Guo Yeye talk about the weight of the search engine on the web to determine

Shanghai dragon book never bought, these are the clouds, Shanghai dragon details is the website construction technology, to talk about is how to make the site to cater to the superficial search engine standard. Shanghai dragon ER may not technology, but technology to study Shanghai dragon is very easy, a technique of Shanghai dragon ER is very useful. With the development of the search engine, the importance of Shanghai dragon has been the industry recognized, Shanghai dragon ER search engine optimization specialist has become the recruitment of people jobs, wages soared to more than 2000 yuan, the outstanding Shanghai dragon can even give up with the company, can only rely on commission to do good, Shanghai Dragon ER is strong up. read more

Do optimization where is the way for others to do or to do it yourself

did the work of the people all know that this industry is on the person’s physical strength, endurance, energy, mental and so on multiple tests. Sometimes all through the night visiting the forum, looking for resources, sometimes not a good rest holiday, every day to check on progress to what extent, a little wind sways grass will shudder with fear, afraid, accidentally fell into the abyss, not a whole. Not easy to find a high quality Links every day, careful not to drop it, was dragged down, even if not out, his website was also afraid of love Shanghai, or Google, thus affecting their. It is suffering from mental torture. read more

On the new site of the industry development path from the limitations of industry website developmen

what selling keywords? Such as the Dong’ou valve network, the product category type valve all the layout into a suitable optimization, and has the potential to optimize Shanghai love home page or top of the page. The reason we do this page, just waiting for one day, the whole site weight up, every page which product categories, can be rented to the company. Or hang 1-2 company corresponding product categories at the top of the page. The formation of highly targeted publicity. Instead of every enterprise need to optimize your site. However, to put these words do up the road is very long. However, this can be said to be Dong’ou valve network technology department in a website began to layout good after the way. read more

In four we should avoid Shanghai Longfeng customers

four: a bad site customer

is in the Shanghai dragon competition between one of the key factors to success is the customer and the Shanghai dragon consultants. For their advisor or clients trust and sharing information on their business model is very important. However, for a good relationship with the customer advisor for the Shanghai dragon is as important as. Here are some types of customers, you may Shanghai dragon is a nightmare. These types of Shanghai, we should try to avoid the customer. read more

Love the sea off of Taobao passenger abandoned Taobao A thing has its cause. survival

This is my

in April 24th, that time is not only the words "Taobao", even "taobao贵族宝贝" the return of the Taobao keyword, net guest sites have such a high ranking, the wheat bags tightly under pressure.

When the

‘s been so big inconstant in policy, change, I analyze the following reasons:

in Shanghai in June 22nd and June 26th have the webmaster forum UPDATE statement: "make the low quality site measures have been effective" a detailed description of the plans on love Shanghai. For the low quality of the site, the official explanation is no love Shanghai original or false original content. The website comes down to just to get traffic from the search is not beneficial to love Shanghai, user experience. read more

Love Shanghai social Q & a launch for website optimization is an opportunity or a challenge

enterprise web site chain optimization is an important part of link weight love Shanghai high know it was all very clear, but because of the audit through the difficult and artificial report, love Shanghai know the head of the answer is can achieve professional knowledge level, the Shanghai love into the new knowledge, is that we expect the early opening.

enterprise website as a new force in many websites, we are all in the search engine changes love Shanghai the world’s largest Chinese constant attention, love Shanghai new knowledge has been on the line but only have the invitation code can register, and not completely open, but the other social Q & a website know, the weight will be less than the love of Shanghai and Shanghai know love love of Shanghai products, but the function and the specific operation has yet to be tried. read more

After talking about how to learn novice Wangzhuan Wangzhuan novice readingNew three board vertical m

now three new board is still missing the media window, hot stocks and plate information. New three board vertical media obvious opportunities for entrepreneurship, that is, content entrepreneurship, get a certain amount of traffic, and then derived a lot of cash. Some media sources have been created from the media. Read three new board, three easy board and three new board, founder of online media source.

board is gradually warming up, especially in the spring of 2015, with the A shares rose, the new board seemed to usher in the spring season, many new three vertical media came into being, at least now on the market there are dozens of vertical WeChat public number. Entrepreneurs in different fields aimed at the new three panel vertical media, hoping to take this as an opportunity to dig out the hidden treasure in the three new board. A small piece of vertical media, what what hidden entrepreneurial opportunities? How the current major entrepreneurs living here? What hidden murderous? How will the future? I visited at least 6 new board vertical media. Let’s see how they move. read more

