The bonus period has passed. How should the WeChat public number run in 2015

this year, how many people, how many companies registered in the WeChat public? Said there are tens of millions of public numbers, many of them have been operating for several years. Large, they almost drew all eyes, but now too much information already on the information overload caused by user interference, more and more people every day just open a separate public number, so we don’t even open, how these new registered public number? We have no content, no flow, no fans, no attraction, how to break the




from the early June began operating a new public number. Although this matter through the establishment of our alliance, currently doing very well, it is true, has a lot of users, received a lot of praise, of course, Tucao no less, ha ha, we are also in the praise and Tucao constantly iterative improvement, bring better products to you.

but our own WeChat official public number has been bland, fans enough, influence is not enough, the user is not active enough and so are the unique characteristics of WeChat public number one born in 2015, in order to better serve the people, but also to make our official WeChat a little domineering official taste, so the company boss for us today. Find a WeChat God as we explain some of WeChat’s operating experience, I made some simple notes, to share with you the following:

the fact is that the dividend period for the WeChat public has been over

in 2015This

thing we should all understand almost from their own habits, WeChat also can see WeChat public number currently too much, all kinds of content and style are, everyone is concerned about a lot of things, there is no time to see, thousands of public number in competition with yours but most of them were in operation for a long time, have a certain user base and operating experience, so we should face this reality.

how did the 2015 new public number get fans


first is the initial seed user’s access to

The initial user

seed users is a WeChat public number, behind the growth and outbreak largely depend on them, so we must attach importance to obtain seed users, they are basically determined by the style of a number of the next public, so when the invitation or by other methods to obtain, attention must be paid to see them is not your WeChat public number to the needs of the user, if not, even if he don’t this a powder.

so how do you get the initial seed users? The most commonly used and effective one is to invite your WeChat friends. According to your public number of style, selective invitation to your WeChat friends, basically can do 100 people an hour, so that’s enough.

what if your friends don’t have enough numbers? You can look for a friend who matches your WeChat public number, ask for his help, and ask him to help you invite him for you

Student stationmaster experience of doing local portal station share

after more than a month, Taizhou information network, I am one year old, this past year is really to sour, sweet, bitter, hot variety of tastes, remember last summer internship in a studio, met a friend, in his recommendation, I made this website.

then I will talk about my experience of the Taizhou information network portal station (of course now may not even old portals, barely a), good experience to share learning experience is not good, when to give you a negative example, I hope you learn a lesson. (because at the very beginning, I know little about this industry. I didn’t know the webmaster or webmaster until recently. Recently, I came to study almost every day. I was not a compliment. I really benefited from these stations.)

one, from the beginning, because practice, the day is not free, and friends together in the evening Internet cafes, 3 consecutive nights all night, is to add a little bit of content to each column. Also called this friend’s friend has helped me to print many business cards, has not sent any use until now, actually became the burden. Experience 1: hard work is a good thing, but take care of yourself. Experience 2: do not blindly spend money)

, not much more than two days, the end of the internship, but the family did not, so occasionally go to a friend’s house or Internet cafes on the net, took a time to run the business, some businesses do not feel good because the intelligent website, website also run, not fame, so reduce the requirements, first free of charge to do, when is the case, by the way of exercise, save some experience (for the first time to run the business, but a morning) to do a few, then think about or forget, it is too difficult to go home, ha ha. (3 of work: the ability to quit. Experience 4: everything is difficult at the beginning, running business is not easy.


three, so sloshing summer vacation is coming to an end, I can’t wait to rush to the school, I thought this is better, back to school can be good Internet, good site. First a little bit like hunger and thirst to taste. During this period of time, I insist on updating the content every day, and occasionally recommend the intelligent station to my classmates and friends, invite them to be my agent, and do not expect to make money, mainly want to increase traffic. During this period also asked a friend to work part-time, but did not do how long, three days fishing, two days drying nets. During this period, I also asked my girlfriend to send some classified information for me. (5) make good use of the resources you can make use of. Experience 6: do things in perseverance, do business is even more so!)

four, as the saying goes, "content is king, the chain for emperor", then talk about Links. A bad beginning links, but they have to do, some Links QQ group, group general effect, some local stations, such as travel news station, station, may wish to call the past, this is yes, I just do not do such several links. Of course, you can also go to some Webmaster Station and Baidu post bar link plate forum to find or publish. I also added some local portal QQ group, this is not bad, in addition to exchange links, you can also share and submit

