A self-confident female stationmaster’s webmaster’s Road

early 09, I was carrying an innocent heart into the webmaster forum door. I saw a variety of transactions and technical sections, immediately let me full of interest. In order to send a transaction paste, temporarily do not know how to start. Do you have such experience? But in helping webmaster forum administrator, on how to send a transaction with a preliminary understanding, is constantly groping their own, have a preliminary understanding of the circle.

from the beginning of a small Miao long station, into the development of the station now. Inseparable from the support and care of the webmaster circle. The decision that makes me want to install in stationmaster circle, it is the enthusiasm that source and stationmaster circle person, find business in stationmaster circle and make more stationmaster friend.

, what’s a webmaster forum?.

, this is the trading hall and the heart harbor of the stationmaster.

here is to listen to the webmaster sweet and sour place.

found it in the stationmaster’s circle, with the warmth I had hoped for.

. Grow. One thorn,

introduced by friends, I entered the webmaster circle Forum (bbs.adminquan.com) registered ID: white melon thread. After a series of tests, I pushed the door of the forum and saw a warm welcome from the moderators. Let me be surrounded by warmth again. Also let me have more for the webmaster circle to contribute their own strength determination.

, now I’m a newbie. I’m always proud to be the host of the communication forum. Say proud, not because I am moderator, but because you can do more for the webmaster circle. I know it’s difficult for a beginner to be in the station.

in that station forum will encounter this problem:

What are

, A, ID?

, B, where to change the password, mailing address, personal profile,

, C, how to post a transaction, how to build personal columns, and so on.

you might think these problems are too pediatrics. However, any question, we must take a serious attitude to make the most satisfactory answer. Because partners have said: "novice exchange forum is on behalf of the webmaster circle site in speech, so be careful."." In the new exchange forum, some people support, some people abuse, some people do not understand, some people can not wait to hold our hands, said: "you have worked hard."." Whatever it is, we will be treated in a manner, that is all. No matter which forum moderators are very hard. But the author is the same, so we still need the understanding of both sides. As long as the author and the readers are satisfied, that is our greatest satisfaction. I have just taken the webmaster circle webmaster, I will do my best to do well.

walk. Experience. Bitter and happy

has known many brothers and sisters and many friends in the stationmaster’s circle for a few months. Thank you for your support. I don’t have any

Development proposals for new websites

, domain name and space choice.

this is a necessary condition for the establishment of the domain name is a must; if you do not want to spend money space can be used for free, just free advertising, website development, free space providers recommend the use of free software (www.mianfei.la). The domain name space recommended buy goods nets (www.net.cn) or China data (www.zgsj.com) service, Tiger wing net (www.51.net) can also be considered.

two, website filing.

it is important that the non filing website is illegal and does not conform to the state regulations. The record is actually very simple, visit the website of the Ministry of information industry (http://www.miibeian.gov.cn), registered an account, registration must use the actual mobile phone number and email, the Ministry of information industry will issue the corresponding registration code to mobile phone and email, and enter the two register to complete the registration. After registration must submit the record information of the website, including the domain name, IP address list, the domain name space service provider name, address, ID number or business registration information, the person in charge and other relevant information, submit the lost after twenty days, the left and right time approval results down, will be issued to your registered mailbox, and then the related record information to the domain name and space service providers, and the corresponding position is uploaded to the site, your site can be opened in the operation, can be normal upload and download pages.

three, website construction.

builds content based on your own ideas. Original content, Baidu favorite included, try not to copy other people’s content, otherwise it will be downgraded. Don’t aim too much for SEO, so as not to be K. At this station (http://www.askfor.cn) blood lessons suggest new Webmaster: try not to use the framework; try not to join the Union; try not to use a domain name under the two level domain name; try not to offend Baidu, Baidu will really bring a lot of traffic; the website also don’t stack keywords and

hidden keywords, so as not to be punished by search engines.

four, profitability strategy.

initial flow without using Google Advertising (Google Webmaster tools will help optimize the site), when there is traffic, you can consider adding Ali mom’s advertising, or better cooperation with Baidu.

