The search engine to determine whether the original content of the website article principle

then the search engine for the original judgment is how it? Spider search engine indexing procedures through hypertext links to web site, and through the station to the page. now most visitors come from the search engine, to access the number, by more people cognition, the most important thing is to be the major search […]

After talking about how to learn novice Wangzhuan Wangzhuan novice readingNew three board vertical m

now three new board is still missing the media window, hot stocks and plate information. New three board vertical media obvious opportunities for entrepreneurship, that is, content entrepreneurship, get a certain amount of traffic, and then derived a lot of cash. Some media sources have been created from the media. Read three new board, three […]

Two level domain name and two level directory, how do we choose

many webmaster asked two domain names and two directories in the end how to choose in the forum post, which is high weight? According to my personal experience, a website for level two or two grade weight directory should not start from the weight, should start from the size and nature of the site itself. […]

IT sounds good but can’t make money

looking for a job when people will look for decent work, the life of a lot of people think that the IT industry is a sound industry, but the industry’s prospects? 2001, Wuhan University doctoral student Guo Jinlai established the first national graduate employment service network platform – Chinese graduate talent network, through the network […]

How to protect the environment Xiamen 20 green muck truck put into use

behind the economic development, there are also a series of problems, such as in the process of economic development, the problem of garbage disposal is also of concern. Mud, mud can not be overloaded, can not be dumped, will not drip leakage"…… Yesterday, the reporter learned from the city’s large traffic office, the Xiamen subway […]

Some suggestions on the development of Chinese fast food franchise stores

fast pace of life makes us have undergone great changes, diet also had the obvious change, not what time to cook their own food, now the pace of life of people is very fast, many people are no longer at home for dinner, all meals in the vicinity of the company, so in the fast […]

Entrepreneurship summary eight steps in the process of entrepreneurship

entrepreneurship is the dream of many people, a lot of people want to have a career through investment in their own business, not to help others work for a lifetime. When it comes to business, almost everyone has a business, but really put into action a few, because they are afraid of entrepreneurship. In fact, […]

Xining City Industrial and commercial bureau to take the focus on improving efficiency, build a plat

to further improve the level of service enterprise development, and effectively enhance the efficiency of enterprise annual inspection work. Since March, the Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce to take the focus on efficiency, build a platform to re service, the work of the initiative to carry out a solid annual inspection of enterprises […]