The number of site outside the chain of slow growth analysis

2. chain form

said: "we may understand the audit audit more, is in love with sea received your articles, but also may carry on" two review "of your article, only checked to put out, according to the same ha it network Xiaobian for many years the chain work experience, Xiaobian outside there is also the chain mechanism, especially foreign chain lack of regular one-time release of a large number of the chain, the audit time will be very long, even included directly deleted again, no chance to see the light, so you outside of the chain also will stop growing or slow snake powder to avoid the chain, so we review Shanghai love machine to increase the number of the chain website.

according to years of experience, the chain of time if you have rules, do regular fixed quantity, so the chain growth will be very obvious, generally as long as the chain do today included, the total number of second days will give you the chain to you, on the other hand, if the chain is lack of regularity, and the chain is you today issued has been included in the search engine, the number will not be second days or even longer period of time is displayed, it will cause the chain growth or slow phenomenon, so the chain regularity can be steadily increased the number with the chain, the chain to reduce our heart the pressure caused by the.

1. chain irregularity caused by

the number of the chain has been arguably the most troubled owners of data, because when you are in the chain you will worry about the site, because the chain is too much and have been implicated in the chain of punishment, and less time, and tangled website ranking is not good due to the chain of less cause, can be described as "the chain also worry about the chain less worry ah, ha ha today it network for webmasters to unlock the chain less the slow growth of the knot, I hope help.

There are many

written in the last 4.

site outside the chain growth factors, these can be found on the Internet, here is not long winded, ha ha it Xiaobian want to say is: the number of the chain is not to be neglected, but the chain of mentality to adjust, not purely to the chain chain, the chain number or both less or not, must have a good attitude to face, the chain itself is a dynamic data, don’t scare myself, especially in the chain on the site

in the previous article about the chain has a variety of forms, and we work with the owners check out or domain out is actually love Shanghai about, that is the number of your domain name on the Internet page, so if you are outside of the chain is mainly Links, pictures or links the anchor text chain form that will not check out, the number will increase, so if the number of pursuit of the chain goes up when the chain can be appropriate to do the chain "- plaintext plain text or hyperlinks" form, so that when you will find the number of queries you outside of the chain on the increase.

3. chain audit by


Webmaster website optimization techniques do know the head


website optimization is one of the main factors to achieve site keywords ranking, through the website to bring good benefits for the webmaster, you need to head the contents of every webmaster friends carefully designed website, here the author some website optimization techniques and share head. Friendly reminder: every novice webmaster friends head set to do what, not greedy nor be greedy.

two, website optimization settings skills. Head

1, title website optimization techniques


(1) Title Keywords: for the usage of the best number of keywords in three or less than three, otherwise the weight too scattered won’t give very good keywords ranking, this is a piece of cake cake principle, three points is not 1/3 person, if the people crossed so get less cake.

site: the head is composed of title, description, keyword.

(4) title between keywords symbol settings: title >

(2) Title Keyword Selection: the keyword choosing to make detailed analysis on the website of the industry, as far as possible to avoid the edge, give full play to the idea of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, select the optimal keyword set, considering the price good keywords, this makes the webmaster for the best profit by minimum cost.

Title: 1, the title of the site with high weight, born, is one of the factors determining the site keywords ranking.

(3) benefit and brand Title settings: because the title keyword sequence will affect the weight of keywords, the keywords weight before the website gives higher efficiency for focusing on Web site webmaster friends set the best website keywords on the front, the brand on the back (or word do not set up the brand, but the unique love Shanghai website is a preference, it is best to set the brand word). Pay attention to the brand of brand owners can do in front of the word, the word brand keywords on the back, it can highlight the brand website, rely on search engines to reduce late in the expansion of the site.

2, Description: the description of the website, the website is the main content of the introduction, description users can clearly understand the site, which is about the choice of the customer browsing, keyword ranking effect after title.


3, keyword: the keyword of the website search engine, from now on view, very little effect seems to keyword on the website keywords ranking play.

