Share several repair methods on the site down right after

2) normal update site, or to find a fixed time to update the

according to the general situation, love the reason why Shanghai will put your site right down for a reason, and we want to restore the weights of the site owners, the first thing is to find out the reason of fruit love Shanghai site is down right, if the owners do not know where to start looking, I can recommend you the webmaster go there and see the log space love Shanghai spiders return code, then according to the reasons related to love Shanghai spiders return code to start the search site is down right. read more

Shanghai Longfeng experience to be successful at the beginning of the first practice character


two, careful

website optimization is not a day for two days can do well, often need a month or months. We can’t eat into a fat, can do only days and months multiplying. Shanghai Longfeng is the test of our perseverance.

Shanghai dragon comes to the website inside and outside, all aspects of the influence of many factors, we are like according to the careful analysis and in-depth study, so as to solve the problem. Why do we avoid spider site? Why can’t lift weights? Why don’t rank front? These are what we need to think about. The reason for these problems is not single, often involves many details, so do be careful, Shanghai dragon. read more

Change the dual consequences brought by the title website

changes in the title before, many of my article pages have ranked in a large number of long tail keywords noble baby, and these words are the website profit point, although every day can only bring dozens of IP, but the basic income of the site with the guarantee. I did not expect that, since the title change, noble baby included may be normal, but the flow becomes 0.

has just changed two days, although the love Shanghai snapshot stopped, but is also normal, you can not over two days, the home directly by K off. This K, some basic Links easy for No. read more

Why love Shanghai cancel the news source, is forced to master the quality of content

1) forced traditional news source site promotion content quality


content, only on the news source as the judgment of whether the selected news search results and show the effectiveness of standard, has seemed quite unwell.

today, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform announcement announced:

search engine as the core of the Internet users daily entrance, must be of high quality content are professional, so it will give the four major portals, and the weight of some professional vertical portal websites are higher, the information released for the first time included, is an authoritative source of information. This will ensure that the quality of Internet users to search and browse the contents of the. read more

What should we do after the talent website has been K

sees a lot of articles about local talent net operation recently in A5, now the local talent net is hot, from the beginning of the Chinese Elite event, then continuing talent network Baidu event, as the local talent network operators, we really go is not easy! We have a consensus, now want to do a station, must pay 10 times more than the original work, may not necessarily have good results! Here is my personal operation of Enshi talent network encountered by K and I experienced 6 years operating read more

Student stationmaster experience of doing local portal station share

after more than a month, Taizhou information network, I am one year old, this past year is really to sour, sweet, bitter, hot variety of tastes, remember last summer internship in a studio, met a friend, in his recommendation, I made this website.

then I will talk about my experience of the Taizhou information network portal station (of course now may not even old portals, barely a), good experience to share learning experience is not good, when to give you a negative example, I hope you learn a lesson. (because at the very beginning, I know little about this industry. I didn’t know the webmaster or webmaster until recently. Recently, I came to study almost every day. I was not a compliment. I really benefited from these stations.) read more

How many websites do unscrupulous hosts place on a server

, let’s see how many web sites

unscrupulous hosts put on a server

himself is not a word, but I’m really shocked by what happened today,

, I accidentally opened my web site’s MSSQL database,

looked at the database on my server using Microsoft SQL Server 2005 to convert the original database into MSSQL

who knows, open it and frighten me,


has 412 databases on the same server, which is what is known as "cheap, premium space"

I was buying 100 bucks, and in that case, the server could earn 41200 read more

Peach network marketing should not away

to do network marketing is a special need patience, although there are many people talking about network marketing, how to do, looking for those projects, they are also very interested in watching. I am very optimistic about this piece of network marketing, of course, hope that more friends can find direction in this field, to achieve their own ideas. But I do not suggest that those who do not know this piece blindly come in, because it looks simple, but in fact it is not easy.

there is a saying, "look at the mountain, run dead horse", meaning that the mountain looks very close, but actually very far, looking at the mountain, the horse was exhausted. Internet marketing is the same reason, because a lot of things seem simple, but in fact it is very simple. Because the need for patient and meticulous research, need to concentrate on doing, it is possible to do a good job. read more

Teach you 2 days to do a movie station, day IP break thousand

floating in the network for several years, have never seriously to make a stand, do stand, or is not what IP, or too lazy to update, September, I watch the movie station, start the movie station


in fact, do the day movie station is the most easy to flow, don’t know why, many movie owners are engaged in long traffic days, visit also hundreds of…

, let me talk about how I did it. First of all, choosing a movie program is very important, as well as the player, and everyone’s movie station must support BOBO, why? Read on, I’ll tell you, read more

