In the analysis of chain and spider crawling, the residence time to interpret the role in the chain

in this experiment, I for the chain in the anchor text view also has some changes, articles within the anchor text to play the weights and the recommended index be above this station link effect is the "*10000" effect of single page links when the effect of station anchor text location and the effect is […]

Love Shanghai index below 50 in the long tail keywords mining skills

in my first successful optimization of long tail keywords for example. is often the case, we found the key words, love index based on the data for Shanghai. However, for an early site, even love Shanghai index below 100 words, we want is also very difficult to get good rankings. Therefore, the author based on […]

Shanghai Longfeng optimization of small and medium sized enterprises is the necessity analysis of ma

third, can continue to expand the source of traffic. Shanghai is the core competitiveness of Longfeng flow precision, an enterprise website optimization keywords in addition to the core word, long tail word and auxiliary core keywords is optimized. We can order more flowering, respectively. Some high conversion of the long tail word individually optimized, such […]

YY really fierce company dares to move Tencent’s cheeseHow do I manage to earn 300RMB a day

in 2009, when the YY accumulated to a certain extent in the game users, entertainment began to force, IS, Hangzhou 9158 Web voice platform operators, open room, send gifts to the host for its main operation mode. In 2010, Sina $30 million stake in 2012 is expected to reach 1 billion yuan of revenue, and […]

[] the count of network to play, write an independent blog.

The independent blog runs its own blog. And join the blog organization, recommend your own ideas and articles. The meaning of such an independent blog is whether you can persist, introspection, self study, self-control, and sometimes this independent blog is the window that others understand you. Can even serve as an economic source. You write […]

View the ten excellent site navigation station selection results

read an article on the internet widely circulated "2009 top ten most popular web site navigation" results "popular articles, the expression is not difficult to see that the contest is organized thoroughly and selection based on full, open and fair selection results, no matter from which point of view, we can see the common aspiration […]

Taiyuan set up ten thousand yuan to start a new venture capital fund to help fund

Prior to , Wang Jianlin speech at the University of Oxford, it made it clear that the need to find funds to venture, will flicker. In the public entrepreneurship, the people of innovation policy support, Taiyuan entrepreneurs can also get through venture capital funds. 2 24, 2009, Taiyuan entrepreneurship Association helped set up a ten […]