2013 search prospects, who can kill love Shanghai

3 information more safe and reliable, it is said that when the user search keywords clearly point to a website, 360 search will show the official website address should be certified free, not to the bidding sales website keywords.

360, because although before 360, 3721 search, a rogue lineage, but the 360 is one of the few can really bring threat to the love of Shanghai enterprises, soso Sogou of poor quality, can not find the direction of Google, even the doors are not directly, so the existence of 360 anyhow, let us see the hope to the webmaster. 15 and the 360 announced open platform strategy, which includes three points:

1 resources, according to the 360 official said that the 360 and has thousands of technology companies, in music, video, maps and other popular areas were the integration of industry leading technology resources, cool, Youku potatoes and High German these famous names from 15 onwards became the 360 most capable partner.

In fact, I have been more like

2360 searches for similar data users preferential competition, will be the most preferential data show in 360 with the box, at the same time, reduced from the side of the mobile phone users to download the application software of the risk.

4 this is the most important point, is the 360 announced not to accept any form of medical advertising, the user back to a clean and reliable search environment, this is a direct fan a slap in the face of love Shanghai.

2012 has been almost a month, or stationmaster industry development in stability, not what big movement, is not immutable and frozen, low-key on-line search and so on December 17th, January 15th, 360 announced a high-profile vertical search into its products, whether it is a low tone sitting in their own products, or high-profile cause in 2013 the industry shock, the search industry will not smooth soap operas, because everyone has to love Shanghai tired.

of the four strokes can be said to reflect the 360 and Shanghai love fighting determination in the end, the face of a more powerful opponent, I love Shanghai certainly to present their own shortcomings and correct, and love Shanghai’s recent work also showed that the relative vulnerability to improve their work.

is the first to improve their content construction, from improving the search box early, then later love Shanghai Wikipedia editing restrictions, love Shanghai to provide their own services in the increasingly high demand, especially the love from Shanghai portal hired Zhang Jun manager, apparently on their improvement in the level of text the great. The main battlefield of the content construction is always 360 to attack Shanghai love, true love Shanghai does have a bad place in these areas, the homogenization of content, advertising and so on are shortcomings, but compared to 360 or more than sufficient, especially love, love the sea, Shanghai know 100 and white reading Arts in user groups the viscosity is very high, and love in Shanghai 2>

Experience can learn from The Legend of Zhen Huan in Shanghai Longfeng experience

the first to talk about the "The Legend of Zhen Huan" a bit of feeling after reading, after the Shanghai dragon experience. Harem of three thousand, to always get the love of the emperor, the emperor’s heart will know. In many years, Zhen Huan has ups and downs in disgrace, complex graces should become three thousand to Scarlett in the grace of a woman not only because of her beauty, her talent, it is because she learned more about her "pillow", know that the emperor likes and dislikes, know how to do to get the Emperor’s trust and favor. This is my biggest reading comprehension, so the story and we do have the same great Shanghai dragon.

Shanghai to sort out the relationship between the angle of the dragon, the user is the search engine is the emperor, the empress dowager, and those of us who is the webmaster pinfei. The user decides the development of search engine, search engine has also been guided, and the webmaster only to please the search engine, then you will be able to search to the user. So we in the site, the webmaster will need to enter the palace, submitted to our website for the search engine grab and included. There are many rules the house, did not want to enter into, we need to be able to comply with the rules of the palace. Get ranked in the webmaster website, is not such a truth, must first be a search engine to crawl the site, so the first to enter after will need to be found by love.