Experience sharing how do I apply for the promotion of Baidu Network Alliance

online circulating a statement, Baidu said to have a preference for hanging Baidu web promotion ", and included in the rankings will have a little advantage. For this statement, I communicate with most of the webmaster, most of which is to deny this view. But I prefer to believe some attitude, try holding the mentality to apply for Baidu theme promotion, if the argument is not to Weakness lends wings to rumours.? Baidu alliance page, spend tens of seconds to verify the site, spend tens of seconds to fill out the registration information, the second day passed, I excitedly found that only through the search for the promotion of cooperation and promote new business cooperation, the most critical web promotion but also be applied, this high to the high of a sudden feeling to the origin is very painful.

then apply for Baidu Wangmeng promotion, web promotion application requirements is very high, that is to rank in the 5W station, like one of my station, ranked at around 500W, and Baidu’s difference. At this time, trouble, I applied for a network 4 times, not by. I almost lost confidence, but I insist on the fifth application, actually passed, may be hard work pays off.

Every time when

was refused to re apply, I have on my station and application data were adjusted during the station IP traffic changes in my small, to fifth times through the application actually, I do not know is not a blind cat met the dead mouse or adjust my application materials and the station set up and if the latter, I put my application process to share out, want to apply for Baidu theme has not yet passed the people a little experience.

(1) apply for

for the first time

I truthfully fill out the application information, the site traffic natural selection of 1W below, if there is 5K below, I will not hesitate to choose, because my site traffic is only about 1 thousand ip. Then this site probably fill in a withdrawal immediately after application website about GG advertising, Baidu wants to give a good impression, the result is about fourth days to receive mail that did not pass, my website does not meet the requirements, please perfect after application, because these days did not hang GG, the loss of the GG revenue.

(two) second applications

was rejected after I immediately re apply, when the fill in the data and get smart, Baidu you can’t know my real website, so I did not hesitate to choose the above 1W website when fill in some detail, but the result is still the same, was rejected, while spent three day time.

(three) third applications

As for the two time delay

before 1 weeks, also lost 1 weeks hanging GG income, third times for I have no competition between GG and Baidu, hang GG code, then for Baidu alliance, and I chose more traffic, chose 10W to on the website, but also write a little loud, the Baidu refused to firmly.

I write soft Wen, I show off

has not written the soft language for a long time, today does not write. Come up and complain. I registered the account at the beginning of February. Written before and after 7 soft text. Today, because the mood is really bad. Come up, ADMIN5, look. Generally I’m in a bad mood. I love to come here. I’ve got my account number, and I found that the click rate of some articles is ok. By the way, the next reason, what problems I like to find the reason, to Baidu search, and found that I wrote the soft Wen has been many websites reprint. Here I will tell you why to ADMIN5 to send soft text. Have noticed that everyone knows, in Admin5 hair article, one day you can be included. There’s another point. There are so many people reprinted here. Reprinted more people means that you write the soft text is not only in the webmaster network publicity, and some other web site will help you publicity, we can see I have written 7.

Is the

URL good or bad?

we can’t eat meat. We’ll have soup,

, 10 points for a successful webmaster,

garbage station is doomed to fail,

heaven and hell – space quotient

doesn’t live long enough to eat the market,

Ma Yun succeeds in people. Where do you succeed,


Baidu ranking instability

I am a webmaster novice, learning to do stand less than a year, learning SEO optimization less than half a year, deeply understand the hardships as a webmaster. Sour, sweet, bitter, hot salty has basically experienced personal sorrow and joy, today the website is running a little experience About Baidu ranking is not stable to write, hope predecessors advice. Good point said that Baidu natural ranking problems sometimes subject to changing moods. Baidu’s natural rankings are often full of jumps and instabilities. Let’s not do not know how it is. Today, tomorrow may be ranked third, ranked 100 in the future, even maybe even keyword ranking shadow also can not find? Really do not understand what is the reason? Here I stood in the garden she (www.yirenyaju.com) as an example, after I feel the following points.

