Website optimization excessive punishment right down performance

website snapshot suddenly stopped or is not updated for a long time this time, believe that many webmaster friends website have had, it is a symptom of website drop right. If the site has this kind of situation, on site maintenance, site optimization is to see whether what is wrong with a snapshot of the site in 24 hours is relatively normal.

2, not updated snapshot.

this is many webmaster have experienced, met one day love Shanghai big update, the web site of the chain suddenly dropped thousands or even tens of thousands of. This is generally the site outside the chain of quality problems, if a few hundred is possible because the information search engine on the Internet were integrated, deleted some duplicate information, but is no ground for blame, the chain to sign following the original chain number 50% is that the site is down right now, the webmaster should pay attention to. read more

How to share the three month traffic over ten

the above list for flow over ten is far more likely to have friends, I feel is a title of the party. The first report provides a Zhang Guoqing holiday 7 days. On October 1st, the website of 43736IP, to October 7th, IP reached more than 110 thousand. Dumbfounded? Now to explain is how to achieve.

Three months of statistical chart with the title

above is the statistical report from July 23, 2011 to August 6th. The graph is not difficult to find, the website IP showed an overall trend line, and the increase is very large. read more

The new owners talk how to make love Shanghai back to you

love Shanghai included normal, I summed up the following points:

third day in Shanghai included into the 59 page, see this change of heart is cold, I think this soon. Good is included in the same love Shanghai, does not decrease nor increase. This makes me relieved. I checked on the net, if the site for space or server, love of Shanghai will have the test period, after this period may be slowly recognized for your website. These days I did not idle ha, constantly update the content, make good quality Links, to weight high website, micro-blog Bo tube or space the original articles with a link to the site, the site plan did not stop. Until August 10 included love Shanghai has changed, ha ha is very exciting, from the time of 59 to more than 100, today is 598, Google search, etc. included also increased. read more

Analysis of the site quickly break the three steps down the right situation

[a] steps: careful analysis of what site is down right, and find out the bane of output

out of love Shanghai occasionally algorithm website was not a miscarriage of justice, love Shanghai It is without rhyme or reason. right down, a reason for it, we must learn to find the cause of the right to be reduced from the site itself, and find the corresponding countermeasures to solve. A variety of reasons fall right site diversity, the author is not possible here to enumerate, but the most common reason is so few, here I will summarize: read more

Enterprise how to do long tail keywords Shanghai dragon optimization

site optimization engineer said, it is not only the enterprise station, many large traffic has quite a part is also on the long tail keywords to the site, there are some large long tail word to traffic can be accounted for thirty per cent of the overall site traffic, as can be imagined the long tail word for the importance of the web site. In addition Shanghai Longfeng site optimization engineer also pointed out that the customer search to the long tail word, the purchase or consumption intention was higher than the core keywords, data conversion rate survey shows that the long tail word than target keywords. read more

Shanghai dragon man proposes and God disposes

in a word, beauty Shanghai dragon Zhou Zhen said: whether you are here to make money through the Shanghai dragon service, the premise is you must have the ability to service. Yuan Fang, I heard Shanghai dragon can make money, what do you think of


two, Yuan Fang, Shanghai Longfeng heard that the school can make money, what do you think of

second days, Shanghai dragon Beauty Week Jane or as in the past to find work, but holding the attitude of learning, finally pays off, finally have a company hiring me (which is now the company), from the beauty of Shanghai dragon also officially entered the Shanghai dragon chicken industry. Shanghai dragon Beauty Week Jane is affected by the candidates Shanghai Longfeng friends, Shanghai dragon feel good magic, it is full of curiosity and interest. Really, really did not want to make a lot of money? Stupid? Friend, do you? Remember when you first entered the Shanghai dragon industry read more

Talk about my way of bidding profiteering products

that time just do the bidding, chose a competition of general products, advertising is just on the line I was looking at the customer service, said you get offline now, don’t do it, then do it for you, to give you a order, I didn’t talk to him, and the next few days every day I have malicious (manual click), then turn off the page to open soon, so repeatedly, and in a few days, I send out many goods are rejected, I was anxious, it must be that peers do, how to do? To do the same, then find my friends right on the point of him, give him a false order does not stop, so we repeatedly attack each other against each other, probably lasted more than 2 months, and then settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. When do Longjie Wu is a fitness, a freight in about 70, if rejected, back and forth on the loss of 140, sometimes he gave me a false order to order 3 sets, that kind of feeling… But in the end I have survived, and do better, every day when the car shipped half. read more