First, we use


after entering the palace, as long as the Emperor (user) search, have the opportunity in the bedroom, how many beauty group is Shanghai dragon knowledge, talent shows itself, mainly from two aspects: the station optimization and stood outside optimization. From the inside, said first station optimization. The station optimization, is mainly pushed yourself, it can be divided into two categories, called "makeup" and "conservation". Makeup as the name suggests, is to dress up, what to wear, what to wear headgear, wipe rouge, lipstick painted what what, with what perfume, is exquisite, exquisite skills of these. (Yu Yifei Series) you see people from Zhen Huan, just entered the house to become elegant, gorgeous back to the palace, each period is just perfect. To use "Shanghai dragon, also some techniques of the method, here I will not outline, we can understand love with Shanghai search guide. This is what we often say that the site can not be impatient, only step by step, the step is done, it must be >

last time, "The Legend of Zhen Huan" is the fire, some netizens even lamented the audience seeking miss class charmed housewife, my mother. Today is not to say that the "The Legend of Zhen Huan" story, but through this drama can realize some truth in Shanghai dragon. Some people say, you’re the baloney, a TV series and also how we optimize the industry contact. In fact, we do not want the Shanghai dragon is a divergent thinking, where there are hot spots, where there is our existence. Everything is related, we just want to see from which angle, when we found out, it will give people a bright eyes of surprise.

Discussion on how to choose the wrong keywords flow interception accident

this one word can see someone search, but because it is a mistake, we can see what the site basically no competition. As long as we mistake the reasonable use of the word appropriate keywords layout, we will easily get through this one word traffic accident.


wrong is a good way for the small site for the traffic accident, but when using this method we should be moderate, excessive use will be your site should lose professional degree. I hope this is helpful for you.



for the grass-roots webmaster want to use search engines to get more traffic and not a very simple thing. Some of the high traffic keywords are often large and medium-sized site firmly in the hands, if we directly in these words with these large and medium-sized sites against, often just egg stone, with little success. Some Adsense might suggest that we do indeed have the long tail keywords, long tail keywords competition is small, easy to get traffic effect. But the long tail keywords also have certain competitive, so there is no way is more efficient and low degree of competition? Yes, I today share a how to intercept the traffic accident with the wrong word wrong way.

I have a QQ on the exchange website, mainly for the QQ of some of the latest business activities, etc.. In the previous stage QQ launched a new service "QQ drill emperor", after its introduction there is love Shanghai index is very high, as shown below.

above we can see that a word search results page has been Tencent贵族宝贝 and several major portals dominated, if this word in the short term it is difficult to see the effect. This time we can use some long tail keywords, such as "how to open a business drill emperor" and so on, but these words still have some competition. If there is less competition word? Yes, just as I mentioned in the wrong keywords, we know that when users search for a word, will inevitably make mistakes such as spelling, "QQ drill emperor" and some people may hit "QQ drill yellow", it also has a certain amount of search the love of Shanghai, the index is shown.

first explain the keywords, QQ Huang drilling is a new QQ service launched. We all know that the current Tencent in the country have the user group is wide, the launch of a business will naturally caused great concern. In the figure we can see after the launch of the search volume reached 63000. Naturally I cannot pass this site a keyword. But the search for this one word, can see the search results but let the author flinch.


article >

Bean shell chain promotion skills

as to how the question and answer, the pupil knows, but suggested the following:

account, we can begin to answer the promotion. (Ps recommendation: first look perfect small data, such as age, residence of these fill this real point)

must first enrich the content of the website, the do it yourself, I can’t help you.

1. when presented with a problem, do not immediately change a number to the best answer, wait a moment, for so long, personal advice on.


first we know a few things:


2. in the know the link to automatically add nofollow (this you know)

1. to be asked and answered, have multiple accounts. (the best computer)

of course, you can also go directly to Taobao to buy ready-made account, but the price is slightly expensive (guokr贵族宝贝 account Taobao did not sell, I do not know why, the other is

since Prime Minister Lee visited Shenzhen maxspace, the country will hang a hit off the wind, countless maxspace as set up quickly like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, let the term a passenger into everyone’s perspective.

)The The

is the science and technology class website, we’ll have to go around and some technology related places, such as shell, known, scientific squirrel, watercress these places, although not all of these sites are related to technology, but most of the tech enthusiasts gathered. These places have a large number of DIY enthusiasts, folk scientists of this kind, is a good group.

We have to have a

good nonsense to say, here I will share how to promote science and technology website.

