In the hall of AI moxibustion health museum to join a good place for health

now, the pressure of life continues to grow, we demand for health care, but also increasing. In the moxa hall moxibustion health museum? 2017, the best entrepreneurial projects, but also the best place for good health! Beijing moxa hall moxibustion health museum, has been widely recognized by the public, the product and the effect of […]

Products that are advertising – the new generation of marketing thinking and marketing are ignored

was 5 years old, my father gave me a toy Mauser pistol. every day I end this pistol at the bird on the tree dadada, towards the distant adults dadada, toward bullying children dadada, bored. then the barrel is a neighbor of the brother broke my heart hutianqiangde. everyone is born is a faithful believer […]

Sources said the 36 group of Baidu cosmetics investment buy site

In recent years, Baidu investment layout Sina Francisco September 21st morning news, according to sources, Baidu has invested layout to group purchase field, and has invested in cosmetics group purchase website 36 group, but did not disclose the specific amount of investment.   public information, 36 group buying network was established in Beijing in […]

At the release of the movie beautiful sister did not broadcast Tencent Panpei 120 thousand yuan

JINGWAH Times News (reporter correspondent Zhang Shuling Dou Jingjing) the film "beautiful sister" has not yet shown, in Douban, Tencent, Internet communication, enjoy the movie copyright origin Beijing Cultural Development Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the origin of the company) will be the two sites of the Beijing Network Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred […]

On the relationship between network hype and network marketing

network marketing strategy has changed the traditional marketing channel; make manufacturers and end consumers face possible, so the past marketing channel of the role of middlemen cut; pricing, network marketing, brand advertising strategy has effects can not be ignored, it takes multi angle, multi sector, multi means to carry out marketing and service. Improve the […]

Micro-blog users finishing 2016 annual 50 great news about people’s own accident

in 2016 there are 10 days past, ten international news, ten science and technology news inventory started again, but micro-blog users @ Li Tiegen tried to sort out the 2016 year 50, great sense of news, make people laugh. 50 a sense of joy in the news are all very wonderful and "magic", such as […]

Tmall double 11 hard rules to be shipped within 10 days will be punished

news September 14th, released two days before Tmall announcement eleven delivery rules, ask the seller must at the latest within 10 days of the pro day orders issued, otherwise it will accept the punishment of Tmall. notice requirements, November 11th 00:00:00 November 17th 23:59:59 during the buyer payment orders, businesses (virtual category except) shall be […]

Zhou Hongyi Deng Ya Ping Li Guoqing dialogue Winner does not exist

  forum live Sina technology news September 11th noon news, 2012 China Internet Conference held today in Beijing. The dialogue on the Internet leader link, Qihoo 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi, immediate search CEO Deng Ya Ping, Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing (micro-blog) came together on the road. In this dialogue, the three head of the past […]