Why can attract customers in rural stores

is different from the city’s shops, often have a certain amount of traffic protection, which will have a certain guarantee for the operation of the store. The rural small shop passenger flow is not much, and now the competition is very fierce, want to do business to do, can be said to be difficult. And in my jurisdiction in the area, there is such a retail household, his store opened on the streets of the town, to buy things most of the surrounding villagers. But in addition to his shop, there are two shops on the street, so the competition is fierce.

in order to enhance the attractiveness of the store, I am trying to increase the customer’s needs. For customers to inquire about the goods, as long as he does not have a store, he will focus on to meet the needs of customers. Therefore, although his shop operating area of less than 40 square meters, but a variety of daily necessities and small packaging food is readily available. Like soap, often used in sewing, toilet water and other things these people in daily life, he will be a large number of purchase, to ensure adequate supply. And for some people to buy goods, such as candles, although the temporary power outage occurs rarely in the evening, but he will still focus on some, just in case.

for cigarettes, because the customer’s age, income and use different, the choice of price and brand is also very different, so he will try to enter several brands of cigarettes. After all, more brands, customers have greater room for choice, which can attract more customers to buy cigarettes here.

not long ago, I came to his shop to maintain the basic work, there are two young people to buy cigarettes edge split side muttered! Turn back and let our buddies come here!" Yes, the customer to his shop is to buy things, if you buy what nothing, the next natural will not come. If his shop is full, maybe he just wanted to buy the same goods, maybe he will buy some other goods.

a small shop can attract more customers, often because of the mastery of a certain operating rules, and such a law for the operation of other stores will naturally have the advantage. So, if you want to successfully open a shop, such a rural store management skills will help your business development?

How high the threshold of Chinese college students venture capital

environmental entrepreneurship projects in the moment is to be promoted, has a very good prospects for development in China is also a new concept of entrepreneurship in emerging industries, then, the threshold of Chinese college students venture capital is how high?

Behind the

"technology of environmental protection business, often the technical threshold is high, the college student entrepreneurs, technical barriers are difficult to overcome, because they are very difficult to have independent ability to master the core technology." Tianjin environmental charity organization "green collar" founder Dong Jian said, at present China’s energy saving and environmental protection in the core technology breakthrough, for college students, more is the core technology relies on expert team of universities and research institutes to grasp, it is recommended

Hot summer to stall the most profitable trading

went to the annual, the most popular business stalls time. Now the streets and alleys of the night has been able to see a lot of stalls business, then, this summer, the stall in the end sell what can make money?

summer street vendor selling what the most profitable

is very suitable for the early entrepreneurs, multifunctional dry cleaning can remove oil, clothes stains, stains, pen pen stains, chewing gum stains, as long as the spray brush can wipe clean, reduce the number on the laundry, by the majority of white-collar elite praise; can save money for consumers, operators profit good baby; any family and age levels are available. Initial investment is only a few hundred thousand dollars, in order to stall promotions or home sales approach, gross margin can reach 70%~85%, the product life cycle is very long.

to the wholesale market Pidian fashionable goods, take a shelf, go to the pedestrian street night market to sell. This is the most common, profit doubled, it depends on how you choose clothes, there will be sold.

coin rings, of course is not made of coins. Price in a few cents, usually sell 5 yuan a. Give it a kind of value " coins to build, never fade " let people feel the value, so the fire for some time.

books and magazines, a ten yuan, the purchase price of five yuan, a lot of the supermarket there, you need to find a good place, can sell very well, but also can be sold for a long time, just started a little high.

do sell mobile phone accessories, mobile phone film, mobile phone now for some people is essential. Not much investment, profits can be closed, and now engaged in the industry has a lot of people, so do it carefully, and there is no different place, whether it is a product, or sales methods.

1  site selection

position is the correct choice of stall, stall first condition to make money. Even if you have good products, if you choose the wrong location, small business, big may also lead to "stand down". And then a serious blow to your self-confidence, the scientific location will allow you to get the advantage and business is booming.

> but

What is the difference between a product manager of a large company or a small one

believes that many people are not familiar with the product manager, this career can now be said to be critical, but for large companies and small companies,

The scope of management and the role of

my experience, there are similarities and differences between these.

The difference between the size of the company product manager

processes at work: the company rules, small company effect.

and small companies pay more attention to the effect, you are willing to do more, do more of that. People are not happy, I open unhappy people is that you do things quickly do the most important.

although so operation is not sustainable, but the shortage of resources and time constraints, the effect is certainly the most preferred. This is also the reason for the small team action fast, but also the problem of small team exposed more reasons. Just as with the battery, the use of a long way to be useful for a long time, with a very useful way to be ruthless.

