The monkey’s joined Miller rich new opportunities

Miller monkey children? Children’s clothing selection with characteristics. Miller children choose to join the entrepreneurial project, to open their own brand of children’s clothing stores, is a very good choice. Quality projects, worry free business! do children’s clothing business prospects? Miller monkey children get rich new business opportunities. Now more and more 80, 90 to […]

Day vision vision care personal care stores to join money

in our lives, the demand for vision care has been very large. In fact, the choice of small businesses to join the vision of health care industry, no doubt, is very wise, very choice of business opportunities. How about eyesight and health care? Has the advantage, the strength of the brand to join the project, […]

Public satisfaction rate of health status of 94.7%

In September 2009, the city was the National Patriotic Health Campaign Committee was officially named as the "national sanitary city", and with outstanding achievements in 2013 passed the review of the National Health City, the establishment of this work is to continuously consolidate and enhance. August 28th to 29, Gao Yumei, deputy director of the […]

Reform the mode of personnel training in Colleges and universities in our province 6 New Undergradua

In order to adapt to the province’s economic development and industrial structure optimization and upgrading, the province’s three ordinary colleges and universities to add more than 6 undergraduate majors, to promote professional settings and industry demand docking, reform personnel training model.I take "stop limit down by other means of enrollment, scientifically and rationally determine the […]

Xining intelligent transportation project started

Parking can not find parking spaces? To take the bus delay? It doesn’t matter, Xining’s future intelligent transportation system will completely solve your troubles. Recently, the future of Xining City Intelligent Transportation "heart" – the project of Xining city comprehensive traffic command center was officially launched, marking the Xining intelligent transportation system (a) project officially […]

Through the selection of 26 pieces of the famous trademark of Qinghai released in 2015

October 22nd, the provincial Trade and Industry Bureau of the provincial committee to promote the promotion of the members of the unit, held a well-known trademark will be identified as 26 trademarks of Qinghai Province, the famous trademark of the year 2015.

Dessert to join the project on the election of Yang Xiaoxian

love apartment was a favorite of young people create a great sensation, of course, which plays Ceng Xiaoxian, Chen also became famous. The image of a good man Ceng Xiaoxian. Today, we are going to talk about another small Yin, is a small item in the food project, he is Yang Xiaoxian dessert. Xiamen happy […]