Lanzhou 1235 innovation and entrepreneurship construction projects to support significant results

innovation and entrepreneurship activities in China’s current slogan has been deep into the folk, led a number of entrepreneurs to carry out a number of entrepreneurs. However, only the number of value-added is not enough, we need high-quality employment entrepreneurial results. create "business model Street", cultivate 40 public record space, support 3100 Small and micro […]

Chongqing 2016 spring action site recruitment and entrepreneurship campaign ended

after the Spring Festival, the employing units are beginning to recruit workers also embarked on the road of employment, entrepreneurship. Chongqing to coordinate all kinds of resources, especially held in 2016 spring action to help employers and workers docking, and set up a business information service platform. to meet postganglionic employer demand for human resources […]

Shantou first to create a platform for youth entrepreneurship

now, local governments are all trying to promote the pace of national entrepreneurship, recently in Shantou City, set up a "US youth entrepreneurship Park, will provide a business platform for the majority of young entrepreneurs. 9 11, the eastern region’s first certified by the government of private nonprofit business platform "to youth entrepreneurship Park officially […]

The next ice cream shop how to develop the whole

in small catering investment projects in many although the ice cream is a relatively late start catering projects, but subsequent development speed up to now has become one of the most amazing, everyone to consumer food items regardless of the four seasons. In the increasingly competitive ice cream market, a lot of ice cream brands […]

10 ways to remember the location of investment shops

now, a lot of people joined the entrepreneurial force, but in the process of entrepreneurship there will be a lot more difficult to get the link, for example, the first step to find the store. Today, the whole network Xiaobian to tell you about the 10 shop location method. entrepreneurship shop is preferred, but the […]


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Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection bulletin 7 typical problems

in order to further deepen the style and discipline construction, Chi is the wind Su Ji, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection of the recent investigation of 7 typical issues to be notified. Deputy director of the Xining City, Huangzhong water authority Li Guoyao illegal accepting gifts problems. March 21, 2015, Li Guoyao for her […]