Share several repair methods on the site down right after

2) normal update site, or to find a fixed time to update the

according to the general situation, love the reason why Shanghai will put your site right down for a reason, and we want to restore the weights of the site owners, the first thing is to find out the reason of fruit love Shanghai site is down right, if the owners do not know where to start looking, I can recommend you the webmaster go there and see the log space love Shanghai spiders return code, then according to the reasons related to love Shanghai spiders return code to start the search site is down right. read more

Taobao guest website Shanghai dragon to choose the experience of product user attention

on Friday Taobao union symposium held in Hangzhou. The conference of Taobao alliance released the data, "Mom" is divided into more than 3 billion yuan in 2012, to achieve double. Taobao also announced that the alliance will re enable "Mom" brand, service users by the Taobao business turn for the whole network is open to all advertisers.

off site crisis mainly from two aspects, one is the Taobao Taobao alliance in November to adjust the guest commission model ban rebate website, no cash rebate will be more Taobao guide guest website take back points, back in kind, return the rebate coupons, coupons and other non cash Taobao customer mode. This adjustment, deep take cash rebate for the previous guest website influence, many sites have to reinvent the wheel, re adjust the rebate mode. On the other hand, the resumption of Ali mother brand, for the whole network of advertisers to open at the same time, will also join the Ali Mama, more sites get a commission, for Taobao customer sites, further increase competitive pressures. But there is a crisis with the hope that Taobao customers cancel cash rebate, the rebate will further improve the effective governance mode, the previous cash rebate rebate amount exaggerated false propaganda, vicious competition behavior. Let Taobao more standardized guest website promotion, promote the transformation and upgrading, ensure the long-term and healthy development. Ali and his mother for the whole network open, more advertisers involved, although the competition is more intense, but also more opportunities into larger amount. Taobao guest webmaster as long as the website promotion policy compliance, effective operation, the Commission will naturally improve. read more

The former king of those hang saga

for BlackBerry released new products in terms of a somewhat intelligent mobile phone RIM be inopportune or inappropriate, not issued in accordance with the original publicity expected, while its Playbook tablet computer and somewhat this matter seems to act with undue haste, blackberry always seem to keep up with the pace of the release of the new product.

company: Blackberry mobile phone is a mobile wireless communication equipment brand in Canada, was established in 1999. It features support for push email, mobile phone, Internet fax service, once the "gaoshuai rich" status. read more

The difference between Shanghai Longfeng ZhengZhan optimization with traditional keyword optimizatio

What is the

is also called the Shanghai dragon Optimization Website optimization, is a use of technology search engine ranking rules, to improve the site in the search engine rankings, so as to obtain more target customers access to the site. Now users are accustomed to using search engines to find their own products or services, so many websites hope to improve search engine rankings by Shanghai Longfeng way, because the site only to be seen, will have the value of existence, it can be said that in the search engine, if the customer is not you will find. Find your competitors, therefore, whether it is from the offensive or defensive perspective, enterprises should not be lost this position of search engine. read more

Shanghai love chain chain construction standard judgment ideas after

search results page is automatically generated a large number of links, webmaster service links and collection of links.

Although the

ZAC recommended and attract the chain. The natural chain mainly rely on speculation, such as the robin "for a Links, a man put a knife to cut the murderer of thousands of people" is a typical hype, followed by contacts, ideas and content. ZAC said the older generation is still a bit more general, not to cool point line and attempt an ineffective solution. I think, how to build the chain, and what are the channels to the construction of the chain is the most concerned about the topic of small owners, the following are some personal views of the author in actual combat. read more

Qihoo 360 is due to its A new force suddenly rises. unfair competition

August 8th

understand the Internet knows, Qihoo 360 in the years of development, always in constant development and obtain the rival, from time to time that its infringement lawsuit to the court is not uncommon. From the Qihoo 360 to Tencent Kingsoft antivirus complaints infringement litigation Qihoo 360 unfair competition. "

science and technology Tencent published an article infringement event seems specific to the Internet It is quite common for the parties, we can not call it a small thing, especially for the majority of search engine changes often focus on the Shanghai dragon, is a huge impact on our future optimization. Love in Shanghai today to the Qihoo 360 high court, accusing it without permission, authorization, plagiarism love Shanghai Webmaster Platform original document works, and communication to the public through information network. As an old enemy of search engines, since the Qihoo 360 in 2012 turned out to get the domestic search engine market share of 10%, and that it had acquired third major domestic search engine provider that Sogou, many industry insiders are talking about, in the near future love Shanghai a dominant search the engine will be subject to challenge Qihoo 360 favorable situation. If the complaint is true love Shanghai, so for the future development of the Qihoo 360 will have a significant impact, not to mention the love continues to challenge the Shanghai search engine status. read more

