Love Shanghai website 301 redirect pro test

because of the space problem, the website A for about 45 days can not access the site, leaving a home value to strong snapshot in August 24th. Web site keywords is not popular, so the ranking is still. After in October 10th the 301 jump to the B station, B station behind gradually found that the website weight significantly, many do not have words, difficult words are themselves up. And now search for some A station B station is not completely unique, keywords, B station has these rankings, and A station ranking is better than before. Here we can see that the A station 301 redirection, its weight is superimposed to B station.

finally, love Shanghai’s technology has been greatly improved, and recently love Shanghai frequently updated rankings, almost every move a few days ago, is no longer completely every Thursday to mobilize ranking times, the other day at K station in Shanghai more, increase the punishment for the black hat Shanghai dragon, technical ability love in Shanghai is greatly improved. So now do Shanghai dragon must make the white hat Shanghai dragon, black hat Shanghai Longfeng not long is not easy to do, in fact, I think, is not faster than the white hat Shanghai dragon black hat Shanghai dragon, better.

seems beside the point, well, love Shanghai to upgrade the 301 redirect technology and remarkable. Before the Zac on his blog to do a 301 redirect, Google responded quickly, the love of Shanghai is relatively slow, a few months.

in October 10th, the website A made 301 jump to the B station, just found all the keywords A website all transferred to the B station, the station does not include B keywords to search for B station. Today is 27, Shanghai 301 do not know love force long before it has forgotten to observe. But at least we can see that love Shanghai time response to a 301 redirect is greatly shortened, the reaction ability greatly improved. Before many people love Shanghai for 301 is not cold, the fact that love Shanghai technical ability to handle 301 redirection has been greatly improved, the reaction time was shortened for two weeks.

people love Shanghai for 301 redirect the effective time is different, the high weight website effect is fast, low weight site effective time is relatively slow. The expert’s theory is the fact that the overthrow of. A station of the weight, but is not high, the ranking is also some popular keywords ranking, love station can not find any ranking. A station is my application domain, a hand built, the website today to 1 years 3 months, more dynamic pages, page URL parameters, and the site since January 24th this year, after not updated, the beginning of August 24th, the website is not accessible due to the space problem. So, A could not stand the weight high, but the 301 jump time effect within two weeks is very fast. This also shows that love Shanghai 301 redirect is effective as of equal treatment for all sites, and no high weight fast force low weight website said long effective time.


I love Taobao keyword was the strongest mule off harmony


at present, "Taobao mall" and "taobao贵族宝贝 shopping" and other words have not been harmonious, but then what happens? Key words "taobao贵族宝贝 ladies" such a little on the side next will also change? Who can not be expected to, from common sense, these users search keywords it is in order to taobao贵族宝贝, from the user experience, love Shanghai’s home page should appear is Taobao page, not only because before the big two, only these cracks, what will happen next, we will see


has been, because don’t love Shanghai and Taobao two giants, Taobao makes guests have the opportunity to get involved in these words, there are a lot of people earn money, gw007 and several other stations have been Taobao guests as myth, myth has now gone, love Shanghai is truly his myth. A change, make a lot of day and night to do these keywords people worried.

this morning in Shanghai love to search for the next "taobao贵族宝贝, taobao贵族宝贝 home, home found 10 places have no Taobao guest figure, do not know what the reason, the sea will fall in love with these keywords to harmony.

!This paper provided by

, I love mules original link: 贵族宝贝admintk贵族宝贝/a/20110221/44.html, please indicate the link.

