WeChat small program can not share the entrance, search entrepreneurs to be disappointed

WeChat applet news about WeChat is about to launch a small program, is not a day two days. Before I met a lot of entrepreneurs, I heard that WeChat to a small program, it is basically the order of the company’s programmers are concerned about a small program every day, but also the early study […]

American entrepreneurs Beijing will become the only real rival Silicon Valley

Seria J · (Cyriac) in 2014 will be their start-up company Shopkick sold to SK Planet, and a year later to give up the post of CEO Roeding. Subsequently, he led his wife and two children flew to Beijing, Shenzhen and Hongkong, traveled for 3 weeks, hoping to better understand China’s entrepreneurial circles, as well […]

After he missed the 18 million financing for $900 to save the company

October 30, 2014, the Internet recruitment website push network CEO Lee Cheng rare sleep a good sleep. According to 51job (defendants) commitments, 18 million yuan a week should be credited. woke up in the morning, but Li Cheng received a partner WeChat, ,"I have days, and investors say, I quit. To kill to cut yourself." […]

Commission issued a new three board to the GEM board will launch a pilot

watch new board two years ushered in more than 4000 companies, especially since the second half of this year, with the stock market staged a "roller coaster", plus the IPO suspended, making the new board to become the main battlefield of the small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve rapid financing. In order to promote the […]

Ma Dongmin Baidu critical moment of women

January 17th, former executive vice president of Microsoft’s global Baidu group Lu Qi served as president and chief operating officer, responsible for Baidu’s products, technology, sales and marketing operations, a position and power after Robin Li number two. On the same day, Baidu founder, chairman Robin Li published an open letter, said, this is a […]

The Internet her era — women entrepreneurs Report

Alibaba released the first "Internet plus her age at the first global Women Entrepreneurs Conference: female entrepreneurs report" on the Internet, the experience economy era, the proportion of female entrepreneurs than pain era is much higher, the average young domestic online entrepreneurs under 15 years younger than the line.

A more pathetic race than a single dog – the girlfriend of an entrepreneur

Abstract: there is a species that is not as good as a single dog". "Life murder sin, this life is a vivid portrayal of the male vote their business. Once a year to male and female tears singles, bud NewSeed and several beauty chat. father Ma Yun today may be all enemy force poor dog […]

Why entrepreneurship 80% will fail but the entrepreneur’s life will be successful in 80%

Abstract: if you are brave enough to be on the road for three years, you are the winner. Do not talk about the virtual taste of the five mixed feelings, even from the point of view of the return of money, I believe that the courage to adhere to the entrepreneurial path to go, compared […]