Love Shanghai promotion Keywords how to reduce the cost of high prices

the price for keywords do not know you have not found the first time to adjust time when no row up, but over time you to look, but found that has been in the first place, but at that time when the rankings are back in what price didn’t change, just over a period of time go to see, ranking it up, this is not what strange. If you are concerned about every keyword prices every day, will naturally know this trick, if your keywords ranking is back, so the morning came after you put these words of the price increase, and after one or two hours of these keywords ranking stable front, then the price of these words if you are not down, the general tone is too low, the change is too big, rankings do not change, this is also effectively improve the quality of the key words of an effective method.

enterprises do when the bidding if focused on some target keywords, competition of words just big heat, so the price of these words must be low, maybe ten yuan less than the first three rows, these are very normal, the user clicks a is ten yuan, also do not know the user is interested or not met, if companies are to compete for the keywords ranking, the waste must be natural. But if you can find the industry has potential value of keywords, and many users want to search, and search this kind of word users are the basic intention, is a potential customer, "


a little bit of money in many enterprises do love Shanghai, love Shanghai promotion can see the effect in a short period of time, but the cost is very considerable, if there is no vigorous financial backing if it can insist on how long, if the key word site all rely on Shanghai to promote love the ranking, the cost of more than ordinary enterprises can afford, now more and more enterprises in Shanghai to promote sex, competition is very intense, a lot of keywords price lift is very high. The A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝.Admin5贵族宝贝/ Shanghai zhenduan/ Shanghai dragon dragon) in view of the above situation about how to deal with, how to reduce the cost of

is the first high down again

extended the long tail word


sex promotion friends may have found some keywords, obviously not what website competition, oneself also has a very high bid, but did not break up, even have no chance to show, careful observation of people slightly have found that these key words quality degrees are very low, basically is a star, this is the fundamental reason why less competition, but row not up high bid. At this point, we should optimize the quality of these keywords, by modifying the title may be rapidly improve keywords creative quality, how to improve the quality of the key words, there are many methods, you need to study slowly, this website but also according to their circumstances, can not be generalized.


?Optimization of

Wang Jiaojun the website (topic) making Shanghai dragon note

2.1, URL static

DIV+CSS can be reduced a lot of style, let search engine more core content, rather than doing a lot of useless. And these styles will be put into a separate CSS file, maintain and change the external form of CSS is very easy. In addition DIV+CSS publishing content can be placed in the important position of the first theme code display.

mixed case

URL must use URL instead of static, dynamic parameters. Static URL search engine included the probability and frequency of URL is much higher than the dynamic

such as: Beijing auto show pictures, can use the following Alt Tags:

, JSCSS style external

source: 贵族宝贝wangjiaojun贵族宝贝/zhishi/136>

according to the corresponding content of the page as the page name in pinyin. For example, a web site under the auto show topics, corresponding URL can use


2.2, URL contains the corresponding pinyin

1.3, delete nonstandard characters

to 贵族宝贝xxx贵族宝贝/Chezhan-car-01.html

URL, as far as possible to maintain a minimum level directory, the directory hierarchy is deeper, more low weight.

2.3, URL all lowercase

Alt helps the search engine to know the content of the picture.

< Mg src=" images/chezhan.gif" alt=" " /

two, URL

1.1, using DIV+CSS code

A specification, code:


remove the space code and a string encryption code character.


Beijing auto show pictures;

URL do not

2.4, URL maintain a minimum level of

JSCSS code to achieve the internal external page, call by calling the form, let search engine more core content, rather than doing a lot more work, grab more content more easily the core keywords.

For example, specification

1.4, the Alt tag