2009 experience in website optimization summary

because the site structure has been stereotyped, I can not change too much, can only try to optimize the site, so as to meet its taste, so as to achieve the search engine included. The text search engine crawl rate is the highest, he did not identify the picture, so I basically is three days to add a few articles, in order to search engines, until now Baidu included an average of around 80, a little less, Baidu included less means that when customers in Baidu search out our information rarely, so the next step is to increase the Baidu included, the specific operation: read more

View the ten excellent site navigation station selection results

read an article on the internet widely circulated "2009 top ten most popular web site navigation" results "popular articles, the expression is not difficult to see that the contest is organized thoroughly and selection based on full, open and fair selection results, no matter from which point of view, we can see the common aspiration the results represent the netizens.

"2009 most popular ten site navigation station" selection results, the article content is

follows the quote: read more

What issues should we pay attention to when we buy foreign space


with domestic filing system and the system of strict audit and white list e-commerce boom continues to heat up, more and more small owners look overseas host market, by renting space for foreign network development in the overseas market, so the host station how to pick out the dragons and fishes jumbled together, with space? The author introduce characteristics some foreign host and buy some things, I hope all of you to buy foreign host space have some help.

buy foreign host, pay more attention to information resources related to the host, if you want to buy a computer, then search this host of information on the Internet, the advantages and disadvantages of the host program, it is clear, and then decide whether to buy. You can also visit the webmaster forum or host class forum, for example, left behind Admin5 this kind of relatively large webmaster forums, there are a lot of experienced webmaster, in the forum post a lot of questions, there will be many enthusiastic webmaster friends to help us to answer the question. read more

The final outcome of the war was going on micro-blog

after Sina micro-blog hit, there seems to be a catch up from behind the momentum of the Tencent. By the end of 2012, data show that Tencent micro-blog users exceeded 540 million, Sina, micro-blog more than 500 million, WeChat’s launch to allow more Sina, micro-blog users transferred to Tencent, micro-blog. Social media marketing Masamori, how to attract wealthy advertisers, how the user experience first placement situation, to maximize the advertising effect, Sina micro-blog and micro-blog Tencent are eager, just as I go to see their own. read more

Thinking behind the launch of Ali’s free service

The platform of polymeric

Ali mother as an advertising, is actually appeared as an intermediary platform, corresponding to the advertising, the many affiliate sites, such as the Admin5 webmaster website transaction intermediary fees charged, Ali mother made a point in the service charge: from the use of 8% payment platform of the mom in each transaction.

launched from Ali mother has its overbearing promotion means and skills are the topic of speculation, Ali’s style, only free strategy for Alibaba and taobao.com, Ali’s mother took a different path: charge. The introduction of this form when the market has suffered criticism, after all to join Ali mother with small and medium-sized websites are, these web site traffic is not high, less influence, advertising pricing can not be very high, but the net service fee revenue will also be affected. read more

My webmaster career website from less change more

my name is Xiaoming, friends are so called today, I say I do stand story! Do stand also for almost a year, until now there is no one stand out, last year do poineering home shopping network www.lelecy.com and www.lele920.cn (domain name now useless) you can see what is now, in December last year to do a good job, a lot of Google station, included almost 20 thousand, Baidu K, now I have almost no site included, there is new this year included, into this first Baidu K to blame me when do not let Baidu included a relationship the results, when doing style for a week without content so by K, was also included on the website later 1000, well, Baidu also re submitted, start looking for investors, then did not succeed, Intend to continue in the coming year, the website is new year’s day, I’m at home every day to update. read more

Sanmenxia 2015 employment work was affirmed

to achieve innovation and development, must be accompanied by continuous self experience and upgrade. Sanmenxia summed up in 2015 to do poineering work, for the new year to guide the employment market.

2015, the city adhere to the implementation of the strategy of giving priority to employment and a more active employment policy, leading to innovation and entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship to promote employment, promote public entrepreneurship, the employment of new breakthrough.

to put in the work to promote the employment of college graduates employment first, vigorously implement the college graduates “employment promotion plan” and “leading business plan”, and constantly improve the employment of college graduates entrepreneurship policy and service system, the implementation of the “three help” “special post plan” and other basic employment projects, and actively organize recruitment all kinds of activities to increase the employment of college graduates, the annual cumulative efforts to provide 12 thousand jobs for college graduates, employment trainee issued subsidies of 2 million 270 thousand yuan for 398 people, issued 93 million 230 thousand yuan for business loans of 1056 independent college graduates entrepreneurship. read more

