Analysis of the site quickly break the three steps down the right situation

[a] steps: careful analysis of what site is down right, and find out the bane of output

out of love Shanghai occasionally algorithm website was not a miscarriage of justice, love Shanghai It is without rhyme or reason. right down, a reason for it, we must learn to find the cause of the right to be reduced from the site itself, and find the corresponding countermeasures to solve. A variety of reasons fall right site diversity, the author is not possible here to enumerate, but the most common reason is so few, here I will summarize:

website optimization, inevitably because of some small mistakes or optimization algorithm of false positives caused Shanghai love their love Shanghai site is down right, once the website is down right after the love of Shanghai, ranking will suffer, and short time recovery is not possible. Therefore, a lot of Shanghai dragon ER in the face of love Shanghai downhearted down right after the optimization of the site, to give up the site optimization. But the author believes that the site is down right is not love love Shanghai Shanghai sentenced to death to the site, this is just a test for our "self and repentance" opportunity, we should learn to summarize the rule, break down the right situation in Shanghai love. Here I come to according to their own experience and we summarize three steps of website broken by love Shanghai right down the situation.


& & solution: the dead links all delete or redirect, and to develop the habit of daily check dead links, and found dead links to manually or use love Shanghai to provide "dead submit" tools to remove dead links or submit.

In peacetime

(2) website anchor text too much, too much of a single point. The station for the editing and the keywords to optimize the anchor text and point to the home page, can effectively improve the keywords ranking. But this approach is very unfavorable for the long-term development of the site, if each article add too many anchor text, so the end is love Shanghai right down, as shown in the image below:

& & solution: >

& & solution: it is not too late, after the site is down right, we need to find the previous add anchor text of the article, and then delete the anchor text over some repetition, keep an article up to two anchor text, and add anchor text in the article to add on after.

(3) site is down right Links. Shanghai Links algorithm for the exchange of love has become more and more strict, if there are too many of our website is right down the chain, then we end up will be right down.

(1) dead link number of flood. Too many dead links will lead to love Shanghai spiders crawling and crawling becomes very difficult, but also for the user experience is not good, not cleaned for a long time will lead to the implementation of Shanghai love down the right punishment on site.

Enterprise how to do long tail keywords Shanghai dragon optimization

site optimization engineer said, it is not only the enterprise station, many large traffic has quite a part is also on the long tail keywords to the site, there are some large long tail word to traffic can be accounted for thirty per cent of the overall site traffic, as can be imagined the long tail word for the importance of the web site. In addition Shanghai Longfeng site optimization engineer also pointed out that the customer search to the long tail word, the purchase or consumption intention was higher than the core keywords, data conversion rate survey shows that the long tail word than target keywords.

a lot of enterprises to a certain extent, the optimization of the website traffic will go up soon, but after the website cannot be further. Then for the general small and medium-sized enterprises in terms of how to break through the bottleneck station? Shanghai dragon website optimization engineer said, enterprise station because the site is small, the amount of data is small, the best way to break the traffic bottleneck is the start in the long tail key words.

note title and keywords tag. The title and content of the article should be around long tail word to write, and Keywords tag should also focus on the long tail word set.

: a long tail keywords data analysis. This is a very important step, the number of long tail words are very many, but for the business station, exit Bi small, not all used, so the data analysis of the long tail word is very important, you must first understand the characteristics of your industry, but also know what keywords transformation the rate is relatively high, and to make full use of love Shanghai data analysis, the best selection of some keywords love Shanghai index to do long term.


then the business station should be how to set the long tail keywords? Shanghai dragon website optimization engineers said that the choice of long tail keywords arrangement of long tail keywords is actually very skillful, with good words, site traffic is very easy to take the next step, the Shanghai dragon website optimization engineer summed up the following points:

third: reasonable allocation of long tail keywords density. Keyword density control is very important, keyword density is too high a risk is as cheating, but the key

Shanghai dragon man proposes and God disposes

in a word, beauty Shanghai dragon Zhou Zhen said: whether you are here to make money through the Shanghai dragon service, the premise is you must have the ability to service. Yuan Fang, I heard Shanghai dragon can make money, what do you think of


two, Yuan Fang, Shanghai Longfeng heard that the school can make money, what do you think of

second days, Shanghai dragon Beauty Week Jane or as in the past to find work, but holding the attitude of learning, finally pays off, finally have a company hiring me (which is now the company), from the beauty of Shanghai dragon also officially entered the Shanghai dragon chicken industry. Shanghai dragon Beauty Week Jane is affected by the candidates Shanghai Longfeng friends, Shanghai dragon feel good magic, it is full of curiosity and interest. Really, really did not want to make a lot of money? Stupid? Friend, do you? Remember when you first entered the Shanghai dragon industry

graduated from the university to leave the campus, with a resume full of confidence to run the market looking for a job. There is a saying that good: not do not know, a jump out. It really is so. After the talent market ran for a week, summary of the sentence is: lack of experience. Especially you and a secondary school students with candidates, they have practical experience, people still don’t want you, even if you are a college student and how? When the beauty of Shanghai dragon week Jane’s heart was really hit, a man went to Shenzhen to find a job, but let me recognize their own shortcomings.


scene? ?