On the shlf1314 AdSense Online standard termsBe vigilant! Online transactions fraud more

in February 9th this year, according to Zheng uncle saw in the newspapers loan advertisements to a man surnamed Wang, for a loan of 400 thousand yuan, the first man to deposit $100 thousand in a bank card, and the opening of online banking. 12, 3 pm, Zheng An the request of the other party to a bank, opened an online bank, and deposit 100 thousand yuan, 15 minutes after the check of the money on the card, that card is only 15 yuan, after the bank inquiry found that the money has been remitted electronic.

takes "online shopping" in the name of the implementation of fraud, theft,

discovered the shlf1314 AdSense TH Online standard clause today when entering the shlf1314 Adsense background. What is this? So old! Pull directly to the bottom: if you choose not to accept these terms, you cannot continue using AdSense. You can log in before May 25, 2008 and accept these terms to restore access. Khan ~ ~ is the original "despot" terms ah, do not accept nor can not accept, you can not use the AdSense! No way, but also have a closer look at the terms of the content, shlf1314 terms of the whole, indicating what is not too good to understand, look at the head of the big!

day, Shanghai continuous dozens of loans to help as bait, the use of online bank transfer mode of implementation of loan fraud cases. The suspect to unsecured loans as bait, mainly released lending information through the means of network and send text messages and local newspapers, when the victim to the loan, the victim is required to open a bank card, and the amount of loans in the memory card into a certain number, in its repayment ability, so as to achieve the purpose of fraud.

1, you are a resource owner, or you are legally authorized, in this Agreement and the program can represent the owners of these resources; you are a resource owner, or you are legally authorized, in this Agreement and the program can represent these resources owner;

in 2006, the city’s public security organs accepted the "online shopping" in the name of fraud, theft cases amounted to more than 20.

3, Shanghai reserves the right to terminate in two 2 months or more ads or referral buttons did not have enough valid clicks or did not have enough valid impressions of ads regardless of the situation are calculated according to shlf1314 of any account, and without notice.

clause is so numerous that it’s hard to understand

to "invest overseas fund" grounds for the implementation of fraud

online shopping is a kind of sales mode that has arisen in recent years. Its advantage is that the sales section basically does not need the cost, and the price is cheaper than the regular channel. As a result, it has a huge appeal for young people in society. As a result, a group of criminal gangs or criminals have chosen the victim’s targets through various new means and tactics on the Internet, and then they have been waiting to attack them.

network fraud has become the main modus operandi of some fraudsters. The occurrence of such cases is difficult to prevent, especially Internet banking and telephone banking is a relatively new thing for most people is still relatively unfamiliar, some rules and procedures are not very clear, the suspect will take advantage of this people understood, the implementation of fraud. Hefei police in the fight against crime at the same time, I will inform the part of case and the surrounding areas to the public, to remind the general public vigilance, do not rely on the careful care of all unknown source or origin message, information related to the bank card, especially the card number and password, so as not to cause unnecessary losses. If you are deceived, please report to the public security organs in a timely manner.

looked at my eyes and didn’t see much about what the shlf1314 AdSense TH Online standard said! Take a look at what the shlf1314 Adsense Chinese blog says: there are two main aspects of this update: 1. about future releases and features. The terms of the product are expected for future releases, such as: new products >

from April 19, 2006 to 30, Hefei public Lee in Baohe District computer home online shopping website, is fraud 12040 yuan.

"unsecured loan" as a decoy for the implementation of fraud

after investigation, the domain name is ×>

2 and only contact Shanghai. For any ads or links displayed on your resources, you agree to contact Shanghai directly without contacting any advertiser. Don’t put the shlf1314

in February 13th this year, Hemou to a Public Security Bureau in Zhejiang reported that, through the home Yu, in the domain name for × × × × on the site of the investment overseas fund cheated.

You can not know the Shanghai dragon ten essential weapon


4, lynx online version of

3, the webmaster helper chain query

is really good!

tool chain inspection!

website, aleax, PR, anti chain of these data is the webmaster every day to see the data, the webmaster tools in the update, the webmaster is really a good choice for

5, Xenu chain inspection tool

1, the

2, love love Shanghai station weight value

understand the strength of competitors, the observation site has been down the right to love Shanghai, as a reference for the exchange Links, undoubtedly love love Shanghai stand out of the weight value query, by many webmaster sought


