The search engine to determine whether the original content of the website article principle

then the search engine for the original judgment is how it? Spider search engine indexing procedures through hypertext links to web site, and through the station to the page.

now most visitors come from the search engine, to access the number, by more people cognition, the most important thing is to be the major search engines more items, and ranked as possible before. So what do I do to make fast search engine website content and ranking? Xiaobian have spoken before website construction enterprises how to do search engine optimization and promotion of the website is completed, then today Xiaobian will discuss with you the original content. read more

The Shanghai dragon and SEM website optimization of the importance of selecting keywords

like involved in the work of Shanghai dragon Er website belongs to the company website, or industry website, the direction of relatively simple, keyword matching is also quite accurate, but when the promotion of the website optimization, cause there are two cases of web traffic to ascend. The first one: the more unpopular uncommon, with brand words, such as the name of the enterprise, especially the newly established enterprises in the promotion of brand, although the brand keywords ranking is very good, but the website search industry without ranking; second: popular vocabulary, these words in general for the industry popular word or vocabulary, its index is higher, if it is a new station, involved in the industry is a hot industry, such as finance, machinery, health and education, then the site keywords ranking is low, even no ranking. read more

Large website optimization Shanghai dragon industry site external optimization strategy

In the article

, a station optimization — one of the way of the construction of the chain

classification information promotion through (58 city information, ganji贵族宝贝, beans when network, people network, Jinti, Wuhan, Yideng classification information network, money eyes, list,

related keywords to the appropriate authority website, improve website trust in search engine.

space promotion)

note: the document submitted to love Shanghai library, insert the anchor text inside, making PDF document, insert the anchor text inside, is the chain. On the construction of the external links at the same time, do not ignore the construction of the chain. read more

On site will be five reasons why love K out of the sea

compared to some other domestic search engine, love Shanghai for the site of the change is the most sensitive, even you only got a code that it will know, so webmaster in site was found with K out of the sea, may wish to consider in the near future is not changed or replaced website.


love Shanghai K station is basically a reason, if you can not find the webmaster site is K, here to do their own sand according to several years summed up the station for example, believe that the webmaster can find some reason web site is K off from /p>! " read more

I do not have those external links

mentioned here is not to go to space and blog, large website registered blog >

then pure manual release: love Shanghai and leaving Youku plain text links

now soft promotion has two advantages, first lets users have a direct purchasing power, a good article need time and effort to sharpen the molding, but released in the corresponding website or forum, the effect is often very obvious; such as Taobao customers can prepare some photos or related content. Published in the appropriate forum or sharing community, as long as you find the right place to write enough soft, can directly guide the purchase; second, to optimize the key, can also play a role too, after a successful soft release, external links can increase at least dozens. If every few days to write a journal of success, the natural effect will appear. read more

Love Shanghai index below 50 in the long tail keywords mining skills

in my first successful optimization of long tail keywords for example.

is often the case, we found the key words, love index based on the data for Shanghai. However, for an early site, even love Shanghai index below 100 words, we want is also very difficult to get good rankings. Therefore, the author based on the idea of optimization of the index below 50, which is love Shanghai index can not provide the word, in the early years of the website, more practical operability.

two, passive

in general, in the mining index in the long tail keywords below 50 to the following points: read more

How to improve the experience of the local tourism website users

with the arrival of summer, the tourism industry has become a peak, and in July and August the people across the country are choosing to travel, display from the data, a part of the visitors to sign up for tours, a part of the visitors to the tourist site for tourism, as well as part of the tourists is to group purchase online it is obvious that tourism group purchase, choose the travel agency way into a number of

at present, construction of local tourism website to achieve profitability is a lot of travel agencies are doing, the local tourism site is everywhere, in addition to a few years ago, the way cattle, Showtime swim together and other large tourist sites, almost no other travel sites can be competitive regional tourism. In recent years, the Internet in the gradual development, the importance of many local travel agencies have gradually realized the Internet, so as to establish the local tourism website to make a profit, you can see that the local travel agencies are also in the importance of. Recently I in charge of local tourism website, found that many places do not travel website of a user experience, and rank, weight, flow rate is not very good, and now love Shanghai attaches great importance to the experience of the user, and give a lot of good user experience of the website ranking, weight, flow, so I think you want to the local tourism website development must be to achieve the user experience. How do the local tourism website user experience? The author summarizes some experience in the optimization of Guizhou tourism website. read more

The construction site to go through several links

2, website templates to create

code and site in the local test and select the


solve the problem quickly, even if the site had some small problems resolved in a timely manner, to the search engine website will not leave a bad impression. Because, before we build on the site of a series of links are recorded and notes, the website of local details, you can view the notes clearly know where problems arise. This is just to let programmers and web designers to correct, correct the wrong place. Today Xiaobian a simple said website needs to go through several links. read more

The development of children’s version of Google search engine, or been forced into an ideal drive

used to big data, Internet thinking, disruptive innovation Chinese science and technology circle, for the development of children’s version of the ocean Google products, mostly behind Google development so completely indifferent, the children’s version of what hides? Is it really like Pavni Diwanji just to let the children enjoy the fun and safe products

news, "USA Today" (USA Today) reported that the Google Corporation intends to launch its most popular product versions of children. "USA Today" quoted as saying the Google Corporation vice president of Engineering Pavni Diwanji, Google’s move is "to enable children to enjoy the Google products" is fun and safe read more

Shanghai dragon dead good Shanghai dragon strategy and quality content is still valid

in my occupation career, have seen many people ignore the above suggestions. I wrote you a couple of times, describes the search engine to advise people not only based on changing all the time, it carried out the cause. Google Florida Update made a lot of people are aware of this, but I think also need to always pay attention to the new generation of adjustment. (Note: technode Florida Update is Google in early November 2003 on the dramatic update, the ranking algorithm which lasted several months, swept away many original website > read more

Shanghai Longfeng experience to be successful at the beginning of the first practice character


two, careful

website optimization is not a day for two days can do well, often need a month or months. We can’t eat into a fat, can do only days and months multiplying. Shanghai Longfeng is the test of our perseverance.