, head of

The head of the

From the Bible to optimize the nobility baby Shanghai Longfeng Enlightenment (two)

and mass is different, each industry has its own authoritative directory, find and submit. It can not only help included, more important is to enhance the website weight, but also enhance the correlation. This website is a cumulative. Sometimes a strong correlation between the website Web site to help is beyond imagination.

review: from the Bible are noble baby optimization Shanghai Longfeng Enlightenment (1)


observation of spider

site is a simple matter, do not need to submit to many search engines, only need to submit the mainstream search engine on the line, and then forget about this thing. Do some things should be done, such as updating the content, such as the construction of the link and so on. Don’t repeat submission.

address and source, do not underestimate these, will help to excavate the long tail keywords and grasp the direction of promotion. Most of the time, only to know whether the effect, if not do or do not detect, then cannot provide recommendations for the next stage of the work.

The opening of the site of

website to submit

The main idea here is to record the user

directoryDirectory of

to do Links, now do Links platform very much, also very much, such as Q group and >

recording and tracking


opened the website needs to pay attention to five points, one is the best use of IP alone, IP alone is a bit expensive, but it can ensure that the spider is index; all two pages have links to other pages; three is the distance from the home page click on all the web pages should not be more than two times, finally all pages have a menu system; four is set to ensure that the site was opened; five is if there is a budget, please pay to open directory. The five point is not difficult, the difficulty is many webmaster do it all.

The theme of the

in the previous article, we respectively and summarizes the eight Shanghai dragon revelation, I believe we will remember very clearly, there is something we are very familiar with, while others are a little strange, sometimes a small detail could help to enhance trust and website ranking, this is Shanghai dragon wonderful place. The above today, continue to do the divergent thinking, can think of as much as possible to express love, also we have more exchanges.

to see if you finish crawling the entire web site, in general, the search engine will be on the website directory and link to crawl, unless you use the robots banned spider, if not prohibited in case of some spiders not to crawl, so should see your website internal links if there is a problem. However, if this is a new online website, you need to wait for a period of time, because the spider may spend more time to find and crawl your page.


A if you want to become a Shanghai master the basic qualities which need to optimize the Dragon

believe that every new Shanghai dragon keyword optimization for this novice has a goal, determined to become a good Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel, become the industry master get good grades. It really is like this, I started to enter the Shenzhen website optimization when this line of thought so, thinking since the decision in this line will make a difference in this line can reflect their own value. Just this practice has been over a year, that is still on a treadmill, I did not shorten between the actual and target distance, but a little farther. The reason, I think maybe it’s because I this year has no clear direction, do not understand how to achieve this goal towards the direction of. Still want to become the industry elite, so re-examine themselves and the distance between the target, clear oneself to become a good Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel need to possess the basic qualities which, and the required skills. I gradually summarize the previous experience and lessons from the predecessors to understand, to become a master in Shenzhen Shanghai dragon optimization, website construction of Shanghai Longfeng optimization industry can make a difference, some of the basic quality of the following must have.

we all understand, website optimization said that simple and complex complex, the chain construction, simple to simple website content and Links, which for most of Shanghai Longfeng optimization workers is not a difficult task, it is an easy thing. It is just the website optimization work can be reflected in the very slow, need to go through a long process you can see the results of their efforts, but before the more time you will feel the work seems pointless, constantly doubt their determination to persevere, there may even be crazy to give up. At this time, new Shanghai Longfeng people need optimization persistence and patience enough, as in the past to and strengthen our optimization work, because it is like we dug, dug fast when water screeching stop our work, eventually no water to drink. We do Shenzhen website design or other industry site too, was immediately after the observation period to see the results, you can give up halfway the results, as can be imagined.

Select the

need to experience life innumerable choices, to make a correct judgment before to make their own choices in every time, finally make a wise choice. We engaged in Shanghai Longfeng keyword optimization, insist on do website optimization work, and strive to improve the site keywords ranking and flow conversion.

so, as a construction site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel, especially want to become a master of the new Shanghai dragon optimization, must first have the quality of patience is to persevere, to optimize our work. Continue to adhere to the original writing, constantly breakthrough yourself, will do a better job of optimization.

