop also played a key role, some owners do not pay attention to this point, in order to save the store where the large package of toilet paper, scrap cardboard packaging, throw in the shop spread all across in confusion, not only blocked the line of sight, but also very beautiful, so also to the customers do not feel appreciated.

I do not advocate put things in the shop, but each item, even if it is not something you have to put the waste, organized, the stacking stacking, packing the packing, is only a little thing, don’t let your intention, scared away customers. To do this, their business in spare time, can go to the store to see his carping, put the things in place, outside the store image is actually more important than the store, because the store image, this is Sundry Goods first impression to the customer.

remember when a customer to buy things, jokingly said to me, look at your shop outside the light box signs, how many years did not change it, the above words are faded out of sight is still hanging there. Inadvertently, touched me very much, in the afternoon, I put on a new light box, the second time to shop, the customer was moved to say to the customer

In 2015 the most profitable industries do not want to look at the poor for a lifetime

venture is nothing more than to make money, but you choose the right industry? You know, the industry has a direct impact on your money. Which industries make the most money in 2015? If you want to make money, then this article will be helpful to you, do not want to look at this article for a poor life.

2015 which industries make the most money? Auto accessories industry


2015 which industries make the most money? Baby products industry

2015 which industries make the most money? Beauty industry

ever more would like to venture for men, but from the survey found recently joined the show business, the female and the male proportion of entrepreneurs has risen to 1:1. Female entrepreneurial willingness to improve, in addition to other factors, but also because in recent years, many women have seen make-up care, slimming beauty and other specialized business opportunities for their peers money. Beauty salon, according to industry associations statistics, China’s current beauty industry market is about 300 billion yuan per year, the average beauty economy to   per year; the rate of increase of 15%, the rate of return is far more than the growth rate of GDP.


Location selection techniques

women like to buy new clothes, so the women’s market is very hot, open a women’s store is also very promising. If you want to successfully open a women’s clothing store, you have to understand, women’s clothing store, in the site is particularly important.

Menlian selection problems, too much clothing shops Menlian only cheap, run, or wholesale, larger flow of people. Fine facade requirements slightly deeper, four positive. We shop or to find a certain space of the store, in the store on the choice to try to avoid such shops.

the place for the store, there will be customers in a continuous line. So, for those who want to get a better chance of becoming rich friends, have the right to choose the address, in order to allow you to have a better chance of winning a good business, and investment in the store is no exception.


What needs to pay attention to the relocation of shops

shop relocation, how should you do? Everyone knows that the relocation of shops is a troublesome thing, the need to pay attention to a lot of problems. Some good shops in the sale of sales after the removal of a straight line, no longer in the past bustling. You know, in the relocation of the shop to do a good job in order to avoid such a phenomenon. I will be in the course of the relocation of the shops need to pay attention to some of the details of the store into the relocation of the memorandum, for your reference.

"moving forward"


store relocation will cause loss of tourists. In order to reduce the loss, we must do a good job of publicity before moving. One or two months before the relocation, the owner can be posted inside and outside the shop relocation notice. For some loyal customers, the owner will also be the location of the new store, telephone number, etc.. Customers know the location of the new store, it is possible to patronize the store.


relocation in the store, the relocation of the inventory of goods is a very important work. There are many kinds of goods in the retail store, in order to facilitate the smooth opening after the relocation, inventory must be good inventory.

first to classify the goods. In the previous move, according to the nature of the goods will be divided into several types, such as cosmetics, non-staple food etc.. Then the goods will be packed in different packages. Special attention should be paid to the wine and other fragile goods to take appropriate protective measures, so as not to cause damage in the relocation process, resulting in unnecessary economic losses.

in the classification of goods at the same time pay attention to three points. First, do a good job inventory records, in order to provide reference for the purchase of new stores. Two is to carry out the appropriate cleaning of the goods. For the packaging of the goods to be sorted out, to give appropriate treatment; cast dust on the goods to be cleaned; overdue deterioration of the goods to be discarded. Otherwise, when the new store opened, customers see the goods covered with dust or packaging, will leave a bad impression. The three is to do a good job in the packaging of goods on the mark, so that after the removal of the inventory in a timely manner to prevent loss.


new sites are identified, the operator should handle relevant and original store settlement as soon as possible. If the original shop is leased, the operator shall pay the rent to the owner in accordance with the provisions of the lease contract. Prior to the formal removal of the shop, the operator should be approved by a variety of water, electricity and other data, timely and relevant departments settlement costs.

change certificate

stores moved to the new site, tobacco monopoly retail license and some other business documents have to change. In order not to affect >