Shanghai dragon comes to the website inside and outside, all aspects of the influence of many factors, we are like according to the careful analysis and in-depth study, so as to solve the problem. Why do we avoid spider site? Why can’t lift weights? Why don’t rank front? These are what we need to think about. The reason for these problems is not single, often involves many details, so do be careful, Shanghai dragon. read more

Shanghai Longfeng optimization of small and medium sized enterprises is the necessity analysis of ma

third, can continue to expand the source of traffic. Shanghai is the core competitiveness of Longfeng flow precision, an enterprise website optimization keywords in addition to the core word, long tail word and auxiliary core keywords is optimized. We can order more flowering, respectively. Some high conversion of the long tail word individually optimized, such traffic sources more widely, and the conversion transaction will increase, so the Shanghai dragon is not only subject optimization, especially long tail words flow sources tend to occupy more than 80% of the traffic to the site. read more

Change the dual consequences brought by the title website

changes in the title before, many of my article pages have ranked in a large number of long tail keywords noble baby, and these words are the website profit point, although every day can only bring dozens of IP, but the basic income of the site with the guarantee. I did not expect that, since the title change, noble baby included may be normal, but the flow becomes 0.

has just changed two days, although the love Shanghai snapshot stopped, but is also normal, you can not over two days, the home directly by K off. This K, some basic Links easy for No. read more

What is often said in the Shanghai dragon content is king, the chain for the emperor

2. for reverse link rivals, active link exchange with these sites to go beyond the competition, the best way is to rival some reverse links you have, you have no rivals. The link weights of these non-profit site is generally higher, so a link exchange means is also very good with these sites;

4. will submit your site DMOZ directory, Yahoo directory, ODP directory a few professional directory sites;

!The The

site in the chain and the chain is one of the factors of the website rankings, often said to do website ranking is to constantly improve the content and the chain of their website, but how many Shanghai dragon can do well? The author is to summarize these issues, let more people see my way to do the chain and chain read more

Website optimization from the rookie to three important stages of love

The Good or bad with the owners of

website webmaster website optimization need to experience second stages is also called the website ranking stage, line on the website in the search engine after more or less will have certain ranking, but the ranking to enter the first page is not an easy thing, this process requires good user experience, user search keywords, website show the eyes of the user through the search engine, website title and description is the key to attract users to click on the site, what time to leave by the contents of the site, after the user enters the site layout, a variety of factors such as loading speed. This stage is simply the website ranking rising. read more

Website a case analysis record has optimized the enterprise website

we can see, now the site last updated time is March 5, 2013, but also the snapshot site at this time, after I had no charge, although it did not update, the snapshot has not moved, but still ranked in the first page.

this paper before and share with you to optimize the key words. The index is not high, the degree of competition is moderate, although there are a lot of enterprise website, but do in the optimization of the site is not particularly. Well, look at the website data:

A website waterproof company After the read more

The search engine on this thing


(a) directory search engine

search engineAccording to

if I ask, you usually through what channels to browse or use the information on the Internet? I think many people will answer is the same: search engine. Then the search engine is really so magical? Remember to read in a book, said the data show that about 70% of the information on the Internet is obtained through the search engine, search engine has become more and more popular to further explore the information bridge. As a result, inevitably there is some sites for search engines like search engine free phenomenon. You are not afraid of a joke, a website of our own factory of the world food network also for their ranking in the search engine very worried about". Today we analysis with shallow about the origin of the name of the search engine and working principle, understand their search methods, to facilitate better take care of your own web site, even if it is something. read more

The webmaster how to love by Shanghai traffic to improve website weight

three, brush site keywords flow

I do not know you have found a small detail, Webmaster Tools >

if your site keywords too much competition 1:30 are unable to see the effect, it will not only keep a tree, to know another clever size. For the website webmaster all know most of the long tail keywords competition is relatively small, but it is easy to get good rankings. So, webmaster want to increase website traffic to increase the weight, can have correlation with the long tail keywords for mining. Figure: read more

Ji’nan Shanghai Longfeng Takeshi website optimization with simple structure is the kingly way

looked at me so simple, do not know if you have the site structure easy to understand? Said simply, this is Shanghai Longfeng fur knowledge, but it is very helpful to Shanghai dragon. To the long run a website, the most important is the mentality, the ease of mind, step by step to improve those should be perfect, give yourself a higher starting point, thus speeding up the pace of success.

column page file name as much as possible and the columns corresponding to the name, the principle is short some (not all things are the pursuit of length Oh, not evil), trust depends on the user, whether you believe it or not, anyway, I believed. read more

In 2013 the latest high-quality website optimization experience

the content of the web site to keep updated good continuity, if it is possible to update the site every day, this love Shanghai spider to your site in each will have fresh content in the course of time, every day of your site spider crawling has become a habit, naturally you will be the quality of web spider sure.

well, after analyzing the love of spiders in Shanghai on the website of the impact, we now talk about how to make love in Shanghai every day to your site spider crawling, the main topic which we discussed today, if that ‘s not good place also please. read more