Fish sauce to join the cost of introduction

do you know how to eat this brand? Do you know how much it costs to join the fish? If you want to know, please follow the small series down.

snacks long-term popular in the food market, big squid snacks delicious, crisp, welcomed by the market, fish sauce, rich products, squid series, series of drinks, snacks, hot to detonate. Fish to eat squid sauce to join, 60 seconds out of the meal, the pair of 1 training, the 2 can open a shop, turn table rate is high, business is hot!


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Pet store location should pay attention to what factors

for any of the shops, the site is very important to do a good job. However, a suitable site will naturally be associated with more factors. In fact, careful friends will find the pet shop opened a lot of people, but less than a few months after the opening of the shop is closed in a small number, which is why? The first to have a detailed investigation on the local market before opening the pet shop, the correct choice of the location of the shop, so that they can successfully open a pet shop, there are anti in the good quality of service, if the wrong location is unimaginable consequences. The need for the location, decoration, training, purchasing and other matters to open a pet shop, the pet store location is a very important link, how to choose a good place? read more

Bold business rich patent cigar Kuangzhuan about 1000000 yuan for two years

business, dare dare dare to try, have a chance of success. The hero of this article is a good example. In Shanghai, there is such a clever girl, she runs the rich bold "patent" cigar, two Kuangzhuan about 1000000 yuan, personal wealth has been increasing at an alarming speed.

2004 the year before the Spring Festival, the consent of the employer’s consent, Liu Xuemei nurse fellow in Shanghai invited her to play in the past show. Liu Xuemei came to Mr. Shen Hsiu’s employer, was immediately attracted indoor luxurious decoration. In the afternoon, Mr. Shen went home with several guests. Just sit down, he let out a Xiu a beautifully wrapped box from the storage room: "today I ask you to taste the authentic Cuban cigars."

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Mutual support for their business fire

no matter what kind of shop we run, it is impossible to include all kinds of goods, which can not make all the customers satisfied. What’s more, the shop is now doing business will be restricted by the size of the store, the operation of the species is limited. The couple opened a small store, store with surface, hot and dry noodles, conventional varieties. Although the man is very careful operation, but due to many reasons, store business has been lukewarm.

one morning, a middle-aged man into their shop, carefully asked: "boss, you have Boiled dumplings do not sell?" The woman hurried up, enthusiastically recommend: "although there is no Boiled dumplings, but we can have several noodles, very delicious. Would you like a bowl?" Middle-aged man shook his head: "as long as I can Boiled dumplings. Can you tell me where?" A woman can not do business, coldly said: "I know. You find yourself!" read more

Fashion packaging agents need to identify methods

fashion package is now widespread concern, has become the choice of many investors shop, shop need to understand the market, you need to understand the situation, the market development of the industry is very good. In such a good development prospects, a number of people who opened the fashion packaging agency found a new path. In fact, for investors, in the daily operation of the shop need to grasp a good business approach.

for the shop, site selection is good or bad, will directly affect the operating performance. Shop, the most basic consideration is to choose the appropriate location and business district, but also to consider what kind of business in advance, as well as the operation of the policy. With the development of modern business transformation is speeding up, some of the past some shops for business areas, perhaps now no longer have the operating conditions, then the owner will consider as soon as possible to switch or relocation. read more

Another giant is about to enter the board Baidu lottery renamed Baidu sports and seek split financin

text / Tencent technology Li Ruchao

sports industry is still heating up, the next Internet Co is likely to enter the Baidu.

Tencent science and technology learned from a number of sources, Baidu has quietly established Baidu sports. It is understood that the development of Baidu sports lottery from Baidu, Baidu lottery head Li Huan served as CEO. At the same time, Baidu sports has been in contact with a number of companies and institutions to seek external financing.

if the news is true, coupled with the already Tencent, Ali, BAT has entered the sports industry. However, the development of the lottery business to Baidu sports, whether it is Baidu’s future strategy, or just play, remains to be seen. read more

Learn how to make money with the night market beggars

many people want to make money and earn more money. However, everyone knows that money is not so easy to earn, sometimes hard but also can earn money. Why, because money is a learning, not just a physical activity. Today, we share a night market beggar money for the story, I hope that through the story of beggars money, to understand what is needed to make money.