8, Pa>

web page clearly there are a lot of dead link is not conducive to the search engine spiders crawl the page and work included, want to find convenient these potential problems, then you should use the Xenu


Links is one of the must do their homework every day, especially in the exchange station, every day may Links, friends of the chain of cheating is all kinds of, how to find the appropriate links to resources in many sites, how to effectively Links observation site, Adsense helper chain query


6 light-years, Shanghai dragon log analysis system

Webmaster Tools browser

! !


choose keywords for the site, is a large amount of data need to keywords, Jinhua is very good in this respect, according to the different needs of mining data related to the key.


keyword tool

wants to know how the search engine spiders crawling the web page? Try the Google Lynx text browser to check your site, you will find some very interesting stuff!

7, Jinhua

as a Shanghai dragon Er, daily observation and analysis of some website data, without the necessary software, the operation will undoubtedly is a very difficult thing. We give a grand introduction do ten "weapon" Shanghai dragon essential below:


log analysis is very meaningful, useful things, it can help you more clearly understand the search engine spiders also are more aware of their own website, as a Shanghai dragon Er log analysis is a compulsory work.

Note making enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng project plan



this includes issues of "what" and "why" do you want to repair it, and how you can repair it roughly means. But imagine you are a web developer, read the report, you will not feel that it is going to spend a few days on all the links I click on the site to find 404 error?

specific optimization methods.

four. The estimated cost of

1 repair in Appendix A chain or intern

rewritingThe redo

with the development of Shanghai dragon, more and more enterprises begin to pay great attention to the problem of Shanghai Longfeng own website, although as a solution project for Shanghai dragon people give simple is easy, but the solution itself does not solve the problem. If you can in the customers and managers expected cost and income range, put forward a specific plan for clarity, they are more willing to put your plan into practice.

E priority optimization method A influence B cost D or the use of the C

2 page title of low content of team

as experienced Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, everyone will think this is not too much trouble?, you don’t need to allow developers to manually check the entire site, there are a lot of inspection tools can do! But the problem is that a lot of knowledge rich web developers do not know some of Shanghai dragon trick and means, even if they know they can the 404 page online detection tool directly, but also do not know to be applied to the Shanghai dragon. >

five. The preparation of the final ranking of

team, design development of 3 navigation

three. Confirm the resources required for


when we write Shanghai dragon plan often discuss the "what" and "why", which is a waste of time, so we skip to the last step, that is "how to do". For example, there are so many Shanghai dragon report:

resources specific optimization methods.

is the most effective in every plan at the end of the book with a form, as shown below (Table 1):

"we examined your website and found a lot of bad internal link chain, which leads to the error and the weights of the 404 can not transfer. Check and correct your links in the chain, you will retain the weight, improve the ranking, and provide a better user experience for your visitors."

two. From the main factors to the secondary factors one by one to solve the problem of

contains only 5 columns of the table seems to be not what big deal, but when you actually start to seriously study the columns included in the content, you will find that if you want to achieve each index in each column, will involve a lot of work. So here, I would like to discuss the steps involved and everyone. (Table 1 in each column of the letters in each row)

In the analysis of chain and spider crawling, the residence time to interpret the role in the chain

in this experiment, I for the chain in the anchor text view also has some changes, articles within the anchor text to play the weights and the recommended index be above this station link effect is the "*10000" effect of single page links when the effect of station anchor text location and the effect is not the same for example, take a page in the anchor text, the main navigation, and appear in the text of the anchor text, appear in the footer (navigation) anchor text should be in effect because the degree of important place, which in turn reduced correlation.

