Website a case analysis record has optimized the enterprise website

we can see, now the site last updated time is March 5, 2013, but also the snapshot site at this time, after I had no charge, although it did not update, the snapshot has not moved, but still ranked in the first page.

this paper before and share with you to optimize the key words. The index is not high, the degree of competition is moderate, although there are a lot of enterprise website, but do in the optimization of the site is not particularly. Well, look at the website data:

A website waterproof company After the read more

YY really fierce company dares to move Tencent’s cheeseHow do I manage to earn 300RMB a day

in 2009, when the YY accumulated to a certain extent in the game users, entertainment began to force, IS, Hangzhou 9158 Web voice platform operators, open room, send gifts to the host for its main operation mode. In 2010, Sina $30 million stake in 2012 is expected to reach 1 billion yuan of revenue, and other active audio / video entertainment platform most popular channel executives, mostly received a targeted invitation from YY. Fortunately, 9158 years of operation and focus on this model, its ecological chain has been relatively stable, and IS in the YY development process has been a huge impact. read more

[] the count of network to play, write an independent blog.


independent blog runs its own blog. And join the blog organization, recommend your own ideas and articles. The meaning of such an independent blog is whether you can persist, introspection, self study, self-control, and sometimes this independent blog is the window that others understand you. Can even serve as an economic source. You write something, have the right to obtain the value, but the premise is that people see.

, have you just been to college?. Do you want to have a platform to do something and record your talents?. Don’t go to any garbage society. Where you can’t learn, it just hits you. Of course, a good team, you must not let go ah. read more

View the ten excellent site navigation station selection results

read an article on the internet widely circulated "2009 top ten most popular web site navigation" results "popular articles, the expression is not difficult to see that the contest is organized thoroughly and selection based on full, open and fair selection results, no matter from which point of view, we can see the common aspiration the results represent the netizens.

"2009 most popular ten site navigation station" selection results, the article content is

follows the quote: read more

Taiyuan set up ten thousand yuan to start a new venture capital fund to help fund

Prior to

, Wang Jianlin speech at the University of Oxford, it made it clear that the need to find funds to venture, will flicker. In the public entrepreneurship, the people of innovation policy support, Taiyuan entrepreneurs can also get through venture capital funds.

2 24, 2009, Taiyuan entrepreneurship Association helped set up a ten thousand yuan to help fund entrepreneurship, the first venture to help fund a total payment of not more than $500 thousand. The fund is mainly for trademark patent, electronic commerce, services, intermediary, trade, business, and other industries to provide micro network assistance funds can provide not less than ten thousand yuan venture capital for helping entrepreneurs, for project investigation, business practice, office supplies purchase, team construction and technical exchanges, media publicity, hope to encourage more entrepreneurs to carry out innovation and entrepreneurship. read more

Open snack bar location proposal

snack bar can choose to open a lot of address. Because of the strong adaptability of such shops, business prospects, location is very easy. If you want to invest in a shop, you can first look at the location of the ideal location. Small finishing some of the information, hope can help you find the right location.

1, downtown and Commercial Street

where population density is the biggest, the consumption level, is the most ideal place! But the location of the rent is often very expensive, high upfront investment, financial pressure, which is the main reason to make many friends away. read more

Zheng Maoyuan and his business

a person’s shop business is booming, there must be some truth, after all, the industry is now so fierce competition. Zheng Maoyuan is such a business owner, he can get the current achievements, naturally with his "business" related, below, let us come to know his business.

Zheng Maoyuan is the owner of the Qingdao Jin Yuan store in Shandong, Chengyang. Bao Jin Yuan store opened in a residential area, do not look at the small store, business was quite full of sound and colour.

actually, just opened in 2014, because only want to run a large supermarket, but subject to site constraints, can not meet the needs of consumers, Zheng Maoyuan also took a lot of detours. Later, in the proposal of tobacco companies account manager, Zheng Maoyuan based on the community, the main consumer market in the community, to operate tobacco and daily necessities. At the same time, supplemented by beverage distribution business. This aspect of the competition is relatively small, and Zheng Maoyuan had done the beverage factory salesman, more familiar with the tobacco and alcohol consumption market. read more

