When the copy in hand piece to kill completely routed

first round milk powder

copywriter: this milk powder, imported from the original pot, rich in a variety of trace elements, to promote children’s intellectual development, so that children win at the starting line.

hand piece: I asked a 5 year old girl, you usually eat what milk? She replied, I was eating the milk powder.

copywriter: our milk powder, the monthly sales of 10000 cans.

hand piece: We pasture cows fast to malnutrition.

second round fitness

copy: life lies in sports, fitness and health. read more

Some problems must be paid attention to in the early planning and promotion

many webmaster is in a hurry to buy the domain name, the purchase of space, and can’t wait to DISCUZ or network or CMS of the program up, the site set up, but in fact these are not considered the primary planning and positioning errors committed by the webmaster. I’m here to talk about how to build a new webmaster should be the most basic steps of a station, only to develop good habits and procedures for the management and development of your site is the most helpful.

1: domain name registration will not rush to build the site, you first need to do is to do an HTML page up, your previously planned web site name and keyword positioning and related SEO basic optimization work to build up. read more

What is the most effective way to track network extrapolation

no matter who, as long as you want to do a good job promotion, it is necessary to track the network to extrapolate, then there is a simple and convenient and effective way to track the network extrapolation


with the rapid development of network information technology in recent years, all walks of life as long as there is a demand there is market, and the influence of high technology software developers who are waiting for an opportunity of another batch of excellent software development, let netizens love. Now, only you think not developers do, for example, so many network promotion was difficult tracking network has been extrapolated, come up with countermeasures. It is understood that by looking at the Internet enterprises in Shanghai science and technology limited company using cloud claw Network Marketing Internet technology developed sophisticated analysis management system can be a very good solution to this problem, by many people in the industry that is both simple and effective tracking network extrapolation method. read more

Yueqing talent network promotion skills

initially completed the design and construction of a site, but the beginning of the enterprise website management. In order to truly play the role of a site, we should be based on the site, in the online network to carry out long-term and effective promotion.

The use of

1, the traditional media; at the present stage of the China, traditional media’s influence is still much larger than the network, especially for the domestic site, the effect of television, newspapers, magazines and other media of these can be said to be immediate, which is why so many websites love speculation reason – by attracting media. Especially in the traditional media attention to the role of propaganda. The promotion of enterprise website, should be integrated into the whole enterprise’s propaganda work, in all the advertising, exhibition, all kinds of activities in the significant place to join the company’s Web site, and make proper introduction. read more

Five terminal network domain name initials drug within one year of the three financing

(love circle amq.com) recently, the pharmaceutical B2B platform "drug terminal network" officially announced the acquisition of 50 million yuan a round of financing, and revealed that the company is expected in July 2016 landed three new board.

drug is a pharmaceutical B2B network terminal platform, belonging to the Chengdu Jiyuan Technology Co Ltd, to provide services for the pharmaceutical wholesale pharmaceutical factory, pharmaceutical agent wholesale companies, retail pharmacies, clinics and other major social, trading goods for medicines, medical equipment, health supplies, health products, medicines etc.. read more

Western network 18 afternoon suffered a hacker attack for up to 3 hours

    western network (Shaanxi News Network) http://www.cnwest.com is in the Shaanxi provincial government under the leadership by the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department in charge of the host, Shaanxi TV host of Shaanxi news portal, is also the province after the Shaanxi daily, the Shaanxi people’s broadcasting station, Shaanxi TV station and a provincial major news media.
        western network as the province’s large-scale comprehensive news information dissemination platform, bringing together the Shaanxi news, publish authoritative information, promote the introduction of Shaanxi, to provide information services. At present, Shaanxi opened the news, sports, entertainment, life, audio, pictures and other more than and 10 channels, the formation of a " news, audio-visual, interactive " integrated network architecture, function features a relatively complete news platform.
        the modern communication technology of western network based network with high ground, advanced software and hardware technology, equipment, integration of various means of communication, Shaanxi mining and utilization of news resources and strengthen the interaction with traditional media, to promote the development of our province news dissemination undertakings.
      network construction and development of the western policy in accordance with the overall planning, step-by-step implementation, will continue to explore and innovation mechanism, pioneering the development of ideas, increase the amount of information, expand the coverage, strengthen the specialization, increase the influence, improve the guiding ability, strain ability and market development ability of the website for public opinion into the national key news website famous and influential in a few years. read more