, enough patience

two, wise

Love Shanghai to promote the basis of Article 1 – account login and view information

3. to enter this page is love Shanghai promotion background landing page for the first time on the need to install the security controls (input password, click on the map) to install the plug-in (preferably after preservation and plug-in installation, directly installed if possible not installed). At the same time because of vicious competition, 360 security guards will report to Shanghai plug Trojan, please don’t delete

will be verified through post login to the promotion of the background page, as shown in figure

two, landing operation:

2. direct input 贵族宝贝www2.baidu贵族宝贝 landing


love Shanghai love Shanghai promotion is a pioneering result paid by the network promotion, simple and convenient operation "can bring a lot of potential customers for the enterprise, effectively enhance corporate visibility and sales. There are more than 100 million people in Shanghai love to find information every day, enterprises in Shanghai registered with the relevant keywords love products, potential customers will be active to find these products find.


by agents on behalf of Shanghai, a registered love promotion account, users only need to provide a business license, website promotion, corporate identity can be URL. Login username, English, digital Chinese characters can be combined, the password for the


love Shanghai promotion was launched by Shanghai love company, enterprises in the purchase of the service, a certain number of keywords submitted by registered, its promotional information will be the first to appear in the corresponding Internet search results. When the user is simply retrieved using a keyword, the search results page will appear advertising content associated with the keyword. The keyword advertising is in the retrieval of specific keywords, appeared prominently in the search results page. Such as: business owners submitted the words "Wang Yue network" in Shanghai registration, when consumers or users looking for "Wang Yue network" information, Enterprise priority will be to find love in Shanghai according to the actual traffic (potential visitors) charges, every click fees ranging from a few cents to a few dollars. Decided by the level of competition of enterprise products.


case with numbers

4. is the first landing usually have a mobile phone authentication function, to prevent the need to bind the mobile phone account stolen. Or you change your login location will prompt the security question, input.



1. browser choice: the best love Shanghai, Chrome (browser Google browser), Firefox (Firefox) and the window of the world, is not recommended to use the IE browser (more cards, now love Shanghai to promote the system upgrade, IE8 does not support), can not use the 360 browser.

Look at the way love Shanghai algorithm and the algorithm of Scindapsus Scindapsus

some sites due to the regular optimization time is too long, the effect is not obvious, in an attempt to improve their website ranking in the search engines through hyperlinks to buy high weight, with money in exchange for cheating links, search engine and user for ranking, this kind of love is the object of Shanghai heavy blow to.

at the beginning of 2013, Shanghai launched a love called "combat link trading behavior Scindapsus algorithm", in 2012, Shanghai made a love link cheating adjustment and blow. The main object of attack intention behavior affect the ranking of search results through hyperlinks to cheat in the exams. And in 2013 the green algorithm is hyperlink for cheating combat upgrade. From this two attack, can know love Shanghai for hyperlink cheating and cheating in an attempt to control the search results of the attitude is very tough.

what we know is that if you want to be in stable, so we need to do is to concentrate on the station, regular do their own website, do not use any means of cheating, in fact, Shanghai dragon is not complicated. "

3. buy links

1. hyperlink intermediary website

hyperlink intermediary website is the integration of selling links of the owners and want to buy a bridge link station, refers to the search for links in exchange for some willing to sell the benefits of the site, to help them to find the right people to buy, or to help buy links for link sale webmaster, this process of trading and processing through the intermediary links.

Internet above is still part of the site itself weight is good, but want to get more benefits, some will choose to sell the hyperlink position for profit, through the sale of their own website external hyperlinks, this type of website is also within striking range of love in Shanghai.

2. sold the website links

can see, such a blow to the user experience as the core, conscientiously do Shanghai Longfeng optimization webmaster, is undoubtedly a good news. For those who seek to think through opportunistic way to enhance the ranking of the webmaster, this is a big news. Then the network announced in Shanghai by the odd love Webmaster Platform see love for Shanghai algorithm, three types of Web site for processing and combat.

for the above three types of Web site owners for the regular treatment, there is no effect, but with 2013.2.21 today, Scindapsus algorithm will "Shanghai dragon training" search results before the big reshuffle, ranking the "Shanghai dragon training institute Shanghai Dragon Phoenix trad, Shanghai VIP, Shanghai, 915 dragon dragon a symbol of war in ancient China" the website rankings are gone. It is the result of Scindapsus algorithm, this is what we don’t know, love Shanghai there are several reasons for this treatment, the treated site is belong to three categories against the object, this is not what we know.