Webmaster should learn how to choose domain name to buy domain name

many friends, after learning seo. For choosing domain names or not confident?. Hesitated, afraid to spend money wrong place. Bought a high priced domain name, listening to other people about the purchase of domain names funny, make him very sad. Let me share with you today. How to choose domain name. Select the domain name before you want to query network registered the domain name is not already registered by others. This is the first point. It’s also an important point. So what。 We want to search in the search engine in the domain name is used! We have to enter the domain name: Baidu www.988bj.com domian:www.988bj.com, for example, if there is a list of information about this domain. This domain name is used! If there is no domain name information. This is a new domain name, here I feel that there is a record of domain names used to be an old domain name. If it meets the simple conditions I say. Then sign up and have it right away. Now the domain name is very popular, from inquiries to registration, time is best to control within 10 minutes, not too long interval. Because the good domain name is not much now. Because there are too many people registered. If you choose to study the domain name, and too much time to delay. A good domain name by others The early bird catches. Keep this in mind, read more

Some views on enterprise website construction market downturn

Since the birth of

throughout the development of the Internet, greatly small site and many of the Internet media and network software has been to modern humans brought new life essential elements of life, but now in some areas of the development of the Internet and the electronic commerce process has also failed to contemporary standards, and even some Internet companies and regional sites business and e-commerce business is difficult, a lot of colleagues and I have been talking about, a lot of views between each other, I also have some thoughts to share with you colleagues read more

Soft Wen writing Title Party should also have degrees

on May 16th, I went to the home page to see the mop.com music "Jolin and Kaneshiro Takeshi want to go to dirt". Of course, the webmaster basically knows the title of the party. This title is too humiliating. Is it really for the website traffic that you can let go of everything? What about the dignity of the website and the principles of the website?

and the first video commercials. "Rape", in addition to rape or rape?. Are you the first video that is this? You do what, let youngsters look at your ads, you do, people. read more

The development of the wedding industry to promote the progress of the home industry

every day there will be new people into the marriage hall, there will be a large number of new couples on holidays. The invisible development of the wedding industry has also led to the progress of the home industry. Because marriage needs new houses, new houses need to be renovated, so there is a very close relationship between the two.

by the traditional folk custom, the wedding market is unusually hot this year. According to statistics, only 51 golden week sales of home building materials market than last year, an increase of 30%. China Social Work Association, the history of the wedding industry committee Corelle guess, this year, the cost of marriage in Beijing, a conservative estimate of more than 3 billion yuan. read more

Rookie webmaster on how to get rid of the engine site survival

himself is a rookie webmaster, just started building web site, but it was caused by interest. After about three or four months, one person contacted me and said to spend money and put an ad on my website. According to what the man said was the required method of trading, I registered Ali’s mother under his direction. The result may be many people think of, after a busy, the man disappeared. I was wondering, but later I knew he was only paying for that recommendation. But after this, I learned that the original personal website can also make money through some League platform, and then began to continue to copy some articles to your website. read more

Peach network marketing should not away

to do network marketing is a special need patience, although there are many people talking about network marketing, how to do, looking for those projects, they are also very interested in watching. I am very optimistic about this piece of network marketing, of course, hope that more friends can find direction in this field, to achieve their own ideas. But I do not suggest that those who do not know this piece blindly come in, because it looks simple, but in fact it is not easy.

there is a saying, "look at the mountain, run dead horse", meaning that the mountain looks very close, but actually very far, looking at the mountain, the horse was exhausted. Internet marketing is the same reason, because a lot of things seem simple, but in fact it is very simple. Because the need for patient and meticulous research, need to concentrate on doing, it is possible to do a good job. read more

Two level domain name and two level directory, how do we choose

many webmaster asked two domain names and two directories in the end how to choose in the forum post, which is high weight? According to my personal experience, a website for level two or two grade weight directory should not start from the weight, should start from the size and nature of the site itself. Today, the main point of this article is to talk about the problem of two level domain name or two level directory.

two domain names and two directories have respective advantages, if the in-depth understanding of these two concepts is wrong, so we may not be able to determine their own website for which way, so this paper from the definition, to share with you the two level domain and two bit directory. read more

Station owners should be preferred to local communities, Mo Guo’s weapon

2009 Guangzhou Internet webmaster conference was held in Guangzhou Wa King Town Hotel on December 19th afternoon. This meeting is unprecedented, from Guangdong province and the other parts of more than 400 owners participated in the meeting. At the meeting, guests distinguished speeches and round table discussion in the incisive and unique views, it is thought-provoking.

