Open jewelry stores to the whole process of customer centric

no matter what kind of entrepreneurial projects, want to rely on the project to make money, master the right way to operate can lead to wealth avenue. In the face of different entrepreneurial projects, the focus of the operation is different, then the operating jewelry store is what?


to enter the shop of nuns, jewelry shop should give consumers relaxed mood, reduce the pressure on them; you can put some Buddhist music to them, the wall can be posted some "Buddha also speak with Yan, should pay attention to your physical appearance" such relaxed mood. There is no consumer demand for these customers, jewelry store employees can not ignore them, the consumption of the sometimes more depends on the level of service.

what method can let jewelry stores harvest wealth? For jewelry stores for entrepreneurs, in the shop when the answer to solve the problem of do detailed understanding! When operating jewelry stores, to attract people’s business, so jewelry stores in the market won’t have to worry about good development! And above is for stores to open a good jewelry business skills to make a introduction of


stores when engaged in jewelry, we must pay attention to meet customer demand, because this is the effective method to save the area to store high popularity. Hope to open a jewelry store friends can be a good grasp of this and take advantage of, I believe the effect will be good.


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The continuous success of entrepreneurs

business is always difficult, and the success rate is not high, many people lose everything in exchange for entrepreneurial enthusiasm, and then return to the road to job seekers unable to get up after a fall. Take a look at the serial entrepreneur Wu Road of entrepreneurship, perhaps will bring you some inspiration.

When a student with

"is 2004 just the University got a Sanshiliangting month rent my first venture, each room is simple clean up, bought a few quilts, second-hand TV, air conditioning and water dispenser, then to 60 yuan / day rent for college students."

soon overwhelmed Xiao Wu will sushi processing, bring until the public venture, the highly innovative policy of the administrative examination and approval loose, with the two previous entrepreneurial experience truly open wu.

"in 2014, a few friends and I started to do some small projects. Will be hard, but the efficiency of the relevant departments than I opened a lot of time when the sushi shop. A project from the tender to the final OK soon. To change, have to drag on for months."

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How to choose a partner Two minefield can not touch

partner selection is entrepreneurial, not to say that everyone can be the other half of the partnership. In this issue, there are different values, interest disputes. So when choosing a partner, be sure to understand what the other person is. In the selection of partners, the two minefield can not touch.

minefield one: select partner

friends do

in the selection of business partners, in addition to the family is a friend. Data show that the choice of friends with entrepreneurs to reach forty-five percent. Xiao Guoliang in a company to do business, although a lot of revenue, but always feel like this can not earn a lot of money to work. At a business party, he met Chen Boxin, a college student. The old man works in a scientific research institute, stable, but the day is not too warm.

the ideal partner requires not only zhigenzhidi, mutual trust, and both sides are highly complementary in ability and personality. Tacit cooperation partners may be in long-term cooperation to become intimate friends, but not necessarily close friends can become the best partner, so in the choice of partners, do not be sentimental.

area two: hasty choice partner

however 3 million yuan of funds in less than half the time it spent almost every month, and then enterprises are at a loss! Three shareholders continue to follow the proportion of shares to compensate for the loss of investment. So, Ma Hongyuan every month to take money from home to fill the deficit, probably lasted nearly a year. Under the pressure of funds, Ma Hongyuan eventually quit entrepreneurship, re employment career. In the exit, not only did not realize the shares, before and after the investment of about 3000000 yuan did not come back.

Pet shop named dog dog like controversy

since it is a pet shop, a lot of people in the name of the hope that the name will be able to know that this is a pet shop, so, with the name of the pet store pet name is very much. A pet shop in Yuncheng will be "dog" as their name, hanging on the door, only to provoke criticism, some people say "dog" is the curse words, as a pet name is "lost face in Yuncheng".

it is a special pet name opened the chatterbox, we have talked about some rather personal names to see in their own lives.

starry sky: This pet shop called "dog model dog" is right, but it is not good to call out. The key should also take care of the public’s ability to accept the psychological, not by personal temperament. After all, the dog is brought in, the name is for people to see.

gold lattice Lee: "dog" reflects the store’s business projects, from the reading on the straightaway, not uncommon strange words, but also easy to remember the passers-by. But such a pet name too vulgar, but people usually think of it as a derogatory term to use, and the name of the conventional luck draw further apart.