Now declare 2016 small and micro enterprises entrepreneurial innovation base city

since Premier Li Keqiang proposed to the public entrepreneurship and innovation slogan, from top to bottom to carry out a dynamic entrepreneurial tide, which is one of the main support of small and micro enterprises is one of the objects.

second group of Small and micro businesses entrepreneurial innovation demonstration base city "to start reporting

caiban built [2016]17,

the relevant provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) finance department (bureau) of small and medium-sized enterprises, departments, the office of science and Technology (Commission, bureau), the competent departments of Commerce, administration of industry and Commerce: read more

Arati mutton string King

said everyone unconsciously mutton will think of Xinjiang authentic taste of mutton, mutton string Chinese is quite keen on Xinjiang local brands, this is also a China local regional tastes, today Xiaobian to recommend a good brand of mutton mutton string Arati king.

Arati is one of the king of mutton restaurant brand Arati restaurant group, currently in Suzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Changzhou and Wuxi city are fifty stores (in the impression of the city of Suzhou, Suzhou Park, Suzhou square and adjacent AEON Rui Hangzhou AEON, impression of the city of Hangzhou and Wuxi based landmark Shopping Center the performance of stores have achieved good results. read more

Cattle teach you to open a successful male jewelry store online

good development prospects in the jewelry industry, many entrepreneurs have opened a jewelry store, and the men of the jewelry store is not much, so the male jewelry industry potential is amazing, an expert on the discovery of this wealth.

expert to teach you the fun fashion jewelry shop! Every morning, the first thing more than bamboo after washing, is to open their own online store, check the customer message, just after breakfast to order delivery.

although only sell male jewelry, but with fashion style, affordable price, shop monthly can bring her million income. From the initial part of the shop to earn extra money, and now full-time to do shop, more than relying on their own bamboo sharp market sense of smell, accurate product positioning and good after-sales service, the shop business done fast. read more

Everything is difficult at the beginning of the personal venture 10 tips

employment more prominent, now self employment seems to have become the first choice for young people to develop their own career, there is no entrepreneurial experience of young people, everything is hard in the beginning, how to take the business every step? The ancients cloud: towering buildings from the ground! Any cause is from small to large, from the start bit by bit; in the process of summing up the experience, the accumulation of funds, the slow development of the! Everything is difficult at the beginning! The following China to join the network in the summary of the previous experience based on the summary, combined with the characteristics of contemporary social development, summed up: personal entrepreneurship to get rich ten tips! Hope to be helpful to friends! read more

如何弥敦德雷克可以节省八天的逃亡新Xbox One更新推出

现场成立,这是E3 2006和大男孩们炫耀他们的阿森纳的一切。下一代的电子游戏正在我们和游戏行业嗡嗡作响。在众多的梦幻般的游戏向公众展示了在展会的日子里有两个索尼的标题,都密切发展,真正脱颖而出。一一邪教击中PS2,另一个新的IP,根据第一印象似乎有可能成为一个重磅炸弹。2008六月来,冠军被取消的消息,一个所有PS3的粉丝在当时更多的独家在强大的来自爱上海的竞争,花大价钱来减少强烈的PlayStation专属在线式UPS昨年的脸打思念的冲击。希望是在团队SoHo区官方声明的形式(内部开发人员的职称),宣布游戏没有取消,只是推迟了。

发送脉冲在E3 2006赛车逃走”的视频演示,特别是球迷,过起了原始的数百万。上海龙凤伦敦人有一个软点的游戏,并希望看到我们自己的版本的侠盗猎车手在类似的环境中,它的下一代荣耀。尽管他们取得了相对的成功,PS2上的前两个冠军(逃走,逃跑的:黑色星期一)只实现了Metacritic评分分别为57和72。很显然,侠盗猎车手设置了一个令人难以置信的基准,这使得它很难为任何新人匹配。

然而当时,这是现在。GTA IV在2008发布再次设法设置一个非常高的基准,但这是一个全新的一代和索尼现在有专业知识和工具,需要创造一个更有价值的竞争对手/替代PlayStation球迷茁壮成长。原来的技术演示承诺这么多,也许大家仍然可以实现。