one, first about ranking active:

my station, doing some website search engine optimization, for example with the keyword California about 1 months or so, Google is a step by step slowly from 100 to 50 to 30 outside, 10 to crawl, it should be said that the speed is relatively slow, but steady growth, the best ranked ninth, now 12. Very in line with my understanding of optimization. There are also some repeated, but not very obvious, should belong to the problem of database synchronization.

The Baidu

is not consistent with the natural growth rule, first ranking in 186, basically no what changes included is very slow, there are two days down to around 300, after a period of time in 70 around, but recently suddenly jump to third, beenincluded also increased significantly. And bring more than 600 daily traffic, just like suddenly eating Viagra, very fierce. This lasted about 5 days, the best results ranked third, now 44, halo, there is no gradual improvement in the process. It was an old saying: "let me rejoice and let me worry."."

two, not to mention stability:

my website, a few popular keywords, to Taobao book as an example, the first place in Baidu ranked second, second only to Taobao. Take more than 400 traffic every day. All of a sudden, a month, two months ranking basically missing, but Google has been relatively stable in the third place. Search and popular vocabulary name also could not find, such as Scarlett about (according to the rendezvous modified) at the beginning of Baidu and Google were ranked in the first place, but the words are popular Baidu brother suddenly abandoned, about a month and can not find it, in the recently released in the first day, it can know how long in this position.

My experience with

a new good ranking in the short term, the site is not a good thing, there is not enough content and well within the chain cycle was hard to keep a ranking. Do not eat into fat. That is the reason why the website need to update, update, also need to optimize to get good rankings. Content is king + external >

How does the weight change after the website changes the template

I was a technician, usually responsible for the background integration company website, is to do the task in their spare time, build a website to earn advertising fees, but recently involved in the optimization and the promotion of the site, there is no way ah, to the basic necessities of life, and love his girlfriend, this is not nonsense. Here’s how I analyze website template to how Baidu is right down to.


is your own website experience, but the time of the analysis, if done on the website, some people think that is done in the guise of advertising, this paper does not involve my website information, intended for the novice webmaster can find problems, analyze problems, and solve the problem of


below, first look at a 2013–04-14 website SEO optimization analysis chart:

first explain, I was around April 7th for the template, this change before the snapshot is the day, (the general web site is the day before yesterday). Because of the change in the template framework, on the website of the trial, calling it directly by Baidu K off, so the last two days I want to focus on the trend of Baidu search! According to the observation of the last two days, I found the following changes:

below is an observation and analysis between 2013–04–7 and 2013–04–14:

1, Baidu included a little reduced, from 1100 to 868, this I also expected, and recently also in the original article, hope to recover as soon as possible.

2, traffic found little change, every day from Baidu and other search to the traffic, are stable, and in recent days I found that keyword search traffic is increasing. This is still more gratifying, and my site search station name ranking is still the top three position.

3, snapshot changes: search keywords and site out of the home snapshot is normal, but became yesterday: {today is 14, snapshot is 13}, the influence is not too big. But Baidu is included in the decline in quantity, we see the following number of included:

4, the most critical point [weight] Baidu! Only the weight of the problem seems to be in the test, because my site the weight is 1{I only own the site name, without any optimization keywords} because this weight is the key word, "enough" to me, so I also pay attention to the direct search keywords, before the word "enough", the website is ranked in the top three Baidu, change the template after a little change, although the word "enough" Baidu search ranking is second, but found that the snapshot is a few days ago, this is a little too good, look at the following a picture:

everybody see, this weight word snapshot update is 4-7, that is, I change template of second days snapshot, website snapshot or normal, or yesterday’s snapshot