My view on the development prospect of website Market

at present, website market appears to be faced with a few years ago Chinese appliance market price situation, on the one hand is the development of Web site on the other hand manufacturers be too numerous to enumerate, the price from a few thousand to hundreds of dollars. I believe that will be the same as the home appliance market, the site market is about to appear once again the survival of the fittest shuffle. Here, write out some of my personal views.

grim reality,


website has at present, disaster caused by flooding water in the market, small to a few hundred dollars or even a few hundred yuan website template can buy website system source code. Companies that develop websites are everywhere, and basically, any Internet company, especially system integrators, can claim to have developed its own web site. Many powerful companies have to face a lot of competition partners at a competitive price lower than their price.

way out,

in the face of many competitors and the lower prices of websites, it is believed that all website developers feel the pressure. At present, Internet companies generally adopt two ways to deal with it. One is to emphasize the rapid development, and shorten the development time and save costs; two is to take modular product implementation, that is, first developed a variety of molding website module, according to customer needs packaged sales.

in addition to the firm’s belief in the future of the system we are creating, we should also have a clear understanding of the sites that are hundreds of dollars or less. Above all, a few questions need to be answered.

1, why are they so cheap,


personally, one of the reasons I see is that the sale of these sites is basically small companies, or individuals. What is the concept of a small company? Basically, there are fewer than ten people in the company, including the development, reception, art, and the person in charge. Their operating costs are very low. The pressures of survival also make it necessary for them to get any small project.

two of the reasons: the cost of developing such sites is also very low. This is not just about the development of Web site personnel less factors, the most important thing is from the site itself analysis, you can get this conclusion. These sites are very similar in module composition and page style. Floating in the form of corporate Web site, can not provide support for the real enterprise network marketing, lack of features, lack of in-depth thinking, careful design is also a common feature of such websites.

Three of the reasons for

are: the providers of these websites do not consider or neglect the problem of website after-sale service when quoting. In fact, as for an enterprise website, it is better to provide a service than to provide a website for an enterprise.

2, can this site be used,


should admit that such sites with many functional modules are viable on many occasions. Especially for some small enterprises and institutions that have just started informatization construction, the small and complete features of this website just fit in

Talking about the operation rules of micro-blog and WeChat

these years, we are from the media, new media surrounded by mobile phone with computer function more and more consistent, have changed the nature of our lives, we will say that the Internet is a tool used to read the news, play games. Now the Internet has become a social thing for the air. Think of the famous experiment, a high school teacher in a glass into a full glass stone, ask the students can also be installed? Students that can not be installed, then the teacher found some small stones in the void in the cup, then ask the students can also have installed? All shook his head, then the teacher got sand in the cup. The story may have been heard by the students, I want to say is that this cup can also be loaded, continue to install water, water is full, you can install it?. Well, this glass we can imagine as society, the air is the Internet, it has been everywhere in your life.

later, I began to lecture to many entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, and share my understanding of the Internet, information dissemination, e-commerce, and the process of sharing knowledge, as well as the process of self reorganization. Remember a long time for some friends said: micro-blog is the traditional industry in the Xinhua Bookstore, is reading attribute (more reading news attribute information) mobile Internet platform, mobile WeChat as a traditional industry, is the communication properties of the mobile Internet platform. Well, we know clearly that the market value of China Mobile is several times that of the Xinhua Bookstore, that is to say, the communication business is very large compared to the reading business. You can not read a book for one month, and don’t look at the news attribute for a month, but you can’t talk for 7 days. The person says, "I can.". OK, you try it first, hey hey hey. Can’t hold it. Remember to tell us:

for micro-blog, very influential in 2011 and 2012, the WeChat has been forgotten in the corner, people have met with micro-blog, but soon in 2013, WeChat began to rise, then pry off micro-blog’s leading position, which can derive a way: communication before reading, then it means that you will be more and more dependent on WeChat, because it is the positioning of communication, can imagine the marginalization of micro-blog is inevitable. WeChat is the Tencent that big Internet companies Hailun, will rely on the strong viscous communication demand, this to do more business development based on the system of the development of the first big business is public, in the next few years will be a subtle change in business services products, instantly put micro-blog’s content operation man: hand piece, PR writer, attracted by the original author, if visual (visible form of crowd flow chart) display, which means a group of opinion leaders to the WeChat platform in migration, each side after a group of fans to go forward with great strength and vigour, if there is a chance to see the background data of 2012 and 2013 micro-blog. You will see the sharp drop in traffic. Makes the bystander zashe, make Sina official flustered.