3. site visits are basically concentrated at twelve noon and five or six p.m.

is the second, and then get the contents of drainage, drainage is nothing more than the hair of the chain, but how efficient the chain it is a question. "Question and answer", "super soft"…… After the study, write the article, and then stay connected with good results, but too much mental, not as good as the original articles to own site. Discussing the effect is good, can attract spiders, more can attract hobbyists attention.

account can, these sites are available to registered mail account, do not use the mobile phone. So long as the mailbox can be successfully registered (Ps: watercress account and QQ account can login shell network, with watercress account do not go to the registered shell, his account on it), as for how to get the mail, you can use the disposable mailbox "(this can not understand the love of Shanghai). Of course, I recommend to buy more to Taobao mail account, so easy to manage but also very cheap.

Beginners guide to web log analysis

site log, view the log from code to log analysis of the problem solving is well known. In fact, web log analysis is not difficult, but the novice don’t understand the meaning, will have a problem. Slowly see more web log you will understand the meaning. I am here to lucky racing site log as an example, to novice how to quick start this work.


spider crawling the return type of


#Date: 2013->

2, The analysis is very easy for the old webmaster work

(4) code 302, said the temporary redirect.

in the spider crawling will return code, by viewing the loan status can be seen crawling results, the main HTTP status code has the following categories:

in the web log, the spider has the following categories: general name of love Shanghai -> Baiduspider, noble baby -> BOT, Msn -> noble baby; MSNBot Yahoo, -> Slurp, yodao -> YoudaoBot, Sogou; -> Sogou+get+spider. In the log, as long as the above search spider name, you can see the type of spider crawling traces.

(6) code 500, said the program is wrong.

(1) code 200, said the spider crawling normal.

3, log interpretation of

(5) code 301, said the permanent redirect.

spider introduced the name of

#Version: 1.0

#Software: Microsoft Internet Information Services 6.0

In fact,

(3) code 404, the link to visit the wrong link. This error link, one hand from there was later deleted ", on the other hand may come from there, but other people outside the chain of a dead link.

code did not you think so hard, I just do the optimization work, contact the lottery website code, I really think the webmaster in cool, so difficult to lucky racing 贵族宝贝7ien.cn/xysc.aspx Web log code can understand, admiration for words. In a period of time after the web log, it is not their cattle, I was a rookie. My own words, on the web log analysis of entry time will be longer, to share some experience here, believe that for the novice get started quickly.

(2) code 304, said that since the last grab, the content is not updated. In general, the website pictures often will return this value.

2015 New Year’s day love Shanghai K how to deal with what reason

Research Institute Shanghai dragon network researcher found that the K station so many webmasters design scope, be taken by surprise, the design depth in 2014 several love Shanghai adjustment doesn’t match. Just when everyone said of the situation, Shanghai Dragon Network Research Association launched the Shanghai Association for the study of Xiao Chai Longfeng network observers were analyzed one by one investigation and the phenomenon of webmaster feedback problems.

love the official website of Shanghai

, an industry keyword ranking fell

four, website full time dropped

three, the website ranking no, including the name of the web site ranking

Shanghai Longfeng Research Association Network official website ranking disappear

Shanghai Longfeng Research Association news: 2015 New Year’s day, new year, a wonderful moment. However, the Shanghai dragon ER and webmaster, this is an extraordinary new year. In the new year’s day at the beginning of January 1, 2015, Shanghai love search engine had a wide range of large fluctuations, resulting in large quantities of website ranking is down, included reducing the flow speed reduction, the weight is reduced, some sites even worse. When people are addicted to the new year happy when the webmaster circle broke new year second due to the quiet.


but the response from the current situation, the whole network is K phenomenon is not much. Most of them are the decline in ranking and ranking, led to a decline in a series of reactions, such as flow rate decreased, weight loss and so on love in Shanghai.

words group grow coffee reactionAccording to the

two, the website have included page speed reduction

while not qualitative, nor do I have any messages of love Shanghai official, but initially identified several phenomena:

from the current situation of speculation, the reason why.Cn and贵族宝贝.cn sites implicated, there may be subject to the relevant departments of the state intervention on the overall domestic domain name website filtering investigation result. During this period, some users in response of love Shanghai had time to visit.



