Bold business rich patent cigar Kuangzhuan about 1000000 yuan for two years

business, dare dare dare to try, have a chance of success. The hero of this article is a good example. In Shanghai, there is such a clever girl, she runs the rich bold "patent" cigar, two Kuangzhuan about 1000000 yuan, personal wealth has been increasing at an alarming speed.

Fashion packaging agents need to identify methods

fashion package is now widespread concern, has become the choice of many investors shop, shop need to understand the market, you need to understand the situation, the market development of the industry is very good. In such a good development prospects, a number of people who opened the fashion packaging agency found a new path. […]

Another giant is about to enter the board Baidu lottery renamed Baidu sports and seek split financin

text / Tencent technology Li Ruchao sports industry is still heating up, the next Internet Co is likely to enter the Baidu. Tencent science and technology learned from a number of sources, Baidu has quietly established Baidu sports. It is understood that the development of Baidu sports lottery from Baidu, Baidu lottery head Li Huan […]

Praise back now, or suspected illegal Guangdong Council issued advice to Taobao

Guangdong provincial council in August 25 to inform the media, according to a recent consumer complaints reflect part of the Taobao and Tmall business, online shopping platform to attract consumers, increase sales, using the "polite" praise "praise back now" and other improper means of operation, buyers make comments on "induced businesses or commodities". The provincial […]

Sources said Phoenix or abandon micro-blog business development team has disbanded

February 22nd news, according to sources, the Phoenix micro-blog development team has been disbanded, the development team members have been transferred to other posts. The person further said, because micro-blog since its inception has not much improvement, which is the main cause for the reorientation of the micro-blog team. TechWeb the first time contact […]