Central show seven sword punish corruption

March 6th, the district held the fifteenth session of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Fourth Plenary Session of the meeting, thoroughly implement the spirit of the Commission and the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Committee, the summary of the 2013 clean government and anti-corruption work, work arrangements in 2014. At the meeting, the […]

Creativity is the core competitiveness of e-commerce

business, whether online or offline, marketing is to compete for people’s attention, affecting people’s brains. Through activities, arouse people’s attention and attention. The most common life is the department store doorway often drums hold all kinds of activities to attract attention. By their activities with you go, you approached the consultation, unknowingly paid to buy. Creativity attracts more people’s attention. Otherwise, even if your product is good, your copy is strong, the produ