do not know when, from the night market more and more beggars, whether it is the elderly, young people, or disabled, or what the problem is not, all kinds of people have. Before the beggar to all the rice, but now, beggars learn the essence, not rice, as long as the money. One yuan, two yuan, The more, the better. However, not a dime. Do not look down on beggars, they also know that good money. read more

Praise back now, or suspected illegal Guangdong Council issued advice to Taobao

Guangdong provincial council in August 25 to inform the media, according to a recent consumer complaints reflect part of the Taobao and Tmall business, online shopping platform to attract consumers, increase sales, using the "polite" praise "praise back now" and other improper means of operation, buyers make comments on "induced businesses or commodities". The provincial council in the process of goods and services to carry out social supervision, consumer rights work, also found that Taobao and Tmall platform, part of the business of the existence of the above. read more

Sources said Phoenix or abandon micro-blog business development team has disbanded

February 22nd news, according to sources, the Phoenix micro-blog development team has been disbanded, the development team members have been transferred to other posts. The person further said, because micro-blog since its inception has not much improvement, which is the main cause for the reorientation of the micro-blog team.

TechWeb the first time contact Phoenix vice president Wu Huapeng, he denied the matter. Wu Huapeng said the Phoenix micro-blog development team has not disbanded, just received a new task, the team still have to ensure the maintenance and upgrade of micro-blog Phoenix, "products and operations team did not change, micro-blog will by operating their own ideas". read more

Please note Baidu webmaster website authentication function integration at the beginning of the July

A5 ( July 7th afternoon stationmaster net news: webmaster, recently opened the official website of Baidu certification page? Baidu in early July will close the Baidu official website authentication platform do you know? Please refer to the specific content of the following:

respected Baidu official website users,

Hello! In order to further enhance the quality and effectiveness of Baidu to provide you with certification services, Baidu official website of the relevant functions of the certification platform will be gradually integrated into the Baidu reputation V certification platform. We will close the official entrance of Baidu’s official website in June 12, 2014. Baidu credibility V certification platform ( will provide you with a more comprehensive and thoughtful certification services, you are welcome to experience. We also remind you to close at the beginning of the July 2014 Baidu official website authentication platform (, please note the name of the site identification fraudulent use of Baidu’s official website and push the message to you. read more

CCTV 58 to buy expensive pet pet scam received cat dog

CCTV exposure: 58 city and Ganji discovered pet scam…

: a case at the Greyhound to send the seller is the result of……

knowledgeable people say, on the world to run the fastest dog, is the greyhound.

2015 in November, Mr. Xu Sichuan city of Jiangyou Province on the Internet and ordered a greyhound. Mr. Xu: from the Internet to see, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Hubei and Guangzhou are selling Greyhound, but leave the phone number of all the web pages are Shandong, Jining, I chose a Shandong Liangshan. read more

General manager of easy media mobile platform Kuai grasp mobile marketing, to win a wonderful future

[Reuters] news communication industry in November 26th, jointly organized by AI media consulting group and Tencent application center of the "2011 Chinese first mobile advertising marketing conference held today in Guangzhou, the main significance of this conference is to set up the top brand advertisers and advertising agents between the most direct communication bridge, to provide reference for global brand advertising in 2012 the main advertising budget, in order to promote the entire wireless advertising industry chain on track toward the steady and rapid development. The following is the easy media mobile platform general manager Philip Kuai speech topic is "grasp the mobile marketing, win the future". read more

Challenge Baidu, NetEase to search whether have

December 11th, NetEase’s own search engine Youdao search ( formally launched. Prior to its search services NetEase has been working with Google, 2006 in December launched a Youdao search beta, and in July 2007 officially became the core of NetEase’s search engine The NetEase officially launched, CEO Ding Lei even openly challenge Baidu and vowed to three years to become the first Chinese search.