WeChat is clearly not content with simply communicating

Talking about the important accomplishment of network editing

to the current network editor has more than two years of time, the impression of a lot of people are believed to edit the network occupation too boring, sometimes even think the network editor many times just like machinery, to release to the network to copy some articles, most can only be released to write a few articles about what can not focus on place. Think he had had a day to the network to find and release hundreds of articles of this essay, I remember a day out of office, his eyes seemed to be still a text on the page, but after a period of time, slowly realize network editor is not so simple, although these dull work may start the contact, but the network editors more can have a great influence, so as to network editor of this occupation also has a corresponding requirements, the following is the personal view of network editors more important accomplishment, as follows.

first of all, content is always king, attitude, view first. There was a saying that Internet media is also a content economy, and this can also reflect the importance of content. For web editors, the content of the release is very core, and only after in-depth understanding of the event can be well presented in the content. Each network editor because the growth environment, work background, will be different, so the angle of the station is not the same, so will have different views. But the network editors must have their own characteristics, unremittingly to write will be different, but also to continue to dig innovative content, put some ideas and opinions on a variety of issues into their attitudes in theory, make the network more fresh vitality.

secondly, the long-term concern for enterprises. The formation of network information can not be separated from the development of a variety of enterprises. Simply speaking, enterprises can bring a variety of writing materials to network editors, because enterprises are one of the main bodies of the internet. For example, such as network editor circles a few people are concerned about the long-term "electronic commerce", which reflects the understanding of growth, many business platform in the editing of the latest developments, and to experience their services, so in the daily report, when some of the hot news in these enterprises, familiar with electronic commerce enterprise network editor can immediately know from their own enterprises and pay attention to mining hot, quickly issued a news timeliness high. Therefore, the network editor should not be limited in the media circle, but should expand their horizons, this article written reports will according to the actual needs of the enterprise, not only because of the needs of enterprises and from the imaginary abstraction write let the reader know cloud.

once again, the necessary understanding of the industry. Whether it is in the information portal or in other types of Web site editor, responsible for many jobs are subdivided into a specific channel or classification, this is very necessary, because this information will be more professional, more targeted. As an Internet editor, you have an understanding of the whole industry, so that the article can be reported more effectively. Everyday I >

Moral Sutra explains that the fall of Nora is a very difficult road

[introduction] if you think this article is a slogan, then you’re wrong. In front of many articles written, in fact, are written down step by step, the content of continuity, but chapters are also little impact on reading. A lot of content about heart, heart strong, invincible. Mentality, vision, pattern and so on, these things say more, for different people, the effect is not the same, because the heart is different.

one, Avenue very Yi, its person good path

this sentence from Lao Tzu "moral", to express the true meaning of Lao Tzu, this article is certainly not my understanding that I say is the most superficial "too literally.". Lao Tzu said the avenue, is the right direction of Dao, enlightenment, way. This means that people body, and then, the enlightenment, leading to the road is very flat, but because the road is too common, too simple, people tend to ignore it but want to approach through a simpler and more convenient to Dao, enlightenment, and finally has deviated from the tao. Speak a little, think it over yourself. We just love that ordinary people use this phrase to warn those who walk crooked ways doings.


is now stop the server, and then the police took away several people, CEO Wang Xin said: "Born Under A Bad Sign". I don’t quite agree with that. Nora is mainly rely on P2P technology to achieve video sharing, leading to rampant piracy, there is a piece of hair spread, but Nora reluctant to rectify, called: "the company only focus on technology." Why don’t you straighten it out because it’s pretty good?. Youku potatoes, cool six, what video Tencent, spend a lot of money to buy the copyright, Nora does not spend a penny direct access to video ads inserted broadcast, this is not the right path. Now, Nora said, spend 1 hundred million on content, in fact, no use, ZF confiscated the server, and now 1 hundred million of the video copyright industry, it is a drop in the bucket.