我们还只知道“八天”真是一个谜。一个简单的拖车显示在E3,然后再也没有听说过它。但这是显而易见的,从社区在互联网上的论坛,最初的取消新闻是一个重大的打击和失望的所有游戏迷。索尼计算机娱乐公司的总裁,Shuhei Yoshida表示,取消“八天”是不是因为它是不生产的,但由于索尼日益走向在线支持的游戏,和八天不符合整体战略。

至少有一点,游戏会为情节内容发布谣言,分为8章(每一天)和通过PlayStation网络销售。然而,这些报告没有坚实的基础或来源。此外,来自许多游戏专家的建议,E3演示是纯粹的CGI,而不是游戏中的HUD在视频中建议。Patrick Klepek(1UP。com)指画面有“太多的波兰”相比其他游戏了。Alex Navarro(游戏)也怀疑录像,说“一定的序列包括一个完整的HUD但即使是这样,这是好得是真实的吗“从贵族宝贝来的最响亮的评论,Mike Jackson(CVG贵族宝贝)声称该视频是“公然”


Nathan Drake是怎么进入这一切很简单的。未知2:在盗贼是目前明确的PlayStation 3的标题(虽然这可能会改变与战神III的到来)。什么是生产的未知(淘气狗工作室)实现与Nathan Drake的故事是没有什么了不起的游戏游戏和视觉游戏体验。这方面的知识和专业知识可以很明显地传递到内部的伦敦队SoHo区,谁是“逃跑”和“八天”。鉴于如何成功的未知2和图形高峰,开发商达成,我相信一些经验丰富的游戏专家以上可能要收回他们的意见,在前面的段落。特别是在图形的细节和动作,在未知的2达到的水平被描述为“假装游戏




感谢的东西从WENB和FSB的精彩文章。 read more

Expert analysis of the food and beverage industry in 2016

2016, Chinese officially entered the construction period in 13th Five-Year, according to the forecast, this year the number of entrepreneurs will continue to increase. In January 5, 2016, O2O sponsored by the Shenzhen catering can —2016 Shenzhen specialty food brands summit, the summit invited the Anhui kitchen founder Xu Lu, 3W coffee Zhang Xiaoqiang, cloud taste museum founder He Wei, catering O2O founder Luo Huashan, founder of the Sui Zhengjun hut barbecue, lewd pie salad, zygote kitchen, bakers, eat local food micro Shenzhen big coffee guests made a wonderful keynote share and interactive salon. read more

The introduction of entrepreneurship policy in Wuhu

in recent years, the government in terms of entrepreneurship can be said to spare no effort to continue to provide a variety of policy support, so that entrepreneurs around the real benefit. In Wuhu, what are the benefits to the people of the entrepreneurial incentives? See below for details.

A, small loans

Application procedure:
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Xiamen finalists China Tourism City digital assets list ten

tourism industry plays an important role in the process of economic development, and it has a certain role in promoting economic development in many places. This time, the development of tourism in Xiamen, has been unanimously recognized. At the same time, Xiamen finalists China Tourism City digital assets list ten.

reporter yesterday learned from the Municipal Tourism Bureau, "ended in Beijing 2016 China Digital Tourism — tourism destination and the national image forum before the forum site issued a" tourist destination and the national image list "," Xiamen city tourism Chinese shortlisted digital asset list of the top ten, ranked seventh. Gulangyu Islet scenic finalists, China’s tourist attractions digital assets list ten. read more

Integrity management is never out of date

in the current era, many people will think that integrity is not worthy of our compliance, if the integrity of the business, I am afraid that the store will greatly reduce the operation. However, now the retail competition, various types of retail outlets in the high streets and back lanes everywhere, many retailers want to do business with. How can business to make a profit and keep booming? I think: honesty is essential, who can do, who can be in an invincible position in the fierce competition, under the condition of strong competitors. read more

Shanxi government will provide one-stop one-stop business services for entrepreneurs

days ago, the Shanxi Provincial Department of human resources and social public service platform business new plan, the government will further improve the entrepreneurial support, to provide "one-stop" accurate public service.

Public service content business platform

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Guizhou Xishui leveraging the three love to promote the entrepreneurship of migrant workers

now the country are trying to promote entrepreneurship, at the same time in the country have introduced many different policies to promote, at the same time, the focus is placed around the country to promote entrepreneurship in attracting migrant workers entrepreneurship category.

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