A short video of the Carnival on Entrepreneurial mimicrySummary of a site for a novice and some sugg

it’s not innovation, it’s a compromise of reality, because of the domestic user creativity

my first contact with the Internet was in high one, in 2000. I remember very clearly, in an Internet bar inside, the Internet cafe’s boss gave me the election of the machine, taught me the internet. That is what all don’t understand, holding the mouse did not know how to use, at random, the pay 20 dollars to Internet access fees, only less than 10 minutes to go out, because you don’t really understand what they don’t know little, chaos. Time in the past 10 years, although he claims to be network age ten years, but I still know little about network technology, just know a little fur. So now back when to station, no technology, no purpose, no idea, a whole "three noes" of personnel, rushed to buy the domain name space, in a hurry on the line, is really admire oneself. I believe the intention is to practice it, and no other idea, if that is to make money, my income has now occupation can maintain my high quality of life, if it is boring, I can put your feet up to watch adult action movies in the office, just because of his chest. A restless heart. So I built a station.

1, before setting up, must have a clear goal. Web site is like an article, must be the central theme to be clear, only clear the center, you can better expand your web site, no more than others

but in order not to cause the same competition, I am still in his suggestion, the revision, the website now has changed an interface, but the root things haven’t changed, I also slowly to do, stick with it, anyway, have to do this up, out of pity.

followers explore new ways, Vine copy can not afford,

can not afford learningAlthough the This is a

Viddy Slogan is to "create and share video interesting and simple way", Vine in App Store’s description reads "Create short, beautiful looping, videos in a simple and fun way. the similarity of the two close to the literal translation, emphasize and guide users to create interesting content.

but this craze swept not only the domestic market, after Vine, Instagram launched a short video acquisition function, Yahoo short video products Qwiki, Line "microchip" function with the on-line version, foreigners have not been idle.

micro Slogan is "8 seconds short video sharing", the second shot Slogan for the "mobile phone video, the second moment", emphasizes the features and gameplay. Of course, such a description and description of the Viddy than the Vine ready to accept either course easier for users to understand what this product, but also exposed the domestic followers in the play’s difference, emphasizes the creation of content to a certain extent, but not that interesting.

concern is three questions: how to copy the product after the localization of survival? Strong and strong social media Sina Tencent "short" soldiers is the winner? Small start-up companies will not be giants play dead?

there is no doubt that in the social product has been several APP monopoly, users and Internet Co will need new gameplay to meet the social needs of overload and short video, innovation is one of the few, in the domestic and foreign alike, so the domestic and foreign Internet Co of this wave of pursuit is not strange.


China’s Internet is a magical wall of promise, and when you say "XX products if you have a Chinese version", open App Store, and you will find your wishes come true.

in the form of products, from the play to take micro with Viddy, Vine and other products, is nothing more than to hold the same shot, loosen the pause, but like Sina micro-blog and Twitter, in the domestic market, these buddies will eventually find their own play.

this time, I’m starting to worry about being discovered by my buddies. So what am I going to say?. After much deliberation, decided to tell him about the day to call him, but he has not met the urgent matter, said, I also forgot the stubble. Did not expect, or was he found me the criminal conspiracy has been unmasked, secretly copied his website, re built a. But he was very generous, did not say anything to me, but also encouraged me to do this site. Here, I want to borrow a A5 network, with Ben said, brothers life thanks

short video content is APP, after the beginning of the launch of Vine Twitter, the new project "Youtube founder play racket" in April this year on sale, the first half of Weico team launched the "micro film", Iqiyi launched the "pops odd", "Sina dazzle" company on the horse "seconds", Tencent push "micro", a time of raging like a storm.

here, I want to say something about my feelings or suggestions to newcomers who haven’t come in or have already come in this industry:

the beginning of the establishment of the time, I was completely taken my buddy Ben website templates to build, what are the same, web page layout, site keywords, website color, some website optimization, all learn from him, I started to practice is the most, so also didn’t want to so much. Results after the completion of construction, I just follow copied to the Internet, insist on the chain every day, insist on doing this website is updated daily, actually I worked with, but if the keywords ranking is not low.