How to improve the conversion rate of the B2C websiteHe found the degreeses looking for the next net

hawks believe that in order to improve the conversion rate, the following aspects need to be considered:

in June 28th 2007 Chinese industry website investment and Development Forum official website: 2007. netsun, HC veterans Guo Fansheng sentence "industry website just like on the fly on the window, seeing the light but not the future, let the industry website creators feel stuck in my throat. It seems that the development of the industry website is bound to be "ceiling" repression, to further breakthroughs, difficult! read more

Eight ability needed in Wangzhuan whether you already haveSeveral common misconceptions about SNS

1.SNS is a new business model.    

in most cases, half of the average person will split up the network for themselves, such as college classmates, high school classmates, primary school classmates, and different circles

what is integration ability? Abstract point, for example, a website to traffic, and we want to think how to make these traffic can be the most reasonable use, that is, to maximize the benefits of these traffic. So how do we integrate these traffic? Such as a flow of use, we need to think of several programs, with the flow to do CPS combinedinappropriate? CPA? Or CPC effect is good? And so on; we all need to integrate, try not to waste any traffic. The analysis of the entire process of using traffic is your ability to integrate projects. read more

Kaka net unprecedented price, kuangshuai celebration.Huan buy network Lin Lechang Mobile electricity

recently, Lin Lechang is busy with two well-known domestic mobile phone brand negotiations, he intends to let shopping mall APP and September has just launched a lottery client built into two of these products.

this is a happy shopping network, different from the industry, focusing on advertising flow >

to celebrate the 2008, Kaka network launched an unprecedented price, you must go, 2 fold 50 percent off Cap promotional activities, each commodity value to buy, there is a surprise spree unprecedented, once a year, as long as the successful generation of orders, which have high returns, please put the webmaster to /p>! " read more

Upgrade the mom system, resulting in some data errorHand taught you to do SP day earn 500 is not dif

2. terminal home do not put the swap chain advertising, that will shunt the amount of registration. Best, take Tingting chat room, shanghaicaida Fang Fang, Taiwan 18 adult cinema, midnight, pornographic and conventional terminal all show up, because tourists not interested in this or another interest. Visitors need to register the page, it is best not to put the exchange chain advertising back points, you can put the rebound in full screen show. Different pagination, switching, different exchange chain advertising display form. Also, when playing back, don’t all play movies like SP, can be Liang, ringtones, friends like SP. can also add software to download the CPA advertising pages, such as registration, registration of a download because someone you can earn 0. 3, and will not have an impact on your registration, and others click the exchange chain advertising, you earn 1.2~1.5 points. The rational use of traffic in order to create maximum revenue. read more

Is there a future for shared electric bikes coming out of closed scenesOverview website construction

numerous controversial, shared bike with its strong ability to attract money, has become the 2017 launch of the investment sector is one of the few dazzling areas. In recent days, as one of the extensions of shared bicycles, the share of electric bicycles collectively referred to as shared TRAM also rises. In Beijing, Shanghai and other big cities on the streets, sharing the tram figure quietly appeared, so that the current share of the war situation has become more complicated.

, experienced the baptism of e-commerce era, all network operators become more pragmatic. No one will be looking for an eye economy, and no one is dreaming of building a website and will be a listed company in six months’ time. At the same time, the charm of Internet was also thoroughly promoted by that time, and more people enterprises realized the superiority of Internet.

A, hosting style read more

Share the bike this year half a year financing 3 billion, 30 VC PE into the Bureau, how long can the

Dr. Jiang Jifa’s understanding and discussion:

talks about just need to find out just now. The word never seem to have, along with the development and popularization of Internet mobile Internet deepen, popular business and investment, only in the past few years has been mentioned? Opposites just should be soft, just needs and pain points are not the same thing. Pain points, opposites, pseudo pseudo. Just need to have such a pseudo propositional meaning. Eat, drink, dressing, panting, toilet, medical treatment, education, telecommunications, transportation, child support, support for the elderly, and so on, are just need! For the business is concerned, just means a new means to solve the user need, one or some pain point needs, can mean the user and the demand of the market. That is, just need new demand, real demand, solve the needs of user problems, users can use and market prospects. read more

