Liaoning province to encourage the exploration of new private entrepreneurial base

For more than a year to carry out in China’s management activities, there are more than 10 thousand new registered capital of the average daily, just rely on the government to guide the establishment of business service platform can not meet the demand. Thus, to encourage private capital to invest in entrepreneurial base has become […]

Wing banquet Tai Chi five elements of the pot to join the five

today recommend what kind of food and beverage franchise brand? This is a traditional Chinese five row named after the restaurant brand, naturally it has the characteristics of food and health. It is the five elements of the feast of the feast of the wings of the Chi Chi, five. wings feast Tai Chi five […]

College students to wash shoes on behalf of self-reliance

university graduates choose entrepreneurship already is not a new thing, Shenyang became a college student in the vampire brother wash shoes, business after graduation, his shop 3 years out of the northeast region, has won the reputation and popularity of the double harvest. a graduated from Tianjin College of electronic commerce professional Li Hongfu, 2012 […]

Building strategic alliances an important step in product sales

tends to be equal in brand and consumer rights status at the stage of purchase and sale, and is reflected in the service and convenience provided by the brand to consumers. Brands have noticed, because consumers have a strong ability to obtain information and a great choice, so the leading power occupies more and more […]

What are the trends in the development of the Korean Restaurant

although China’s food is indeed very much, however, speaking of the development of the entire food and beverage industry, China is not leading. According to incomplete statistics, South Korea in some areas about 14 years ahead of us. Over the past 5 years, South Korea’s food and beverage products to small and single main. We […]