The final outcome of the war was going on micro-blog

after Sina micro-blog hit, there seems to be a catch up from behind the momentum of the Tencent. By the end of 2012, data show that Tencent micro-blog users exceeded 540 million, Sina, micro-blog more than 500 million, WeChat’s launch to allow more Sina, micro-blog users transferred to Tencent, micro-blog. Social media marketing Masamori, how […]

The knot has joined what conditions Chuanchuan Xiang

knot son string incense? Delicious snacks, delicious business opportunities to make money. The knot Chuanchuan Xiang to join the project choice, the best choice for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs. Open a knot of their own string of incense franchise stores, no doubt, is very business opportunities! What are the conditions for joining […]

Let the public to eat water and water supply department action

July 3rd, the annual meeting of the northwest water supply industry was held in Xining in 2013. "We have developed a source of water, the factory water, pipe network water strict standards, improve the refinement of water quality testing, chlorination and other water supply operating procedures……" The same day, the reporter learned from the meeting, […]

Qinghai’s first private enterprises in Luqiao construction industry door opened to the capital marke

9 5 day at 9:30, the Shanghai stock exchange in the sound of a gong, opened the first province of Luqiao construction industry of private enterprises — Luqiao construction Limited by Share Ltd A shares was landed in the capital market door. This is the eleventh listed companies in Qinghai, Qinghai is also an important […]

Into the Xining national tax focus camp changed to increase

August 1st, camp changed to increase pilot in the transportation industry and part of the modern service industry officially started. There are a total of 930 households in the taxpayer "replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) pilot area of Xining, the specific scope of the pilot for" 1+7 "," 1 "or" 7 "transportation industry, including […]