,.Cn and贵族宝贝.cn were the largest

five, stop or reduce the new collection of


from the current "response to the situation, the abnormal website has a few kinds:

response from the current point of view, most of the sites belonging to the.Cn suffix site. Shanghai Longfeng industry professional website of Shanghai Longfeng Research Association Network (www. Shanghai, xiehui.cn) is no exception, received a great deal of involvement, even search Shanghai Longfeng Research Association Network official website name, can not search to the station.



Analysis on the search engine.

in the log file, clear record of the amount of each search engine grab, such as love, Shanghai Google, Sogou search engine crawl records, we can record, using the DOS or Linux command to achieve, the search engine is determined by the amount and quality of the crawl to decide, when the quality at the same time, spiders crawl bigger, then included will be more, we were in the log analysis, must know the amount of crawling spider every day in the end is what the situation, and every day to record, perhaps the absolute value can not explain what, we can go to see the trend when one day, grab the volume trend in the fall, we will find the reason.

for the website optimization, search engine log analysis is a necessary, whether you are a small website included hundreds of millions, or included large and medium-sized website, Shanghai dragon to do well, must make scientific analysis of the log, the log is all events in the web server on record including user access records, search engines crawl records for some large sites, the daily log has several G size, we can use the Linux command to separate, in large web log files to be confidential, ordinary people can not see, because you can analyze visitor trends and regional trends from the log inside, we do not need so many Shanghai dragon data, as long as we analysis the search engine to grab a piece of this record can be, So a large amount of data, if after treatment, is not particularly large, and now the hard disk is so cheap, the log files are stored or can be considered. Then we mainly analyze the log data of

1, each search engine (and trend)

what?Grab the overall quantity of

on the two step of the overall grasp, not to repeat the crawl down, then we have to analyze each search engine for each directory to grab what happens, so to block optimization, for example when you increase site traffic, you can know what directory flow >


2, record the search engine spiders don’t repeat grab


step we grab the amount of data to analyze the spider out, then we will go to, is the search engine not only repeat grab quantity, in fact for many pages included, as long as grabbing a can, but in the actual operation of the process when, many pages are repeated grab Google, more advanced technology, repeated crawl rates may be lower, but fell in love with the sea and other search engines, repeat grab rate is very high, you can see through the log analysis, if one day grab the amount of millions, tens of thousands of times are likely to grab the home page, so many of your data must go to the analysis, when you analyze, you will know the seriousness of the problem.

3, each directory, each search engine

Long tail keywords you do or do not flow to where it is

1, we must first create a spider like.

1, through the imagination to guess, and a combination of love Shanghai index for reference, this is the most primitive way the most stupid.

five is the most common and most effective.

5, also some of the free tools for mining long tail keywords mining, the most convenient.

second: the long tail keywords mining work.


mining the long tail keywords, we have to do is to optimize the long tail keywords, the only way easier and more convenient for their site’s long tail keywords have good ranking in the search engine, the author is not good in the long winded directly on the content. Tip: you can extrapolate to do more long tail keywords, because it’s all the same.

every webmaster want to do long tail keywords case, all need to dig some long tail keywords, were selected to do some of their own. And among them, so as not to do long tail keywords index is too high, the competition is too big, it will lose the meaning of do the long tail key words. So how to mining the long tail keywords? Many methods are the past two years, today is to share with you for your reference.

This topic is

2, according to each search engine drop-down box under the long tail keywords to collect, mining and so on form.

the first point: clear the meaning of long tail keywords.

long tail keywords, in the past two years is the fiery transit. Especially for some of the bright younger generation, because most of the hot keywords are some weight higher old firmly firmly secured in the short term, we want to do those hot words ranking is very difficult. So this time we will often consider to do some long tail keywords, as compared to those front-line hot words, the long tail keywords ranking is relatively easy to do, and then do the long-term flow is very considerable, the weight of the late promotion is also very effective, so today I share with you here is the long tail keywords related knowledge and optimization, we hope to help.