: I think the name and the names is a reason, to be easy to remember, but also accord with people’s aesthetic, let you accept, sometimes is a kind of kitsch curry favour by claptrap.

bow long small: pet shop called dog model dog like is also good, the key to this dog like dog in some places in the dialect is the curse words, sounds awkward. Not only in order to attract the attention of the public to take some strange names, but instead became a popular joke.

rose in the dark: it’s better to call ya ya, "dog model dog" sounds very uncomfortable, a bit of the feeling of swearing. Remember the name of a hair salon called today said hair, was ordered to suspend business and trade, fines and cancel the name.

fate Lin: as long as there is no violation of laws and regulations, within the scope of social morality to take some nifty name nothing. Alone on the dog model dog like, the people are operating pet products, not too much.

coffee beans: "dog model dog like" can be used in the dog shop, but somewhat awkward. People named is to give people a deep impression. Every business will always think of an appropriate product or service, and out of the ordinary name, is not easy!

what do you think of the name of a pet shop? Do you think this name is appropriate? While the business sector said that the name is not illegal, so it caused controversy is the moral aspect. Of course, almost every

Recommendations for the preparation of investment in the dessert shop operators

do you want to open a dessert shop? Or you have to do a good job in the dessert shop plan, ready to do? No matter what, small series or some suggestions need to give the majority of dessert franchisees, mainly the following four points. I hope you will seriously consider.

dessert is the characteristics of young and old, fresh and delicious, light and easy. Dessert shop to provide varieties, mainly: such as mung bean sugar, red bean syrup, sesame paste, sago soup (DEW), etc., are some of the production of simple hot food or frozen food. The technology can also be made Double-Layer Steamed Milk, Double-Layer Steamed Milk now comes from all walks of life are popular, especially in young men and women is especially love. If you are creative, homemade other apple, strawberry, chocolate….. The Double-Layer Steamed Milk, it is not even by young and middle-aged men and women love? Do not say Double-Layer Steamed Milk, do other desserts can also make some creative varieties, attract more customers.

target customers: do public business

some people say that small business with big business, like to do the business of women, must be able to accomplish anything, so the future of sweet shop open. Some people mistakenly believe that women are more likely than men to eat sweets, in fact, is a mistake, in fact, tastes and preferences of the sub sub, many men also like dessert. Many young women to keep slim (or to lose weight), often as the sweets for dessert so great scourges, friends will not bet on young women, to do public business.

site selection

as long as the location of many people can. The best in the business district, near the large market, next to the cinema, industrial quarters, office buildings, such as concentrated. Passenger stations, docks and restaurants near unfavorable, because of the high rent shops, and people come and go, not hungry belly, no intention to patronize the dessert shop.

store layout

the most basic should be clean and shiny, with bright windows and clean tables. With large sums of money to decorate the store is absolutely not necessary, when customers eat dessert, rarely pay attention to the appearance of luxury, they are more concerned about the taste of food, nutrition and health. As long as the quality of the dessert clearance, store clean and beautiful, do not worry about no business. Dessert shop should pay more attention to choose the elegant and refined dishes than other shops, so that customers see tableware have comfortable feeling that this shop is worth holding enough taste, again often should store furnishings can accommodate 15 people and an area of about 10 square meters.

price variety

dessert shop to have perseverance, it is impossible to become a fat man". Price, it is best to adapt to the popularity of the price, the price of each dessert is about 2 ~ 5 yuan, plus

Taiyuan set up ten thousand yuan to start a new venture capital fund to help fund

Prior to

, Wang Jianlin speech at the University of Oxford, it made it clear that the need to find funds to venture, will flicker. In the public entrepreneurship, the people of innovation policy support, Taiyuan entrepreneurs can also get through venture capital funds.

2 24, 2009, Taiyuan entrepreneurship Association helped set up a ten thousand yuan to help fund entrepreneurship, the first venture to help fund a total payment of not more than $500 thousand. The fund is mainly for trademark patent, electronic commerce, services, intermediary, trade, business, and other industries to provide micro network assistance funds can provide not less than ten thousand yuan venture capital for helping entrepreneurs, for project investigation, business practice, office supplies purchase, team construction and technical exchanges, media publicity, hope to encourage more entrepreneurs to carry out innovation and entrepreneurship.

applicants can combine their own situation, choose to participate in the public training provided by the Taiyuan talent service center of small and medium-sized enterprises, upgrade the classification training through the practice of entrepreneurship, marketing management, technology, understand the project operation mode, through entrepreneurial talent assessment, enhance entrepreneurial awareness, enhance cultural entrepreneurship. With graduation certificate and talent assessment form can apply for entrepreneurial assistance funds, the need to explain the application of personal status quo, entrepreneurial projects, funds, etc..

assistance funds should not exceed 40% of the capital budget. When the application is required to carry out training certificate, project profiles, business practice and project sustainability report. Where business managers, technical personnel, entrepreneurs and employees can enroll in. Tel: 0351 – 2559594.

for helping entrepreneurs fund entrepreneurs, individuals can also participate in the collective can. It is reported that the venture capital funds mainly take government led, industry co-ordination, social participation, market operation mode of operation. Help fund to take the form of rolling support, in accordance with the principle of a mature one, to ensure the safety and efficiency of funds, improve the success rate can be applied within a year.

project is not perfect can supplement, operability is not strong by the entrepreneurial mentoring project selection, the association organized a professional organization to provide guidance, targeted services for entrepreneurs, to the small and medium-sized enterprise platform project, intermediary services, e-commerce, logistics, trade and other small express priority investment projects to provide support.