Expert site optimization essential tools recommended

text editor software

, 4 light years log analyzer

keyword tool quick analysis pluginPageRank

website optimization often have to deal with keywords, Jinhua keyword tool is most suitable for mining business value, easily find low competition, high conversion keywords. Keywords mining in the lottery website optimization software source code, using this tool, the largest mass mining tens of thousands of the most suitable for the optimization of key words. Keywords fusion Taobao, Jingdong, pat, Dangdang, Amazon and other major mall mining. The only query keywords competition, optimization of difficulty, only while providing love and love Shanghai Shanghai index search volume tool.

quick analysis plugin is very powerful, can share the love of Shanghai included, love Shanghai recently included, noble baby included, PR query, love Shanghai weight, love Shanghai traffic query, soso included, Sogou included, Sr query, domain name age, the basic situation of the record state and so on the entire site. I am in the lottery website optimization software source code, this plugin to analyze the website frequently used data is very accurate, is love Shanghai Shanghai dragon must have good control.

old webmaster website optimization, hand there must be a lot of Shanghai dragon tools and software, as the saying goes, "to do good work must first sharpen his tools". Effect of auxiliary tools good for optimization have twice the result with half the. Do the optimization of lottery software source code website has nearly 2 years, in Shanghai, a lot of dragon software tools, but not enough, the main is useful. Here we recommend several Shanghai Longfeng personnel essential tools:

Web log analysis is the webmaster often do, tools for rapid analysis of site log file Web log analysis, allowing you to crawl to record love Shanghai, noble baby spiders at a glance. Just start looking for log analyzer for a long time, also used many other log analysis software.


3, Jinhua

2, PageRank

text editing software is very important to the staff of Shanghai Longfeng software, especially large web site, updated daily articles hundreds or even thousands of articles. May the enterprise lottery software source www.ekuyun贵族宝贝 like me, use such software will be less, but is occasionally used to. There are two main types of FlashFXP Notepad and I have to use the text editor, where Notepad is a free open source text editor, the function is relatively less than FlashFXP, it is easy to operate; FlashFXP is a powerful FXP/FTP software, integration of a number of other outstanding advantages of FTP software, such as CuteFTP can compare the same folder, support for color text display; like BpFTP support multi select the file folder to cache folder; like the LeapFTP appearance of the interface, and the design seems to have differential phase.

From an old watch Wangzhuan and quality problemsHow can we make money through the Internet

for our different sites, we can adapt to their own way, do information website, in order to quickly obtain revenue, you can sell things, increase Mall function. Do mall in order to attract users, you can first do information, do forums. According to their actual situation, to find a suitable profit model, the survival and development of the site is indeed very important.

can see baseless invective and very vulgar words.

first, what is the network, fundamentally speaking, the network is a new way of information transmission, and the previous registration, television, radio purposes, is the form of different. For example, the cost is relatively low, easy to release new content, and large amount of information, without time and space control.

it happened in 2010 September, just over a month ago. The cause of the matter is this: in August, I participated in the recommendation of Hui Long mart for 5 yuan reward, and successfully recommended 30 valid members and 1 invalid members. However, due to a long time mall encountered cheating problems, was forced to delay payment, and soon by "unknown truth masses" into a liar. In September 13th, I received a referral bonus payment for benefits to pay, screenshots on the blog you can search for "Hui Long mall referral bonus has been paid", and find the original affixed to the Hui community for a long time, "comfort" fast losing patience with friends. Surprisingly, there was a lot of abusive language in this blog post. Screenshot follows protect privacy, erase name:

I in the blog post collection of screenshots, results from abuse, called a "learning mathematics master" independent blogger message said: "this is what meaning? Do their own on the line, you teach others why? Are you tired?" first thank you friend. For this kindly reminder, I had to laugh back. In fact, if allowed to continue to abuse, you can only bury the benefits of long time to promote the project, so that later people dare not do, in vain loss of a good project. Who would be good for the consequences? No good for anyone.

stays in College for a long time and tends to take the school as the world, so there are many things outside of campus that cannot be understood. And the Internet does not distinguish between school and off campus, the Internet itself into a world, each Internet users, under the premise of anonymity, they play the role of deviation from their actual identity. I read this article, mostly for Wangzhuan interested people, but I want to talk about, and the quality problem is: Wangzhuan Wangzhuan and a little connection. Perhaps this article is destined to only a small number of people recognized.