!The original


some people think that the internal links too much, easy to search engine that is cheating! Is not defined, to see to what extent! My personal suggestion is reasonable can do within the chain of nature, internal links for users not only can improve the website user browsing experience more pages to display user choice, to induce users to access more pages, reducing the rate of jump out of the site. The search engine spiders, can increase the depth of the spider crawling and crawling time increase was not included in terms of probability page! So as to improve the site included

can be said in Shanghai love after love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm, many people realized the importance of the chain, and I do is only to estimate even if most of the home page link, from the beginning of last week, the person within the chain to do a detailed analysis, the spider crawling, retention time to analyze the chain spider role! My approach is for each article randomly with different page links, a week later found the number of spider crawling from the previous more than 300 to more than 1000 now, it makes me feel unbelievable, and then use the diary analysis tools, found many spider crawling dozens of pages, crawling depth than before over 3 is above, and the residence time is better than before too much

drunk after his tender: 贵族宝贝chinaautolighting贵族宝贝/ please indicate the source! Thank you

I think the link is effect and the rest of the link is not the same? Is the station links, there are crumbs also tested, found that the effect is not very good, but the effect is higher than that of the link in the navigation links, Links section effect. Like if a website has 10000 pages, not the station link effect is the "*10000" effect of single page link, will discount.



Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform new website protection tool to defend the main site of brand equity

site can report other posing as the official website of the website, love Shanghai after verification will make the processing of pseudo official website, website user search to find the right to meet the demand, simplify the query cost ensure veracity, the official website of the Shanghai search for love.

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform will open the official website for the whole network protection tools in the near future, please the majority of the site to verify the Webmaster Platform site to ensure the normal use.

At the same time Verify

website address: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/site/siteadd


site can be clearly addressing demand and the corresponding word submitted to the official website link love Shanghai, love Shanghai through the audit, in the search results page show the position for preferential treatment.

in order to avoid this phenomenon, the main legal protection website brand equity, while reducing the user cost of search, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform launched the official website protection tool.

for the webmaster, the official website of the collection and display, and when the user explicitly find their site site in a prominent position by the user to quickly find, should be considered "just need". But after the show, often search results will pop up "Li Gui" website, let the webmaster harass. Especially when the "Li Gui" position is better than "Li Kui", the real damage site of interest may also cause damage to the user search.

Website optimization excessive punishment right down performance

website snapshot suddenly stopped or is not updated for a long time this time, believe that many webmaster friends website have had, it is a symptom of website drop right. If the site has this kind of situation, on site maintenance, site optimization is to see whether what is wrong with a snapshot of the site in 24 hours is relatively normal.

2, not updated snapshot.

this is many webmaster have experienced, met one day love Shanghai big update, the web site of the chain suddenly dropped thousands or even tens of thousands of. This is generally the site outside the chain of quality problems, if a few hundred is possible because the information search engine on the Internet were integrated, deleted some duplicate information, but is no ground for blame, the chain to sign following the original chain number 50% is that the site is down right now, the webmaster should pay attention to.

1, included disappear.

in love with domain or site in Shanghai site, the site is not the first home page, there is also the site of this drop right caused by search engines.

website has been in love or Shanghai home pages, one day suddenly dropped to 100 after or with the shadow was gone. This is possible if the new station site for the love Shanghai assessment stage, normal operation can continue, but if the old station, you have to consider the site is search engine punishment.


5, keywords ranking drop.


The development of

if the site included a large number of falls or is suddenly included only home page, this is most certainly, the website must be search engine punishment.


included, the chain site in the first place.

4, the chain plummeted.

website this morning, but the afternoon or second days included disappear. This is a manifestation of the site right down, probably illegal website search engine operation, resulting in the search engine on the web is not very friendly, are more likely to be on the site of Shanghai love artificial intervention, reduce the weight of the website.

promotes the development of website construction, many of my friends have ever thought of a webmaster hidden, according to their own needs or preferences to establish their own website, but the site is easy to keep a station to website built after the maintenance and optimization to the webmaster committed. Because of the many search engines of uncertain factors, make the webmaster to do stand confused, some eager to make the website success webmaster with various means of cheating, in the operation process of website optimization excessive site is down right or be K often are. Small with own experience to share station site is down right to punish the performance for reference to the webmaster.

6, check the Just update the article will soon be included in the

3, included a large number of declining or not.