, a pro, remember the first to enter the Shanghai dragon industry

? scene?After

three, Shanghai dragon service, making Shanghai dragon is the key to the

yesterday, Shanghai dragon Beauty Week Jane and share a "Shanghai dragon, is to make money or packaging brand?" article, after reading it we are not harvested? Although we do Shanghai dragon’s goal is to make a lot of money, then how do we use Shanghai dragon service to make money? We have thought about it the problem? The next week Zhenlai beauty Shanghai dragon together to discuss this topic and everyone.

entered the Shanghai dragon industry, Shanghai dragon week Zhencai know the original beauty do Shanghai dragon can make money. Like: soft, write, optimization of orders, on behalf of the chain and so on. Although you can make money in Shanghai dragon, but the beauty of Shanghai dragon that the premise is that you have that ability. For example: text writing, at least you have to pass the article! Otherwise who asked you to write ah! There are optimal orders, you need to master the optimization of love in Shanghai, at least let others trust you. We have a lot of personal webmaster do his personal blog, why? Is to think through the blog optimization to love Shanghai home, in order to orders. And on behalf of the chain is the same reason.

wants to make a lot of money by Shanghai dragon must do Shanghai dragon service, and good service development of Shanghai > Shanghai Dragon

Talk about my way of bidding profiteering products

that time just do the bidding, chose a competition of general products, advertising is just on the line I was looking at the customer service, said you get offline now, don’t do it, then do it for you, to give you a order, I didn’t talk to him, and the next few days every day I have malicious (manual click), then turn off the page to open soon, so repeatedly, and in a few days, I send out many goods are rejected, I was anxious, it must be that peers do, how to do? To do the same, then find my friends right on the point of him, give him a false order does not stop, so we repeatedly attack each other against each other, probably lasted more than 2 months, and then settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. When do Longjie Wu is a fitness, a freight in about 70, if rejected, back and forth on the loss of 140, sometimes he gave me a false order to order 3 sets, that kind of feeling… But in the end I have survived, and do better, every day when the car shipped half.

second stage bidding problems

This time

in the first stage of bidding problems

now many just contact for novice friends will have this question, "the bidding competition is so fierce? Have the opportunity to operate?", "I find a lot of products, the results of an investigation found that each product has dozens in the promotion, how to do?", I want to say is that the bidding products in any profits during the period of the competition is very intense, at any time there are dozens of popular products in the promotion of the fierce competition, why? The reason is very simple, is to make money, do not make money, who will strive to do? Here, the Longjie Wu their years of operating profits are bidding problems one by one according to the time sequence with analysis of list, for your reference,

malicious software click out, that is to say through malicious click software can quickly consume your advertising, advertising you can in just a few minutes on the line, a few minutes can cost you thousands or tens of thousands of advertising, is actually a kind of onhook software, also speak in Wu Toru before in the article, then I made several products have received the malicious attack ads online, customer service system is crackling sound, all the visitors soon and get away, you have no way to do business, but had to all advertising all suspended, looking for new solutions, probably stopped half period a month or so, finally the problem is solved, then Longjie Wu use the same means to attack each other, the day began to blow them violently, basically is a few minutes They are advertising on the line, and then after a while they may also on-line, then continue to fight, so for a day, second days all advertising online at the same time, there is no malicious batch click, is matched with the well.

comments: this time to do the bidding problem is peer malicious clicks, manual false orders, although the process is very sad, but as long as we can persist, very down, we will move towards a new stage.