, a lot of people in our group, heard people say, Google, play upload pornographic novels to make money, it can not control. I urge everyone to take the right path, and some students say, "yellow novels are nothing, I feel very normal." Others say, "Google, play, the country can not find", and so on. In fact, right and wrong, good and evil, good or bad, in your heart, but there is a need to pay attention to your survival in this country under the rule of law. I confess, I have also been inserted edge ball software, even if the row to Google play new standings first, I did not have the least excitement, but inwardly extremely painful, and then set it, peace of mind. The most precious thing in life is freedom, but the peace of mind.

two, as good as water, water conservancy things and not fight

software, the most important thing is that you solve the problem for others, that is, you meet the needs of users. A lot of brothers in the group asked me, "I want to make money, how can I make money?" simply, everyone knows you go to a restaurant to eat, and then you pay after dinner. This transaction process, you never feel awkward, anti >!

Do a little bit of my experience in website promotion

searched on the Internet, introduced the website promotion method article, a big basket. There is also a high perspicacity, the fish in troubled waters. To sum up, I find that most of the articles are so rough that they tend to ignore something that seems unimportant and may make a big mistake. Here, I combine my two years of experience in the construction of the station, to improve the site traffic needs to pay attention to some details of the issue of a summary. I have many There is no end for learning., not in place, I wish to see the revision and supplement, take my station


, not greedy and dissatisfied "snake" elephant. Landing search engines and strive for better keywords ranking has been a lot of webmaster talk about the promotion method, the fact also proved that its effect is huge. But there is a degree in everything. For example, do stand free movies, a lot of regret not to search for the first station the free movie or free movies in his station, Baidu is not hate Baidu one day can bring tens of thousands of traffic for themselves. But they forget the fine water flow of life philosophy, after a short pleasure, waiting for the Baidu K station is the outcome. Is there any way to avoid it? Yes, of course. Every day you look at Baidu with the flow, if more than ten thousand, or more than twenty thousand, suggest that you temporarily stop updating Baidu traffic to reduce and then continue to update; if a keyword to bring you thousands of traffic, advise you to replace it with a similar keywords. Do SEO must be appropriate, don’t forget that Baidu is a business company for you to bring huge traffic is not his duty free. Unless your content is absolutely original, he felt K off you will affect the user experience of.

two, Jichi free lunch. Bring a lot of traffic in the hao123.265 site navigation can also be the connection, but now want to log on to hao123 this particularly large flow site is not an easy thing. It doesn’t matter, landing on will also bring considerable traffic to you. Now the site navigation station roughly classified two categories, one is fixed. Connect the station, such as hao123.265, after you log on, site location generally did not change much. This web site is familiar to everyone, but introduces; one is the nature of the traffic exchange site, such as the wide web site (, KUKE entertainment navigation ( This kind of according to the web site is included for site number IP it to many sorted. Every 10 minutes to refresh a page ranking for you. The more IP it out, your ranking On the former, it can bring you more IP as before. Many webmaster love eat a free lunch, the landing of the web site or the connection in an obscure corner, or simply removed. Connecting the wide in. (www.gjj>

[] the count of network to play, write an independent blog.


independent blog runs its own blog. And join the blog organization, recommend your own ideas and articles. The meaning of such an independent blog is whether you can persist, introspection, self study, self-control, and sometimes this independent blog is the window that others understand you. Can even serve as an economic source. You write something, have the right to obtain the value, but the premise is that people see.

, have you just been to college?. Do you want to have a platform to do something and record your talents?. Don’t go to any garbage society. Where you can’t learn, it just hits you. Of course, a good team, you must not let go ah.

, are you a professional commentator?. Don’t go to any portal to write a blog, so it’s a tablet for you. If you still want to develop, come to independent blog.. Your comments will be more valuable.

there are many people who like music, literature, magazines and costumes,….. Then come to the independent blog to share your articles and see the secrets. Share the secrets and thoughts of others.. Maybe you can get a little profit. The rules of the Internet are slowly improving, and it is important to believe that your copyright creates value..

the life theme of this trend is to express your thoughts and self, to reflect, to interact and to share. Don’t believe it. Let’s have a look. About IT’s independent 2 blog community, your article a lot of people can see, but also can be found by businessmen, invite you to write some articles, not very difficult oh.

and the foreign independent technology blog, you know?. Has become the preferred site of the portal reprint, you want to have the opportunity to be concerned about the portal and invite it?. Come on then. There is a music blog, many grassroots critics recommended a lot of singers, and rage. Don’t you want to be a star pusher?..

this world is a world of contribution and sharing, a world that one can master. You don’t have to look up at others. You can do it. You are one of the powers..

most of us put our minds together and don’t focus on who makes the most. Things like that are few. For us is wanpiao attitude.