Liaoning province to encourage the exploration of new private entrepreneurial base

For more than a year to carry out

in China’s management activities, there are more than 10 thousand new registered capital of the average daily, just rely on the government to guide the establishment of business service platform can not meet the demand. Thus, to encourage private capital to invest in entrepreneurial base has become necessary.

read more

What is the difference between a product manager of a large company or a small one

believes that many people are not familiar with the product manager, this career can now be said to be critical, but for large companies and small companies,

The scope of management and the role of

my experience, there are similarities and differences between these. read more

How to do a stall to earn money

it is understood that there are many entrepreneurs in the market now, there are a lot of people do not have too many venture capital, at the very beginning, chose to stall. But how can we make money? This is a question that puzzles everyone. You know, a lot of people are not willing to lay down their face, to set up a stall, he is always careless, always can’t do it well. Next, Xiao Bian to give you a weapon, to see how to make money.

1. put down the face

put down the face is the first important factor, not what terrible, entrepreneurship must know hard work shop, must have the courage to overcome their own to take the first step, only experienced rain to see the rainbow, even if the stall are afraid, do not talk about what lofty ambition, what to be successful (house, the car, lady) is a dream. How to make money? To have the spirit of one step at a time, even if the future to do a big business, we want you to have a shop selling experience that will be the source of your strong psychological factors. If anyone looks down on the stall, he certainly can not be in the future. read more

Wing banquet Tai Chi five elements of the pot to join the five

today recommend what kind of food and beverage franchise brand? This is a traditional Chinese five row named after the restaurant brand, naturally it has the characteristics of food and health. It is the five elements of the feast of the feast of the wings of the Chi Chi, five.

wings feast Tai Chi five lines of the pot, after years of research and development to form a unique concept of health food culture, in the catering industry to establish a good brand image, once launched by the numerous entrepreneurs are favored by the five. Entrepreneurial wing feast, easy to make money, delicious Wan chuan. read more

College students to wash shoes on behalf of self-reliance

university graduates choose entrepreneurship already is not a new thing, Shenyang became a college student in the vampire brother wash shoes, business after graduation, his shop 3 years out of the northeast region, has won the reputation and popularity of the double harvest.

a graduated from Tianjin College of electronic commerce professional Li Hongfu, 2012 in Nu River street in Shenyang City, a 30 square metre shop started to do washing shoe business. Now, the students wash shoes brother business, store membership by less than 800 people a year ago increased to more than 1 thousand and 200 now. College students to go out of Shenyang, Shanxi, Tianjin and other places to develop, a total of 5 stores. Li Hongfu also brought a lot of apprentices. read more

Building strategic alliances an important step in product sales

tends to be equal in brand and consumer rights status at the stage of purchase and sale, and is reflected in the service and convenience provided by the brand to consumers. Brands have noticed, because consumers have a strong ability to obtain information and a great choice, so the leading power occupies more and more in the purchase, the result is that consumers are becoming more demanding: on the one hand to realize a new exciting experience; on the other hand, and hope that the network world the advantages (such as real-time access to information and instant gratification) can be integrated into the real world, become reluctant to waste any time. In addition, as long as it is possible, they want to maximize the cost of saving money at the time of purchase. read more

Female students sitting on the store to find work

now, willing to endure hardship college students really have not much. In June and July of each year, the majority of college graduates will go to every kind of recruitment, 24 year old Dai Lina has already became a "Alice feet boss", "orders" of the staff.

although the first way to work by blocking the father, but Dalina did not give up. High moment, see a lot of stalls around the school are selling couplets, she tried.

read more

What are the trends in the development of the Korean Restaurant

although China’s food is indeed very much, however, speaking of the development of the entire food and beverage industry, China is not leading. According to incomplete statistics, South Korea in some areas about 14 years ahead of us. Over the past 5 years, South Korea’s food and beverage products to small and single main. We are very common in the Korean store model is a dish, a shop, a brand. Focus, concise model. But such a dish of the brand can often replicate dozens of stores, or even hundreds of stores, in the region is also far more complex than the structure of the store. read more

It is much to join the hotel – Business

now, the hotel joined the project hot business opportunities. Small entrepreneurial choice to join the hotel project, no doubt, is a very wise choice. So, today Xiaobian to recommend how to choose to join the hotel? Good project, good choice!

with the development of economic level, the hotel service industry is now very hot market. As long as people go out, they will choose to have a good reputation, a good environment for hotel occupancy, the hotel’s high market demand, business or natural. Which is suitable for the hotel, the environment elegant and comfortable, clean and tidy room, to the general warmth of consumers in the market is very popular, but also so many investors took a fancy to the business opportunities. read more