Chinese CN domain name by the end of the registration climax

users increased by 3 times the number of

Microsoft to give up IE7.0 genuine verification program not only brings a new impact on the browser market, but also for the Chinese CN domain name market has brought a new round of registration climax. IE7.0 give up genuine verification, the size of the Chinese CN domain name brings at least 3 times more market growth. Growth in the size of the user, the value of the Chinese CN domain name doubled, directly brought the end of the Chinese CN domain name registration volume blowout." The face of a new round of registration tide, industry analysts believe that. read more

The seller and the electronic commerce network of water army of love and hate

The day of the birth of

e-commerce, he will be doomed and the network Navy pull countless perplexing relationships, including love and hate is not necessarily outside people can understand.

e-commerce sellers two or three things

the first to talk about characteristics of electronic commerce, the most is not the lack of popularity and sales, is the former, the latter, complementary and reciprocal causation. A few big platform in the field of e-commerce, such as Jingdong, Amazon, Taobao, a seller once settled in the platform, it is not easy to harvest, and especially in the electronic commerce competition has been very fierce era. The seller can choose the way, there are only three, one is to pay the platform, and then through the train platform for promotion, such as the Taobao train, but the cost is high, but not for a long time; the second is for publicity in various forums, blog, micro-blog, purchase guide websites, such as the birth of Taobao passenger car industry is therefore; third is their own shop popularity and sales, this type of marketing is the most direct and effective, according to a survey of 90% users when shopping will choose the high popularity and sales of products. The survival status of the e-commerce platform sellers was severe, can do two kinds of marketing will directly determine sellers shop of vital importance. read more

Tmall fresh out of the global selection of the first step of this plan aimed at the Canadian Lobster

Abstract: Nova Scotia Province, Canada and Tmall reached a new cooperation, the Chinese market will be established in Nova Scotia lobster supply chain system, and the establishment of higher quality standards.

Canada in Nova Scotia province fishery director Keith · Cowell (left) and Tmall fresh general manager He Chunlei (nickname: Xuan Qing)



network operators in the world by He Chengxuan

the afternoon of February 14th, the Canadian province of Nova Scotia fishery director Keith · Cowell announced in Hangzhou, the province and the Alibaba Group signed a memorandum of cooperation, the establishment of Nova Scotia province China lobster for online market supply chain system, and then establish the quality standard of higher. read more

Wangzhuan really earn

2000, our side of the Internet has just started, because the vocational high school computer network management, so to find a job, every month is three hundred or four hundred of revenue, but to repair the computer, teach the customer with QQ, but also leisure online chat, but also a leisurely Le zai.

1 for a period of time, I am crazy about chatting room scraper, is in the QQ chat room, message with Shuabing software, can brush a variety of text patterns, can also brush others can’t enter the room, to see his own words. When I brush, the heart can not say there will be a pleasure, I feel the whole people relax after brushing, the reality of the pressure release out, what a cool, if you haven’t done it, you can’t understand, oh. During this period, recognized a "no love" Fujian netizen, we often go to refresh, exchange of experience, he is also working in the cafe, which we soon became buddies. He is the hero of this article. read more

Discussion on GOOGLE fast included navigation website profit

is a web site navigation site navigation, web site is a static HTML simple, many people will ask this in fact not many live inside, indeed! However, do good, or the normal operation can be achieved very good profit, the navigation network is how to profit, this paper will explain. Overall, its profit model is to rely on the flow of income for the model, mainly by: search alliance advertising, recommended links, alliance advertising, to promote their own business.