, let’s sum up: according to the recent >

How many websites do unscrupulous hosts place on a server

, let’s see how many web sites

unscrupulous hosts put on a server

himself is not a word, but I’m really shocked by what happened today,

, I accidentally opened my web site’s MSSQL database,

looked at the database on my server using Microsoft SQL Server 2005 to convert the original database into MSSQL

who knows, open it and frighten me,


has 412 databases on the same server, which is what is known as "cheap, premium space"

I was buying 100 bucks, and in that case, the server could earn 41200

, but a server cost word that everyone knows about

calculates that the unscrupulous company has made a profit of 30 thousand

on this server

, here’s a screenshot of my


, this is the whole space,

of course this unscrupulous space is not I now use the space you don’t


reprinted please indicate source love English computer learning network http://love-english.cn/dt/dn/200811/8728.html

Did your server open the IIS80 port

, I am the webmaster of Chinese medicine network. I have been a portal for two years. I have also shared many local portal experiences with A5. I continue to share experience with A5 on this platform today. This site I did from 2009, using 3 servers, but only third times with the server open the iis80 port, and see the effect of less than the intention, the following to share with you.

IIS80 port open means that as long as the domain name to the IP you can access this website to you, some domestic service providers also forced the closure of 80 port, the closure is not disabled, not let you use port 80, but add a domain name on the IIS site to add a 80 port to do domain name only bind to any one of the 80, such as below:


automatically open port 80, that included the amount increased significantly, of course I began to do some optimization also two domain names, no successful results finally stopped, in order not to let these two domain traffic loss will open the iis80 port, then site: yaodu360.com found that a large number of two domain names in different degrees the update, it is worth noting that all the contents of our website all hand release, without using any acquisition, Baidu weight is very high, the web site is included from the initial more than 1000 to more than 2500, and then a week after it increased to more than 5000, more than 7000, more than 9000. Later, it is stable at more than 10 thousand the reverse link greatly but also recently discovered here refers to improve, without WWW, from more than 2500, after the Spring Festival was updated to more than 8000 external links, Google The amount collected from more than 1000 to more than 15 thousand, all the keywords ranking are up, if you use the server does not prevent open IIS80 port to see if the service provider does not allow you to open, you do not open, because the record of things we all know, cannot be bound without filing domain, you open the iis80, without registration you can also access the domain name. Service providers certainly do not want to. The chamber of commerce service investigation, police will check, check the fuse board. There’s a lot of trouble. Just put it this way. It’s absolutely useful to you. Respect the author’s many days and nights of experience.

A5 transceiver, please indicate the source: Network Interconnection: www.h35.cn QQ:252000585 If You Are The One.

Longan Ministry of filing for verification of weapon

After the new

filing policy is tried (remember, just trial, not formal), there are different opinions on the network. For the new policy implementation plan: site for I carry the required documents, the original verification materials to access service unit for the record site for verification procedures. The access service unit collects and maintains the color front bareheaded photos of the head of the website (electronic photo specification: 800× 600 pixels) at the record site of the unit. The record center shall uniformly produce and provide a screen with the logo as the background of the photograph, and the photo shall show the time and background mark of the photo.

ministry record verification since the trial, the verification will still be modified according to actual operation. Because of the dialectical materialism that practice is the sole criterion for testing truth, the Ministry of filing verification in practice if the loss of maneuverability, which is superior, not from the actual, in-depth primary research! Longan network that the site for verification procedures not lose maneuverability, but the operation will cause two consequences: maximum one is caused by the local monopoly; two information security; three is to increase the cost a lot to grassroots webmaster.