The search engine to determine whether the original content of the website article principle

then the search engine for the original judgment is how it? Spider search engine indexing procedures through hypertext links to web site, and through the station to the page.

now most visitors come from the search engine, to access the number, by more people cognition, the most important thing is to be the major search engines more items, and ranked as possible before. So what do I do to make fast search engine website content and ranking? Xiaobian have spoken before website construction enterprises how to do search engine optimization and promotion of the website is completed, then today Xiaobian will discuss with you the original content. read more

The Shanghai dragon and SEM website optimization of the importance of selecting keywords

like involved in the work of Shanghai dragon Er website belongs to the company website, or industry website, the direction of relatively simple, keyword matching is also quite accurate, but when the promotion of the website optimization, cause there are two cases of web traffic to ascend. The first one: the more unpopular uncommon, with brand words, such as the name of the enterprise, especially the newly established enterprises in the promotion of brand, although the brand keywords ranking is very good, but the website search industry without ranking; second: popular vocabulary, these words in general for the industry popular word or vocabulary, its index is higher, if it is a new station, involved in the industry is a hot industry, such as finance, machinery, health and education, then the site keywords ranking is low, even no ranking. read more

Large website optimization Shanghai dragon industry site external optimization strategy

In the article

, a station optimization — one of the way of the construction of the chain

classification information promotion through (58 city information, ganji贵族宝贝, beans when network, people network, Jinti, Wuhan, Yideng classification information network, money eyes, list,

related keywords to the appropriate authority website, improve website trust in search engine.

space promotion)

note: the document submitted to love Shanghai library, insert the anchor text inside, making PDF document, insert the anchor text inside, is the chain. On the construction of the external links at the same time, do not ignore the construction of the chain. read more

On site will be five reasons why love K out of the sea

compared to some other domestic search engine, love Shanghai for the site of the change is the most sensitive, even you only got a code that it will know, so webmaster in site was found with K out of the sea, may wish to consider in the near future is not changed or replaced website.


love Shanghai K station is basically a reason, if you can not find the webmaster site is K, here to do their own sand according to several years summed up the station for example, believe that the webmaster can find some reason web site is K off from /p>! " read more

I do not have those external links

mentioned here is not to go to space and blog, large website registered blog >

then pure manual release: love Shanghai and leaving Youku plain text links

now soft promotion has two advantages, first lets users have a direct purchasing power, a good article need time and effort to sharpen the molding, but released in the corresponding website or forum, the effect is often very obvious; such as Taobao customers can prepare some photos or related content. Published in the appropriate forum or sharing community, as long as you find the right place to write enough soft, can directly guide the purchase; second, to optimize the key, can also play a role too, after a successful soft release, external links can increase at least dozens. If every few days to write a journal of success, the natural effect will appear. read more

Love Shanghai index below 50 in the long tail keywords mining skills

in my first successful optimization of long tail keywords for example.

is often the case, we found the key words, love index based on the data for Shanghai. However, for an early site, even love Shanghai index below 100 words, we want is also very difficult to get good rankings. Therefore, the author based on the idea of optimization of the index below 50, which is love Shanghai index can not provide the word, in the early years of the website, more practical operability.

two, passive

in general, in the mining index in the long tail keywords below 50 to the following points: read more

How to improve the experience of the local tourism website users

with the arrival of summer, the tourism industry has become a peak, and in July and August the people across the country are choosing to travel, display from the data, a part of the visitors to sign up for tours, a part of the visitors to the tourist site for tourism, as well as part of the tourists is to group purchase online it is obvious that tourism group purchase, choose the travel agency way into a number of

at present, construction of local tourism website to achieve profitability is a lot of travel agencies are doing, the local tourism site is everywhere, in addition to a few years ago, the way cattle, Showtime swim together and other large tourist sites, almost no other travel sites can be competitive regional tourism. In recent years, the Internet in the gradual development, the importance of many local travel agencies have gradually realized the Internet, so as to establish the local tourism website to make a profit, you can see that the local travel agencies are also in the importance of. Recently I in charge of local tourism website, found that many places do not travel website of a user experience, and rank, weight, flow rate is not very good, and now love Shanghai attaches great importance to the experience of the user, and give a lot of good user experience of the website ranking, weight, flow, so I think you want to the local tourism website development must be to achieve the user experience. How do the local tourism website user experience? The author summarizes some experience in the optimization of Guizhou tourism website. read more