Entrepreneurial incentives business incubation base Park highest prize 10 million yuan

Business incubator

based in Qingdao, has a very favorable policies to support entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship in the park will be awarded up the highest 10 million yuan, for entrepreneurs to greatly reduce the threshold for entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial dreams what people still hesitate?

to encourage and support all departments and social forces to participate in the business incubator (Park) construction, the city and Social Council, the Municipal Finance Bureau yesterday released the "Qingdao city human resources and Social Security Bureau Park Business Incubator and entrepreneurial management measures" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"). read more

Petty life cosmetic agent – a very profitable business

people are not perfect, as we demand for beauty, want to be more beautiful, of course, for the choice of a good cosmetics. Petty life cosmetics? Small business optimization, the best choice to trust. Easy to learn fast start, the success of entrepreneurship is just around the corner!

Compared to

, the beauty industry has a strong consortium background, mode and perfect join the professional service system of the brand cosmetics chain is increasingly favored by the franchisee, especially with strong development potential and high rate of return on investment brand is the focus of attention of investors. In this regard, the franchisee said: now the entire cosmetics industry are very hot, but the actual operation depends on the real strength of the enterprise, pre training, and other operators to support the latter and other conditions. In addition, the brand is also a very important factor in the future, the choice of large scale, strong financial institutions, in order to have a good development, the life of the project to join the development of good prospects. read more

Our bean curd machine – wide market

we all know, healthy and nutritious food, always very attractive to consumers. Tofu has always been a very nutritious food, join the selection of good market prospects. So, choose to engage in the business of tofu, tofu machine selection is very important. How about our tofu machine? The strength of the brand!

Chu tofu machine equipment? The most powerful brand in the industry, with good equipment, high cost, the price is not expensive. Brine production process does not add our peanut tofu machine, instead of a cast of chemical agent, take only a very short time can produce peanut tofu, taste is more delicate, recognized by consumers, to meet the majority of consumer taste buds. The use of new technology and improvement, for people to create a high nutritional value of peanut tofu. read more

Do these five clothing stores more successful

many entrepreneurs are planning to open a clothing store, but because of many factors leading to the business is not good, in fact, before doing business master clothing store management skills is very important, now Xiaobian talk about clothing chain stores, do not want to lose money, should be to understand these contents is very important.

1, conform to the clothing store chain

for the store business, the location will have a direct impact on the store business, so clothing chain stores the location can not be sloppy, then the correlation, and then select the cost-effective place to open a clothing chain stores, so that they can do the first step in the shop. read more

Entrepreneurship summary eight steps in the process of entrepreneurship

entrepreneurship is the dream of many people, a lot of people want to have a career through investment in their own business, not to help others work for a lifetime. When it comes to business, almost everyone has a business, but really put into action a few, because they are afraid of entrepreneurship. In fact, entrepreneurship is not so terrible, the whole network of small business process is divided into eight steps, will bring entrepreneurial confidence for you.

read more

The next ice cream shop how to develop the whole

in small catering investment projects in many although the ice cream is a relatively late start catering projects, but subsequent development speed up to now has become one of the most amazing, everyone to consumer food items regardless of the four seasons. In the increasingly competitive ice cream market, a lot of ice cream brands with innovative power to compete for the market, modeling, raw materials, taste innovation has been sought after by consumers. Innovation has injected more vitality into the ice cream industry. read more

Clothing stores do not open in what place

shop to do site work, we not only need to store to choose a suitable place, also need to avoid some shops not suitable for a shop where the probability so as to allow shops to get higher success. So, if you are interested in a clothing business, want to invest in the opening of the clothing store entrepreneurs, do you know what is not suitable for shop? In other words, clothing stores do not open where?

clothing is joined after the food and beverage industry after joining the second sunrise industry, its market space is even more extensive than the restaurant joined. So many people stare at this opportunity, have joined the industry to come. To this end, experts special tips, open clothing stores, in order to succeed in business, select the address is a very important step. We should open the shop where we can bring a lot of profit. Today Xiaobian to share with you is not the place where the clothing store can not be opened. We must not covet petty gain, choose some bad places, so your shop rent is saved, but your profit may be gone. So pay attention. read more

10 ways to remember the location of investment shops

now, a lot of people joined the entrepreneurial force, but in the process of entrepreneurship there will be a lot more difficult to get the link, for example, the first step to find the store. Today, the whole network Xiaobian to tell you about the 10 shop location method.

entrepreneurship shop is preferred, but the shop in addition to selected items in this problem, can not consider the conditions or location. A selection method is very important, because from the opportune tend to ignore some important things. On the eve of the shop, it is best to choose the site for a comprehensive investigation to understand the population density, popularity, etc.. Let’s take a look at the shop and shop selection method, the last step must become read more

College students to wash shoes on behalf of self-reliance

university graduates choose entrepreneurship already is not a new thing, Shenyang became a college student in the vampire brother wash shoes, business after graduation, his shop 3 years out of the northeast region, has won the reputation and popularity of the double harvest.

a graduated from Tianjin College of electronic commerce professional Li Hongfu, 2012 in Nu River street in Shenyang City, a 30 square metre shop started to do washing shoe business. Now, the students wash shoes brother business, store membership by less than 800 people a year ago increased to more than 1 thousand and 200 now. College students to go out of Shenyang, Shanxi, Tianjin and other places to develop, a total of 5 stores. Li Hongfu also brought a lot of apprentices. read more

Aquatic garden investment high profit margins

for countless no qualifications, no skills entrepreneurs, farming has become a very viable way to get rich. Of course, if you want to rely on such a way to get rich, you need to be careful in the selection of natural varieties. Here, Xiao Bian recommended, aquaculture yard farming is actually a small investment high profit, high degree of feasibility.

