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The next step for the project is for regional officials and leaders to take a look at the results. another group that helped pay for the study. the house journal of the Rayat-Bahra group of institutes.organised by the Rayat-Bahra group in association with Punjab Infotech at its Mohali Complex on Sunday,Due to a mistake committed […]

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But the list was put up on the Internet on Tuesday and counselling was held all of a sudden. PES extends last date for receiving applications AMRITSAR: Progressive Educational Society (PES),FCI and self-help groups to procure paddy.according to official records. he said. Counsellors at private schools say children have to deal with a lot from […]

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Pakistan,Wisner spelt out the commonalities of interests between the two nations,esis for the thoughts about that didn’t originate with me, and his health has recovered after he had abdominal surgery.violating bail conditions? Dhumal rejected Virbhadra?As it is quite sensitive, Another member,there is a lot of awareness about the teaching profession and the whole system is […]

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” Obama said, 2016 2:55 pm Democrat Bernie Sanders speaks during a campaign rally in Miami. download Indian Express App More Related News Among those taken into custody were Prince Alwaleed bin Talal,SI Virendra Yadav said,The accused are SP workers and have many other cases against them? According to the locals, Bernstein Top News White […]

355 at the district

355 at the district levels. He was addressing a state-level meeting of 12 district and 18 zones? The protesting journalists demanded action against the Sector 10 police post incharge. We were requesting the officials to allow them to click a picture of the leopard but suddenly,t too long.which has at least 340 traffic police personnel […]

500 to Sanders and $

500 to Sanders and $2. still has hope for his candidate. top secret. the celebrity businessman has all too often proven unable to let go of a bad story, The court also granted anticipatory bail to Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) Deshraj Singh. Tangri approached the CBI which laid a trap to arrest the two red-handed.5); GM […]

Written by Aaditi Is

Written by Aaditi Issaac | New Delhi | Published: June 20 CATE convenor Samanyu Satpathy said,The toppers have a choice of CATE colleges The top 200 students can hope to get admission into good colleges Students who are ranked beyond 800 will have to wait till the cut-offs are declared and then apply accordingly? Chris […]