The premise of


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Taiwan Taoyuan District of Longwen will visit the Zhangzhou youth entrepreneurship and innovation ba

, with double hot to carry out various activities and to support the introduction of the policy, more willing to come to the mainland Hong Kong and Macao Youth entrepreneurship. Recently, Taiwan Taoyuan QingChuang to Longwen Fujian District of Zhangzhou city to carry out business activities, the two sides will exchange a lively discussion of youth entrepreneurship.

12 5 afternoon, Taiwan Taoyuan will create a line of more than 20 people in the Zhangzhou municipal Party committee secretary of the Communist Youth League where Margaret, accompanied by Ceng Jingxian, Longwen District Standing Committee under the District of Longwen to carry out entrepreneurial exchange activities. Taoyuan County youth will visited the Longwen district and Longwen District, entrepreneurship and innovation base of public record space, understand Longwen innovation and entrepreneurship support policies.

in the field, Secretary of the Communist Youth League Committee of Longwen to create will be introduced in Longwen District Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship, innovation and Entrepreneurship of young members of Longwen District of in-depth exchanges, understanding of entrepreneurship and innovation situation of each project, and at the same time, Longwen district units responsible for a talk, in-depth understanding of Longwen district to encourage public entrepreneurship, innovation "policy support. Taoyuan County Youth Council members expressed the exchange activities to promote understanding between the two sides, provides a good opportunity to promote more youth entrepreneurship projects next docking, hope to introduce more young people from Taiwan to Longwen District in the development of entrepreneurial projects.

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Hefei Internet plus tax to make entrepreneurship easier

some of the entrepreneurs in the early start, there will be a lot of investment in the premise, the entrepreneurial process in some countries the tax is a very big business spending, now the country are encouraging people to venture in Anhui Hefei is positive, the self-employed for tax relief policy.

The implementation of

new way to clear the record in the first stage of relief can declare or you can submit information during the reporting period for the levy, the grass-roots tax authorities and taxpayers provide more choices in the implementation of policies. In the past there is no clear policy in the duration of the record can be tax-free whether a record has been enjoying, this new way to be clear, in order to reduce the burden of taxpayers, the implementation of tax policy will be more flexible.

but need to be reminded that the new regulations that the taxpayer has kept its obligation to meet the conditions for tax information. Therefore, taxpayers need to according to the requirements of the relevant laws and regulations to collect tax information, while doing work for future reference, or if the follow-up can not provide relevant information to verify whether it can enjoy tax relief, will be produced by the risk of levying tax.

Pay attention to the self-employed friend

Hefei, the invoice can apply for pre audit in advance through the network, without a trip to run the tax hall, the little mouse will be able to quickly get the tickets. From this month, the IRS tax on business needs of people, a new mode of upgrade "Internet plus tax, provide more convenience for Small and micro businesses has just started.

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Liaoning province to encourage the exploration of new private entrepreneurial base

For more than a year to carry out

in China’s management activities, there are more than 10 thousand new registered capital of the average daily, just rely on the government to guide the establishment of business service platform can not meet the demand. Thus, to encourage private capital to invest in entrepreneurial base has become necessary.

it is reported that by the end of 2016, Liaoning Province, each county and conditions of colleges and universities to foster an entrepreneurial base, every city should foster a demonstration of provincial entrepreneurial base.

enterprises dominated by entrepreneurial base and led by the University of entrepreneurial base has a different focus, can attract different entrepreneurial projects according to presence, the maximum will optimize the allocation of resources, allocated to the most in need of entrepreneurs.

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Sichuan, Wangcang investment incentives to encourage entrepreneurs to return home

returning home entrepreneurship is not just migrant workers and college students, mature entrepreneurs have returned home development needs and expectations. These entrepreneurs have an important significance for the development of home entrepreneurship.

On the eve of the Spring Festival

entrepreneurs back home is not only capital and technology and mature experience, which have an important role in promoting regional economic development. So entrepreneurs should be encouraged to return home.

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