Share several repair methods on the site down right after

2) normal update site, or to find a fixed time to update the

according to the general situation, love the reason why Shanghai will put your site right down for a reason, and we want to restore the weights of the site owners, the first thing is to find out the reason of fruit love Shanghai site is down right, if the owners do not know where to start looking, I can recommend you the webmaster go there and see the log space love Shanghai spiders return code, then according to the reasons related to love Shanghai spiders return code to start the search site is down right.


webmaster site was found in Shanghai love right down, the next thing to do is to take this as soon as possible reasons to solve, for example, website is love Shanghai right down the content quality is not high, then the owners in the acquisition or update the content to these non original content a lot of changes look, try to achieve the pseudo original effect; the reason or website is love Shanghai right down because of poor quality sites using the space host, so webmaster is find a good quality space to replace the defective host space

must do stand a long time after the website webmaster may be loved Shanghai right down the situation, in this case if the experienced webmaster met fortunately poof, after all he knew how to do can make the relative weight of love Shanghai to restore the site, but to make new Adsense encounter more trouble, because it no experience, love Shanghai site is down the right do not know how to do. So, in order to help the new webmaster, I summarized some interested in the things about, after the site was down the right to love Shanghai to do, or after the site was down right now I don’t know how to love Shanghai to solve the webmaster may wish to look at

3) the appropriate add brick add some high quality of the chain, or similar quality chain

in out love Shanghai site was down the right, in order to let love Shanghai as soon as possible to restore the weight, so we webmaster is best to maintain the status quo, such as before is regularly updated, so now the webmaster to do is to keep the normal update; if the previous is not updated, so now the webmaster will change every day, it is best to find a fixed time to update, as long as the webmaster adhere to regularly update the site, the way I released some high quality content, that the weight of the website will soon be restored, as long as the webmaster in a bit of effort, will increase the weight of the site is


1) find the website is love Shanghai down the right reasons, and then solve

as soon as possible!

believes that often browse the soft webmaster should know that "content is king, the chain for emperor" this sentence! When we love Shanghai site is down right, in order to make the site as soon as possible to restore the weight, we all have a little time to take the necessary every day compared with visibility, or weight the website or forum update released under the chain, or to those who exchange Links website >

! !

Taobao guest website Shanghai dragon to choose the experience of product user attention

on Friday Taobao union symposium held in Hangzhou. The conference of Taobao alliance released the data, "Mom" is divided into more than 3 billion yuan in 2012, to achieve double. Taobao also announced that the alliance will re enable "Mom" brand, service users by the Taobao business turn for the whole network is open to all advertisers.

off site crisis mainly from two aspects, one is the Taobao Taobao alliance in November to adjust the guest commission model ban rebate website, no cash rebate will be more Taobao guide guest website take back points, back in kind, return the rebate coupons, coupons and other non cash Taobao customer mode. This adjustment, deep take cash rebate for the previous guest website influence, many sites have to reinvent the wheel, re adjust the rebate mode. On the other hand, the resumption of Ali mother brand, for the whole network of advertisers to open at the same time, will also join the Ali Mama, more sites get a commission, for Taobao customer sites, further increase competitive pressures. But there is a crisis with the hope that Taobao customers cancel cash rebate, the rebate will further improve the effective governance mode, the previous cash rebate rebate amount exaggerated false propaganda, vicious competition behavior. Let Taobao more standardized guest website promotion, promote the transformation and upgrading, ensure the long-term and healthy development. Ali and his mother for the whole network open, more advertisers involved, although the competition is more intense, but also more opportunities into larger amount. Taobao guest webmaster as long as the website promotion policy compliance, effective operation, the Commission will naturally improve.

"Mom" success brings more opportunities for personal AdSense and Taobao into the guest, in 2012 alone to the webmaster and Taobao customers into 3 billion. The future will also be an important guest webmaster and Taobao into the channel. With the policy adjustment of Taobao alliance recently, restart the "Mom" brand, the introduction of more advertisers, the webmaster and Taobao guest website, is a "double-edged sword". The crisis and opportunity coexist, especially Taobao guest, probably will face re shuffling of the situation, but after the reshuffle transformation will have a better development opportunity to upgrade Taobao off site, get into higher.

At present Taobao

guest website optimization is the most concerned topic for Amoy owners. Reasonable choice of keywords and improve the site layout, improve the quality of the chain, are the key points to decide the success of Taobao customer site optimization. Taobao alliance of the recent policy frequent, but also pay more attention to the user experience of the website Taobao guest. A combination of love Shanghai to fight outside the chain of artificial manipulation, pay more attention to the user experience of the site and the high quality natural link, effectively target users, build reasonable user experience, is the future development trend of Amoy website optimization. According to Tmall mall website for Amoy promotion target (Taobao Tmall 贵族宝贝dushutex贵族宝贝) as an example, the reasonable collocation of website, recommended a hot commodity in the striking position, with website design and user browsing habits easier to retain users. Look at Ali mother.