Adult supplies the first 15 years of entrepreneurial road operators Huanxitang

now society, spoke of "Adult supplies", still have most of the people can not accept, thousands of years of thought and culture has been rooted in our hearts, too trendy things not everyone can accept changran. The first to open up the market of entrepreneurs but he is wise, in this market a blank when he grabbed the opportunity; most people are not acceptable in this product, he dare to explore this deserted; when the original partner to give up to leave, he can still stick to the dream of entrepreneurship, so not everyone has courage.

, one of the largest adult goods distributors in China, has more than 100 chain stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Hongkong and many other regions. 15 years of experience; enjoy exclusive distribution rights of over ten brands and 5000 sexual products; and the only specialty chain of China health care association. These are the three "trump cards" in his hand". Li Wei is now the biggest ideal is to make this "Huanxitang" can become a world-class toy chain, so that more people become his customers.

, you’re looking for the right person." This is his first card in the office when he took the reporter’s business card. As one of the earliest pioneers in the Chinese toy market, he believes he has the ability to control this expansion. At present, his Huanxitang group is one of the largest Adult supplies dealers Chinese, has more than 100 chain stores in many areas of Beijing, Shanghai, Hongkong, Guangdong, Tianjin etc.. Next, he will use 3 to 5 years to set up branches throughout the country, direct chain and franchise chain and other forms, the establishment of more than 1000 chain stores, and then Hongkong as a springboard to enter the international market.

"the next 3 to 5 years will certainly be the best time for the development of China’s sex goods market."." 15 years of experience; exclusive distribution rights for more than ten brands and 5000 items of sex; the exclusive support chain of adult health care providers of the China health care association. It was the three trump card in his hand". A street Service Center is the place for the interview in Beijing Ditan nearby, this is one of his community store, the area is not large. Interestingly, hanging on the door is not the company brand, but the street to the office of family planning services, mainly in order to cope with the superiors to check, as long as there is a street leading to the inspection work, only the company closed the door. This is the product warehouse, but also the image of one of the stores, hundreds of appliances, every kind of a superb collection of beautiful things for this small room, full of life. Li Weiguo told reporters: Beijing calculated roughly more than 60 community stores, plus more than 100 stores across the country’s business transaction flow, the year a total of about 30000000 yuan, net profit of about 5000000 yuan. Of course, this is far from being compared with the "grand occasion" when he opened the shop in 90s last century. In 1993, he opened the first Chinese sex goods store, which has produced 10 million yuan a year, which is only a single item

How do I make my website IP ten thousand per day

first of all I have to say myself, I am not a webmaster perfect in every respect more than a master station, my art is very poor, I basically have to do is to find a friend of my art, so, I usually, I use the set of procedures, such as moving easily, such as a cloud. Then find a friend to design a good template, he began to add the article, do stand! I’m not nonsense, first out of my station, Chongqing net

at the beginning of the site, this is every webmaster headache, various problems will haunt you, site name, site content, site development direction, and the site is another source of advertising position, just begin to do so, these problems, you should consider carefully, few to solve the problem, after that it is to add articles and site publicity, and see their statistics! Well, we began to do stand

journey, come with me!

you can see here, have opened my site, maybe my heart is still relatively confused, this is simply a began to do the new station, where ten thousand IP, it is bullshit, right, I give you, is what I began to do the new station, I want to say, is to let everyone together starting with me, a witness of what I want to say, and I have to do, is true and accurate! I have no standing out for everyone to watch, you will have the opportunity to


I was a fool, you should be smarter than me, I use my own language to explain the


first step: site selection procedures, I recommend – PowerEasy, there is a new cloud, I basically is the two application station, safe, and convenient! Of course, security is based on the server, if your server is not safe, so your site no security at all!

As for the beautification of the

template, the can do it yourself, not to download, if the download is not satisfied, you can find me, I help you to imitate, of course, I am not free, I am the master, the chief aim is to make money, so you have to pay this not to do! Advertising, oh, please forgive me!

The second step:

site direction, now the site of a wide variety, no matter and content, entertainment sites, women site, various industry site, everything, I do not suggest that you do these, of course I do except industry site, is a Chongqing area network station program for the PowerEasy system, Chongqing net, most of the administrative map of Chongqing City, most of the Chongqing county map, introduced the history of Chongqing and modern celebrity celebrity, the districts of Chongqing tourist attractions and map content is that, after a year of testing I visited, the content is quite large, it is stable and old customers very much return rate is very high,


third step: content sources, about content sources, you can search online, find relevant websites, direct >