2017 Xinjiang new employment goal let 440 thousand people like industry – Business

living standards in the continuous improvement, but there are still a lot of people face the problem of employment, local government departments in order to allow people to do a good job, but also began to take relevant measures. In January 5th, the reporter learned from the the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region people club bureau […]

Huangyuan Folk Culture Festival invites you to the Carnival

May 9th, reporters from Huangyuan County learned that for mining local folk cultural resources, promote the development of rural tourism industry, May 17th (the 8th day of the fourth month of the Chinese lunar calendar) to May 18th, Huangyuan county will be held two days of "April eight" temple fair and the second session of […]

1911 candidates to participate in college entrance examination examination

In December 26th, in 2016 the Province Ordinary University of Arts Examination (referred to as the entrance examination) at the Qinghai Normal University, the examination to the end of December 27th. The total number of our province to enroll in the college entrance examination examination for 1911 people, 189 more than in previous years. The […]

This year the Spring Festival cultural activities of the people as the protagonist

with the Spring Festival approaching, the city’s various preparations for the Spring Festival cultural activities have also entered the countdown. It is understood that this year the Spring Festival cultural activities will be close to the people, close to the people, for the masses to participate in the leadership, to meet the different levels of […]

Like martial arts, how can we miss Zhengzhou international Shaolin Wushu Festival

Chinese has 5000 years of Chinese history, is an ancient nation, but also a mysterious country, for example China Kung Fu, not only for us all the children of the Yellow Emperor far-reaching influence, in the world occupies an important position. The Eleventh Chinese Zhengzhou international Shaolin Wushu Festival organized by the State Sports General […]