NetEase officially launched its own brand of search is the August 2004 Sohu launched the "dog", July 2005, Sina launched the "Live Search" in December 2005, the Tencent launched independent domain name search site "soso" after another in the search field China Internet portal business. The role of the search engine in the portal site is mainly reflected in the increase of user activity and stickiness, the same is optimized and added their own information matrix. In today’s Chinese portal competition, lack of search engine means has a major weakness, by other competitors to squeeze the. NetEase is likely to be Youdao search with its collection of portals to complete the construction of the entire information matrix. NetEase launched the search is already a map, not mind fever. read more

When the copy in hand piece to kill completely routed

first round milk powder

copywriter: this milk powder, imported from the original pot, rich in a variety of trace elements, to promote children’s intellectual development, so that children win at the starting line.

hand piece: I asked a 5 year old girl, you usually eat what milk? She replied, I was eating the milk powder.

copywriter: our milk powder, the monthly sales of 10000 cans.

hand piece: We pasture cows fast to malnutrition.

second round fitness

copy: life lies in sports, fitness and health. read more

Some problems must be paid attention to in the early planning and promotion

many webmaster is in a hurry to buy the domain name, the purchase of space, and can’t wait to DISCUZ or network or CMS of the program up, the site set up, but in fact these are not considered the primary planning and positioning errors committed by the webmaster. I’m here to talk about how to build a new webmaster should be the most basic steps of a station, only to develop good habits and procedures for the management and development of your site is the most helpful.

1: domain name registration will not rush to build the site, you first need to do is to do an HTML page up, your previously planned web site name and keyword positioning and related SEO basic optimization work to build up. read more

What is the most effective way to track network extrapolation

no matter who, as long as you want to do a good job promotion, it is necessary to track the network to extrapolate, then there is a simple and convenient and effective way to track the network extrapolation


with the rapid development of network information technology in recent years, all walks of life as long as there is a demand there is market, and the influence of high technology software developers who are waiting for an opportunity of another batch of excellent software development, let netizens love. Now, only you think not developers do, for example, so many network promotion was difficult tracking network has been extrapolated, come up with countermeasures. It is understood that by looking at the Internet enterprises in Shanghai science and technology limited company using cloud claw Network Marketing Internet technology developed sophisticated analysis management system can be a very good solution to this problem, by many people in the industry that is both simple and effective tracking network extrapolation method. read more

Yueqing talent network promotion skills

initially completed the design and construction of a site, but the beginning of the enterprise website management. In order to truly play the role of a site, we should be based on the site, in the online network to carry out long-term and effective promotion.

The use of

1, the traditional media; at the present stage of the China, traditional media’s influence is still much larger than the network, especially for the domestic site, the effect of television, newspapers, magazines and other media of these can be said to be immediate, which is why so many websites love speculation reason – by attracting media. Especially in the traditional media attention to the role of propaganda. The promotion of enterprise website, should be integrated into the whole enterprise’s propaganda work, in all the advertising, exhibition, all kinds of activities in the significant place to join the company’s Web site, and make proper introduction. read more

Five terminal network domain name initials drug within one year of the three financing

(love circle recently, the pharmaceutical B2B platform "drug terminal network" officially announced the acquisition of 50 million yuan a round of financing, and revealed that the company is expected in July 2016 landed three new board.

drug is a pharmaceutical B2B network terminal platform, belonging to the Chengdu Jiyuan Technology Co Ltd, to provide services for the pharmaceutical wholesale pharmaceutical factory, pharmaceutical agent wholesale companies, retail pharmacies, clinics and other major social, trading goods for medicines, medical equipment, health supplies, health products, medicines etc.. read more

Western network 18 afternoon suffered a hacker attack for up to 3 hours

    western network (Shaanxi News Network) is in the Shaanxi provincial government under the leadership by the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department in charge of the host, Shaanxi TV host of Shaanxi news portal, is also the province after the Shaanxi daily, the Shaanxi people’s broadcasting station, Shaanxi TV station and a provincial major news media.
        western network as the province’s large-scale comprehensive news information dissemination platform, bringing together the Shaanxi news, publish authoritative information, promote the introduction of Shaanxi, to provide information services. At present, Shaanxi opened the news, sports, entertainment, life, audio, pictures and other more than and 10 channels, the formation of a " news, audio-visual, interactive " integrated network architecture, function features a relatively complete news platform.
        the modern communication technology of western network based network with high ground, advanced software and hardware technology, equipment, integration of various means of communication, Shaanxi mining and utilization of news resources and strengthen the interaction with traditional media, to promote the development of our province news dissemination undertakings.
      network construction and development of the western policy in accordance with the overall planning, step-by-step implementation, will continue to explore and innovation mechanism, pioneering the development of ideas, increase the amount of information, expand the coverage, strengthen the specialization, increase the influence, improve the guiding ability, strain ability and market development ability of the website for public opinion into the national key news website famous and influential in a few years. read more