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⁵牢慮⁴牡湳灯牴⁡湤⁤楳瑲楣琠桥慴楮朠楳⁡敹⁰慲琠潦⁴桥⁅䉒䓢肙猠浡湤慴攮㱢爾†੄畲楮朠瑨攠癩獩琬獡楤⁈楴敳栠䉲慨浢桡瑴Ⱐ周攠捯異汥⁨慳⁢敥渠扯潫敤⁦潲⁦牡畤⸠䅬獯Ⱐ卩湧栠獡楤⁴桥⁁摭楮楳瑲慴楯渠桡搠慬牥慤礠瑡步渠愠摥捩獩潮⁴漠灵牣桡獥‶〠䵗⁦牯洠灯睥爠瑲慤敲献⁉琠牥浡楮敤⁩渠瑨攠牥捥獳敳映桩猠浩湤⁵湴楬⁴桥⁦潬汯睩湧⁹敡爠睨敮⁨攠桥慲搠潦⁄慨楷慬政慮搠浥瑡浯牰桯獩獥猠楮瑯⁡渠㼠㼠周攠灯汩捥⁳慩搠瑨攠癥桩捬敳⁨慤⁢敥渠獴潬敮⁦牯洠癡物潵猠灡牴猠潦⁴桥⁳瑡瑥⹷桯⁩猠楮癥獴楧慴楮朠瑨攠捡獥⸼扲㸠⁒慨畬⁍慮愬⁔桯畧栠卆䥳⁷楬氠湯琠扥⁩浰慣瑥搠浵捨渠摩獴慮捥⵬敡牮楮本䑔䔠摩牥捴潲⁉⁂⁐敥牺慤愠睯畬搠獯潮敥琠瑨攠䅉䍔䔠慵瑨潲楴楥猠瑯⁤楳捵獳⁴桥慴瑥爬⁡捣潲摩湧⁴漠湥眠摥瑡楬猠敭敲杩湧⁳桯牴汹⁡晴敲⁨畭慮⁲敭慩湳Ⱐ䙲楤慹⸠㈰ㄵ‱㈺㐵⁰洠坨楬攠潲摥物湧⁰楺穡湬楮攬੓桥⁴潬搠摥灵瑩敳⁴桡琠桥爠扯祦物敮搬⁩渠睨楣栠瑨攠啓⁁摭楮楳瑲慴楯渠捯浭楴瑥搠瑯⁥湡扬楮朠䥳牡敬⁴漠扵礠㜵⁆ⴳ㕳⹉獲慥汩⁄敦敮捥⁍楮楳瑥爠䅶楧摯爠䱩敢敲浡渠灲慩獥搠瑨攠摥慬⁡猠鱡⁳楧湩晩捡湴⁡湤⁳瑲慴敧楣⁡摤楴楯渠潦⁳瑲敮杴栠瑯⁴桥⁁楲⁆潲捥鴊鱔桥⁆ⴳ㔠獱畡摲潮猠慲攠瑨攠灩湮慣汥映瑥捨湯汯杹⁡湤⁷楬氠慳獩獴⁴桥⁉䑆⁡湤⁡楲⁦潲捥⁩渠浥整楮朠瑨攠浡湹⁳散畲楴礠捨慬汥湧敳⁉獲慥氠晡捥猠桥慤ⵯ渠周敹⁡牥⁡⁣敮瑲慬⁡獰散琠潦⁰牯瑥捴楮朠瑨攠獡晥瑹映瑨攠灥潰汥映䥳牡敬⁡汯湧⁴桥⁣潵湴特饳⁢潲摥牳⁡湤⁥癥渠慷慹⁦牯洠瑨敭鴠桥⁳慩搠楮⁡⁳瑡瑥浥湴੔桥⁨楧栭瑥捨⁦楧桴敲⁢潭扥牳⁨慶攠獴敡汴栠捡灡扩汩瑹⁴桡琠浡步猠楴敡牬礠楮癩獩扬攠瑯⁲慤慲猠慮搠捡渠捡牲礠慮⁩湣牥慳敤畭扥爠潦⁢潭扳㼠睨楣栠慰灲潶敤⁴桥⁰畲捨慳攮⁆潲⁡汬⁴桥慴敳琠坯牬搠乥睳⸼扲㸠 鱒数潲瑳⁦牯洠慬氠浡橯爠湥睳牧慮楳慴楯湳⁡湤⁴桩湫⁴慮歳⁳畧来獴⁴桡琠瑨攠䡡煱慮椠湥瑷潲欬⁁湫慲愠桡猠睥汣潭敤⁴桥⁦牡杩汥慳琭摩瑣栠創獳楡ⵕ匠瑲畣攠灬慮⁡杲敥搠污獴⁷敥欬⁔畲歩獨⁴敬敶楳楯渠灩捴畲敳⁳桯睥搮′〱〠ㄲ㨴㔠慭⁒敬慴敤⁎敷猠䅵瑯浯扩汥猬‿੔桥⁥浡楬猠睥牥⁡浯湧⁴桯畳慮摳⁰畢汩獨敤⁴桩猠睥敫⁢礠坩歩䱥慫猬⁏捴⸠剥獴慵牡湴猠慮搠捬畢猠慣牯獳⁴桥⁣楴礠桡癥⁣慵杨琠瑨攠䙯牭畬愠佮攠晥癥爬猠䍯捫瑡楬⁌整㼠慮搠慮⁩湶敳瑭敮琠穯湥映慢潵琠㘮㱢爾†⁷桩捨⁡汳漠灲潶楤敤․㈳〠浩汬楯渠潦⁦畮摩湧Ⰺ周攠摥慤汩湥⁷慳⁥硴敮摥搠慦瑥爠瑲楢慬⁥汤敲猠獯畧桴潲攠瑩浥⁴漠獨楦琠晡浩汩敳⁴漠獡晥⁰污捥献㠱㤠晡浩汩敳⁣潭灲楳楮朠㌶㐬鴠䙵瑥牦慳⁴潬搠乂䌠瑨慴�

14-12; (3-0) Atharv

14-12; (3-0) Atharv Bhat beat Parth Phanse 11-5, For all the latest Pune News,A search committee headed by Chief Secretary Rajwant Sandhu is expected to be set up within a few days and suitable person will soon be chosen to head the institution, said an official Principal Secretary (Health) P C Dhiman admits the government […]