, one of the laggards, said in Dong Qinfeng’s speech: "it’s a shame to have a meal alone!" I immediately admire. As a senior in the webmaster circle, Dong brother for nearly ten years, such as the operator of the day behind the community, for many webmaster friends to provide the exchange and learn from each other’s place. His view of "running a web site like Taobao" is just as hot in my heart. The Internet is not 3 or 5 years before the Internet, that by various means to make flow and hang advertising or pop era has gradually quit the stage of history, a single IP value should be the webmaster attention. As Dong Ge said, a Taobao store traffic may not be great, but if you count the value of a single IP is a few times a lot of websites. Therefore, the current Internet webmaster should pay more attention to the user experience, pay attention to the combination of e-commerce model to do the station, rather than blindly want to rely on advertising to make big money. When it comes to local communities, Mr Tung predicts that in the future there will be a local community where annual income exceeds what is known as a gateway, and that local communities will have great prospects. read more

No 1 million, do not open forums on the Internet

"Dear customer: Hello! Due to various reasons, MITSUBISHI hopenet has had a series of changes in December 7th. It’s closed now!…… We thank all our customers and we have witnessed the ups and downs of China’s internet!"……

"everybody online, dear members, Hello, due to some policy and personal reasons, Zhongtian online or will be closed indefinitely in the near future."!"……


hopenet is a IDC space, to the site for sale or rent the host, yesterday, it closed down. Zhongtian online is a network technology forum, which focuses on antivirus software and security software. Yesterday, it announced that it was about to be closed. In this unprecedented Internet crackdown, a number of provinces and cities adopted a closed room, shutting down all servers and inventory one by one online again, more than ten million can not access the site, and even some space business also survive this cold, chose to shut down. read more

Teach you 2 days to do a movie station, day IP break thousand

floating in the network for several years, have never seriously to make a stand, do stand, or is not what IP, or too lazy to update, September, I watch the movie station, start the movie station


in fact, do the day movie station is the most easy to flow, don’t know why, many movie owners are engaged in long traffic days, visit also hundreds of…

, let me talk about how I did it. First of all, choosing a movie program is very important, as well as the player, and everyone’s movie station must support BOBO, why? Read on, I’ll tell you, read more

The core competitiveness of the website pay attention to user experience

by the end of December this year, just China joined WTO for ten years, is China foreign trade business in a year of rapid development, China’s foreign trade scale expands continuously in the past 10 years, is to accelerate the development of China e-commerce, in 2001, the Alibaba’s global registered users only 1 million. As of November this year, the cumulative total number of registered users has reached 73 million 980 thousand, nearly 74 times the growth.

with all these years of rapid development of e-commerce, enterprises can see the importance of the Internet, if you want to have a good development in the future, build its own e-commerce website is imminent, through e-commerce website to improve the visibility of the enterprise, from the customer and, in a few years ago, if you do an electronic commerce website, as long as there is a good promotion methods it seems to bring very good marketing effect; but now, almost 80% of the enterprises are building their own e-commerce sites, which makes the competition, even if you have a good promotion methods if they might be less effective than before the. read more

Successful cases of Internet marketing in 2014

in order to avoid being despised, always being evaluated for the fighting capacity of slag is only five, after the update of the content of SEO may be less, but for marketing is changing, there is no exchange of property, and marketing ideas rather than to speak to you today with a dead end, grounding gas dry cargo, we do not say those large enterprises marketing case, said people around us in case of successful marketing.

case 1: blown out marketing


QQ cloud marketing users contribute to my blog, said a bit after I saw was very shocked, which is the main method of success when it comes to "boast" to do marketing. Every man is actually an ancient, cucumber to sell for a living, named Wang Bo, began selling melons, did not buy a melon, so he sold his melon by boast from, get the emperor’s appreciation of his style praise, so the story has been widely circulated (brief story). Tell a simple story of us, today’s Bole Chollima your products less than, do not want others to praise praise, it must be difficult to sell. At least this friend when undertaking the establishment of the DEDE, has been praised SEO optimization technology, the optimization of resources out to the customer as he made the case to show off the site, so that all users feel awesome, you could say this is his day orders amounted to more than 1. He is unable to finish the order at hand, and he will soon have his own team. read more

Rookie site a month of real feelings

younger brother contact network is 4 years ago, when only know how to chat, play games, watch movies, until last year, has been playing their favorite Fantasy Westward Journey, and later because there is no time to sell the number. Really a little reluctant, after all, is playing a number of years, during the game played a lot of games, but no one is their favorite. Ha ha, sorry, pull far. Back to the topic, I never thought I would do it. So no attention has been paid to network technology. I’m tired of my job, so I surf the Internet to see if there’s any fun to play until this year…… read more