?After screening for those who need to do good

4, by competitors to imitate the column page, reference to mining.

reference to some users search the long tail keywords 3, according to their background statistics.

for the long tail word from the literal meaning, we can clearly understand, generally refers to the main keywords are relative to the length of key words. For example, the "non mainstream pictures", it is the main keywords can be caused by long tail words like "non mainstream pictures of boys" and "non mainstream personality male images" etc.. This we can know some simple meaning of OK, there is no need too much time to waste on it.

third: how to optimize the long tail keywords

Google launched Google doodle new website and souvenir shop (map)


                                                              & nbsp;                        

in addition, Google is also on the Zazzle贵族宝贝 website launched Google doodle store. Through the store, users can Google doodle printed on clothes, cards, postcards, stickers, stamps and other items. The store offers all Google graffiti from the beginning of 2000. Previously, only Google store sales staff with the Google doodle design souvenirs, and employees of Google store is not open to the public.

in the homepage design marks a lot of work, to commemorate the historic events, festivals, or Cezanne and well-known figures such as Edison’s birthday. In fact, Google internal design team responsible for the entire Google doodle, the team launched Google doodle frequency has been more and more quickly, while Google graffiti itself has more and more interactive.

Google launched Google doodle new website


technology news Beijing time on December 18th morning news, Google on Friday launched Google doodle (Doodle) version of the website, to help users more easily search the previous release of the Google doodle. At present, the site has more than 1000 static or animated Google doodle.


About Shanghai Pyramid Longfeng matrix ranking technology thinking

recently in Fuqing Shanghai dragon blog reader comments about Shanghai Longfeng Pyramid matrix ranking technology, the author’s first reaction is to share in the Shanghai dragon Why before an illustrated article – Shanghai dragon Pyramid model. Through the exchange, the network rumors of Shanghai Longfeng Pyramid matrix ranking technology is a different mode of thinking. In Shanghai love search to see most of the article is so described: Pyramid ranked matrix technology refers to a large number of relevant pages to form cross links, these cross links form a closed loop matrix, from the bottom to the top step recursive, eventually converging to a large Pyramid, in order to achieve the main keyword weight is piled high with the purpose.

for the Pyramid model and the matrix model are close, Fuqing Shanghai dragon think should according to the actual situation. Of course, is a good model of Pyramid is closed, a plurality of Pyramid plus matrix to pass each other, if logical thinking is not good, do not operate. So please readers think.

Fuqing Shanghai dragon hypothesis if our Pyramid three layer, then the bottom is three words, the middle layer is two words, the top is the core keywords, the bottom between the three keywords within the chain through mutual support, and support to two key words, the same two keywords to support the core keywords, this is a simple model of Pyramid. Please click on the relevant articles about the long tail word: what is the long tail keywords | how to excavate the long tail keywords.

Fuqing Shanghai Dragon said: if not the love Shanghai clicks, the regular operation of website, also can reach Shanghai dragon in Pyramid, in fact, the principle is not difficult to. Fuqing Shanghai dragon in a relationship with you on the website ranking website traffic has been referred to the relevant formula. Shanghai Longfeng traffic = overall included × finishing ranked × total hits; finishing included = grab × page; quality; the overall ranking of the core keyword ranking = × the long tail word ranking (grade two and grade three ranking). With the love of Shanghai clicks is in a short period of time to simulate user more stable and continuous increase of web page clicks, click on the depth of experience, thus disguised, rapid promotion website related word ranking.

on the matrix problem, Fuqing Shanghai dragon in the University on several related knowledge learned in high definition matrix, matrix is the two-dimensional data tables are arranged. In fact, this is a gimmick. This is a chain, can refer to what is the Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon | sprocket sprocket principle. In fact, Pyramid can also be embedded inside the sprocket, please think. Abroad in the evolution of Shanghai Longfeng chain than we advanced a lot, do Shanghai dragon can put a lot of theorem, even eight diagrams evolved into the sprocket map, Shanghai dragon sprocket actually said is easy, practical operation is quite complex and difficult. If a site outside the chain or stations do not do the sprocket, when it is easy to be a search engine as spam links, even convicted of cheating, which is K.