People with

, smart

What needs to pay attention to open mahjong three skills to master

is a very good choice to open a mahjong in the District, there are many consumers are very interested in this industry. So open mahjong in the operation of the need to pay attention to what matters? Xiaobian summed up for you, for reference only.

1, mahjong open notes – location.

first selected projects, is small. Residential building, the occupancy rate is the most important, followed by the residential grade, owners of consumption capacity. Chongwen and Yidu as an example. Xin collar people, residents to civil servants, businessmen based. Many friends, a wide range of communication, high income. Hall a table charges 30, between the elegant Chongwen and Yidu can only charge $20 this is the gap between the 40.

2, mahjong open note – hardware.

to business is good, good location is not enough. To allow guests to forget about it, there are two times, the three time. You have to make a good impression.

first is a good environment, decoration to spend money, to grade point, for example, the wall can not simply paint it, at least to spread the wallpaper, the kitchen can’t burn coal briquettes, otherwise will taste great, the toilet toilet should also clean and don’t smell too big. There is air conditioning, mosquito killer, etc.. These are the least details.

Another is to have

3, mahjong mahjong notes – software.

> and the second

How to do a good job in women’s shoes to join the chain business

female friends like to buy new shoes, so the women’s shoes market is also very fire. Open shoes to join the chain, to master some of the key. So, how to do a good job to join the chain store sales? This is indeed worth pondering and elegant, here are a few tips for you.

Second, the sales staff should have a strong desire to

Third, sales personnel should pay attention to personal growth

There are many shop franchise skills


Open women’s franchise to match up

shop to do business, to attract customers, we must know how to match up, women’s franchise so. When opening the women’s franchise, to attract the attention of female consumers, we must first know what female consumers love, what love most, so that entrepreneurs can match up.

A:   fashionable



Three:   to

; beautiful appearance

multi put some beautiful models on the outside, many posted some posters to attract customers to come in, get in front of the introduction by consumers. U is better to decorate a little more features, so that others will not forget!

discount is the most watched women flow, this we have more feeling, see discount information, women’s inner desire to buy is strongly excited, even if not love want to join in the fun.

Many people would like to dress


Store location is an important place to store good principles

in real life, often saw some stores, clothing stores, some cosmetics stores, and some money shop success of stores have a common characteristic, is the election of a good shop.

1. cost principle

2. gathering talent principle

3. approach user principles

for the service industry, almost all need to follow this principle, such as savings banks, post office, cinemas, hospitals, schools, retail stores all. Many manufacturers have also built factories near the consumer market to reduce freight and wastage.

4. long term development principle

actually stores in the whole process of operation, a good address selection is very important, as long as the address, then your whole process will also simplify the shop a lot, at the same time, success will come to us, it is hard to avoid making money.


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How KEY youmi theme restaurant prospects of children

children’s theme restaurant prospects? Is there a good project worth investing in? Many businesses have recommended KEY youmi children theme restaurant to join the project, because of its at the forefront of the industry, to gain the approval of the. If you want to make money, get to know the project.

KEY youmi restaurant children rich products, entertainment facilities perfect, let the children in different theme parks to eat, drink and play at the same time, to stimulate children’s imagination and creativity, by the industry and consumers alike.

it attract children, more children than the traditional restaurant breakthrough innovation, let parents and children can close interaction and communication, so KEY youmi children theme restaurant how good! KEY children’s theme restaurant or youmi buddies play interactive paradise, make friends, the cultivation of language communication skills


KEY youmi children theme restaurant to join the prospects are good, to help you succeed in children mining industry. The headquarter offers the strength of security, so you can easily create wealth, not to be missed a good opportunity to get rich, to contact us, not to be missed.

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Entrepreneurship and business opportunities in 2012

bid farewell to 2011 we have won a new one in the new year, the friend who wants to start a business has been fully equipped to prepare for the new battle, the new year’s day, the new year of the year. In. But before that the most important thing is to find a good market to enter their own, in 2012 the most likely to succeed in the idea of what is, we give you a number of options, I hope all of your help.

venture in 2012 the most successful idea:

men’s beauty salon

1) store to highlight their own characteristics; 2) location service object; 3) should reflect the professional service; 4) can use the membership management mode; 5) investment benefit: count rent, decoration, equipment and tools in advance of investment about 50 thousand yuan will be open for business. Generally speaking, the cost can be recovered in about 3 months. Give three advice of beauty salon operators: 1) to wait; 2) don’t make money than 3 beautician dupes) to save money.

venture in 2012 the most successful ideas: cartoon industry

venture in 2012 the most successful idea: zero emission vehicles

High oil prices are not

venture in 2012 the most successful ideas: media