The four skills of novice webmaster do Wangzhuan must haveBaby Babyhuddle social set up the stage si


1. network promotion

Babyhuddle founder Walid · Al · Sakav Walid Al Saaf said: "our main competitor is Kiddicare, Mothercare and Mamas & Papas, also some competition with amazon. Compared to the competitors, is our unique strengths, we use social media content around the unique product development, give parents the opportunity to create your own list of products, the product directly into the question and answer of that conversation."

this article compiles from TechCrunch read more

This weekend you don’t feel embarrassed to say you’re a mixed investment without an examThe life of


sits with a legend,



painting makeup, polished leather shoes, pay attention to your speech and deportment

, this is an invitation letter for the investment circle high-end forum

heard that moment to get the ticket, a lot of people were excited, nervous and excited

resume ah, ah, students.

since the founding of the people’s Republic of the most exciting fund qualification examination

I’m not talking about reviewing,

they manage billions of assets, all-powerful, pointing read more

After 90 Entrepreneurs selling rice noodles and do IT no differenceSmall shareholders decide on what

Sun Yuchen: Ripple labs designed a Ripple agreement, trying to make different currencies free, free, zero time exchange, creating a value network to support the centralized payment system. For example, international transfers now take about 2 to 3 working days with high fees. With bitcoin it could be an hour, but in the sharp wave network about 3 to 5 seconds. What we have done is to localize the agreement in China as soon as possible.

powder brother Zhang Tianyi, face adorable master Guo column, or North Sea Sun Yuchen, in their interpretation of the 90" idealism ": Entrepreneurship doesn’t have to do great things, is the pursuit of the ideal, the details do not care. read more

08 years, Internet advertising penetration will be substantial growthNiu Wenwen dialogue entrepreneu

      it was reported that in 2008, spending on web advertising would go beyond the broadcast advertising budget.

I dark horse note: dark horse business district finally ushered in a campus small whirlwind. By the "entrepreneur" media and ELIFE smartphone co sponsored ELIFE campus dark horse entrepreneurship contest will be launched in 31 provinces and cities nationwide, 41 cities, 121 colleges and universities. Organized jointly with Peking University Guanghua School of management in yesterday’s competition started at the press conference, Xu Xiaoping teacher site published recently the most wonderful words of a speech; the mystery guest six new hope group and co chairman Liu Chang also dump site, and for the first time in the campus public speaking; the more violent PK Tsinghua University Department of entrepreneurs; the most cattle Security Venture shocked the audience…… read more

Gong Haiyan’s two venture the Internet to make education fairHow to build your online trading platfo

3. good customer service and safe and convenient payment

how to build your online trading platform? I think at least we should pay attention to the following points:

multi angle or specificity, to provide Internet trading platform for the game player’s best equipment, create instant transactions, safe and reliable trading mode; to provide a network of perfect and good, for the trading game building intermediary service trade website. This requires that you need to use the fast and safe way for the sale of the equipment, such as trading cards, leveling service; and in every game in the game will be Trading Forum reports, game player experience, story, etc. timely updates, let the game player feel safe in the online game world, find fun. read more

YY really fierce company dares to move Tencent’s cheeseHow do I manage to earn 300RMB a day

in 2009, when the YY accumulated to a certain extent in the game users, entertainment began to force, IS, Hangzhou 9158 Web voice platform operators, open room, send gifts to the host for its main operation mode. In 2010, Sina $30 million stake in 2012 is expected to reach 1 billion yuan of revenue, and other active audio / video entertainment platform most popular channel executives, mostly received a targeted invitation from YY. Fortunately, 9158 years of operation and focus on this model, its ecological chain has been relatively stable, and IS in the YY development process has been a huge impact. read more

Zhou Hongyi entrepreneurship is a trial and error process, to embrace changeTalking about the popula

Bill Gates and Mark · Zuckerberg’s story inspired a large number of college students China, nowadays, more and more college students to join the army of entrepreneurship and to realize his dream, some even give up their business. In this regard, Zhou Hongyi said, "I am not in favor of college graduates out of office, this is the narrow sense of entrepreneurship, they should join the entrepreneurial team, not afraid of risk, not the pursuit of short-term interests, learning how to start, for their future business to lay a good foundation." read more