The former king of those hang saga

for BlackBerry released new products in terms of a somewhat intelligent mobile phone RIM be inopportune or inappropriate, not issued in accordance with the original publicity expected, while its Playbook tablet computer and somewhat this matter seems to act with undue haste, blackberry always seem to keep up with the pace of the release of the new product.

company: Blackberry mobile phone is a mobile wireless communication equipment brand in Canada, was established in 1999. It features support for push email, mobile phone, Internet fax service, once the "gaoshuai rich" status.

reduced to such a situation?

so, what is the cause of the former king

"layoff" and "restructuring" and "executives fled", "shares" and "share decline" and "shrinking market", "the sale of the company, who also did not expect the RIM today will be in a tight corner, then up to 148 yuan price of $let it jump on the peak of glory today. RIM flower leaves fall, almost come to the end of life……

but today the BlackBerry "fall" trend has been unable to stop. It is reported that in the past two years, BlackBerry’s market value has shrunk by 70%, and even the price earnings ratio has been less than 5 times.

The background of

, NOKIA, Motorola, blackberry, Kodak, best buy… These big old industry giants. Now in the fierce competition in the market gradually fall, or they are acquired or filed for bankruptcy, or the other, what is the reason for their former glory from today’s decline to

when the BlackBerry was also immersed in their own kingdom of giants when apple is inextricably bogged down in, by changing the smart mobile phone multimedia entertainment terminal of the rules of the game, and when the BlackBerry has changed suddenly as if wakening from a dream, find old position.

: analysis of the causes of the decline

it is reported that many reviewers conducted evaluation in the development of RIM Playbook, the market response is good. But officially launched in Playbook, we have to.


two market, grasp the rhythm of instability

, a conservativeWith the fall of the Apple iPhone

BlackBerry was not unrelated to iPhone so that the advent of intelligent mobile phone touch screen in this era, for the love of a physical keyboard BlackBerry is just the beginning of the end, the design concept of apple did not agree even sarcasm and prevented Apple successful fact.

in the mobile Internet era, followed by the arrival of RIM, the emphasis is still its strong safety and closed, and this is an important reason for the decline of the closed brings many adverse factors which lead to RIM application developers, the lack of attractive application in the field of software development.

Blackberry mobile phone


The difference between Shanghai Longfeng ZhengZhan optimization with traditional keyword optimizatio

What is the

is also called the Shanghai dragon Optimization Website optimization, is a use of technology search engine ranking rules, to improve the site in the search engine rankings, so as to obtain more target customers access to the site. Now users are accustomed to using search engines to find their own products or services, so many websites hope to improve search engine rankings by Shanghai Longfeng way, because the site only to be seen, will have the value of existence, it can be said that in the search engine, if the customer is not you will find. Find your competitors, therefore, whether it is from the offensive or defensive perspective, enterprises should not be lost this position of search engine.

The effect of

in fact, this kind of understanding, very wrong.

ZhengZhan optimization

customers will search "Dalian machine", but many customers will search "Dalian machine which good" "Dalian machine tool sales company" "Dalian" lathe "Dalian machine tool accessories", I can cite hundreds of search related content, it is clear that the customer is Dalian Tongda Machine Tool company’s target customers, if machine tool enterprises only do a "Dalian machine", it will lose 80% business opportunities.

because the shift found not to move on the network marketing for many years, every industry has numerous keywords, ranging from a few hundred to more than tens of thousands of, an industry with so many words, which is not what row row. It is a popular keywords, but the reality is that less than 20% of the popular keyword search volume only accounted for the entire industry keywords search volume, and the entire industry search volume 80% is composed of hundreds of long tail keywords, so that enterprises will be located in Shanghai dragon eye words, is very one-sided the.

3, more will be the search engine to search keywords, and Everfount bring traffic from search engines.

2, the search engine is more and more short snapshot update date.

any enterprise, were unable to do so to spend some money, the monopoly of search engines, how to search in their own home, it is certainly not realistic, ZhengZhan optimization is the same, although it can not guarantee that each user keywords are on the home page, but it can ensure that the enterprise can be in the same investment under the premise, through the long tail a large number of keywords, to maximize the search engine to attract more potential customers visit. ZhengZhan optimization is currently on the Internet the most cost-effective way of network marketing, network marketing is the basic work of all activities.

For example, we believe that


ZhengZhan optimization is compared with the traditional keyword optimization, before many companies may be more or less there will be some understanding of the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is a position that I spend much money to make a key row in the fall in love with the sea is Shanghai longfeng.

ZhengZhan optimized

, 1 more pages indexed by search engines.

Shanghai love chain chain construction standard judgment ideas after

search results page is automatically generated a large number of links, webmaster service links and collection of links.

