The search engine to determine whether the original content of the website article principle

then the search engine for the original judgment is how it? Spider search engine indexing procedures through hypertext links to web site, and through the station to the page. now most visitors come from the search engine, to access the number, by more people cognition, the most important thing is to be the major search […]

The Shanghai dragon and SEM website optimization of the importance of selecting keywords

like involved in the work of Shanghai dragon Er website belongs to the company website, or industry website, the direction of relatively simple, keyword matching is also quite accurate, but when the promotion of the website optimization, cause there are two cases of web traffic to ascend. The first one: the more unpopular uncommon, with […]

Large website optimization Shanghai dragon industry site external optimization strategy

In the article , a station optimization — one of the way of the construction of the chain classification information promotion through (58 city information, ganji贵族宝贝, beans when network, people network, Jinti, Wuhan, Yideng classification information network, money eyes, list, related keywords to the appropriate authority website, improve website trust in search engine. space promotion) […]

Love Shanghai index below 50 in the long tail keywords mining skills

in my first successful optimization of long tail keywords for example. is often the case, we found the key words, love index based on the data for Shanghai. However, for an early site, even love Shanghai index below 100 words, we want is also very difficult to get good rankings. Therefore, the author based on […]

The development of children’s version of Google search engine, or been forced into an ideal drive

used to big data, Internet thinking, disruptive innovation Chinese science and technology circle, for the development of children’s version of the ocean Google products, mostly behind Google development so completely indifferent, the children’s version of what hides? Is it really like Pavni Diwanji just to let the children enjoy the fun and safe products   […]

Shanghai dragon dead good Shanghai dragon strategy and quality content is still valid

in my occupation career, have seen many people ignore the above suggestions. I wrote you a couple of times, describes the search engine to advise people not only based on changing all the time, it carried out the cause. Google Florida Update made a lot of people are aware of this, but I think also […]