what is the one link, that is business, this is a lot of e-commerce sites do, Taobao so many sellers will have a large amount of transactions every day, there will be a lot of cash flow, we open a shop in Taobao, sold out of something that is, the use of information generated by the transaction to make money back. In another case, we have a website, which uses our website to sell our own things. That’s easier than making simple information and making money by advertising. To make money by trade, the Internet is a tool for the dissemination of information, and the real gains depend on selling things.

second, the way to make money through the network, said there must be a lot of friends think Wangzhuan, is to do a website, through some articles, information to attract users, and then through the user click on ads to make money. This is the most simple Wangzhuan, our website is often understood through the network to make money.


I once said in an article in Admin5’s article that "abuse has become a great thing."


now everyone on the network to understand more and more, earn money through the network have a lot of friends, but also there are many dark groping friends, here I share with you my own through some understanding of the Internet to make money.

in the process, because the user needs information, so through the network to get necessary information, our website provides such information users to our website to obtain the information, at the same time we want to publish information i.e. advertising to convey to the user.

therefore, making money through information, that is, advertising to make money, is the most basic business model of the internet. At the same time there is also a case of our information is very valuable, then we can sell this information, now many websites collect membership fee, because they can provide some general difficult to get the information of users want to know specific information, such as 51 senior members to get to date the telephone number of professional website provides some very scarce information such as information industry report. And logistics website can provide logistics information, SMS, monthly business and so on.

information the act or action that leads to the information receiver –

the logic of this abuse is "we met a lot of crooks, and, as a matter of fact, this is definitely a cheater."". If we regard this abuse as internet violence, then please reflect on what the role of abuse is. Yes, it is catharsis, just catharsis, no practical significance. Maybe some of the friends in the screenshot have been cheated before, so they’re sensitive to any questionable behavior. But what does abusive behavior reflect? It’s a matter of quality. Invective has nothing to do with morality; anyone has the right to swear. I won’t scold you, but I reserve the right to despise you. Because the curse is not earned money. Have you ever seen Ma swear?

Dry cargo 3 love Shanghai keywords weight lifting technology, to help you in the top 3.

two, do this line is optimized only will optimize it? If you think so, it is destined to be a Commissioner of the chain. I think that optimization is the door, understand everything the expert, not only to understand the optimization, but also to understand the front, but also to understand the program, if you can understand the point of art, the best copywriting level again, ha ha, Shanghai Longfeng optimization that is the most niubi.

unfortunately, this perfect person is really rare, so we should not be too greedy, know a little programming. Some people will be tired, why do optimization but also to understand the program? How about you do not engage in website open source? You don’t contact with the open source program template? Do people write a template you used them also? "

every day talking about the optimization, we must talk about weight every day, do not trouble trouble? It really can not blame you, because in the optimization of all know that something moving in the past as nothing can share a little smarter dry cargo, see a dozen soft article also know how to do. But, but, but (important words three times), the real master is on the details of the optimization to win, such as these love Shanghai keywords weight lifting technology, maybe you have seen, but not really practical, do not believe it to try

said the details for you today, but also our own in use, and the ranking has been good, especially for the inside pages, it is absolutely awesome. In general we title not using the above method, but the shorter title + keywords long title, and does not appear to repeat the title, if the home, should be placed in front of the word brand, such as: the children draw pictures for children Daquan – based tutorial, the title is the painting as a whole website Daquan brand word show, is a bit Mongolia? To learn before a bit different? Haha, I’m still a little explanation. Because you will brand keywords in the first place, the search engine will think, addressing words of the website is needed, at the same time will think your site is the best, then in the same elevation, will not give you a good rankings? This is the love sea weight lifting the most important keywords ranking step.

, I believe we already know how to title this thing to do, and has been "God" say bad, for example, the weights are passed sequentially from left to right, the right to lower the weight of keywords; to mix it up, and then re arrangement, so that a title will contain N keywords that is not the feeling of harvest


and some other so-called skills I will not say, because these things you people will certainly know, the search engine, it can become dry cargo? You imagine, if every webmaster of the keywords list, then, is not everyone’s site has rankings? So, do Shanghai dragon still want to find the methods.

! ?