How to share the three month traffic over ten



the above list for flow over ten is far more likely to have friends, I feel is a title of the party. The first report provides a Zhang Guoqing holiday 7 days. On October 1st, the website of 43736IP, to October 7th, IP reached more than 110 thousand. Dumbfounded? Now to explain is how to achieve.

Three months of statistical chart with the title

above is the statistical report from July 23, 2011 to August 6th. The graph is not difficult to find, the website IP showed an overall trend line, and the increase is very large.


estimated that we see this title they think I’m bragging, I declare, not bragging, I really did last year. In order not to let everyone feel deceived, let me on a statistical chart provided by cnzz.

three months traffic over ten

as a webmaster, most concerned about is of course website statistics report, when we landed cnzz statistics, not on the left side of the network hot search we have not pay attention to? This is the cnzz report from numerous website statistics selected, it directly tells us netizens are concerned about what the most recent. The keyword is copied to the Shanghai love search, for example, in March 8, 2012, one of the popular keyword is "cheongsam show halt, love Shanghai, the result of too much, in front of the rankings are high weights of the news network, no comparison. We have to choose some popular keywords. >

I love to use is Shanghai high weight I, do a keyword. From July 23rd to August 6th following the keyword list we see at the.

here, certainly a lot of friends feel very surprised. What can make a web site in a short period of more than 10 days IP traffic doubled? Is not the brush flow? NO, not what I used to brush flow, I want IP, then IP will replace RMB, brush to flow without any use to me. If you really want to know, please continue to see below. My website is to provide blackboard, hand copy of relevant information. Before has the sense to do, love Shanghai higher weight, the content is almost the second, if the title is not love Shanghai search results, basically even just released the contents of the ranking in the first place.

believe that we see this chart to see, all I do is the most popular news unique keywords. For example: in Meihua typhoon struck, many people are concerned about Meihua typhoons, I love Shanghai always, actually this word no man do. So I went online to copy some related content, up on the release of love, Shanghai ranked first. The flow comes naturally.


The new owners talk how to make love Shanghai back to you

love Shanghai included normal, I summed up the following points:

third day in Shanghai included into the 59 page, see this change of heart is cold, I think this soon. Good is included in the same love Shanghai, does not decrease nor increase. This makes me relieved. I checked on the net, if the site for space or server, love of Shanghai will have the test period, after this period may be slowly recognized for your website. These days I did not idle ha, constantly update the content, make good quality Links, to weight high website, micro-blog Bo tube or space the original articles with a link to the site, the site plan did not stop. Until August 10 included love Shanghai has changed, ha ha is very exciting, from the time of 59 to more than 100, today is 598, Google search, etc. included also increased.




July 18th record down, I began to arrange the site, can come to love Shanghai included the same snapshot not update, stay in June 24th, included the number of page 159. So I am everywhere on the Internet to find solutions, finally heard a friend say love Shanghai can update snapshot snapshot complaints website.

how to make love Shanghai back to you, this is all the owners are most concerned about the new owners and headache, I in the site also encountered similar problems and get a better solution, here to talk about my experience and the corresponding countermeasures, hope for the new webmaster help.


used to read a lot of post, the site for the record is all the new owners are vulnerable ah, so I went to get a foreign space, in a space free for the record is very good, I can do is share website speed is slow and the state space is too small, can not meet the requirements of friends sharing website. Finally decided to buy cloud hosting, this is the right decision, the domestic cloud hosting is filed.

I was in August 4th snapshot complaints, strange to say morning afternoon complaints have changed, the snapshot is updated to August 4th, fell in love with the sea included suddenly rose to 1440, but good times don’t last long. The second day in Shanghai included a back 159 snapshot or no change in August 4th. My love is not worried about Shanghai to my K site.

someone may ask, your site has been four months, how the record came down before July, why not record it.

June 25, 2012 I submitted the site for the record, the July 18th record down for twenty-three days, during which the record is always looking down as soon as possible, because this is the first time I do stand and record, no experience did not grasp, only wait, live as feeling.