first create a monopoly? Because there are a lot of access providers (IDC), there are many, there are also many provinces, I bought space in IDC province had access to the scene, I handle verification procedures, I have to go to the site for a variety of traffic and travel expenses, I can only be forced in the local provinces, even in the city to buy space around the IDC, due to geographical access providers and relying on the policy of the unspoken rule, lack of coordination, artificial monopoly. IDC companies across the country will lose healthy competition. Secondly, access service units collection site for information access service units is the enterprise non government departments, enterprises can guarantee the citizen’s information is not leaked and used for other purposes? Finally, the site for verification procedures, IDC generally are in the province, city, and have much higher costs, all obvious to people. Grassroots webmaster is one of the common people of one, not the masses investigation to a "access to the service unit site for verification procedures", a shameful behavior is a kind of hurt the feelings of the masses of grassroots webmaster! Longan network ministry record verification weapon: access service units for verification procedures, the audit unit for verification and approval procedures. And listen to me…..

The first threshold

access service units for verification procedures, by mail, fax, remote transmission of documents related to verification site for real information, on-site audit unit for verification procedures can be used as the second threshold verification procedures. According to the policies and regulations: the audit unit is now communications authority around the communications administration personnel, because around the agencies, funds and other reasons can not quickly review the record, so only a 20 day record, according to the government administrative efficiency construction in 20 days is too long. Since the audit unit is the communications authority across the country, in fact, the communications authority can be decentralized to its next level of relevant functions, the grass-roots departments responsible. According to the reform of the ministry system, the governments at all levels and cities and counties have also made major reforms, and the communications administration bureau is the subordinate unit of the Ministry of industry and Commerce

500 yuan seed users, beautiful said how to do that promotion

profile: beautiful, the standard color of the website is determined to be rose powder. The team thought for a long time, since it is necessary to make vertical social services for women, they must drive men out and let them in. For this reason, both blue and green are excluded from the alternatives. Finally, the selected rose powder was once ridiculed by peers or not…

beauty is the leading female fashion sharing community in the country. It was founded in November 2009 by Xu Yirong in Beijing, Zhongguancun. Before starting his career, he had a bright background: an undergraduate at Peking University, a master of Standford, and an engineer at IBM Morton research center. Love for data mining and based on Internet technology, after returning to Xu Yirong founded RSS online reading service "zhuaxia net", but due to the high quality of the reading needs of ordinary users to high estimates, zhuaxia network development is not smooth, closed in 2009 and sold to the bean.

beautiful says founder Xu Yirong

six months later, Xu Yirong in Huaqing 80 square meters of three bedrooms and a living room, began his second pioneering work. After five years of development, as of the third quarter of 2014, beauty said the cumulative financing four rounds, totaling $80 million, with more than 100 million registered users, the number of active users per day more than 10 million, the number of businesses reached 10 thousand. Its mobile applications installed capacity of more than 75 million, contributed 70% of the order volume. From Analysys think tank data show that in September the mobile terminal active users is 9 million 720 thousand, the highest among the same electricity supplier shopping guide application. Of these active users, more than 66% are 85, and more than half of them are 90. Beautiful said, not only to provide users with seasonal trends, single product information, clothing and accessories of various styles, but also launched a fashion, beauty, questions and answers and other services.

$500 seed user

The preparations for

‘s beauty began in mid 2009. Xu Yirong, in a conversation with her co – workers (who later became the director of operations), was keenly aware of the need to share what she bought with her girlfriends. He also noted that in Wudaokou, where he had lived for many years, every morning at 4 o’clock, roadside vendors began to peddle their wares, a large proportion of which was sold for girls’ favorite clothes. The girls who live in Wudaokou are becoming more and more beautiful and fashionable, and Xu Yirong wants to move the trend online.

that mobile Internet has not yet emerged, the client is a typical idea, so he found part-time to spend one month to develop a browser called "go" browser plug-in. As the "stroll" installation cumbersome, test users do not buy it, and ultimately only precipitation 4, 5 users, but also internal staff.

in November 2009, micro-blog started in china. Xu Yirong began to consider the Internet communications technology and vertical field of integration, the micro-blog model learned from, and women fashion to a piece, for accustomed to the price war homogenization business, another battlefield. After several weeks of shift.