Although the

ZAC recommended and attract the chain. The natural chain mainly rely on speculation, such as the robin "for a Links, a man put a knife to cut the murderer of thousands of people" is a typical hype, followed by contacts, ideas and content. ZAC said the older generation is still a bit more general, not to cool point line and attempt an ineffective solution. I think, how to build the chain, and what are the channels to the construction of the chain is the most concerned about the topic of small owners, the following are some personal views of the author in actual combat.

search engine has been to suppress the link, but link trading is to quickly raise the website weight and ranking the most effective. In the purchase link, you can pay attention to the following.



iframe framework, robots file link chain, JS shielding code jump of the chain, links with nofollow tag and link with nofollow tags.

, the chain of garbageThe

two, the chain construction, channel

is a search engine that is referred to as cheating cheating outside the chain chain.

A, to avoid significant.

The chain construction is a natural chain

1, purchase and exchange chain


last day in Shanghai Webmaster Platform Lee released "on the chain" to determine whether the judgment, the only standard of the chain is useful "is the user or other website sincerely recommend, whether the specific high quality recommendations significance." This word is a bit more general, the earth people know. Cheat the chain mentioned in this document, Shanghai is basically to love has been applied to the ranking algorithm, so the author of this document revealed the contents of the mind and have no too many waves. This document is the value chain, the first official clear the most significant means of cheating, and examples of a change in attitude in the past, ready to accept either course.

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform and Zac all have a similar point of view, the chain of 99% owners own release didn’t work. Zac in the third phase of training in Shanghai dragon VIP is talked about the construction of the chain is mainly divided into the chain and the chain of natural attraction. The chain construction idea is good, but similar to three parking spaces such as the ground lock enterprise station, the industry focus groups have been less, "drizzle" was originally a OEM brand, the chain and the chain of natural attraction is almost impossible.

, a clear invalid, garbage and the chain of

3, the chain

1, invalid chain

, but I also mention here.


Personal view of cheatingAlthough this is the basic foundation of

face judgment standard love Shanghai foreign chain, small owners how to construct the effective chain

Qihoo 360 is due to its A new force suddenly rises. unfair competition

August 8th

understand the Internet knows, Qihoo 360 in the years of development, always in constant development and obtain the rival, from time to time that its infringement lawsuit to the court is not uncommon. From the Qihoo 360 to Tencent Kingsoft antivirus complaints infringement litigation Qihoo 360 unfair competition. "

science and technology Tencent published an article infringement event seems specific to the Internet It is quite common for the parties, we can not call it a small thing, especially for the majority of search engine changes often focus on the Shanghai dragon, is a huge impact on our future optimization. Love in Shanghai today to the Qihoo 360 high court, accusing it without permission, authorization, plagiarism love Shanghai Webmaster Platform original document works, and communication to the public through information network. As an old enemy of search engines, since the Qihoo 360 in 2012 turned out to get the domestic search engine market share of 10%, and that it had acquired third major domestic search engine provider that Sogou, many industry insiders are talking about, in the near future love Shanghai a dominant search the engine will be subject to challenge Qihoo 360 favorable situation. If the complaint is true love Shanghai, so for the future development of the Qihoo 360 will have a significant impact, not to mention the love continues to challenge the Shanghai search engine status.

as the Internet market was on the upgrade, Qihoo 360 these years development has achieved good performance, has also been dubbed the title industry showstopper. Qihoo 360 President Zhou Hongyi considered himself to break the monopoly, everything is to safeguard the healthy development of the internet. As for the Dragon enmity of the Internet do not want to say more, but for many years as a Chizha Internet, so many Internet heavyweights do not belittle the Qihoo 360, also have their own advantages. But from the view of its development experience, the Qihoo 360 has always been with the rival competitors to gain development, sometimes take improper means of competition.

in the domestic search engine do best is undoubtedly love Shanghai, even the global search engine giant is not in Chinese and love Shanghai competition, who can expect Qihoo 360 with 360 security guards and 360 security browser, gain market share is small then launched 360 search engines. Last year, Shanghai has speeded up the algorithm coincides with the love of innovation, a large number of sites have been implicated in the update algorithm, many webmaster in angry love Shanghai crazy, 360 search launched timely also cater to the owners demand to a certain extent. Plus the pharmaceutical market turmoil last year, the auction also let Shanghai array injury love prestige in the user has been some criticism, Qihoo 360 and timely release the words he would never do the bidding, it is in the day, geography and people and reap the opportunities. Anyway, 360 in the short term can not search technology and love Shanghai to match, from time to time, love Shanghai love Shanghai 360 news search plagiarism search technology, and the direct to court to see not much.