1, first understand the site navigation is essentially a search to provide users with a convenient search read more

On the user to create value with guest website vitality

Now Taobao

passenger Wangzhuan has been at the leading position in the industry, relying on Taobao money off people are also more and more, Taobao seems to have a monopoly of guest Wangzhuan Wangzhuan project industry, other living space becomes narrow, since Taobao has become the guest Wangzhuan the "bellwether", so as to fight in Wangzhuan industry in the US, have to seriously consider the status of Taobao customers and the future development trend, so that we can get more profit.

, a true portrayal of the guest website read more

How to deal with the problem of network security

by the end of 2011, "change the password" has become a popular greeting network. The origin of the matter is that in December 21, 2011, the country’s largest programmer community site CSDN was broke more than 6 million of the user’s registration information was leaked. Then there is news that a web site user information was leaked, so many sites to remind registered users, modify the login password as soon as possible, especially in different sites registered account, do not use the same password, to prevent hackers to crack.
the password crisis triggered a discussion of the IT sector: those in the virtual world of the Internet personal information how to protect? In the eyes of many experts, the password leak is torture China’s Internet security. read more

Gold station PS collection to Wangzhuan can not map for students

PS "I know you very much! But not to PS collection for Wangzhuan students." This is my 3 years ago with a webmaster do Wangzhuan training dialogue. She has corrected, and become a famous graphic designer, but also my good friend. Narrowing the scope here, and my words are "she", then Lenovo has done Wangzhuan training, is the circle should know who it is. After that, she made a public apology, and refund the training fee.

PS collection map is not PS her own collection, but PS students receiving map, and that is a student. At that time, only to do the training of several people inside the same forum, the impact is not large. But the charges are relatively high. At that time, she and we are engaged in electronic auction, the level is very high, at least we recognized this circle. Several students are also those who want to engage in the auction, but do not know how to get started. She quietly for a while, we do not know a few things, because the forum is not big, but there are thousands of members. But she is high, does not mean that the level of teaching students is also high. So, only the PS false. read more

Yu Minhong four elements of entrepreneurship – emotional intelligence, breakthrough thinking, busine

I dark horse: the rapid onset of entrepreneurial tide on the occasion, Yu Minhong, chairman of the New Oriental Group, Peking University students have poured a pot of cold water. Recently, Yu Minhong in the "Chinese entrepreneurs summit 2014" said: "don’t think entrepreneurship is easy for those of us who succeed in business, always talk about success and benefits of this wonderful, like a love of successful people tell you, love is not difficult, you try. Is every woman playing a slap in the face. Successful people are always good at telling their own stories of success, so they want to pour cold water on entrepreneurs. read more

Improve the online advertising hits

    today’s Web, a variety of network advertising (Banner) overwhelming. Although web advertising is a way to build brand awareness, it is not the best way. Web advertising is initially a way for advertisers to fully display information in order to guide people’s consumption behavior, but this is not equivalent to the interaction between manufacturers and consumers. A lot of web advertising content is annoying, and did not use the unique technology of the web page to inspire potential consumers click on the desire of advertising, and interactive network advertising can improve the click through rate.

have merit read more

The 4 round of investment financing 1 billion love fresh bee is how to win in the field of O2O

these days, reports on O2O are all kinds of problems, the death list, financing and other negative news, if O2O really has entered a bottleneck in the development stage, but there is a start-up company, it not only is very stable, but also successfully got the financing, this is a great relationship with the development of it’s strategy.

O2O has maintained a low-key love fresh bee community electricity supplier days before C round of financing of $70 million. Investors include Hillhouse capital, venture capital, Ding capital day figure, Sequoia Capital and other investment institutions. It is reported that after the current round of financing, the near future will continue to have new financing announcement. read more