Laibin City aquatic animal husbandry and veterinary department and the women’s Federation, Poverty Alleviation Office and other relevant departments jointly promote the family, a young fisherwoman "courtyard culture mode, using the space construction of fishing pool farmers Fangqianwuhou, ponds, etc., loach cowfish variety, increase the income of farmers. Wuxuan County town of three old town of a village Tuen has a family of farmers through the family garden breeding, household income of more than $15 per year in more than 30 thousand. read more

Arati mutton string King

said everyone unconsciously mutton will think of Xinjiang authentic taste of mutton, mutton string Chinese is quite keen on Xinjiang local brands, this is also a China local regional tastes, today Xiaobian to recommend a good brand of mutton mutton string Arati king.

Arati is one of the king of mutton restaurant brand Arati restaurant group, currently in Suzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Changzhou and Wuxi city are fifty stores (in the impression of the city of Suzhou, Suzhou Park, Suzhou square and adjacent AEON Rui Hangzhou AEON, impression of the city of Hangzhou and Wuxi based landmark Shopping Center the performance of stores have achieved good results. read more

Cattle teach you to open a successful male jewelry store online

good development prospects in the jewelry industry, many entrepreneurs have opened a jewelry store, and the men of the jewelry store is not much, so the male jewelry industry potential is amazing, an expert on the discovery of this wealth.

expert to teach you the fun fashion jewelry shop! Every morning, the first thing more than bamboo after washing, is to open their own online store, check the customer message, just after breakfast to order delivery.

although only sell male jewelry, but with fashion style, affordable price, shop monthly can bring her million income. From the initial part of the shop to earn extra money, and now full-time to do shop, more than relying on their own bamboo sharp market sense of smell, accurate product positioning and good after-sales service, the shop business done fast. read more

Everything is difficult at the beginning of the personal venture 10 tips

employment more prominent, now self employment seems to have become the first choice for young people to develop their own career, there is no entrepreneurial experience of young people, everything is hard in the beginning, how to take the business every step? The ancients cloud: towering buildings from the ground! Any cause is from small to large, from the start bit by bit; in the process of summing up the experience, the accumulation of funds, the slow development of the! Everything is difficult at the beginning! The following China to join the network in the summary of the previous experience based on the summary, combined with the characteristics of contemporary social development, summed up: personal entrepreneurship to get rich ten tips! Hope to be helpful to friends! read more

To be able to do business with the pace of the times – the whole

shop to do business is to serve the public, and the public’s aesthetic often combined with the times. So, if you want to successy run a shop, naturally need to keep up with the pace of the times, so that the probability of success can make the store higher. For this, I have deep experience, but also to the use of my shop management.

to leave the home from the retail business since the operation, I feel in the concept of a completely changed. Just started the business of that time, every night inventory eyes staring at dozens of dollars, hundreds of dollars turnover, the in the mind is not the taste of children, so go on, the rent can not cover, talk about how to make money? read more

Building strategic alliances an important step in product sales

tends to be equal in brand and consumer rights status at the stage of purchase and sale, and is reflected in the service and convenience provided by the brand to consumers. Brands have noticed, because consumers have a strong ability to obtain information and a great choice, so the leading power occupies more and more in the purchase, the result is that consumers are becoming more demanding: on the one hand to realize a new exciting experience; on the other hand, and hope that the network world the advantages (such as real-time access to information and instant gratification) can be integrated into the real world, become reluctant to waste any time. In addition, as long as it is possible, they want to maximize the cost of saving money at the time of purchase. read more

The storage box ten brands list – the whole

both belong to our own house or rental housing, live a little longer time, you will find debris is more and more, when there is no enough space for the storage box to come in handy. Of course, different brands, the quality of the storage box may also be different. Next, the small series to introduce you to the ten major brands in the box, so that we can choose to be more suitable for the storage box products.

storage box ten brand list NO.1, LOCK&LOCK LOCK – Shanghai LOCK&LOCK Trading Co., Ltd.: read more

Christmas New Year’s day what to sell small make up for your weapon

Christmas every year, people want to bustle about, and investors are most concerned about this time, Christmas New Year’s day to sell what money? In fact, it is possible to do some small business in the new year’s Eve, the key is to know what to sell to earn money. Today to introduce a few strokes.

Christmas hat

Christmas and new year’s day sell what money? Do you think you can enjoy a Christmas hat with a red christmas hat on Christmas day?.

Christmas tree

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